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Reckon this shit would work on a mini?

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Sure... if you want to destroy it.

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go ahead, try it, I'll wait.

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Yeah, you know those random parts of sprue you've got laying around or bitz you never intend on using?

Guess what, you've got a use...

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on the other hand, a black glass enamel, and then airbrushing Alclad II chrome will work on minis.

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you can get it in good model stores.

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Typo: Black gloss enamel.

(you might get away with a gloss acrylic, but most of them arent a deep, high gloss... you want a really shiny, glossy surface on all the parts you want to chrome/mirror.

or, if you're using alclad, chrome, aluminium, copper, gold, steel, or even heat-discoloured steel...

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Real men silver their minis with a silver nitrate bath then paint over them.


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Psh. REAL men gild their minis by taking gold leaf, pounding it into a butter-like paste with mercury, then layering it onto the figure and then boiling off the mercury vapour to leave a layer of gold.

(dont worry about the shakes, insanity and death that you suffer from for your art.)

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No clue if glass finish spray would work, but I prime with krylon plastic spraypaint. Same shit as GW for half the price.

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You could do it if you had copper minis.

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