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Oh hay /tg/. Greetings from /a/.

We...hem... slightly modified your primarchs.

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Take them back we already have better female primarchs. Horo can stay.

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Go away other boards, unless you are /m/ I pretend you don't exist to preserve my sanity.

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But are they moe moe kyun primarchs?

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no one gives a shit

go back to whence you came

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I don't know who anyone in those pictures

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Who are the pictures of?

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you are not welcome here.
(lol u troll me)

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But you didn't change space wolves at al



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Hanzel and Gretel are too psychotic to be alpharius, Sakura might be full of worms but not enough disease, should have used nero for proper roman saber. I don't know many of the other but the ones I recognise seem to fit.

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I hereby pledge my allegiance to Primarch Homura of the Iron Warriors, known among the galaxy as the woman that came closest to reach that elusive notion known to the orks as "enuff dakka".

Now seriously, I like that image, but hardcore 40k are gonna blow a gasket when they see it.

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> Asuka, Blood Angels

Im ok with this

> Saber Ultramarines

Better then rowboat girlyman

> Sons of Haruhi

pic related

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>Rowboat girlyman
>not glorious Roboute Guillaume

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Saber extra, aka Nero Agustus y'know the 'dude' who set rome ablaze?

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Go to bed Matt

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Sorry, my mistake.

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Nanoha is the Lion? What?

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To be honest, this makes the most sense. Anglo-Saxon myth determined that their society and been founded by Brutus, a Trojan who had survived the fall of Troy. And then later Arthurian myths had Arthur either single-handedly conquer what was left of Rome or the Romans would send him mean diplomats so he decided to take a large piece of their land, because 'they were both descended from the sons of Troy,' giving Arthur a legal right to the land, although he still took it by force.

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Us Co/m/rads stand alongside our Grea/tg/entlemen.

Begone with ye, /a/bomination!

Or must I slap you a second time?!

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Its "Roboute Guilliman"

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> no Balalaika
> no Caska
> no Revy
> no Major Kusanagi
> no Rei

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Why is /a/ so shitty?

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because of shows like k-on

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Think for a second on what you just said, and you'll have your answer.

>Though in all seriousness, I believe it stems from the recent downward turn in quality offered by the 'modern' animated ventures from japan; leading to a 'overly accessible' fanbase to assume far too much in their own superiority...

>TL;DR: /a/: Thar be Dickheads.

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This, and I lol'd hard at the Shogun 2 reference

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>leading to a 'overly accessible' fanbase to assume far too much in their own superiority...
This describes much more than just /a/

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working on correcting this

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well,...at least you have left Russ alone.

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I have no idea who's that animu gurl that's supposedly an alt version for Konrad Curze.

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Well. I Approve of Kenshiro.

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All my YES!

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>Legions II and XI given Primarchs and names

Get out.

Also, Samus Aran is nowhere in that list, she is the one true female Primarch.

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good with griffith if everyone else is

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I couldnt resit adding

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I'm alright with the few I can recognize.
But those that I can't really have a bad feel... who is the iron within - iron without girl?

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Poor Abbadon...

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oh, please. the blood angels are tsundere.
kamina is more of a salamander bro anyway.

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Im open to suggestions here.

Also if anyone could find a pick of that old bastard to replace the sound only pic, id be much appreciated.

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I'm still trying to figure out who's in the White Scars picture. Especially since the face looks familiar.

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Does /tg/ have a list of /tg/ approved anime? I'm pretty sure we did at one point, but I can't recall anything from it other than Tengann Toppa Gurren Lagan.

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shouldn't most of the fantasy anime be there on that list?

Aegis/Sword of Uruk for example

mages using wands as golfclubs, god damn

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Black lagoon is one

(I had a dream about a Burn Notice/Black lagoon crossover last night)

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>someone knows Aegis/Sword of Uruk
>mfw no face and I didn't save the tsundere-reactionimage

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If we'd go for proper moeblob primarch chart White Scars primarch would be Amira from Otoyomegatari. Actual central asian mongol right there.

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Fuck you Balsa is awesome. Stabs bitches and doesn't afraid of anything.

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I'm not sure about any "approved lists" but the ones I could imagine being on such a list would include Black Lagoon, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Outlaw Star, and Area 88, as well as some classic mangas like Berserk.

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OP here, we specifically made it to be all female. We could make an all male primarch version but the female version seemed funnier to us.

