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Chapter Master: A Chapter Management Simulation game general.

>Start a BT outpost
>Feudal world
>Everything going fine, getting ready for crusade
>Alert! Dancing Plague on the Homeworld!
>Alert! Abnormal warp flux in the Refectory!
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely!
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely!
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely!
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely!
>Click refectory
>All the neophytes who were eating there have got dancing plague.
>Everyone who sees them gets dancing plague
>Squad IV is in the chapel praying
>Have chaplain seal the door
>Every five minutes I have to instruct Squad IV to keep praying or have the Chaplain sermon.
>The rest of the outpost dies of exhaustion from dancing plague
>Chaplain opens the door
>Sole survivors, no apothecary, no techmarine, no astropath, no librarian, alone on a feudal world.
>How bout that crusade eh?

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>Playing Admech
>Skitarii sent to aid our primary agri world
>Invaded by Necrons
>Random Magos is Dragon Cultist
>Fucks everything up and starts a small rebellion
>Not enough men left to finish off the Necrons
>Food shortages for 20 turns until we set an arrangement with another agri-world

And this is why you must scour yourselves for Tech Heresy. Pretty much the only reason to ally with the Inquisition is to get bonuses on these investigations.

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What do you guys think of these as stats?

Codex Adherence: 1-100
Command: 1-100
Research: 1-100
Renown: 1-100
Loyalty: 1-100
Reputation: 1-100

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What distinguishes renown from reputation?
Renown could be % chance of a new entity being aware of your chapter, reputation could be % chance of them already having a favorable view of you?

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I was thinking Renown would be like how strong you are viewed and Reputation as being like you said.

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An example of a chapter with a good reputation and low renown would be Exorcists, being pretty good but all top secret. An example of a chapter with a bad reputation and a high renown would be Marines Malevolent, well known for their feud with the Salamanders but hated for their assholishness.

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Feel there should be a stat for basic resources, which you spend if recruiting or getting additional equipment.

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That seems like it would play out sort of like what I was suggesting. Exorcists might have only 5 renown, a 5% chance of another group even knowing they exist (modifiers would apply for being or not being spehss muhreens, proximity to Banish, etc), but if they were aware, it would be a 75% chance of favorable view (with massive penalties in for some groups).

(I think this could be made to work as a very complex, one-or-more players tabletop game)

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Influence? Chapters seem to operate less with money and more with force and loyalty.

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That would be under Resources, like men, metal (,and money?).

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Where the fuck do you get this game? Or is it just something talked about, but never really existed?

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Check around the sup/tg/ archives, I think it's in there somewhere.

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I have been doing this for quite a while now...

>> No.16512151

You really still haven't found it? I swear the link was pretty early in the last thread.

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And what about random events I was thinking something likethis.
Inquisitorial Vist: after action(?) 1-100 on 1-5 Inquisitor arrives 1-100 +1 for every heretical act/item if under Loyalty safe, if over Inquisitorial stuff happens?

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Was it this one? Yeah, I found it.

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>start random chapter
>BA decendants
>lots of devestators, a few chaplains, bit short on assault marines, normal everything else >suddenly, orks all over my homeworld
>shooting them to death
>suddenly BLACK RAGE
>three-fourths of my devestators now psychos
>barely survive until Crimson Fists shows up because of orks.
That went better than expected

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Just stick to stories for the moment, IMO. Once we found interested programmers they can discuss the mechanics of it themselves. More stories = more fame, more fame = becomes a meme, and if it is a meme we have more chance of people getting interested into making it.

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Random allies should be avaliable:

Legion of the Damned
Sanguinor (If Blood Angels successor or ally)
Living Saint (If Soriatas allies)
Kaldor Draigo (If Grey Knights allies)

Should be really rare but powerful.

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I'm guessing that's pretty close to how they coded it. I wonder if codex adherence has a modifier to that. Noncodex chapters seem to get Inqed more often in the fluff, and so far in my experience with the game. It must be stratified, if so, because otherwise chapters in the 0-25% range would have Inquisitors following them everywhere.

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I think some factions should be fit, such as the Adeptus Mechanicus, for acquiring certain patterns of technology, the Adeptus Mintorum/Guard for support in ongoing campaign.

At the very best, even have governors or sector governors apt to maintain friendly relations with space marine chapters.

I think we should find some time to REALLY get what the codex astartes is all about.

I will do some research and write some stuff up for tomorrow. Maybe this would open up some options... if a game is ever made.

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No, not that one. Maybe it was the first thread.

>> No.16512217

You know guys. /tg/ does get shit done. This is a big fucking project, but do you think we could come up with basic rules for it?

>> No.16512221

If non-computerized, it would end up being a huge tome of D1000 and D100 charts, I suspect.
Like the old Realm of Chaos books.

>> No.16512236


A compilation of features and other ideas seems to be in order. Maybe someone could work it from there.

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I'm imagining this as a Total War game.

I want so bad.

>> No.16512266

Nah, it's more like a space dorf fortress. The battles aren't at all player-controlled.

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just ot double check, when the option to send people to the deathwatch comes up, i should send scouts, as their hidey skills should let them cower long enough to survive and return with manly stat boosts right?

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We really need to learn coding.

This would be awesome game.

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Send scout sergeants or veterans with good sneaky skills. Scouts won't survive for long.

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>go to defend a hive world
>helped by other space marines
>when it's done, i'm missing 2 dreadnoughts and a power fist
>blood angels

>> No.16512318

I have made a freenode channel for all mechanics discussions.
continue with stories in this thread

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'Research' doesn't make any sense in this kinda game

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If we ever pull this off, we should use the occasion to "spice up" the fluff around space marines.

