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Ahre hyoo mhy mahthoor?

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Isn't that nurse supposed to be a gnoll?

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When someone asks if you're they're master, you say YES!

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Excuse me while I commit seppuku.

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I will be YOUR second, anon. Worry not; you will be headless before you utter a sound.

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Nurse Verity, yes.

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>that expression

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No, you're mine.

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She's so cute!!

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I'm playing a Magneto-esque precog/clairvoyant psyker in Black Crusade right now, and by the dark gods I'm so tempted to take Cultist-chan as a lesser minion of chaos.

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How the hell do you get this out of a kid's cartoon?

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Cultist is Yuno Gasai's daughter?

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there are a lot of things i choose to not understand

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Actually, that describes Verity rather well...

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This fandom scares me.

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What is it with /tg/ and girls with sharp teeth?

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We like to live... dangerously

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Welcome to the club. Here's your club helmet.

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I'm sorry, but is that Scootaloo corrupted by Discord to the point that she became the Equestrian equivalent of Cultist?

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That goat guy was fucking awesome.

Is he in more episodes?

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I am your FATHER.

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Probably before Luna will be >_>

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Actually, what would cultist's stats be as a Lesser Minion of Chaos?

I suggested that one of my friends get a minion to carry his gear. I told him to give it enough strength to drag around his power armor, but not so much that it was easy.

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Yes, yes it is.

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We can only hope.

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No. I am an Inquisitor...

Say... does anyone smell bacon?
... great, now I'm hungry.

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No, no no no no no!
This is some god damned BULLSHIT right here!

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I-inqusitor, can you tell me what color this is before you open it?

I think i've gone colorblind since that last skirmish with Tzeentch cultists...

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Colour blind, eh? Hmm. Let me see that?
What's in this thing anyways?

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You still have to collect it though, don't you? You won't let yourself not collect.

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I... resisted the Flair Cultist... I can... resists the Pony too!

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>girls with sharp teeth

Surely you jest.

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But Scootaloo isn't a pony. She's a chicken... and a dodo.

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You know there's some bullshit going down when the Collector refuses to collect something.

There's an acquaintance I have who has turned to the ponies. I really have nothing to say to her, not that we talked much to begin with, but come on. The pony fandom creeps me the fuck out. And I am not a man who's easy to creep out.

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Dodo? Then she should be extinct.
I too have friends who like the Pony. And you know what? I tried an episode. I honestly did.
I did not like it Sam I am, I did not like those Green Eggs and Ham.

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Like any fandom, it has its THAT GUYS. They're the ones who write the fapfictions (clopfictions, in this case) and detail out the Elf Slave What Do scenarios (or, in the pony case, apparently deciding that Fluttershy is into bondage.)
They're loud, they're frightening, but the majority of the fandom are quiet, contented fans, with an even larger portion than the THAT GUYS creating quality material (like that Scootaloo Cultist up there) Of course, goatfucker paradox.

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I seriously want to know how you do that.

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Their representation online is 100% THAT GUYs. Seriously. That is the face of the fandom and it inspires disgust and pity and rage in me. Porn runs rampant and it's fucking annoying.

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I applaud you for having an open mind then, good sir, but, just have to say, if it was Episode 1-3, there was probably a good reason for you disliking it. I personally bring people into the herd with Sonic Rainboom or Party of One

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Oh, and for the record, no, turning everything into ponies is not quality.

It's what furries do.

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>bring people into the herd

This is why people think you're creepy.

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Great... now I'm using one of my last 2 cigarettes. That's how fumed I am about all this...
The WORST part is, just from my lurking over in /co/, I know all the personalities and names of all the damn ponies.
I don't WANT to know that stuff!

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You sound like a furry.

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wasting cigarettes over ponies? really?

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I had the same problem when touhou was still big on /tg/.

I've almost forgotten which one reimu is. I think it was the one in the red dress, but I might also perhaps be the blue one.

Give it another year and I won't remember anymore. Thank god.

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That's probably because you don't see any of the non-THAT GUY places. I mean, lets face it, you walk into /tg/ and see a D&D thread, you're going to assume that every D&D player is an edition warring, rape roleplaying sociopath. I'm assuming you've seen /b/ and /co/ threads and walked onto ponychan and been horrified? Maybe encountered some on a valve game of a sort? These are pretty much the equivalent of assuming that all of 4chan are child mollesters because of /b/

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Well, really it's probably because I haven't had one in a few days.
Somebody sprays ponies everywhere on one of the TF2 servers I frequent.

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How is this still alive?

Trust me, I know the feeling. Luckily, I got my revenge.

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But look at how well made it is. That picture wasn't some slap-dash shitscribble; it was a labor of love.

And the villain she is serving is voiced by the guy that played Q.

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Pony threads are getting so bad I find them on /b/ almost every night.

You were asking about this in another thread Collector, here it is.

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Actually going into D&D threads on /tg/ reveals that there is a wide diversity of people, and most of the faggotry you hear about is horror stories told by fa/tg/uys who are well-adjusted and able to handle differences of opinion more often than not.

Everywhere I see the ponyfags tolerated I only see the creepy shit that makes me hate them.

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Pony sprays that are pony sprays for the sake of being pony sprays are the worst. I will admit, I have a pony spray, but its A) Quality B) Video Game Related C) Valve game related.

