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why dont they just make pre-thinned paints?

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it's part of GW's plan to sell you Citadel Paint Thinner for £14.25.

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Why are you a shitspammer?

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Why didn't the eagle swallow Frodo whole while he was wearing the ring, then disguise itself as a fell beast and shit him into mount doom?

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Oh hey Frodo. Didn't think I'd see you here.

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why didn't they just throw the One Ring into the sea? it worked before with the Silmaril.

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Why didn't Obi-wan underestimate Anakin's power?

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This is such a funny image to me, but would anyone who wasn't on /tg/ get it?

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It is a combination of two memes. Of course nobody would get it unless they are regulars here.

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We're such good neighbors with /sp/ that a majority of /tg/ gets it.

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...dear god, I hope nobody from GW reads these forums.

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Mood tnuom ot Gnir eht ylf selgae eht t'ndid yhw?

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Why didn't Elrond throw Isildur into Mount Doom?

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Sniggab Odorf was my favorite character from the series. He was such an insanely badass killer, and he took no shit from anybody, was immune to the Lugzan's blades and never doubting himself for a second. Shame his manservant was so useless though.

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Why don't they sell pre painted models?

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It's simply because different people like different consistencies of paint and while its always important to add water the more you add the different effect it will have.
Not so far from the truth, what do you think ink's are. There just really thin paint.

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Why couldn't the Emperor just be a good dad?

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Why doesn't Frodo understand painting?

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Well seeing as both these memes are common on a lot of other boards, yes, yes they would.

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Why doesn't Gandalf listen to decent music?

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He's a single father of two dozen kids, who are ALL male, and who ALL don't have a mother. Cut the guy some slack.

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why didn't sauron simply drop mt doom on the eagles?

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I refuse.

Tens of thousands of year alive and doing fuckall should've given him ample time to get to know the average man and pick up some parenting tips.

Trial of Nikea is pretty much why the Emprah sucks at being a dad. He's one of those guys who would likely be a better dad if they were an alcoholic.

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Why didn't the Eagles use the one ring to defeat Megatron?

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why didn't the emperor wipe out chaos when he was alive?

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>pick up parenting tips
as if he had time while he was preparing to ENSURE HUMAN DOMINANCE ACROSS THE STARS

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Why didn't the emperor embrace the concept of social contract, rather than autocracy?

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Why doesn't the ring use megatron to defeat the eagles?

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He also chose to create all of those dozen sons at the same time, and he can at least glimpse the future, which means he knew what the fuck would happen. He refused to believe it. The guardian of mankind fell to his own humanity.

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Why didn't Boromir just wear arrow-proof armor?

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Why didn't the emperor make his children thin, and good looking?

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How can a man rule a galaxy-wide empire when he can't even rule his own family?

And for that matter, why didn't he hold off on his little Webway Gate project until after he'd secured the galaxy? Y'know, instead of heaping all the responsibility on his favorite son?

For a future-seeing super-psyker, he's pretty fucking short-sighted.

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this made me laugh.
Just thought you guys should know

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Because people certainly dont bitch about GW prices enough already without them deliberately, openly and literally watering down their product...

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he's not a woman if he was everything would be different

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ITT: 19 = 24

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Woman? Bah. It's the father's job to administer discipline and keep his sons on the straight and narrow. He couldn't even do that with the son he spent the most time with.

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>And for that matter, why didn't he hold off on his little Webway Gate project until after he'd secured the galaxy?

Because the webway would make securing the galaxy much easier?

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20 Primarchs, 2 are missing/hidden.
2 dozen is an approximation, but I agree you could just say 20.

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It's not Emprahs fault, not in the sense that he was a bad father, just not as good a genesmith as he thought he was.

The Primarchs were supposed to be awesome warriors and generals but over half grew up to be whiney bitches with severe issues.

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If he had stayed at the head of the Crusade, conquest would have progressed at a stable rate and he could have personally overseen the Primarchs.

Heresy would have never happened, Eldar would have been exterminated and Orks as well. Galaxy would belong to Humanity alone.

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Then why didn't he hold off on conquering the galaxy until he'd finished the webway gate?

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>21 Primarchs, 2 are missing/hidden.


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And ugly! Don't forget ugly.

Of course I guess that was kind of inevitable. The emperor was fugly. You can't polish shit.

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just no.

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So? He didn't see the Heresy happening.

To save human cultures from being wiped out, or to see the development of his sons or maybe to find tech or lore that would help in the project.

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Of course you can, it'll just take a while before you polish all the shit away to find the corn kernal.

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He's technically correct (the best kind of correct), due to one of the legions having two primarchs. Alpharius and Omegon.

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I argue that Alpharius and Omegron are the same character, being twins.
They are one Primarch in 2 bodies.

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He already had seen two Legions end badly and all records of them expunged.

Therefore he went full retard by leaving the Crusade on its own. Why would it matter that the Crusade would take a bit longer when the outcome still is the same. Joke races like Eldar or Orks couldn't stand before Emprah's power.

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He left the crusade with Horus, who was not just his son but also his bro. Leaving to make sure that your space boats don't have to fly through hell when you're currently attempting to punch the devil in the dick doesn't sounds smart.

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There was 21 Primarchs, that's not really arguable so don't throw out the "just no" crap like it's some be all end all argument

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I wasn't counting Alpharius/Omegon properly.

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>are the same character, being twins.

Riiight. Consider this: I have a twin sister. She looks exactly like me. We have the same job. Are me and my sister one person?

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it depends, if you spend every waking moment together then I would argue you are, at least in a narrative sense.

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Ah, but Alpharius and Omegon don't do that. In fact, nobody outside the Alpha Legion knew there were two of them because they were never seen together.

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Then, again, they are PRETENDING to be one person.
Again, just one character.

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But we're not counting characters, we're counting Primarchs. Ergo, the total in-universe answer is the accurate one. Me and my sister have separate passports, eat two portions of food, have different names, separate birth certificates. When people count us side-by side, they count to two. We are therefore two people, regardless of our characterization. Thus, there are 21 primarchs.

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by a simple headcount yes, but what I was saying was that A+O are one Primarch split into 2 bodies.

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Look, if you're going to be like that, then you have to include all of the damned Alpha Legion as being part of the Alpharius Omegon whatsit. They all look like their Primarch(s), they were trained to act just like them, etc.

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No, you don't. They may all act and look like their primarchs, but they don't match them.

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