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You don't send scouts, you send veterans that are badass enough to be able to survive. Even if your rookie scouts survived, hiding doesn't build awesome skills.

Also, when you get them back, be sure to check their histories, you can read the battle reports of the shit they did while seconded.

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>Start out as Lamentors
>"This Huron guy is right, the Inquisition is being a dick"
>Minotaus tear up my fleet.
>I surrender.
>They decide not to destroy me, send me on penitent crusade
>Tyranids everywhere.
>Oh boy, here we go.

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oh, so i shouldnt have sent a good tenth of my scout company? well shit, so much for those scrubs.

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yeah it does, just not in the conventional sense. Rather than researching technologies (you would start with all of them), you would be researching the function of unknown artefacts, planetary information, daemon names, shit like that.

for those who want to join #chaptermaster go to http://webchat.freenode.net/ or download xchat-wdk and join freenode

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>Discover Unknown Artifact.
>Start bringing it back to Monastery for examination.
>The ship vanishes.
>Discover Unknown Artifact.
>Start bringing it back to Monastery for examination.
>The ship vanishes.
>Discover Unknown Artifact.
>Start bringing it back to Monastery for examination.
>The ship vanishes.
>Discover Unknown Artifact.
>Everyone stay right the fuck there.
>Bring Master of the Forge to examine it.
>It's a highly complex cage of Jokaero design containing a mature Jokaero.
>Presumably each ship tried to open it on their own, the monkey got out and took over the ship, but the Jokaero cage recaptured it and brought it home.

Weird shit.

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>Running SoB mod
>Chaos resistence up the wazzoo
>Faith and Miracles
>Inquisition? we are the Inquisition!
>defending colony world from chaos
>Cannoness sacrifices herself to kill Daemon Prince
>Asends to Living Sainthood
Suddenly Bloodthirsters! Bloodthirsers everywhere!
>momentary retreit to lure them into trap
>Suddenly Grey Knights! Grey Knights everywhere!
>Grey Knights kill Bloodthirsters, then kill civilians to preserve secrecy
>Grey Knights claim all credit from Inquisition


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Does anyone know where to find this game? Does it exist or is it one of those fake games /tg/ does?

>> No.16512520

It doesn't exist.
Maybe when /tg/ gets into the fabled "shi/tg/ets done" mode.

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> Continuing my campaign as the Mentors
> Finished wiping out orks in the sector
> Eldar activity decrease, although I never managed to defeat any sizeable force
> Chapter just got to full strength again. All is calm.
> About to wander off until the fleet receives distress calls from a nearby subsector
> Start of a Chaos insurgency
> Go in, but fall into guerilla fighting (my chapter has no perks for those tactics...)
> Red Corsairs join in.
> Suffer bad losses throughout my first 5 companies.
> Get all the damn weakass scouts in full marine status

The attrition gets REALLY bad REALLY fast in this game. But the story just gets better...

> Insurgency quelled, but the Mentors lost 90+ marines in a few months...
> Random encounter with Sons of Orar
> They have "auxiliaries". As in hundreds of "pre-scouts" waiting to get into the 10th company
> wtf this is amazing
> barter for the perk
> Get myself 350 auxiliaries within a year. Chapter is now more resilient.
> Find out I lost 20 pts in codex adherency
> Can't get into crusades with other codex chapters
> 1 planetary governor, also allied with the Nova marines, refused to aid me resupply
> Sons of Orar: trollface.jpg

>> No.16512570

>pursuing Dark Eldar with valuble prisoner
>Deathwatch comes to help out
>mission succesful
>Deathwatch gives credit wherever due
>Inquisition still dislikes us for "running away"
fucking hell even when you are the Inquisition it gives you a hard time


>> No.16512597


That is disappointing. This sounds like it would be awesome.

>> No.16512607

Well, help make it awesome.

>> No.16512622

You probably think Genius: The Transgression and Science: The Hypothesis are fake too.

Anyone found any Codex maneuvers or any maneuvers from non-Codex origins? I want to make a list of Space Marine tactica.

Steel Rain (duh)
Last Stand (double duh)
Drop Pod Assault
Mobile Bombardment (uses Whirlwinds and Rhinos/Razorbacks; I only got this with Imperial Fists)
Suffer Not the Witch to Live
Eradicate the Xenos
Siegebreaker (one of the few Demolisher tactica)
Armored Assault
Armored Take & Hold (a.k.a. metal bawkses)
See, But do Not be Seen
Ablative Defense (the thing the Blood Ravens do in the Chaos Rising mission where you kill Galan & Diomedes)

Looking for Bike and Land Speeder tactics/tactica too.

>> No.16512625

Link? This has my interest....

>> No.16512652


Not much I can do. Coding is some form of sorcery as far as I'm concerned, and my knowledge of 40k fluff is limited to the DoW games, some of the HH novels, and what I learn from /tg/.

>> No.16512714

I can't code either, but I can write rules to be coded later, and I've accounted for all the pixel pauldron images in these threads.

>> No.16512764

>Decide to let the Inquistion not like us, we still have basicly equal athority and friends in Deathwatch
>Pursuing Orks that have looted shrine world
>decide to loot them back
>not just getting our stuff back (taking a page from the Blood Ravens)
>return with the shrine world stuff and then some
>have tech-priests purify former Ork weaponry
>(Trollface) problem Inqusition?
>laugh while they rage


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So has anyone tried out the new Pre-Heresy patch? Seems like fun, but I feel like it would always end with a lot of scripted action.

