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Grettings /tg/, /sp/artan here with a question...

I've been lurking for a bit now, looking at the cool art and reading about the background of the Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy games and to be quite honest and blunt, that shit is fucking awesome. Is there a book or something that I can get that has both badass art and cool writing so my easily amused tiny athelete mind can drool at the pretty colors and fancy words? Like an encyclopedia of some sorts? Better yet, some link to a downloadable .pdf so I don't have to spend money like the cheap bastard I am? I'd appreciate any information you guys would share.

Also, post some of your favorite art, from anything, just tell me about it.

And just for shits and gigs, ask a /sp/artan anything.

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>Better yet, some link to a downloadable .pdf so I don't have to spend money like the cheap bastard I am?

Here you go, 14 gigs of Warhammer 40k stuff, including rulebooks, novels, comic books, et cetera.


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Download the Dark Heresy pdf.
Solid info on the real nuts and bolts of the setting.
Also, all of the 40k codices are stuffed full of lore.

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Here's what's in it.

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/sp/ is the best board, why would you come here

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>tiny athlete mind
>implying anyone on /sp/ is an athlete

Have you tried googling a wiki site?

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Cause we're bros!

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>Troll #70-73

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Thanks guys.

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What exactly is the draw to sporting events?
It seems to be masochism, with a great deal of aural overstimulation and watching a lot of people in funny clothing run around.
Apologies if I come off as an asshole autist.

This is a rakshasha, a sentient fragment borne of a place formed of the souls of evil tyrants, betrayers, and those who did horrible things in hope of a better result. They ruthlessly subjugate and enslave anyone they can get their backwards hands on, using illusions, enchantments, and sheer personal charisma to get their way. Often, they'll run slave rings for the purpose of fueling their own comforts, and for no other reason- the epitome of self-concerned and orderly, but still savage, evil. Rakshashas are the savage cloaked in the guise of the civilised.

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While you wait for the download to complete, or want to look something up in particular to research later in the books at your leisure, please enjoy this link to Lexicanum:


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Being in a large collective all pursuing the same goal. Not much beats a good student section roar at a college football game

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>What exactly is the draw to sporting events?

Pretty much going to see your favorite team in person, it's entertainment. You wear a shirt that shows your support, you chant, you cheer and you just generally have a good time with people who care about the team just as much as you do. That and getting drunk.

>Often, they'll run slave rings for the purpose of fueling their own comforts, and for no other reason- the epitome of self-concerned and orderly, but still savage, evil.

Fuuuuuuuuuck that. Scary shit.

This is awesome, thanks.

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You should read about Orks.


Because Orks iz best.

They're also based off of British soccer hooligans, so it ties in nicely to /sp/.

Here, have a comic about them.


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We's also the flashest.

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>Fuuuuuuuuuck that. Scary shit.

just wait till you hear about slaanesh/dark eldar

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is that what i think it is?

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Give me your worst.

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You have not yet begun to witness the grimdarkness of 40k.
Also, orkz iz da besd. Evrywun elz ain't orky enuff.

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>Dark Eldar
>Scary shit

Hi. I'd like to have a word with you.

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Zog it, I'm legging it!

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nurgle followers scares me less than slaanesh followers. at least nurgles boys won't skin my alive then wear my still living torso as a necklace

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is it me or is this link not working?

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Apparently I've only seen the tip of the iceberg. This shit is insanely awesome.

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Works fine for me. Do you not have a Demonoid account or something?

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Pardon me boyz, but iz dare a need fo orky support?

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it does not load at all. there is simply nothing happening when i enter the link into my browser. :(

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So how familiar are you with 40k?

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Have to ask...
Are you familiar with Blood Bowl?

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I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner.

Warhammer Fantasy Handegg, OP. There's even a video game for it, and (supposedly) a standalone new Bloodbowl tabletop game coming out.


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I've read about the races, haven't got into much depth with any of them other than the Space Marines. Read about the Horus Heresy, The Great Crusade, Drop Site Massacre. Read about power armor and the weapons they use. I'm amazed at how deep it goes, you know? I keep reading and reading and reading. Like, 8 tabs open on stuff I wanna know more about.

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Check out orks, guy. They seem really silly, and don't get me wrong they are, but they are still a really cool imagining of everyone's favorite bad guy. Machines and weapons that works because the orks think they should. Several cool creation myths, religion formed around the concept of speed.

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LOL Undead cheerleaders.

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They're giant fungusthings that you have to virusbomb (Toss crazy infectious shit that basically reduces all life on the planet to protoplasm) or burn off the atmosphere of a planet to get rid of the damn things, can cobble together functional guns from the scraps tony stark left behind for being too useless, regularly murder or maim each other for entertainment, make weapons that would be a war crime for anyone else to fire (Like a gun that shoots a miniature ork, called a gretchin, through the warp, which is basically hell so that it rematerialises insane and angry inside someone's torso) and can get from first signs of planetary infection to spaceflight in less than a decade.

In WH40K, they're the comedy relief because they have funny accents and everyone thinks they use silly tactics.

That says a lot about the setting, I think.

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Orange? It's the only major color not in the Ork Rainbow.

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"can get from first signs of planetary infection to spaceflight in less than a decade."

What part of that ISN'T conceptually awesome?

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The part where they brutally murder as much of the planetary populace as they can get their hands on on the way.

Also, servoskulls.

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Snakebites are brown. Brown is dark orange-ish.

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Ahh I still do that every now and then.
Look up the Emperor's Children for some weird shit. Pic related, and that's not even KIND of bad for them.
Also check out Horus Heresy: Collected Visions. It's an art book with lots of fluff.