Why did we pick each primarch:

Nanoha Takamachi as Dark Angels: Her relationship with her BFF/quasi-lesbian love interest Fate is very much like The Lion and Luther. Nanoha also had to kick the crap out of Fate to correct her ways. She's also fast and wins with by overwhelming her enemies.

Konata Izumi as the Moe Brothers: Fantasy Legion, but she's the main character of the show that is considered to start the whole "moeshit" trend.

Asuza as Emperor's Children: This is more of a troll than anything else but Azusa is obsessed with perfecting her guitar skills and the finer points of music. There's also the fact that she's regarded in /a/ as a slut, due to trolling the shit out of a certain tripfag.

Homura as Iron Warriors: Uses a shit ton of modern weaponry but is very defensive in her tactics, relying on long range standoff and time manipulation to get close and deliver devastating attacks to her enemies. Think of her as a girl version of Rambo but with time magic and you'll get the idea.

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Balsa as the White Scars: I was hesitant on choosing her since she's not as popular but she fit the bill. Think of her as a Chinese version of the Major from Ghost in the Shell and you'll get the idea. Also, she's very fast with her lance.

Horo as the Space Wolves: I don't need to go into detail.

Hinagaku as Imperial Fists: Although I'm not a fan of Hayate The Combat Butler, many /a/nons suggested that I add her as the head of Imperial Fists. She's good with swords and has a leadership position

Kuroneko as Night Lords: In Oreimo, she has an obsession with darkness and Batman type shows. She's also socially cold but very calculating.

Asuka as Blood Angels: Everybody's favorite Berserker

Birdy as Iron Hands: Like Balsa, she's not very well known but her character fits the Iron Hands pretty good. She's a cybernetically augmented super soldier and even her foster mother was a robot.

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is it bad that I don't recognize a lot of these characters...

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The Abbadon the Despoiler bit is genius

>> No.16475418

I think we should replace Emperors childeren with Griffith from Berserk, and world eaters with Gatts. I hope it's not unfair to have two characters from the same anime in there.

Also this guy as Dark Angels, he's the protagonist from the anime Blue Gender my angle is that he's Lionel because:
Lion'el sits back and see who wins the heresy.
This guy figures out at the end of the series it's better to let humanity burn itself out, then try and salvage whats left of the old world.

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Gendo should be Alpha Legion.

>> No.16475469

Panty should be the Emperor's Children Primarch.
Major Motoko Kusanagi for Iron Hands Primarch.
Revy can be the World Eaters Primarch.

Instantly improved.

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>Saber as my spiritual liege
Eh, better than Rowboat Girlyman.

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There were some other nominees for primarchs last night. chart guy ignored them and went moe moe route

Thousand Sons/Daughters: Yuki Nagato
Space Wolves: Revy
World Eaters: Allenby Beardsley
Word Bearers: Index
Iron Hands: Motoko Kusanagi with Winry Rockbell as Master of the Forge
Alpha Legion: Clare (Omegon) and Teresa from Claymore or the Xia twins from FMP second season
White Scars: Rin Ogata from Rideback or Rider

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Fucking Moe crap.

>> No.16475614

That's the joke

>> No.16475977


I like the God-Emperor. Imperial Fists need more no-nonsense sternness.

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>Thousand Sons
>Not Akumetsu MC
Come one, that name just calls for it

>> No.16476598

switch Saber with Nanoha and you got yourself a deal

>> No.16476774

>god emperor
>moeblobs everywhere.
How it feels to be an idiot with such a shit taste?

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/tg/ doesnt like cute girls doing cute things? You guys faggots?

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No we don't, yes, we are.

But frankly, this choice of characters is really irrelevant.

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the thousand sons are known for their magic, so he does not fit.
He might fit in with the alpha legion

>> No.16476838


>Replacing Index
>especially for Word Bearers

That list is now shit-tier.

>> No.16476841

Again, /a/ fucks up an easy job /tg/ already did better.

>> No.16476853

Indeed, the Primarchs' Daughters project was a hundred times better than this

and that's saying something about how shitty /a/ is.

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>Not God of 4chan

I mean look at this place. The other point is true, though I don't mind.

>> No.16477226

Imperial fists should be Subaru and you know it.

>> No.16477244

I agree, imperial fists should be Subaru.

>> No.16477362

And again, /tg/ has an army of quality drawfags, /a/ has an orde of idiots with bad taste and too much japenese schoolgirl bullshit.

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>this thread

>> No.16477392


Interesting list.