Pic related

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>cacti and car speakers

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You, good Sir, are a furry. If not in sexual respect, then in mindset.

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...and loving it.

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Did I say otherwise?

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>The guy posting a robotic eye talking to a unicorn gets accused of being the sexual deviant
>Not the guy posting pictures of bugs in dresses.

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It's a "Party Soft" picture of Fluttershy.
And I hate that I know that name. I'm sure there are plenty of normal people who are fans of a show aimed at little girls. I myself confess to being a Adventure Time fan. Avatar The Last Airbender too. I await The Legend of Korra with glee.
It's just... the Pony fandom is almost as bad as the Invader Zim fandom.

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I have only seen one Brony in my entire life.

It was about a week ago as I was leaving the cafe/common area and heading to my last class of the day. I was expecting to meet one, and quite frankly I was surprised I hadn't seen one already considering how popular the show seems to have become among college age males, but this guy caught me completely off guard.

He was black, about 5'8'', and stocky like a dwarf. He had a beard similar to The Winnfield shown in the picture. He also had glasses.

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>the Pony fandom is almost as bad as the Invader Zim fandom.
Those are FIGHTING words Collector. Tread softly, or else we can no longer be friends.

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If I wandered around spraying thri-kreen related sprays in TF2 then maybe. I mean come on, it's vidya related! That justifies polluting servers with it! And changing my avatar to it! Right?

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I wouldn't want to be friends with a ponyfag any more than I'd want to be friends with a Zimfag.

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>It's just... the Pony fandom is almost as bad as the Invader Zim fandom.

Not possible. The only thing worse than the Zim fandom is the Sonic fandom. I don't believe there are any quality people in the Zim fandom, while the Pony fandom has at least several decent artists.

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I said ALMOST. Almost. I try to be nice to everyone, but that does not mean I like what you like.

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>the Pony fandom has at least several decent artists.

Do tell.

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I'm a fan of the damned show and even I don't care for this bit of fanart. I can deal with the grimdark fanarts but DisQord be damned, this doesn't even feel right.

Chill, he said fandom, not the show itself.

To paraphrase something earlier, it's always the most obnoxious of a fandom that are the worst.

And to be honest I'd rank the Zimfags worse than the Sonicfags, even though they're far fewer in number.

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>MFW I can't mention anything I like anywhere

If say I like MLP, people assume I have sexual thoughts about ponies or take the show seriously like most of the adult fandom does.. If I say I like DnD, the assumption is I'm a pedophile like most of the people that play DnD are.

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Point proven. That's creepy as fuck, but really well done. The artist is tallented, even if the material drawn is disturbing. (And pedobestiality, since those seem to be Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara)

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>itt comparing fandoms
i this thread went from bad to terrible to much worst.

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>DnD people
>not satanic worshippers using the rulebook to summon demons

oh my, how the times really have changed

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Could be the thri-kreens, maybe. They reach adulthood at 4 years and the bards are insistent that this is not relevant.

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Why the fuck do you even have that?

Good lord, son.

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Grabbed it just to post. Easy enough to find.

You know how annoying it is to constantly have pony porn popping up in the sites you check? Enough to make a pervert get fed up, I tell you what.

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Any PC elf is an experienced one. This is why they are so weak. Just babes in terms of their own society. Yet they go out and bone every human they can in player hands. Then there are the halflings and gnomes. Children no matter how old they get.

DnD: The game for dirty pedo scum.

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It's not hard for him to find it. He just has to sift through /co/ or /v/.

>> No.16462298


...not that I go there or anything...

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Blacklist is a godsend, I tell you what.

>> No.16462328

>Not allowed to like Sonic
>Not allowed to like Zim
>Not allowed to like Pokemon
>Not allowed to like D&D
>Not allowed to like Ponies
God damn it internet, stop sexualizing everything. Those things are my favorite, and now I look like a creepy weirdo. I may as well an hero now.

>> No.16462332

Mhmmm... *sips an Alamo*

>> No.16462337

When did Pokemon become not OK?

>> No.16462345

Go to /vp/, count the number of porn threads/threads about fucking pokemon on the front page.

You'll need both hands.

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because he thinks if people sexualize it, it is not ok to like. he must lead a sad pathetic life.

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Invader Zim was a good show, it does not deserve such a shitty fanbase.
I think the guy who created the show even hates them.

>> No.16462364

That's insulting to people without hands, sir. I suggest you be more sensitive in the future.

>> No.16462372

The whole "part of the fandom is horrible, therefore the whole fandom is horrible" thing is such bullshit.

Except for FATAL.

There is nothing good about FATAL.

>> No.16462376

Frankly if you let people sexualizing things ruin the stuff you like then you're never going to enjoy anything ever again.

>> No.16462392

Is that not the point of the thread? That creepy vocal minorities make things not ok to like?

>> No.16462401

There's a FATAL fandom?

>> No.16462412

All the creative team of it, yes.

>> No.16462434


Do the people who created it count?

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No, the original point of the thread was a thinly-veiled Cultist-chan dump request.

It transitioned into a discussion about how the visible MLP fandom is insufferable.

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this thread has no point.

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I thought this was a cultist thread.

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Less MLP and meta-talk.
More image dumps.
Get with the program, people.

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