>> No.16512838

Roll desert fangs man, you get some alternate endings.

>> No.16512840

An official patch? I'd say wait until the fanmod gets updated for it, unmodded Pre-Heresy has about as many options as a final fantasy game.

>> No.16512869

>not just getting our stuff back (taking a page from the Blood Ravens)

Oh yeah. Add this to the tactica:

Gifts Ungiven (Blood Ravens and successor chapters only)

Not like the BR have any successors, but maybe for custom chapter creation.

>> No.16512996

someone needs to make a star wars rebellion mod for this

>> No.16513001 [DELETED] 

>fighting Chaos Genestealers (fucking love mods)
>Patriarch with demonic mutations
>call for backup
>send in the Grey Knights.....
>Grey Knights getting ready to remove witnesses again
>try to talk them out of it, (backwater planet, primitive, nobody could say anything, ect.)
>negotiations break down
>Fighting Grey Knights
>Living Saint scraps Dreadknight
>Cannoness decapitates Grandmaster with blessed Chainclaw

>> No.16513111


Installed it last weekend, been playing all week

>Roll random chapter
>Iron Warriors
>Immediately get call to help nearby world fight a rebellion
>Save some ass
>Get no reward
>Headed home
>Call to help Salamanders fight an uprising on their homeworld
>Kick ass again
>No reward.
>At 63% chapter strength
>Headed home to recoup
>Warp event
>Win hard fought battle against daemons n shit
>Took over 100 rounds
>No reward
>23% chapter strength
>Headed home to recruit
>Call to help IG v Nids
>=][= event

I can't decide whether to play it out, install Chaos Undivided and fall, or just start over. Shit fucking sucks man.

>> No.16513170

how did you not get a sallamander reward? they're the nicest chapter out there, they practically throw flamers at you!!

>> No.16513454

How do you reassign the marines in your command squad? I WANT to have a company champion in each of mine, and not a librarian, but I can't find out how to promote marines to champion or get these assholes back into the librarium. Why don't we have a help wiki for this game yet anyways?

>> No.16513482

the game is trying to railroad you into heresy, resisting it will make the alternait history all the sweeter

>> No.16513578

>playing custom chapter
>start a crusade in a tyranid heavy area
>half way there when get sucked into a random warp rift
>end up on other side of the sector 600 turns later (I had to spam end turn for quite a while there)
>my fleet has a single cruiser left
>my chapter has a single marine left and a handful of servitors driving the cruiser
>look at marine
>killed 6482 daemons
>killed 2 greater daemons
>maxed out stats
>carrying all wargear
>"would you like to disband chapter and start again?"
>fuck no motherfuckers!
>1 man crusade against the tyranids that lasts for 100 turns
>gets all badges of honour and is new chapter master by the time he dies
>best game i have played ever

>> No.16513617 [DELETED] 

>mfw people actually saved my image

>> No.16513857

Bumping to get more into the #chaptermaster channel!

>> No.16513871

I look away for five minutes to check my email. Come back.
>Alert! Servitor malfunction in the Librarium!
>Alert! Chemical fire in the Librarium!
>Alert! Abnormal warp flux in the Librarium!
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely in the Librarium!
>Alert! Nonhuman presence detected in the Librarium!
>Servitor malfunction has ceased.
>Jones is acting strangely has ceased.
>Nonhuman presence in the Librarium has ceased.
>Alert! Nonhuman presence in the chapel!
>Your chapter serfs are under attack!
>Your Reclusiarch has died!
>Nonhuman presence in the chapel has ceased.
>Alert! Nonhuman presence in the armory!
>Your artificiers are under attack!
>Your techmarine is under attack!
>Your techmarine is under attack!
>Your master of the forge has died!
>Alert! Chemical fire in the armory!
>Nonhuman presence in the armory has ceased.
>Alert! Chemical fire near the plasma magazine!
>Alert! Abnormal warp flux in the parade grounds!
>Alert! Daemonic manifestation in the parade grounds!
>Your scouts [10co 3sq] are under attack!
>Initiate Haerin [10co 3sq] has slain a bloodthirster! Truly this is a momentous day for the chapter!
>Alert! Plasma magazine overheating!
>Your Plasma magazine is melting down.
>Alert! Plasma core overload in the fortress monastery!
>Alert! Atmospheric ignition on the homeworld!


>> No.16513984

>Playing a custom chapter
>Fight for the Emperor!
>Get declared excommunicatus traitorus.
>Fuck the Inquisition! I fight for the Emperor!
>Ultramarines come after me. Bring it, Smurfs!
>Beat them into retreat.
>Chaos cults start following me around. But... I fight for the Emperor. :(
>Ehh, fuck it, I'll make use of...

Holy crap, I've become Alpha Legion.