>> No.16477409

How the fuck can you guys even tell all those things from the land of missing facial features apart?

>> No.16477421

>/a/ makes a list of primarchs following a specify line of though and a sense of style that add continuity throughout the list

>/tg/ comes in, adds random characters just because they like them, no sense of continuity whatsoever, don't understand anything at all so they just try to add "cool" stuff and are completely oblivious to that fact
>/tg/ complains about Matt Ward

Oh you
You are a match made in heaven

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The outfits help.

>> No.16477428

Well done and I like it.
I concur on the absence of uh..."older" characters -the Major, Casca, some of the Tenchi-Muyo cast for example, but otherwise it's stellar.
Thanks OP, and thanks for showing /tg/ some love -we're just being Tsundere.

>> No.16477445

Hair, clothing and artstyle.

>> No.16477483

Oh for goodness sakes.

Lina Inverse = Magnus.

Griffith = Fulgrim.

Horo still = Leman Russ

Rowboat Girlyman = Saber

Noir (Kirika & Chloe) = Alpharius/Omegon

Samus = Ferrus Manus

Kaiser Reinhard = Lion El'Jonson

Saint Seiya = Sanguinius

I haven't thought of the rest yet. I'll figure it out eventually.

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>death guards

it's death guard.

>> No.16477513

We already knew Saber was an Ultramarine.

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>this thread

>> No.16477539

Why? Is she a Mary Sue?

>> No.16477549

Can we get the link to the /a/ thread which made this

>> No.16477552

>Iron Hands
>Not Gally

>> No.16477559


She's like samus in that she has that habit of losing her abilities.

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Go away /a/. This is lame.

>> No.16477588


Well, when /a/ spends all day drooling over moe blobs, that's hardly surprising.

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Oh good, I finally get to post this.

>> No.16477605

I don't like using the sue label around these parts, but she's a straight edge to the point where it kinda gets annoying. She's a pretty good fit.

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>> No.16477631

>I am severely disappointed in all of you.

>> No.16477663


>Mary Sue

That makes no sense at all.

>> No.16477677


Plot armour.

>> No.16477684


Yeah, Saber/King Aurthur was portrayed as actually a pretty harsh (but Just) King. She'd be perfectly willing to sacrifice one of her regions if it meant having the strength to destroy the enemy to protect the rest of it on the justification that region would've been destroyed anyways.

And by sacrifice I don't just mean "let the enemy invade it", I mean "loot and pillage it myself to fuel my army." Aurthur's Kingdom descended into civil war because they feared this undefeated, emotionless/humanity-less king, even if she was doing everything in the name of the Kingdom as a whole's best interests.

Does that match the Ultramarines though?

>> No.16477702

The plot armour was an actual item, and she only had it for one fight in all of the three routes.

You may not have been paying attention but saber didn't win a whole lot of fights without avalon.

>> No.16477703

Wow, anime and 40k, two fandoms that seem to be obsessed around inserting their particular thing into fucking everything they can.

>> No.16477726


It's because we know that it annoys people like you.

>> No.16477770

OP here, the list is supposed to piss you off because its filled with moe-blobs. That's why I didn't add the Major or Revy. Adding them would just break the flow but I like the idea more and more since Taiga isn't really a strong candidate for the World Eaters and we already have Birdy, Saber, and Balsa in there.

>> No.16477777

so explain to me why Haruhi is not the god emporar?

>> No.16477784

So.... in this universe, would franken-fran be Fabius Bile?

>> No.16477806

It only pisses off those amongst us who have no sense of whimsy.

>> No.16477827

Blood Ravens lost founder and partner

>> No.16477879

because lucky 5 7s

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>> No.16477904


>> No.16477917


Weeaboo race calling anime a plague.

The irony. Why can't I hold it.

>> No.16477928

>In the moe darkness of the far future, there is only cute girls doing cute things...

>> No.16477935


Misaka Mikoto confirmed for primarch of the thousand sons space marines.

>> No.16477938


>Space Chinese

>> No.16477952

>> No.16478013

I like this.
I like this a lot.

..oooohhhh yeah.
Self, I am disappoint.

>> No.16478505

I did a sketch of Motoko as Ferrus Manus. Any suggestions?

>> No.16478524

Saber as Ultramarine

>> No.16478559


I agree, the list should be all-female, because that's the theme.

>> No.16478582


I like the Exo-arm, it's suitable techno-fashion for the Iron hands.

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