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No no he said what part ISN'T awesome.
Here's a paint scheme I made based on the Welsh flag. I have like 40 more.

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Eventually, you'll start reading about Gaunts Ghosts, so you'll want to know what the hell they're fighting for.

This book pretty much lays it all out. It's pretty much what a history book would look like in the 40k universe and is chock full pictures and lore.

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After playing a bunch of the video games, I've decided to look into 40k a little bit. I did a tiny bit of research and decided to start with Gaunt's Ghost's over Horus Heresy as I hear it was written better.

Did I make the right choice? So far I like it.

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Definitely not a wrong choice. Horus Heresy isn't a BAD start, but there's gonna be a whole bunch of shit you don't understand if you start with those.
Another good one for newbies is Ciaphas Cain.


Can't believe I just now noticed that he's got a tit hanging out.

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Also, psykers.
Unless you make SPEES MEHREEN librarian, these are pretty much your options:
1. Fuck up and go daemonhost at some point. Get eaten from the inside out by manifest emotions in the form of something large and unpleasant.
2. Get shot in the face immediately prior to going daemonhost, looking like you're going daemonhost, or in fact being a psyker at all.
3. Get fed to the EMPRAH to keep the giant ass psychic lighthouse on Terra going.
4. Fall to chaos in a slightly less dramatic manner than 1.
4a. Spend the rest of your slightly longer existence doing lines of ultracoke off the backs of hyperwhores until one of the raves goes bad and one of your buddies cuts a hole in your voicebox to rape because he hasn't tried that yet.
4b. Become the host to a thousand horrific diseases that cause your body to begin rotting where you stand, but don't give a fuck because Papa Nurgle loves you, and he loves you enough to keep you from most pain.
4c. Make plans. Succeed at plans. Get turned into a warp spawn whenever a higher-level tzeentchian gets bored with you.
4d. Get chainsawed in half because KHORNE HAET PSYKER! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!

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Someone tell him about the Toilet Orks, they're basically /a/ in ork form.

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Gaunt would beat Cain's ass unless Jurgen was involved.

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5. Play Dark Heresy, and warp-stomp the shit out of everything that stands in your way.

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OP here, back from reading up on a fuck ton of SM chapters. I'm freaking out on these color schemes, they would make awesome uniforms.

>mfw I imagine a football uniform with a Dark Angel color scheme
>mfw that winged sword on the side of a helmet

Also, what happened to the eleventh legion?

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They got wolfed.

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We...We don't talk about it.

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>Eleventh le-
Shhh, best not to talk about the second, either.

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Nobody knows. All we know is that Leman Russ had to deal with at least one.

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Nobody knows, OP. It's suggested that they might have been killed, or maybe something horrible happened and the Emperor had any trace of them removed from Imperial History. There is no right answer, and quite frankly, you should drop it.


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Basically template for your own first founding chapter, if you don't like the ones made for you.

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These pictures are for you op, fyi.

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They're the 'Mary Sue' chapters.

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Saving em all man, thanks.

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Most of what I'm posting is official 40k art, but done by a colorist fan.

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>dat titan

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If there is 1 thing I truly like about the GK dex, it's that you can replicate the small force of unstoppable badasses they are supposed to be in the fluff, on the table.
No other army can really do that, be what they are in the lore in practice.

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There's a W40K pic I've been looking for for years. It's a poster I saw in a game store a while back. It had two titans, SM and Chaos, facing each other, all cannons firing, and tons of smaller units fighting underfoot. I know one of you fa/tg/uys has it, own up, post it. The internet has failed me.

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So /sp/ortsdude, what's your favorite chapter so far?

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I can't stop thinking about how fucked this picture is, I would fucking hate to be one of those Imperial Guards.

What a messed up way to go but, that's grimdark, right?

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FUUUCK, I completely forgot that I had these lying around, OP.

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It is, but to IG fans thats part of the appeal. Normal soldiers who are up against the most horrible and craziest shit in the universe. And they face it every day.

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No idea, there's so many.

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Here are the High Lords of Terra, the men who govern the entire Imperium. From left to right: Inquisition, Imperial Guard, Administratum and finally Adeptus Mechanicus.

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They face the same horrors the space marines do, and they do it wearing armour less protective than rugby gear.

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Clearly that CSM shot up this tech-priest's poor skull. That's the reason the titan showed up for work today.

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But rugby players don't wear any-


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Tau Water Caste diplomats in action

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Last bit I got. You probably already know this stuff, but it's a fun read, at least.

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"Welcome to guardsmen training. Point this end of the lasgun at the enemy, pull this thing, don't backtalk the commissar or you'll get BLAMMED, also here's your t-shirt I mean flak vest. Right. There's about twenty thousand tyranids converging on this shuttleport sometime in the next hour, so get out there and make the emprah proud."*

Standard issue for the IG is a flashlight (lasgun), T-shirt (flak jacket) and cast adamantine testicles for going up against the most horrible shit the WH40K universe has to offer and holding the goddamn line.

*slightly exaggerated for comedic purposes

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After eradicating all the orks from Pech, the Kroot offered themselves in an alliance with the Tau.

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Holy crap, is that Eisenhorn?

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Ending with my favorite one. I love how neither side seems to have the upper hand, but still seem to look incredibly powerful. Hundreds of battlesuits pouring out from the right going on to face the bio titans to the left. Fuck yeah.

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I'm surprised that no-one has mentioned video games like Dawn of War series, or especially digital version of Blood Bowl for a /sp/artan. They're pretty much pretty colours, fancy words and big explosions for a dime since it appeared on steam. I know a lot of folk who got into 40k via Dawn of War.

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And most recently Space Marine.

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Brit marines!

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