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what is your favorite HQ /tg/?

personally i love the fuck out of chaplains, i love the skull mask and black armour, i just feel so much more pumped up when thinking about chaplains than any other HQ, even captains as cool as those are, anybody else have a similar affinity for a specific HQ?

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Captain Lysanders, mofo. 4 wound Eternal Warrior with Str 10 and Sternguard entourage squad? Fuck yes. Plus he's got the look of a badass stride captured great on his model.

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Other than bolter drill, Lysander is wasted with sternguard because then he's not swinging his big S10 beatstick. Best use I've seen is making Tac-Termis worth taking. Accurate shooting then chain/powerfists.

Anyway, I love me some MotF with Conversion Beamer.

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My favourite HQ is also the Chaplain, OP. But not the one you're thinking of.

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Always loved Farseers, they're just so.. wizardly.

Not fond of the "new" ones that came out in 4th edition though. I dislike the every-HQ-must-be-perched-on-a-rock theme GW has been pushing for the last five or so years

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My favorite HQ is the Chaos lord because of the LOADS of fun you can have just making one out of scratch.

However my favorite set up is a Khorne Lord with Jump Pack and Daemon Weapon.

1/3rd chance of wounding yourself 2/3rd chance of fucking everything up

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Chaos Lord or my Marneus Calgar conversion, I think they both look badass. My conversion basically replaced the Ultramarines symbol on his back with that twin-gold eagles. And I gave him a black-Terminator Helm

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Words are not needed to describe why I love to field this guy.

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The Terminator Lord model is a modelling dream.

So many parts, so much cross-customization with other models, it's beautiful.

It's a fucking shame there's absolutely no reason to take a Lord over a Daemon Prince in game.

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Dem mould lines

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I play him as a drop bomb, send him in a pod with a sternguard squad full of combi-melta/flamers to blow up the big nasty things that need blowing up then buckle in for whatever shit is coming my way, bringing that S10 punch of goodness to whoever assaults me. Plus reroll on Vengeance rounds and a good guard for continued drop pods.

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Emperor's Champions. Kill bitches, grant awesome army-wide bonuses, and have great base equipment and stats.

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Rune Fucking Priest. So good for the points. Wolf Priests are a close second.

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Autarchs. Also Maugan Ra. (phoenix lords need an invul) But on Autarchs, i know they were only introduced 4th ed but they just seem really useful. Also in a 1500 vs 500 pt game, my autarch fucked up half the enemy (1500) army. literally 750 pts worth. He just refused to die. I wrote up some new homebrew stats for him that lead to him being a 300+ pt model (he had equipment from the 6 aspects with phoenix lords, which i thought would fit an autarch properly fluffwise) who really, was better than any given phoenix lord. I realised this mary sued him too much and scrapped it, but now i always have a soft spot for a 120pt HQ of destruction.

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There's always been a special place in my heart for painboyz and cyborks, so of course I love Mad Dok Grotsnik.

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I remember that thread.
It was made of WOW and jesus christ dude.

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I really like sticking Reclusiarches in units of Death Company, and generally love the fuck out of them.

But I simply cannot use any HQ unit for games over 750pts other than a captain or Chapter Master for my Imperial Fists, it just doesn't feel fluffy.

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thing is, at the time he'd done so well in the previous battle i felt he needed immortalising (an autarch taking out 750pts of black templars, mostly in CC is no easy feat) but yeah, i took it too far and he was overpowered as fuck. It's like i was possessed by matt ward or something.

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Ward would have made such a character cost like 500 points.
He could have taken on Abaddon 1v1 on the table, and that is something that no other single IC in 40k save Angron can say.

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Everyone move over for the Voivode.

Oh, this in my hand? It's just a magical cheatahedron that doubles my strength after I kick your shriveled skeleton off of my bullshit sword.

Or maybe I'll switch it up and use an Agonizer. You ever see a Wraithlord cry? They don't have faces or tear ducts but somehow they manage. It's too bad none of you gene-bulked clowns are fast enough to hang with the men at Initiative 7, or you might live long enough to try and pop my 2+ invulnerable save.

Ha ha, just kidding! I'm so fast, I've already killed you during the pre-match handshake. Now my poison concubines will cool me down by licking me from head to toe while I mainline a quart of cough syrup.

Dark Eldar supremacy.

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Bastard, I was starting to type something along those lines.

And while this is about HQ's, what is a leader without his personal retinue? (pic so fucking related it hurts)

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pic related

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Either A) Master of the Forge for pure shit awesome huge penis cannon conversions or

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sorry guys, but i believe i just invalidated all previous suggestions

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Toss up between Autarchs and Company Masters.
Autarchs because they just seem awesome, and Company Masters because I can have a dude with 2 lightning claws, a combiweapon, plasma pistol, and meltabombs running around who also makes my whole army Ld10 while he's alive on the board.

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Necron Lords. Fuck yeah stoic immortality.

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Ahriman or Eldrad

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Look behind you....

...yeah, that's a squadron of Leman Russ Demolishers.

*takes drag off cigar*

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Vulkan. Even in lists where his special rules are under utilized I love to field him, such a beat stick :)

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RAEG in 3...2...1...

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Just because none of the rest of you fucks are Monstrous Creatures, doesn't mean he can't be.

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I had that little shit eat an entire squad of Berzerkers, with my tweaked-out Lord attached, all on his own.

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Librarians. Holy shit I love psykers.

Wish I could take more than two.

People look at me a bit funny for having psyker HQ's in an Imperial Fists army though.

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Seconding Chaplains. Going to be the first additional HQ I buy for my Black Reach battleforce.

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Giant servo arm shoulderpad.

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Actually, it's attached to the backpack/power plant.

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ahahahhaha that look on his face

he looks like he is about to shit himself

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Well the suit allows you to shit in it to be safely recycled so...

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What's his story again?

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Purifier brother captain entrusted with a Daemonic blade that can fuck everyone's shit up and must be constantly vigilant, not fall to temptation, etc. Nofunallowed.jpg lest he fall to the whims of the blade.

Also an HQ character without the Independent Character trait.

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Look at this bastard. He's a normal human being, weilding a heavy bolder without any support.

Fuck year!

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Gentleman with great taste detected

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so now grey knights use demon weapons?