>> No.16514228

>Send marine to Deathwatch
>4 turns later
>Tidings from the Ordo Xenos! Brother Mencius has performed admirably and received the Crux Terminatus in service of the Deathwatch!
>3 turns later
>Tidings from the Ordo Xenos! Brother Mencius has been heavily wounded by alien toxins. Should he die, his gene-seed will not be returned, but retained for study.
>1 turn
>Tidings from the Ordo Xenos! Brother Mencius has made a full recovery!
>Request that he return to the chapter (I was trying to have his captain die so he could lead 5co)
>Gets halfway back before he volunteers for another tour with the DW
>5 turns
>Tidings from the Ordo Xenos! Brother Mencius has been promoted to Watch Captain!
>2 turns
>Tidings from the Ordo Xenos! Brother Mencius is requesting assistance!
>Send a strike cruiser. Mencius's watch fortress has been attacked by Orks. My cruiser can't get through, but now that I have forces in range, I get alerts from the watch fortress.
>Brother Mencius is under attack!
>Brother Mencius has suffered fatal wounds!
>Brother Mencius has been placed in stasis!
>Brother Mencius has been installed in a dreadnought sarcophagus!
>Ancient Mencius is engaging the enemy!
>Ancient Mencius has slain an enemy leader!
>Ancient Mencius has slain an enemy leader!
>Ancient Mencius has slain an enemy leader!
>Ancient Mencius has been immobilized!
>Ancient Mencius has lost weaponry!
>Ancient Mencius has lost life support!
>Ancient Mencius has perished. May he at last rest in the Emperor's halls, till that far-off time of reckoning.
>The Orks retreat
>Dock with the watch-fortress, they hand over his gene-seed.
>Take it back to the monastery, plant it in my favorite initiate
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely in the Cadet Dormitory!
>Initiate Lector is delerious!
>Initiate Lector is suffering organ rejection!
>Initiate Lector has perished.

Forgot about the alien toxins. Dammit.

>> No.16514665

Hey guys, something very strange has happened in my playthrough. I'm playing an Imperial Fists derived Chapter and my Betcher's Gland started working again. It's weird, you know how on occasion you can have your geneseed go bad and make it so that you lose one of your organs for all future Marines, the opposite has just happened to me.

Is this intended or just a bug?

>> No.16514798


Bug. Game breaking bug typically. I saw it once on a playthrough using the Fists themselves. First my extra hearts stopped working, then the sus an bit, and after less than 50 turns I had marines turning into piles of goo as their bodies shut down with every single organ failing one after the other.

My suggestion? Revert to a different save, or if it's just in a few marines, send them on a long crusade where they can all die gloriously. If any of them return, keep sending them, and ONLY them, off to die.

Make certain none of your apothicaries go with them, other wise you will have those nutty bastards come back with piles of fucked up geneseed and just rape the future of your chapter.

>> No.16515091

I assume you meant that the Sus-an started working again, as all IF successors have it and the belcher's not working at the start of the game.

I should have known it was a bug when the Belcher's Gland started working throughout my entire chapter simultaneously, I hope that I have a save where this won't happen again.

>> No.16515208

I can code, what do you need?

>> No.16515265


Yep, just like the Betchers gland.

>> No.16515827

I think this thing has gone viral. I'm just home from a study session at the university and i overheard a couple of guys talking about this in the university cafeteria.

we need to go into get-shit-done mode ASAP

>> No.16515881

Garbage unenlightened noob here, where do I obtain such a game?

>> No.16515959

self bump here, I wants game where can I haz game?

>> No.16516000

And when we'll have Warboss: a WAAAGH! managment simulator?

>> No.16516031

And what about Git'z Row, too, eh?

>> No.16516033

I dunno. Who would big the brutally kunning god? Mork or Gork?

>> No.16516074


>> No.16516088

Aww yeah, gitz row...

It warms my heart reading it at the same time it hurts my feelings knowing that it wouldn't never be done.


Gork is brutal and kuning and Mork is kuning but brutal!

So... Gorkamorka?

>> No.16516128

What languages can you code in? drop by freenode #chaptermaster and see what you can contriboot

>> No.16516200

Reputation should be divided amoungst the diferent factions

>> No.16516228

I created that little number of a post. I'm still surprised it's so well-recieved on /tg/, by maybe a good two dozen out of the hundreds of posters.

Don't despair, though, git. The Orkz will have their day.

>> No.16516432

Fucking =][=

>Playing Raven Guard successor.
>Start with Warp Storm in sector.
>Twenty turns building up weapon choices and Adeptus Mechanicus rep.
>"Salamanders have requested assistance!"
>Oh that's cool. Those guys could be helpful.
>Complete requirements, get allied with Salamanders, fuck yeah.
>"The Warp Storm has opened, Abaddon has started another Black Crusade!"
>Request help from pretty much anything Imperial, Salamanders respond in one turn.
>You guys are fucking awesome.
>Others take longer, one of my recruiting worlds gets conquered.
>Get back, build forces with Salamanders, go to the first obvious place.
>Cadia, nice going no-arms.
>Imperial Fists, Space Wolves, and Ultrasmurfs respond finally.
>This might not go so bad.
>"An Inquisitorial Fleet has joined the battle!"
> .... Not sure if want.
>"Inquisitor-Lord Narren has ordered your forces to the front lines!"
>Mandatory, can't say no.
>What the actual fuck.
>Have to go, send my Third and Fifth companies, Second company getting ready for Stehl Rehn.
>Send a Whirlwind and two 'nauts out.
>"A Greater Daemon of Khorne has appeared!"
>"A Greater Daemon of Nurge has appeared!"
>Jesus Christ how horrifying.
>Try to hold them off, doing fuck all.
>Another company sent down to flank, getting my Vets ready.
>"Inquisitor-Lord Narren has ordered an orbital bombardment of your position."
>You can't be serious.
>He was serious.
>Lose Eighth, Third Second company, Fifth gets out of there, stop command for First company.
>Retreat to Battle Barge.
>"The Inquisition questions your retreat."
>Imperial reputation drops, purge ordered for my CM, Lib and all remaining companies.


>> No.16516635

Installed Cursed Founding, here's how my game went.