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Mary Sue

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This fucker right here. He's overcosted and has shitty rules right now (like most of the CSM characters), but a pretty damn sweet model and concept.

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He is fucking win

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>Bound daemonhosts
Pretty much the same thing bro. Just as heretical. The Deathwatch also use Xenotech. It's not uncommon.

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I assume by suppressing their powers and never using them?

Apparently the blade inspires fury and any units assaulting him get Furious Charge and reroll to hit if they miss.

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Meltas, Meltas everywhere.

>> No.16492107

Not using it, he's using his psychic powers to keep it dormant.
He one of the most proficient swordsman in the whole Imperium, too powerful to keep locked away. The weapon isn't destroyed to keep the daemon in it sealed, so he takes it and bludgeons bitches with it when he has to take to the field.

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Dude there is a scar across his entire head and his gun is called "Payback", he is not Mary-sue

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>Mary Sue
>Pick one

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He brings me so much joy when I run him. And well who does not love having a chainsword taller than a marine

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This guy has the right fucking idea

Librarians and Psykers

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ok, now this guy is seriously mary sue

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Non-Character: Archon. They're combat monsters and can wield either a power weapon that always wounds on 4's or one that instakills. They can take a bunch of fancy gear including the ever-awesome Shadow Field. Soul Traps are awesome, too, especially if using the Instakill sword. It's easy to hit STR 10 if the opposing army has a bunch of IC or MCs to go after. Did I mention Combat Drugs?

Character: DUKE. Duke Sliscus knows how to party, and makes hilariously awesome Deep Strike lists. Always bet on Duke.

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Archons are hilarious if you're on a bajillion-point Budget. Agonizer in one hand, Huskblade in the other. Use either as needed and the other should still give you an extra CC attack.

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>Mary Sue
>not believing that

On topic:

The Emperor's Champion.

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>belive IG is Mary Sue
>not GK & BA

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The whole chapter is the epitome of mary sue. The only question is if wether you should call them the Mary Sue Knights or Grey Mary Sues

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my favorite hq guy is Lord Commissar

he just looks cool as heck

Iron Hand Straken is pretty cool too

for a cool xenos HQ I like Archons and Haemonculi

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IG have been fanwanked into a pile of screaming monkeys.

>> No.16492331

yeah i know but i still like them

it's mostly the annoying internet guys and hardcore meltaspam champions that do that, in the books and stuff they're still dying by the dozen.

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chaplains rock my socks. I would take only chaplains if i could. commisars are great too.

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It's part of the problem.

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> not painting your Orks pink

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Grand Masters Mordrak or just Grand Masters in general, awesome customization to fit different roles.

Mordrak is so under used , nothing disrupts an opponent like having him and a 5 man ghost knight squad drop down on turn 1 infront of them. 16 I6 attacks on the charge, 4 regular hits and 6 (yes 6) strength 10 mastercrafted demonhammer attacks.

This awesome unit only costs 425pts and they have stealth , why dont people use this more!

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Because Grey Knights are awful.

>> No.16492930

I don't think you can get that extra CC attack for having two special CCWs?

>> No.16493396

And then you get shot by a guardsman with a dinky grenade launcer, roll that 1 and turn into bloody paste.

Picture related, also fun for grinding Dark Eldar HQ deathstars into a dead halt and eventually cinder and ash.

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Sup cunts?

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One of the greatest miniatures ever to be released by GW, no doubt.

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Fuckin' come at me you MEQ pussies. Feel the wrath of the Eldar you power armoured faggots. Feel the witchblade split open your deadshit 12yo skulls. The Autarch and the Howling Banshees cry out your death, mo'fuckers.

Initiative 10, power weapons, cut up you Space Faggots with ease.

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Straken is my favorite HQ. I always love Guard commanders that give a damn about their men. I also love how he's always at the front lines shouting out orders and doing things with his men.

Not to mention his rules are awesome. A Guard commander that can actually fight, and one who is boosting the whole army's close combat capability. Gotta love manly charges.

My next favorite is Creed. I like using him and Chenkov for some stereotypical meat grinder Guard with Send in the Next Wave Conscripts and another 30 man Power Weapon Blob. Protect the tanks and clog up the enemy with bodies. Playing this way also gives me the manly charges I love, but the Fearless really hurts. Which is why it's perfect for Conscripts with Send in the Next Wave. They charge, take a bunch of Fearless wounds, hold out, then get wiped on your opponents turn, and come back on your turn. More meat for the grinder!

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look at this monster

>> No.16493803

the last 1/3 of the vid is the guy i mean

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My favourite HQ of all time would be the Chaos Lord from the CSM codex before the current one (IIRC the single most customisable model in 40k history). As for current choice, probably the Phoenix Lords. Something about their doomed nature is just really cool. Plus the models are pretty good.

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I always think of Chaplains having Skeletors voice, which makes them 10x cooler. MMYAH!

My favorite HQ though, is Draigo. His tale is so tragic and pointless. I love it. It's like he was put in his own personal hell without even realizing it. Endless fighting with zero progression. The Sisyphus of 40k. Plus he's great when one melta hits your squad of paladins. He can just eat it without any damns given.

>> No.16493878

bitch please, you cant even move and fire, and have shitty s when charging.

point taken about the banshees though.

>> No.16493882

This motherfucker, Kharn the Betrayer

>> No.16493897

bitch, I own you and your screaming harlots. At least scorpions don't need their hands held to wound a wet paper bag

>> No.16493964

Well, from what I understand he uses it as just a normal sword. They say that if you just leave it in a vault of chuck it into the sun, the sword will worm its way out somehow...

>> No.16493979

Haemonculi. So many goodies to trick them out with, they give the squad they're with Feel No Pain and can take a flamer that's potentially AP1. What's not to like?

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Lord Commissars.

>> No.16494439

Let me guess... You play Elfdar? Also most awesome HQ is Emperors Champion, Straken or Gabriel Seth.

>> No.16494445

I wear my bones on the outside

>> No.16494454

forgot picture.

>> No.16494505


Beneath the bones, there's just more bones.

>> No.16494507

you are all small time

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To the people saying Guard are mary sues, I say, not really.

What makes the Guard fluff and Guard character fluff great is that it sounds more like rumor and exaggerated half-truths passed around regiments than real truth.

Space Marine fluff seems more like "Yes, this happened, and they are awesome because of it". Not that I have a problem with Space Marine fluff. I think it's pretty over the top silly great.