>Rolled Sons of Anateus
>Get huge marines, unbreakable resolve, kick-ass at melee, immovable objects, never have bone break injuries from reinforced skeletons, snazzy tans to boot 'cause Anateus was a berber
>Mutation so obvious that the Imperium shuns us, AdMech barely helps out
>Be shamed, hide in wilds of Ultima Segmentum, cowboy up for some law and order
>Make all our own gear, have to get raw materials ourselves or negotiate with every tinhorn motherfucker we meet
>Thirty turns in, patrollan allied worlds, killan xenos and heretics, beating up chaos maroons easymode
>Red Corsairs minor encounter
>Kill the shit out of the traitors, send their ship's burning hulk back to Huron so he can cry about it
>'Mineral supplies low'
>Just left a minan planet ten turns ago, forgeship was a third full
>What the fuck, okay, get more ceramite and plasteel
>Ten more turns to find good supplies, cut mutually beneficial deal with Salamanders, half full again
> -][- event, access to agri-worlds cut off


>> No.16516637



>Stiff-necked purist fucks want to go after me with Huron Blackheart operating in the sector
>Whatever' we're loyal sons of the Emperor and we're full up on foodstuffs anyway
>Space hulk event
>Go to space hulk, unload terminators
>Termies blastan and clearan, find some good stuff
>Terminator suit damage, gotta make repairs, all damage minor
>Adamantium supplies low, techmarines cannot repair termie suits
>Go beg for adamantium from nearest admech station
>Try segmentum fortress, five turns just to get there
>Three turns to get there, emergency warning
>Check warning, marines are fucking starving
>Check food supplies, 90% remain
>Check crew, chapter serfs definitely eating
>Must be a fucking bug, check forums

"The Sons of Antaeus have undergone such a drastic alteration to their metabolism and skeletal structure in gaining their incomparable resilience that they must consume exotic minerals and other material in order to maintain their fighting readiness. Failure to do so will result in their oversized space marine frames wasting away."

They were eating all the fucking ore, /tg/.

>> No.16516768

Anyone trying to look for the Deathwatch mod? It seems it got misplaced.

Actually, the entire Ordo Xenos don't show up in the game anymore....all the old DW events have been replaced with random Sternguard

>> No.16517190

Continuing from previous thread...

Played the Rainbow warriors, sacrificed bloodthirsters heart to the emperor on the altar of Quetzalcoatl, inquisitor investigated, ended up on the sacrificial slab.

>Spend time rebuilding my forces after the clusterfuck of a previous mission
>minor crusade option appears against an active chaos incursion, looks like world eaters. Six other chapters are involved and looks like an easy win
>Deliberately ignore it, knowing the game too well to give me an easy win.
>my patience pays off, World Eaters attack my homeworld, expecting me to have gone off to fight. They run head first into a fully defended planet
>watch my sacrifice counter climb rapidly, fuck year. Chapter master rips the warmaster to bits.

>Inquisition starts poking their nose around again, after three inquisitors "disappear", i decide to join a crusade to get them off my back.
>The moment I arrive, i am declared heretic and ambushed by a group of ultrasmurfs and the inquisitor.


>proceed to pound the tar out of the inquisitor and the ultrasmurfs, and show my loyalty to the emperor in blood upon his altar.

>Khorne offers me unyeilding power as the Inquisition bitches... I tell khorne he is a pussy and turn him down. Proceed to ignore the offers of power from the chaos gods and be an independant chapter, worshiping the emprah through the blood sacrifices of my enemies!

>> No.16517250

Hye guys how marines to 1st co?

>> No.16517462

of course, it perfectly depicts what being a Blood Raven is all about

>> No.16517640

is there some rule against posting the downloal link that i don't knwo about? because i have it and i dont want to get banned

>> No.16517680

you probably shouldn't

4chan isn't really into warez

>> No.16517749

understandable, sad times :/
just type in 'how to get chapter master| chapter master reviews' into google it should be the first link to 2.0

>> No.16517764

still possibly ban worth to give directions?

>> No.16518070

>playing Iron Hands
>Alert! Dark Mechanicus attacking homeworld!
>entire chapter slaughtered in 10 tens

>> No.16519211

Guys my 2co standard died (Killed by orks, but took out 12 of them in his last stand). I want to keep all my sergeants where they are and promote 2nd tac squad leader to standard bearer, but it won't let me. What's the problem? The guy has more honors than most freaking COMPANIES in my other games, why can't he carry the banner?

Pic related, he's the selected marine. He has Marksman's Honor, Imperial Laurel, Iron Halo, Imperialis, three different Skull and Mottos, four Campaign Badges (including Tyrannic War), Deathwatch Veteran...
What's the problem here? Halp me, /tg/!

>> No.16519268

Its sounds like this game would fulfill my wildest dreams about 40k but I am kinda worried its not real, which is a real shame. Cause someone could make some serious money of us nerds.

>> No.16519300

Um, it's messed up like that. You have to be vet sergeant to take the banner.
Demote 2sq sgt to special weapon, demote the spec weapon to battle bro, promote the squad leader to bro sgt, he'll self promote to vet sgt. Promote him to banner, and then restore the other guys their original posts. Though you might want to promote spec weapon guy to squad leader and a battle bro to spec weapon. You'll also need to promote a scout to battle bro, of course, if you want to fill the squad.