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Non-Character: Necron Destroyer Lord tricked out for CC
Se this body? Toughness 5.
See this weapon in my hand? Ignore all saves, invul and ordinary.
See this orb? Raises my minion warriors from death.
See this thing around my neck? Returns me to life.
See my glowing eyes? -1 Ld for you in close combat bitch.

Character: Lelith Hesperax
Sure she isn't that great in-game but i just love her model and her fluff. Dat Gladiatorix supreme and cult leader.

>> No.16494791

Wait, I thought the Destroyer body made them T6?

>> No.16495069

Yeah that's supposed to be T6. My bad
I blame it on butter fingers. Never try to bake gingerbread and post on 4chan at the same time...

>> No.16495090

Balls the size of small stars my ass. They're a bunch of fagots that can only deal with problems by outnumbering them. Wow, so brave, you ganged up on a sole target, so ballsy.

>> No.16495183

I bet you're the kind of person that gets mad at gangs for not fighting one on one and instead using their numbers to take on people. Same with cops who use 4-5 people to take down one person. Quantity often beats out quality when it comes to warfare and combat.

That's why we fear China and why we will never give our soldiers awesome future armor. It's more effective to have more bodies.

>> No.16495187


Not really. Guard superbadass feats are described just in the same style as Marines' are. In fact Dante's cleaving of Skarbrand in half is *actually presented as a rumour* while we see from third person how Harker and Straken kill everything with their musculous catachan might

>> No.16495190

Yes really. Deal with it Marine fag.

>> No.16495209

It's too bad Lysander isn't a Ultramarine. His story fits better with them, not to mention that the Imperial Fists are one of the weak chapters given that they loss two functions of their gene-seed.

>> No.16495228


No really. Dante's fluff (written by Mat Ward) is less mary sue than Straken's or Harker's.

>> No.16495254

In your opinion. Straken and Harker's fluff are massively padded with exaggeration. It's purposefully done like that because Catachan's have a reputation for exaggeration and telling stories.

>> No.16495271

>mfw America will replace it's cavalry with power-armoured soldiers that totally wreck chinese forces

>> No.16495284


We have absolutely no evidence of that. We have impersonal narration closely following Harker doing his deeds, and we see them accurately, not through a filter of a catachan storyteller. That does not exist.

Dante's fluff is "Did he really cleave that bloodthirster in twain? The exaggarated nature of such tales must hurt his warrior's pride, but he keeps truth to himself because the Imperium needs hope in dark times".

THAT's how you write "exaggarated" tales into fluff. Guard heroes on the other hand aren't any better than Njal or other really OTT stuff.

>> No.16495306

I disagree with you on all points and submit that you are just butt mad about people that you know wanking off to Guard fluff while you sit there meekly trying to argue with them and failing.

>> No.16495309

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIjG4OJEHnI -> here's your hot shit IG failing at taking out a Salamander. Cowardly fucks that can't do anything by themselves, as I said. I bet you're the kind of person that cries to mommy when a guy with a sniper rifle in Iraq pins down your shitty US forces.

>> No.16495325

Don't mind us, we're just busy being the only HQ that actually commands anything.

>> No.16495327

>can't come up with argument
>"ur just buttmad"

>> No.16495351

Chaos Lords.

I have 6 non-terminator ones because I like combining the shit out of various marine kits.

>> No.16495409

Yeah, about that...

>Dat looted carnifex

>> No.16495489

You ignored my better reasoning by saying it doesn't exist. You're an idiot, and not worth arguing with. Enjoy your buttmad.


>> No.16495531

Yeah, what's up with that? IG is the only army that doesn't seem like a bunch of pricks just rolling around blowing stuff up for fun.

>> No.16495593

I have a buddy who plays BT. As such I have a respect for the Emperor's Champion.

As a Necron player I have a love hate relationship with the Necron Lord. It is an overcosted babysitter with a power weapon. But the warhead options bring mass hilarity to the battlefield.

>> No.16495618


Denial. You know that Guard are a HFY force containing plot armoured supermen aplenty, but can't admit it and divert blame to Space Marines.

>> No.16495679

Out of the mists of chaos he rides.. bike in his crouch and sword in his siiiide! Dooo00-000oom RIDER!!

>> No.16495788

Nurgle Chaos Lords on Bikes. I model them as being heavily metal, like an Iron Warriors Chaos Lord. Then I play a soundbite from this song that I have on my phone when I move him on the table.


>> No.16496958


Actually, Mephiston from the BA codex -could- potentially take him on if he passes all of his transfixing gaze rolls.

>> No.16496999

i personally like the sophisticated look of the eldar

>> No.16497050

Is Abaddon still the best 1v1 SC?

>> No.16497084


Nightbringer beats Abaddon. Mephiston and Skulltaker beat Nightbringer. Abaddon pretty easily beats Skulltaker and has something of an edge against Mephiston.

>> No.16497096

True HQ's have hats and bitchs to carry all the hats he wears

>> No.16497206


Lysander is my favorite though I don't use him as much as I use my captain.

(pic related, my Lysander)

>> No.16497218

nice what was your base coat?

>> No.16497407


why dont they just lock it up is some psydepository then with all the other heretical shit that they need to keep around for whatever reason.

if is so great why dont they give him something he can actually, you know, use. why hobnail yourself with deadweight?

stupid shit for the sake of 'omg cool and edgy'

>> No.16497466


your statement is implying that an individual or group of individuals who somehow achieve stupendiculacular feats of superioroficity in battle (regardless of whether different tactics or equipment would be more sensible) is somehow preferable.

>> No.16497664

Oh man, switched over to IG in this edition. I take this magnificent bastard at anything over 1500 pts. Yeah "Tactical Genius" is pretty awesome, but its his gigantic 24 inch command hub, with 4 standard orders that just let me spam orders like gangbusters that I feel, really shines. I load him with 3 squads of melta vets in valks/vens (pending on situation), let them come in when my Leman Russes and Infantry platoons get into position.

As for people who claim IG is nothing but fanwank, try reading any codex ever. In fact, you name me ONE codex that describes its respective army in a humble or modest light.

I would even argue that guardsmen have the most humble fluff, given that It even states in the book that they are no match for the horrrors of the galaxy, but it is only through superior numbers, backed by well trained and devoted specialists that the guard achieve victory.