>> No.16519384

>Alert! Abnormal warp flux on allied world!
>It's some Imperial Fists planet.
>Your allied world has fallen.
>Holy fuck that's a whole company of marines!
>Busy fighting tyranids.
>Promote scout squad to battle bros, attach Captain and Apothecary, equip relic banner, and split them off to investigate.
>Orbital scans show nothing.
>Land and approach the shrine
>Ambush, lose a couple guys, keep going.
>Get to shrine, FUCK DAEMON PRINCE Captain takes it out but is killed.
>Rescue two Imperial Fists survivors, Chaplain with Relic Weapon and battle bro with Unknown Relic. Sweet.
>Heading back, attacked by Chaos Marines. Shit looks grim.
>Suddenly out of nowhere Captain shows up and beats the shit out of them. All aboard the thunderhawk!
>Go back to homeworld management.
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely in one of your Strike Cruisers!
>It's those fucking Imp Fists, isn't it...?
>Captain Severus has killed Allied Chaplain!
>Alright, that's good.
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely in one of your Strike Cruisers!
>Alert! Abnormal warp flux in one of your Strike Cruisers!
>Alert! Your squad is under attack in one of your Strike Cruisers!
>Alert! Your Apothecary has been critically wounded in one of your Strike Cruisers!
>Alert! An Unknown Relic has been seized!
>Your Apothecary has been taken to the Emperor's Grace.
>Alert! A Relic Weapon has been seized!
>Brother Proteus has killed Daemon Prince with Relic Weapon!

>Don't want to figure this shit out logically, just promote Proteus to Captain and let it go.

>> No.16519422

Had this idea a few months ago. Come to /tg/ and see this thread. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-

>> No.16520580

Just in case anyone is still reading this, THIS GAME IS NOT REAL. The made up stories are what is supposed to be an attempt to get people excited enough to go out and make this game. I, however, am saving you from what is actually the biggest trolling an unaware fan could receive on this board. Seriously, if you want it so bad, just grow a pair of self motivations and dedicate yourselves to making it happen. Don't pawn the butthurt off on others.

tl;dr Game isn't real. Let the shitstorm begin.

>> No.16520600


>> No.16520627

>Simething happens

>> No.16520628


Well, duh. We're recruiting and brainstorming the project specs in >>16513698 so all you people who want to see this game happen, head on over there and participate!

>> No.16520656

>< Assign liberian to command strikeforce of 3 squads, dispatch on strike cruiser nipples wrath to tyranid infested world> < turn 30 Lone marine returns with an epic tale of betrayal, suvival, slaughter and atonment> < have him shot for heresy y/n?)



join us

>> No.16520924

I hope this game will have as much to do with managing the chapter worlds as it does with combat.

>Off fighting a Crusade
>Hive/recruiting world's Governer dies!
>Oh no
Warning: Planet suffering from Civil War! (production/recuriting down 50%)

>> No.16520981

I'm hoping it has almost NOTHING to do with combat directly.
You're the chapter master on the homeworld/battle barge. You're not on the ground commanding squads.

>> No.16522071

This is by far the best entertainment I have read online in a year. I would get back into GW stuff to play this. You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

>> No.16523270

>You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

>> No.16523578

>You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

>> No.16523610

>You har aul spekshal snauflakes on the Emprah's fraunt steppes.

>> No.16523634

>I am sorry but I have to cut down your funding.

>> No.16523798

>You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps

>> No.16523844

>You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

>> No.16523881

>You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

>> No.16523958

>Playing as Ultramarines
>Oh shit, Chaos Cult
>Oh shit Genestealer Cult
>Suddenly, Tyranid hive fleet and Chaos Space Marines everywhere
>Team up with Chaos Space Marines to defeat Tyrannids

They're not so bad ya know.

>> No.16523978

>You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

>> No.16524200

>You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

>> No.16525044

>You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

>> No.16525573

>You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

>> No.16525584

>Guess what guys
>This is happening.
>It's going to be ugly,
>And probably not quite like your stories,
>But it's happening
>/tg/ gets shit done.

>> No.16525649


>> No.16525663


Nah, you're just going to give up before there is even a semi-working alpha prototype. This is /tg/, after all. The place where we get jack shit done.

>> No.16525669

>You are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

>> No.16525695

>Our orders are to make that damned game and we're going to make that damned game if I have to kill every one of the purple-skinned giants myself! I don't care if there's fifty L'Huraxi up there! I don't care if there's fifty thousand L'Huraxi up there!
>Stop whining, Brook, you've got another damned leg.
>Give me that damned grenade. Do I have to do everything myself?

>> No.16525704

>You are on the front steps to the Holy Imperial Palace; it is snowing.

>> No.16525713

>You are all melting snowflakes on the front steps of the Galaxy's deepest hellhole.

>> No.16525745

>The snow was Tyranid Spores. The planet must be purged

>> No.16525769


>> No.16525809


>> No.16525821

>Start a new game, go Random Chapter for the fun of it.
>21st founding. Unknown progenitor chapter. Oh boy here we go.
>Chapter Traits: Blessed Be The Warmachine, Psychic Might, Combined Training
>WTF three traits?
>Start off with a hive world recruiting world, not far away from a Forge World. Get off good with the AM, get tons of wargear.
>Have way, way to many freaking psykers--do some math, find out I have a 5% chance for each marine to develope psyker abilities during or after initiation.
>Psychic apothecaries, psychic techmarines, psychic chaplains (WTF)...
>Have had training regime on auto this whole time, go check it out about the time that orks start visiting the system.
>Have apothecaries training in the Armory, techmarines in the Chapel, chaplains in the Apothecarium.
>Check stats: Most every marine has proficiency in all tasks, including advanced medicae, repair, and spiritualism. And alot of htem are psykers, too.
>"Warning: An Inquisitor is requesting audience with your chapter!"

Oh balls. I have no idea what to do here. I'm gearing up to fight off this ork Waagh going for my recruiting world and the forgeworld we're allied with, and I don't want the inquisitor grabbing my whole chapter for being oh so definately codex-breaking.

What do, /tg/?