>> No.16497721

with the downside being Creed costs 90 points more than normal commander.
That's 3/4ths of an extra Vendetta with 3 TL Lascannons.
Around the cost of a vet squad with 3 meltaguns before adding the chimera.

I'd definitely use him in very large games though.

>> No.16497752


>with the downside being Creed costs 90 points more than normal commander.

Who cares? IG stuff is vastly underpriced anyway (vendetta, vets, chims) you're not going to really miss those 90 points anyway (and Creed is cool).

>> No.16497767

Also, totally agreed, hes just a luxury I love having in big games. Its just rare when we get to play that big of games, so Its really fun when I have a chance to bust him out.

As for melta veterans in chimeras, I have the worst luck with METAL BAWKSES so I don't run them. I much rather throw them in a ven or a valk. I just perfer the extra mobility and firepower.

>> No.16497777

You'd be surprised just how much shit you can get in the guard for 90 pts.

As much as I love him, I don't bring him in anything 1500 or below. usually I take him out in the 2000 range.

>> No.16497780

>you name me ONE codex that describes its respective army in a humble or modest light.

Eldar. It doesn't describe great victories, only barely managed pyrrhic ones like Iyanden. Eldrad is dead, the codex flat out says that any hope of racial revival is futile and only believed by Biel-tan and youngbloods.

Ynnead is only believed in by some Eldar, and even they think all Eldar must die before it can awaken.

>> No.16497868

not to mention their two special characters are either DEAD or SLOWLY DYING

>> No.16497898

Just skimmed through the eldar codex, looks like im running lazer apes.

my next question is how can you use eldrad if hes dead?

>> No.16497911

I love Creed as well. I take either Straken or Creed in 2000 points. I usually do Creed with Kell, but that always feels like a lot of points in one unit. And when I do Creed, Kell, Chenkov and Send in the Next Wave, oh god, it's 300 points of Special Characters and their abilities.

Still, it's super fun, and the buttmad with Fearless Furious Charging Infinite Conscripts is great.

>> No.16497952

Oh yeah, my favorite game was Guard vs. Xeno game (our college gaming group has a fuckton of guard), 2000 pts per person every person had to at least take 1 hero from their army, 5v5. We had Creed and Kell, Bastone, Harker, Al Raheem, and Pask. Shit was HIRRARIOUS.

>> No.16497972

eldrad is an old dude. He's a "historic" character, much like you can still use Tycho in the Blood Angel book (despite him dying in the third war for armageddon)

>> No.16497987

In the new chapter approved Sisters codex, is celestine still "dead"?

>> No.16498002


well, sortof. She's come back as a guardian spirit, but is still "dead"

some people are bitching about that fact, which I can't really understand. It fits the sisters a hell of a lot more than it does the blood angels

>> No.16498008


>> No.16498031


>> No.16498076 [DELETED] 

Harker isn't an HQ.

It seems these days it's Mary Sue to not be Mary Sue.

>> No.16498117


Harker isn't an HQ.


It seems these days it's Mary Sue to not be Mary Sue. Fuck off please.

>> No.16498150


Draigo and Logan Grimnar aren't mary sues if Harker isn't.

The guy can haul around a heavy bolter better than a power armoured Astartes, snaps Ravener spines with his bare hands and single-handedly routs Eldar Warhosts.

>> No.16498483

LIVING Saint. They're are called Living Saints because they're slowly dying from the holy power or whatever. It was just stupid to retcon that she's still alive.

>> No.16498588

Harker doesn't go into the warp and fuck with Chaos gods IN THEIR OWN HOME.

You can't even compare the levels of bullshittery that Draigo commits to really anyone.

>> No.16498612


I'm also a fan of just the baseline Marine captains. Because they don't have a bunch of crazy shit powers or grimdark modifiers. They're just above average soldiers that can have a command squad

>> No.16498625

except she isn't alive. Celestine has been dead since her introduction.

What they did with the latest edition is turned her into some sort of holy ghost that is basically a ball of faith back from the dead.

Traditional living saints are many and varied, pigeonholing them into "gold girl with cherubs" is pretty dumb. Especially considering Sebastian Thor was the first one

>> No.16498628

Master of the Forge with Conversion Beamer.

Fuck year.

>> No.16498633


Draigo isn't getting anything done there in actuality, and does not fight Chaos gods directly. As the head honcho of the Grey Knights, he IS the best daemonslayer in the galaxy and hence that he should be capable of that sort of thing is possible to believe.

>> No.16498660

>Comparing Draigo to Logan Grimnar and Harker

Really? All Harker is just a really strong human and given that his people have lived in the death world Catachan, it's not surprising that they would all be pretty tough. Logan is just a powerful First Founding Chapter Master who's well known to pissing off the Inquisition.

Draigo fights Daemon Primarchs, Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes in their own realm single handed. There's no comparison.

>> No.16498664


But they have the power of allowing a bike army.

Grey Knight brother-captains can not modify the FoC, they are just psychic terminator captains with a reserve manipulation power.

Wolf Lords for their part do not have psychic powers or FoC manipulation.

>> No.16498720

It's a damn shame there's not a good model for a farseer like there is for a terminator chaos lord, when there's so much potential there and they're so great for my army.

An autarch may be killy and add tactical flexibility, and a Pheonix Lord may be the killiest thing in the codex, but farseers turn my glass cannon units into impossible bitches to move shooting horrible death. Or he can turn your tough MEQs into slag. They're an amazing combo with any unit, his powers are just so flexible that he never is at a loss for what to do. I would take a second one I just don't have the points for it.

>> No.16498748


Blood Angel captains get the shortest end of the stick. They do not have the statline of a wolf lord, psychic powers of the brother-captain or force organization modifiers like the vanilla captain.

They have worse wargear options than any of the above too.

>> No.16498771

the warboss. i love seeing people flip their shit trying to bring him and his squad down before he gets into melee with them. plus the conversion options are AWESOME

(pic related, my WIP boss. one day i'll actually sit down and finish painting/touching up)

>> No.16498825

>It's a damn shame there's not a good model for a farseer

sure, the recent ones ain't so hot; but they've got some fantastic models. The original bug-eye one (>>16488633) holds up even today.. Eldrad is a fantastic model.. you've got these motherfuckers..

you don't need a plastic kit to look good

>> No.16499111

So let me get this straight. Sgt. Harker:
>From a deathworld, with enough strength, endurance, and skill to be "relentless" with a heavy bolter.
>A Catachan veteran, a master of stealth, infiltration, and maneuvering deadly battlefield.
>His actions were instrumental in crippling an enemy's ability to enact battleplans.


>Walks around the warp unscathed.
>Fights daemons and DAEMON PRIMARCHS (mind you, the Primarchs had a difficult time killing EACH OTHER, before they became super powered as fuck by chaos magiks.)
>Just walks out whenever he feels and smashes the shit out of anything in his way.

Yeah... totally the same thing.

>> No.16499113


I don't like Logan, his fluff's okay, but I think EW is too much on him, same with Calgar. Although Fenrisian faith can protect psychically, so it's not outrageous, I just don't like it.

Ward just doesn't understand that this isn't LotR, it's not about epic heroes, but tainted or crippled ones.

Beating a primarch is fucking ridiculous enough, a Daemon primarch should be out of the question. They don't appear in the game because their power should be too much, and if they were to ever attack imperium it would be during the time of ending, not to have their shit handed to them by some random marine who had no fluff until that twat Ward wrote the daemon hunters book.

>> No.16499164


It's not even that! Harker's bolter is probably stripped down, his tactics were good, but not unbelievable, he may have been just lucky. Totally fluffy.

The warp was only described as realm before, it's probably not that, it's ineffable, but Draigo Walks around like its a promenade? Hee should have lost his sanity for lack of body mind and been overwhelmed by the realm where thought is matter. Him barely surviving the warp and becoming overcome by madness would be pushing it, but okay.

>> No.16499202

Exactly this...

I was done when I read "Draigo > Daemon Primarch". Seriously, how in the fuck does that even work. Does he then meet up with Russ and Corax, fucking up the chaos gods themselves before going back to their super secret clubhouse?

>> No.16499209


>> No.16499217


Angron failed to take out one world. His official statline is not a line of tens.

Taking out a daemon primarch is something Grey Knights have to be able to do, because as everyone who's read the chaos codex' page 32 knows there are even stronger daemon princes around. If the Grey Knights can't beat even the daemon primarchs, what chance do they or the Imperium have?

As for warp being impossible for mortals to walk around, that's just silly and never has been canon. Chaos folks walk into Slaanesh's realm and steal steeds and a little girl and her dog got through the Labyrinth of Tzeentch.

Draigo is stronger than a random Chaos dude, and if those can walk into the realm of Slaanesh and steal steeds, then Draigo can walk there and burn down the stables.

>> No.16499256

Daemon Primarchs are weaker than the strongest Bloodthirsters and Great Unclean Ones. This is Canon.

These self-same strongest Greater Daemons are banished regularly. Justicar Thawn banished the most favored Great Unclean One, Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex banished the greatest Bloodthirster. Brother-Captain Stern banished one of the greatest Lords of Change. A mere Brother Captain burned himself out to single handedly banish Angron on Armageddon while his 99 brothers died to hold off the 12 Bloodthirster retinue and numberless lesser daemons of khorne.

If Draigo, the SUPREME GRANDMASTER couldn't smack Mortarion down, right after Mortarion KILLED THE PREVIOUS SUPREME GRANDMASTER, It would be a fucking fluff atrocity.

And guess what, Draigo DIDNT EVEN KILL MORTARION. He stabbed him in the heart, sure, and Mortarion fucking escaped.

>> No.16499258

>implying that because there are stronger beings than Daemon Primarchs, it justifies how Grey Knights, let alone Draigo has a possibility in banishing one, in its domain no less.

not sure if trolling...

>> No.16499266

the little girl and the dog were the changeling(i just know it). also that is flavor fluff to represent "the labyrinth"

>> No.16499269

Hell, Dante banished one of the two greatest Bloodthirsters ever by cutting it in fucking half. And he isn't even a psyker! He's just a regular fucking blood angel with no anti-daemon training, gear, or fucking bones covered in hexagramatic wards.

>> No.16499285


It happened in realspace, in a planet called Kornovin. It even says that "it will be many years before Mortarion can enter the mortal realm once more" at the end.

>> No.16499328


What's wrong with having one Eternal Warrior per codex, especially as they are very expensive?

For the record Instant Death from 2xtoughness hits is a retarded mechanic that makes T3 multiwound characters quite useless (reason why no one takes Vect), and it does serious harm to T4 characters too. Fantasy does just fine without that shit.

>> No.16499346

How much "application of force" did the Grey Knights commit to using on the situation? Was it just one dude going hard in the paint or was like a shit ton of guys?

>> No.16499349

>never heard of Doombreed
If you don't know your lore, stop commenting on it.

>> No.16499363

You know what, 40k lore is stupid as it is convoluted. Nothing is consistent with anything, and frankly, I don't even know why I wasted time on this.

God damn I'm bad at this.

>> No.16499369

Unknown, it's just mentioned that they were able to defeat Mortarion.
That it is not mentioned that it went to a full scale battle is telling; it means that it was small, localized, and relatively quickly nipped in the bud. It takes a MASSIVE amount of warp energy to sustain a daemon primarch, and lacking that, they can not bring their full might to bear in real space.

>> No.16499376

>My favorite HQ: Adeptus Mechanicus Mighty Hero.
>MFW Second Edition Best Edition

>> No.16499378

>From a deathworld, with enough strength, endurance, and skill to be "relentless" with a heavy bolter.
when a dude who is even stronger and is also assisted by powered armor can't do it.. it's just silly

>Walks around the warp unscathed.
if you ignore the legions of daemonic horrors assaulting him mentally and physically every waking moment.. sure

>Fights daemons
gee willy, a grey knight fighting daemons

which fall under the realm of "shit the grey knights need to/were made to fight"

>(mind you, the Primarchs had a difficult time killing EACH OTHER, before they became super powered as fuck by chaos magiks.)
not really. They did a pretty good job of it

>Just walks out whenever he feels and smashes the shit out of anything in his way.
at least get the story right. He doesn't have control over when he enters/leaves the warp. It's kindof his whole shtick

>Yeah... totally the same thing.
yeah, they are the same. They're both poorly written characters.

One is the BIG BOSS of a group of DAEMON HUNTERS who are also GENETICALLY MODIFIED SUPERSOLDIERS. He can do crazy shit, especially against daemons.