>> No.16525841

Do you see the Inquisition fucking about with the Space Wolves? No. Do the Space Wolves break the codex, routinely and regularly? Yes.

Don't worry about it- they probably want to do some bullshit geneseed study or something.

>> No.16525850

Silence him, abandon your monastery, and move to the Eastern Fringe where the Inquisitors are few and far between. Seriously, all they want out there is Deathwatch materiel, and apart from that, they don't give a shit what you do.

>> No.16525868

Kill him. Set the meeting point in the middle of the WAAAAAAAAAAGH.

Ork snipers will take care of the rest.

>> No.16525885

Get your whole chapter out of your homeworld to fight the WAAAGH! and tell the Inquisiontion "Whoops, but we were needed, come back later!"

>> No.16525892


If you're sure, man, but the Space Wolves are an original chapter, they have millenia of history dating back to the Great Crusade. My little chapter's from the redheaded stepchildren founding, we haven't done anything particularly noteworthy aside from recovering the STC for a new way to produce power armor pauldrons that makes them the same strength at roughly 80% of the material used.

I've heard some horror stories, man. Flame Falcons, the bullshit with the ork snipers on that one chapter...

>> No.16525906

pick one

>> No.16525917

Pick any two

>> No.16525933

They exist. Sort of. Beware any Flash Git or Big Shoota painted broon. Broon is the Orky color for luck, which to them is the equivalent of accuracy.

>> No.16525936

If anything the Ork Sniper is best termed 'stray rounds'

>> No.16525954

>Custom Chapter
>Salamander gene seed
>Lots of Devs, skimpy assault, good array of tactical, and a hefty sum of tech marines.
>Adopt Rolling Thunder method.
>Tanks. Tanks everywhere.
>Get in goooood with the Imperial Guard by helping wipe out a mean little green skin planet.
>"Borrow" some Leman Russ and Basilisks
>Raining death like no tomorrow
>First encounter with Tau.
>Fuck yer pew pew guns, I got 102mm of roaring death!
>Demolish first Tau group without a single casulty, although some scraped Razorbacks and Rhinos.
> Alert! Tech Marine Ravion is acting strangely!
>Check, he's still on the field.
>He is looting xeno tech. All the xeno tech.
>Watch curiously to see what he does.
>He goes to one of the scraped Razorbacks.
>Busy bodies for a while
>Alert! Tech Marine Ravion has commited Tech Heresy!
>AdMech rating PLUMMETS SO HARD when I don't destroy it right off the bat.
>Use it once, just to see what it does.
>Nothing to great

Dude.... Don't, whatever you do, piss off the AdMech. Also, god damnit Ravion...

>> No.16526022

Dude- always, ALWAYS have a Chaplain around to keep Tech Marines in line when there's Xenos technology lying around. Sometimes, they know not what they do.

>> No.16526060

>Random chapter - BA descendents
>Start off fine, everything good for a few turns, took all the right measures to NOT piss of the =][=.
>Black rage. Black rage everywhere.
>Declining numbers, despite better than average recruitment.
>Lose Rep for accidentally (uncontrollably) slaughtering some friendly units.

If I wanted Flesh Tearers, game, I would have fucking picked them.

>> No.16526197


>At the behest of /tg/, decide to fully deploy against the Waagh before the inquisitor gets here.
>He insists on meeting with us anyway, and will fight alongside us if he must.
>The Inquisitorial Visit is over!
>Finish fighting off the waaagh. Few casualities, planets are safe, get some very nice experiance out of it.
>Eight turns later, the same Inquisitor Lord returns... and asks if we would provide some marines for his retinue--three of them. Do so.
>Eight turns after that, check our standings: 90% favored by the Inquisitor.
>Holy shit
>Your psykers report a shadow in the warp...
>... holyshit.

>> No.16526202

>Scout sergeant asks if they truly did see a "shadow in the warp," if those were their exact words
>Gives no other information

>> No.16526218

OP here. So my 20 marines managed to carve out a decent empire on their feudal world. Still no apothecary, still no comms, but a pretty much unlimited supply of chapter serfs.

>Alert! Abnormal warp flux in the mountains!
>Send some neophytes to check it out.
>Rogue psyker.
>Approach cautiously.
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely in the mountains!
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely in the mountains!
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely in the mountains!
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely in the mountains!
>Your scout squad [Sq3] has been lost.
>Alert! Abnormal warp flux in Native City One!
>Alert! Popular uprising in Native City One!
>Alert! Enemy Space Marines in Native City One!
>Send my marines to take care of this.
>It's a hard fight, apparently. Lose my remaining Neophytes and three Initiates, but kill the mind controlled Neophytes. The rebel army is broken by my serf hordes.
>Alert! Abnormal warp flux in the Palace!
>Alert! Daemonic manifestation in the Palace!
>Suddenly generic lessers everywhere.
>Faaaaall back to the keeep!
>Lock the marines in the outpost. Daemons outside wipe out my serf army.
>Alert! Jones is acting strangely in the Chapel!
>My Chaplain is up to something.
>Alert! Abnormal warp flux in the Chapel!
>Your Chaplain is shining with a supernatural light!
>This had better be...
>Your Chaplain has issued a challenge to the enemy leader!
>Your Chaplain has slain the enemy leader!
>Warp knell emitted at Force 5!
>Daemonic manifestation has ceased.
>Abnormal warp flux has ceased.
>Jones is acting strangely has ceased.

Maaaybe the warp knell will bring the chapter to rescue them, but probably I'll just get Tyranids or more daemons. Fuck.