>together, they fight crime

>> No.16499388

Doombreed has been repeatedly mentioned on /tg/, and is noted in the CSM codex as being the first daemon prince of Khorne, greater than all others.
Like I said, learn the stuff, than debate it's merits. Now you know, so take that knowledge and apply it.

>> No.16499398


Enough to have a Supreme Grand Master, and another Grand Master (Draigo) there. The presence of a Grand Master according to the book means that the battlefield has been deemed too dangerous to have a brother-captain's force handle it. This means it was more dangerous than Angron's invasion of Armageddon, where a brother-captain led the GK's.

The Grand Masters would have their Paladin bodyguards accompanying them too.

Draigo did beat Mortarion alone and unaided. His powers are much stronger than those of a "normal" Grand Master though, and given how exceptional a Grand Master is, we can assume Draigo is a freak occurrence.

>> No.16499409

Doombreed and the other four second edition Daemon Princes were meant to by typical, example Daemon Princes. At that time, all Daemon Princes, Primarchs included, weren't these silly little monstrous creatures, but godlike beings, often with their own pantheons of daemons. Mortarion had his own Daemonic Gifts table in Realm of Chaos; you could have chaos champions worship him INSTEAD of Nurgle.
Think about that: a chaos champion with the Mark of Mortarion.
>Hasn't read Realm of Chaos
If you don't know your fluff, don't speak of it.

>> No.16499420

The other three, whoops.
Or the others of the four.

>> No.16499423

So are the High Lords of Terra actually capable warriors or are they more like contemporary leaders?

>> No.16499433

Am I really the only person that thinks its insane to argue that a super strong guy lugging a stripped down heavy bolter and being extremely good at guerrilla style fighting, is more improbable than some faggot that literally walks the warp and cannot be bested chaos on their own turf?

Seriously, I can't be the only fucking sane being in this thread can I?

>> No.16499447


We can pretty safely assume that they aren't superpowerful in comparison to Marine bosses and the like. The Fabricator-General and Grand Master of the Assassins are probably the strongest in combat, and the GM has been killed by a single Marine during the "Beheading" incident.

>> No.16499458

Especially given that Harker is a callback to Sharpe's angry Irishman, Harper. Complete with improbable sized gun.

>> No.16499462

That marine was a Chapter Master. Also you forgot about the Captain General of the Custodes.

>> No.16499463

Image relevant.

The other Daemon Prince included in Lost and the Damned was Kweethul Gristlegut, a skaven who ascended to godhood. He not only had a rewards table but a fully detailed set of randomly generated daemons- greater, lesser, minor, steed, beast.

This was what being a Daemon Prince meant in those days; that you ruled a Daemon World all by yourself, that you had mortal champion playthings. That's why the second edition Daemon World list had to have a Daemon Prince, that's why each of them was unique, and that's why each of them was godlike powerful. Only in 3rd edition did they become these tiny little baby devil guys.

>> No.16499470

Remember also that Magnus, Mortarion, Angron and Fulgrim had stats in Epic, and were comparable to Greater Daemons in that game.

Given the time period, Greater Daemons were more powerful too, with main game statlines comparable to Doombreed, N'kari and company.

>> No.16499471


Okay, I'm not sure if you're trolling, you're stupid, or you have no idea what you're talking about.

The warp is not a literal place, it's been said many times that the most important thing about understanding the warp is knowing that it cannot be understood. "Warp Sight" is not vision, it's another sense that is different than any other. Can you describe to me in terms of taste what sound is? Even to have the ability to percieve the warp is not enough to understand it. All that a psyker knows is that the warp is a roiling realm of madness and despair where thoughts and feeling are as tangible as the material in our realm.

The talks of walking to stables to pick out a daemonic mount do not mean that Alkathor the Obliterator popped on down to hell for tea and picked up a chevy Juggernaut, it means in a nightmarish battle of will he braved the indescribable horror of the realm of chaos to recover an alien entity through a process that cannot be described.

The minds of Chaos space marines are terribly warped because they must be. They are not just broken, some are changed in alien ways to understand that dark realm. Those same changes prevent them from properly understanding our world. Ever wonder why Daemon princes leave for the warp? They're not much use in the physical realm, and needed as champions on a battlefield of a different sort.

I suggest you read some Lovecraft to get a better perspective on this.

>> No.16499472

I've thought about it long and hard and i've realised that I never had as much fun as I did with the Codex Witchhunters Generic Canoness.

Fuck me she was awesome.

>Be the army that can't fight in melee
>2+ invunerable save 3 chainfist attacks at strenght 8, ld10 Stubborn, ignore first instant death.
>Have rending one shot flamer

Fuuuuuuck i think i'm going to stop using saint celestine with the new rules and make a HEAVY BOLTERS EVERYWHERE army so that i can feel even remotely justified in using my Canoness.

>> No.16499475

Actually, the name comes from the previous IG codex. There was a picture of Catachans led by the old metal officer with boltgun, and the picture caption called him Gunnery Sergeant Harker.

>> No.16499481

What about fuckin Try It Again Bragg? he had the same heavy bolter thing going on.

I'll even bite with the draigo thing, but I refuse to admit that Harker's fluff is anywhere near as ridiculous as draigos.

>> No.16499487

the same could be said of a lot of second edition/third edition transitions

>> No.16499493

Comparable statlines, maybe (except Foulspawn's wtf18wounds), but the Daemon Princes had the most ridiculous abilities.

>> No.16499510

Of course. Everything got shitty with 3rd. But we're discussing how powerful Mortarion is here, and he's not had any presence in the game since Realm of Chaos, when the answer was MORTARION IS YOUR NEW GOD.

>> No.16499511

Go Blood Angels, we have Mephiston, and DREADNAUGHT LIBRARIANS!

>> No.16499514


Custodes boss doesn't have a permanent seat though.

The Space Marine who beat the GM wasn't said to be a Chapter Master, and certainly wasn't the highest ranking of the attacking marines as someone assassinated the commanding guy just after planetfall.

>> No.16499529


I must respectfully disagree. Eternal warrior is reserved for those who're beyond the realm of mortality, Daemon Princes, The Sanguinor, Abaddon, The phoenix lords. Phoenix lords are the lowest level that should inherit that ability, and they pulse with the power of Aeons and ancients that denies mortal frailties.

But I 100% agree with your reasoning about the system, there should be less of all the bullshit you state. It's just that I believe eternal warrior is more than just something that's handed out for the sake of playability.

>> No.16499539


The realm of chaos is not described in lovecraftian terms in the current Chaos codices (fantasy or 40k), it more brings to mind Greek mythology.

And in any case, Grey Knights are incorruptible with Emprah's custom gene-seed. They don't mind the spooks or insanity.

>> No.16499545

While I like this interpretation, and is definitely why I favor the interpretation that is frequent in BC that a daemon prince will be massively higher ranked than a greater daemon, that doesn't intrinsically mean that daemon princes are unstoppable, etc.

>> No.16499562

Does fantasy still have multiple-damage weapons?

The only reason we have instant death is because autocannons and the like no longer do D6 wounds on a failed save or other gory things like that.
Like they really ought to.
If it weakens characters, maybe characters can just be fucking priced cheaper.

>> No.16499574

...why? They're totally down with Librarians, even if they don't have buckets of them the way the Blood Angels/ Ravens do.

>> No.16499593


pic related

>> No.16499597


No, you're not, and you're arguing with people who've suffered a head injury from my guess.

Catachans are also breed with OGRYN, and incredibly strong for humans, comparable to marines almost. Have you seen him? He doesn't
even carry any ammo! Marines are ladden with fucking backpacks and shit

>> No.16499604

Of course not. Kweethul Gristlegut had a pretty weak statline actually, because of his skaven origins, but he had enough power to generate a few daemons. He didn't seem to have a planet to himself, he looked more like he was meant for WHFB/WHFRP games. The Grey Knights could take him out.
Mortarion on the other hand started as a primarch, would have ridiculous stats, has a legion of chaos marines, and an entire planet seething with chaos champions and their warbands bearing his mark. He still has a physical presence, which is still vulnerable to attack, but his defenses are simply too great for any feasible defeat.

>> No.16499641


If its name was "Will of the Fates" would you have less of an issue with it?

It's given to very few characters overall.
Phoenix Lords
Abaddon (275 points)
Ghazkhull (225 points), as the most influential Ork in the galaxy the WAAAGH field supports him the most.
Marneus Calgar (250-265 points) Papa Smurf is the posterboy of Space Marines, like it or not, and has survived pretty impossible stuff.
Lysander (200 points). Thousand years lost in the Warp, came back right.
Yarrick (185 points) This guy I don't have explanation for...maybe WAAGH supports him too, he's a legend to the Orks.
Logan (275 points) See Calgar, also he is Jervis' self insert.
Sanguinor (275 points) Psychic construct/manifestation like daemons.
Draigo (275 points) can survive warp and has great psychic powers to boot, probably learned to keep himself toghether.

>> No.16499642

EW WHAT? Where was this ever stated?

>> No.16499684


Are you telling me 4 editions of my armies fluff got written over by Gav Twat? The man who wrote "Let no evil deed go unrewarded"? The man who thinks CSM think that they themselves are EVIL? You're wrong, straight up it's been described everywhere else like that, and he wrote it in plebeian terms and ruined the army.

And if you'll read the GK 'dex carefully, you may note that it says no grey knight has ever turned, not that they've never been corrupted. The wording is very implication of there having been corruption. No man is immune, not the dregs of humanity, nor the marines, nor the primarchs. The heresy proved this, that everyone breaks at some point.

I found the Dornian heresy supplement had an excellent view on how the corruption worked.

>> No.16499725


Now autocannons pling off Marines but rape IG/Elf characters. Fantasy has multiple wound mechanics, but those are dealt by certain monsters, weapons or wizards you have only a handful in the army, or some expensive magical weapons. Nothing as spammable as autocannons or even lascannons, and the multiwounds are either d3 (more common) or d6 - nothing as ridiculous as 2e multimelta and its 2d12 wounds or krak missile with d10 wounds.

And of course Fantasy units get to take their ward saves or regeneration saves in addition to their armour save.

ID from dual toughness is just stupid, and leads to proliferation of special rules like Eternal Warrior to balance it.

>> No.16499733

No, the greek pantheon styling was introduced with the 40k and Fantasy Daemons of Chaos army books, written by Alessio and Mat respectively, and allegedly under the direction of Jervis, to make multi-god armies more plausible.

Also, Chaos has always been 80% knowingly evil and not giving a damn, 20% I DID WHAT I HAD TO DO TO SAVE THEM

>> No.16499735

>Ctrl+F: Nazdreg
Nothing /tg/? Have you forgotten him already?

Pic is second place. Mebbe I just love pirates in spesssss. . .

>> No.16499754

Well, 2e also balanced out the multi-wound firepower by having the strictest target priority rules. You could never, ever, target a character unless they were the nearest thing, but if they got close to your heavy weapons, splatt.

>> No.16499763

>Thinks Nazdreg is a pirate
Ohh laffs.

Badrukk's your ork, pal, and he's a heavy support choice, unless you're playing second edition.

>> No.16499765

Depends on how you define corruption.
FFG defines it as the soul being warped by exposure to the influences of the now hostile Warp. That corruption makes you more susceptible to to the whisperings of the ruinous powers that are ever present, magnifying things such as doubt, fear, greed. That is how you turn.
The trials of the GKs are supposed to render them immune to such things (the mindwiping doesn't hurt). See orks being immune to Chaos because it literally has nothing to tempt them with.

>> No.16499768


Gav Thorpe was writing the daemon book, and his Chaos fluff has always been shit.

His Eldar fluff was shit too. "Hurr durr monkey".

>> No.16499770


Yes I would, but I'd have to point out that the only character who should have it is Calgar and Logan. Lysander's actually the changeling, and daemons have EW. Gaz is believed to be unkillable, so he is, I can stand that with Yorrack too.

>> No.16499797


And Fantasy has "Look Out Sir" which applies to ranged multiwound death.

>> No.16499828


I have no trouble with the pantheon style, in fact that's how my CSM worship the gods. The thing is it's not literal, and it's only a terribly inept interpretation of what the realm of chaos is.

>> No.16499863


I think Gav's stuff is ALL shit. I heard TG saying only the chaos was, but I've read some of his short stories, fluff and exerpts from his books. Worst writer I've ever read, even worse than Kevin J. Anderson in my opinion, although some of my friends like him. Gav is just such an amateur, and I'm glad he's out of my armies.