>> No.16526240

dumpan random events from our devthread

[playername]! Brother Captain [marine] has returned from the lost ship[gotfuckedbythewarp]! He brings with him strange tales, and is truly battle hardened. What are your orders?[Promote/Heresyblam/Hide/Excommunicate]

>> No.16526250


>Warn the government of my recruiting world and my allied forge-world. Send out astronomic warnings of tyranids on the approach.
>Some politics happen in the background while I prepare as much of my shit as possible.
>Receive communication from the forge world. "Chapter Master. We stand beside you. The God-Machines Walk To War."
>No allies from out-system. No ships from out-system. Nothing at all. Just one slightly understrength chapter of space marines, a forge world's worth of skitarrii, a hive world's PDF, and a single titan legion against the oncoming swarm.

I don't think my chapter's going to survive this. I've never fought a splinter fleet before.

But let's do this.

>> No.16526272


>Having a titan LEGION

>Worrying about a SPLINTER FLEET

>> No.16526285


I'm paranoid, allright?

Besides, don't splinter fleets come with biotitans? I'm not worried that we'll hold for a time, but I'm worried we'll be overwhelmed. Ammo, power, men, weapons, we have all that on limited supply. The Tyranids more or less don't.

>> No.16526292

slash and burn mate. glass any worlds you start to lose, and retreat. glass everything until you get home. then glass that if they take it.
>icetor victory
Captcha predicts thy victory on the hallowed soils of Icetor!

>> No.16526301

Where is this devthread?

You need a few Blood Raven random events.
Chapter Master! The Blood Ravens have come bearing gifts!

>> No.16526312

If I recall the devs were mostly agreeing to be low on memes. "The Codex Astartes does not support this action!" alerts whenever you violate the codex were mentioned, though.

>> No.16526315

Wait. It's really happening?

>> No.16526316


That's where it is. There's a few coders, some organizational folks, fluffers and just random ideas people already committed.

>> No.16526329


Am I making myself clear, Guardsman? We are making this damn game! What in the Seven Hells of Chaos are you waiting for! Do you think I sat around crying like a newborn when that landshark got my arm? No! I up and made that damn game myself with my teeth!

>> No.16526332

That should be stickied

>> No.16526335

there's only two vassal worlds under the Chapter's purview

also, splinter fleets tend to attack whole subsectors at a time; so long as you focus on combating the seeder ships dropping vanguard organisms and reinforcing any genestealer cults on your worlds and the hive ships that are going to be holding the bulk of the reclaimation forces in their bloated carcasses you might be able to weather the storm in your area quite well.

>> No.16526355

...or we could keep making these greentext threads, both continuing to generate enthusiasm and providing the devs with ideas at the same time.

>We are all special snowflakes on the Emperor's front steps.

>> No.16526371

(My original ending to this got deleted for some reason.)
>Fighting Chaos Genestealers (I Fucking Love Mods)
>require backup
>Inqusition send in Grey Knights
>get the job done
>Grey Knights get ready to remove witnesses again
>try to get them to back off
>talks break down
>fight ends shortly after Cannoness decapitates Grand Master with Blessed Chainclaw
>declared heretics

>> No.16526378

dude, I wish somebody wrote up some mods for BFG campaign mode with rules for taking/holding worlds and the intricacies of tyranids

>> No.16526797

Heh, Heretical SoB?

:3 that is something I have to see.

>> No.16526928

>Custom chapter
>Choose traits 'Steadfast' and 'Loyal' because of bad experience with a past custom chapter breaking and running from Chaos Marines, meaning everyone hated me
>Sort-of stick to the codex.
>ALWAYS deploy Assault Company and Devestator Company together, because of complimentary abilities.
>Joke to myself they're "Bro-Companies".
>Deploy both companies to deal with rebellion on Hive world.
>Devestator company deployed on planet and dug in, Assault company deployed, but can be withdrawn.
>Genestealer cult?
>FUCK. Withdraw Assault company and regroup with the rest of the chapter.
>"7th company refuses to leave the battlefield"
>Rush six more companies of the chapter to the planet, muttering to myself "You fuckers better not die on me."
>Arrive with reinforcements. Hive the Devestators are deployed too is the only one still standing. Assault Marines have joined them.
>20 Marines total remain.
>"Well done soldiers. The rest of the company is here, you are relieved."
>"7th company refuses to leave the battlefield"
>"8th company refuses to leave the battlefield"

>> No.16526945

>Choose custom chapter
>Codex adheretn Ultramarine descent
>Good relations with everyone except for the nearby orks.
>Call for a crusade within sector call for a purge of xenos
>Blessings of the Ordo Xenos, a Battlefleet and a Imperial Guard Army group has pledged support along with a Titan Legion and an explorator fleet
>Wipe out orcs, loose 100 Marines gain resource rich systems and fins ancient relics for the Mechanicum.
>MEchanicum has been corrupted
>thinking machines detected!
>purge Mechanicum contingent. Titans were uncorrupted. Phew
>Suddenly: Urgent message Home systems are rebelling
>Two worlds have fallen
>monastery has been infiltrated
>dreadnoughts missing....
>Return to find myself thrown into a middle of succesion war in the my own system
>Loyalists ask for assistance
>send help in the gyuse of 3 companies under CM Leave the First Cap and 7the and 8th comp behind.
>return after a succesful campaign
>infiltrators have slain the Master of the Forge, Reclusiarch and all the recruits
>Infiltrators have slain your First Captain, 7th and 8th have rebelled.
>banner of Hydra everywehre.
>CM assasinated
>Game Over

>> No.16527005

new thread, with betabetabeta chapter generator, plus example menu
have fun

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