>> No.16499879

worse than... CS GOTO???

>> No.16499939


Never read his work, but I've heard enough to not bother.

>> No.16499963


Goto's Slaaneshi farseers were drooling, corpulent pedos. This pleases him, but not many readers

>> No.16499974



>> No.16500025

Well, I think that is one facet, but I can understand not wanting to read that too much. Like, I can tolerate oblique hints to how sick Baron Harkonen and his family is, but I don't want to dwell on it.

But then, you would expect some variety with a Chaos gods worshipers. You have people who are Too Fatass like Nero Wolfe out of control, people like Hannibal Lecter, who enjoy liver, fine wine, and classical music a little too much, and then you have your ravers, heroin addicts, and Doom Rider.

(Well, there are more extreme examples, but you can imagine those yourselves. I am not expounding on that. It makes me feel icky.)

>> No.16500051

>Doesn't think that Nazdreg had piriacial qualities.
Not the most piracial ork by far, but he's described as a pirate in his 3rd ed fluff (last time he had stats).

Baddrukk is pretty cool though. Pity flash gits are unfieldably bad in this edition.

>> No.16500073

It could be worse than this? (This photo brought to you curtesy of C.S. Goto)

>> No.16500082


It's not that it was too horrifying, it was just absurd. Slaaneshi craftworld outta nowhere with fat pedo farseers chasing after loli farseers? Spore Mine does not explode, but grabs a Sergeant by the leg and drags him offstage? Eldar, Marines and bolters alike "bray"? Then there's the writing style:

>Taldeer stood bolt upright with her hands pressed against the lintel and her feet braced against the floor. The sinewy muscles in her slender limbs were taut and bulging with exertion. Her neck was knotted with protruding veins and her mouth was stretched into a contorted, rigid and unnatural cave. But it was her eyes that commanded the scene: they had gone. In their place there were simply two gaping cavities, rimmed with a thick, bloody ichor. She was screaming.

>After a sudden, gurgling pause in her screams, Taldeer yelled something incoherent in a tongue that Gabriel did not know. Her voice was shrill and wracked with pain, but there was a new quality to the sound that even Gabriel could recognise. She had been shot. As the psychic screaming commenced, slightly weaker than before, Gabriel ripped his chainsword into life and whirled it around his head, clearing a moment of clarity in the mists of Chaos for him to assess the situation. A gaping wound had appeared in the side of the alien’s abdomen, as though she had been shot at close range by a bolter. Judging from the position of the wound, Gabriel reckoned that the shell had probably ricocheted off the bulkhead and then punched into her kidneys, if eldar had kidneys.

>> No.16500086

Can anyone explain this exploding kneecaps thing
I'm looking at here?

>> No.16500109

Chaos Lieutenant with Black Sword, Spiky Bits, Daemonic Speed, Daemonic Visage, Frag Grenades


>> No.16500125


>With a blinding blast of red light, the Assault Marine's jump-pack went critical and its fuel cells detonated, firing him down
towards the ground like a giant bolter shell. Even from where he was standing, Gabriel could see the Marine working to release
the grenades that were clipped around his belt, flinging them down into the formation of eldar below him even as he rocketed
down towards them. The disciplined aliens seemed unphased for a fraction of a second, holding their firing vectors until they
realised what was about to happen.Then, as the xenos creatures began to scatter away from the Wave Serpents, the string of
grenades smacked into the ground and detonated all at once, blowing a huge crater into the desert and rocking the nearest Wave

>In an instant, the Marine's jump-pack roared down towards the vehicle, spiralling on its axis now that it had been
jettisoned by the Marine himself, until it punched heavily into the gunnery cockpit on top of the Wave Serpent, blowing it clean
off the vehicle and engulfing the whole thing in a giant red fireball. The Marine himself ploughed down into the desert nearby.
With a roar, Gabriel snatched his attention away from the heroics of his Marine and spun on his heel, always inspired by the
exploits of his men.

>> No.16500156


Transformative corruption of an Eldar farseer?

>> No.16500171

And this causes random jewelry to exploded for some reason? Her soul stone maybe but whats with the multiple detonations?

>> No.16500176


>I'm also a fan of just the baseline Marine captains. Because they don't have a bunch of crazy shit powers or grimdark modifiers. They're just above average soldiers that can have a command squad

This, except you can give them and their command squad tons of ridiculously awesome gear.

My standard loadout for a vanilla captain *starts* with Artificer Armor, a Relic Blade and either a Storm Bolter or Hellfire Rounds for the regular one. Plus a Command Squad with two flamers and two meltaguns.

Then an Auxiliary Grenade Launcher shows up. And four power weapons and storm shields. And one of these days I'm going to replace the usual Razorback with a Land Raider Achilles for Maximum Fuck You in games where FW stuff can come out and play.

>> No.16500205


Don't ask me, it's an old pic and been around in 2008 if I recall.

Farseer armour does have multiple gems studded, maybe they're psychic conduits or wards etc.

>> No.16500212

Oh and Mark of Khorne. Though I heard Mark of Nurgle Manraper with all the rest the same was good too.

>> No.16500232

>Nurgle Manraper
ManREAPER. Slaanesh is in charge of the Manrapers.

>> No.16500237

Actually I can't remember of it was Daemonic Mutation or Mark of Khorne, whichever one was cheaper.

>> No.16500314


If you attend to the spiritual needs and motivation of space marines, well...fuck you must be hardcore. Amongst my favorite chaplains are Black Templar and Dark Angels. Because they're just...the shit. Chaplains are essentially the angry marines of ever chapter times 10

>> No.16500396

>> No.16500437

This would be the best HQ ever

>> No.16500489

man, I love the Damn of War omnibus

it's just so wacky. My ultimate guilty pleasure.

>> No.16500636

I would like vanilla captains to have "Rites of Battle" again, though. Even if marines are the last units that need Ld buffs, I like my characters to either be ridiculously good single models, or be buffing a unit/the army.

>> No.16500744


I really would like to see the scope of 40k changed a bit. Specifically have marines be strong, but really suffer for their numbers and such, kinda like Gothic.

I was wondering what it would be like if every army got orders, and each army got a couple of unique ones. In a manner simialar to psychic powers.

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