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Posting a random assortment of warhammer 40k pics for the benefit of someone that I want to see these.
Mind you... some of the pics might be somewhat... "heretical."

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As long as it doesn't break the blue board rule, knock yourself out.

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When we're done here... you'll wish I'd done that instead.

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Hey! Um... is this really a warhammer 40k pic??

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Yes, it's an Ordos Hereticus - otherwise known as a Witch Hunter - Inquisitor.

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top right: Symbol of the Imperial Inquisition

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ah, ok. sweet.

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The End.

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>The End.

Alrighty. I'll take over from here, if no-one minds.

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Sorry. Force of habit.
Sure thing. :)
Go for it.

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I am not normally a great fan of the Imperium in general.

But goddamn. Tankred's a badass.

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Some heretical material is in order...

Strangely Bishie-ish appearence for Magnus.

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If anyone's got any general requests, by the way, just shout.

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>I will not be a hat!

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No heresy can survive before Draigo.

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I like how the 1K Son in the bottom left just looks like he's going "Sup Guys?".

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>As one might expect from an embodiment of the Ultramarines' nobility, Calgar is immune to fear and is resolutely courageous under fire; where lesser men would dive for cover when being fired upon, Marneus Calgar takes quick stock of the situation, decides the best course of action, and only if he so decides to leap into cover, then he will do so.

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>Sicarius earned commendation after commendation and swiftly rose through the ranks. In the decades that followed he served with distinction as Sergeant and Company Champion before ultimately taking command of the Ultramarines 2nd Company - the finest fighting unit in this or any other Space Marine Chapter

>As his tale of victories grew even longer, Sicarius' name became a byword for victory, a legend forged in the bloody maelstrom of battle that would come to the ears of allies and foes far beyond the borders of Ultramar. So it is that at the close of 41st Millennium, the 2nd Company draws the most dangerous missions, and Sicarius himself is widely believed to be the heir apparent to Marneus Calgar himself

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I always wondered if you pan further up will you see the slain Sister's head a top the GK's?

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Hat Totem?


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>Tigurius has foretold of many incursions into Ultramar, and his insights that have allowed Lord Macragge to counter each invasion before it has truly began.

>So ended Waaagh! Madbrakka, its ramshackle fleet blasted to atoms the instant it emerged from the Warp. Warmaster Niadar of the ruinous powers met with scarcely greater success. Only one of his ships made planetfall on the cavern world of Calth, and the weakened assault force fell swiftly to units from the Ultramarines 3rd and 8th Companies.

>Tigurius' gift would perhaps be treated with suspicion and perceived as the stigmata of unholy associations, yet none who have witnessed the Chief Librarian in battle can find cause to doubt his allegiance. When the call to war comes, Tigurius is oft to be found in the Ultramarines' vanguard. Amid the fury of battle the Chief Librarian's silent manner falls from him like a shroud, replaced by the vigour of a warrior born. So it was on the world of Boros. Focusing his psychic might, Tigurius sent hellfire coursing through the Ork horde and led the charge that saw the wearied 4th Company victorious over a far more numerous foe.

>Tigurius has recently turned his talents to divining the threat of the Tyranids. His predictions about their movements have been so accurate that it would appear he has tapped into the Tyranid Hive Mind - a feat that has driven lesser individuals quite mad. If this is true then Tigurius will have proved himself the most powerful psyker in the Imperium.

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I really hope they do an Ultramar Civil War at some point

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>That the Ultramarines can boast the most skilled marksmen of any Space Marine Chapter is credited in large part to Sergeant Telion, whose admonishments and precepts on the subject of war at a distance have become legendary far beyond Ultramar. Indeed, Telion has been seconded to several Chapters with close ties to the Ultramarines, so that his knowledge and unique skills can more widely benefit the immortal Emperor's cause.

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It's certainly implied in the novel The Fall of Damnos that things are starting to head that way. While they're nowhere near actual violence, there's certainly a lot of talk about everyone, sooner or later, having to choose a side between Sicarus and Agemman.

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What the fuck is that supposed to be?

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Present and mentioned in The Chapter's Due too. Would certainly make a hell of a summer campaign

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Isn't Sicarius Shira Calpurnia's grand-granduncle or something, incidentally? I know she has an Ultramarine relative.

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That's a Thyruss, a minor Xenos race. They make war on other races for, it seems, no reason than the theatrics and pantomime of it, treating the galaxy like it's one big stage for them to act out a bizarre show upon.

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wait a second......
>Obvious Rivalry between The two candidates
>Characters are mentioned as rivaling the emperor, an obviously heretical sentiment
>Entire codex is focused on the ultramarines
>Broad hints of Ultramar Civil War

Did what's his face plan this on purpose?

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Sure would help if I remember to attach a bloody image.

Oh yea. It's never likely to happen, but it's an interesting theme. And it fits 40k's themes perfectly - everything fails eventually. If it can't be broken in battle, then eventually it rots from within.

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>it's an interesting theme

It's an interesting idea, rather.

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>Sergeant Chronus was anointed as the "Spear of Macragge" - a pre-Heresy title awarded to the Ultramarines' pre-eminent tank commander.

>As the Spear, it is Chronus' duty to lead the Chapter's armoured assaults, and his privilege to choose the chariot in which he rides to battle. It is an unique position of authority within the Ultramarines, for it means that although Sergeant Chronus has command over some fifty brother-marines, he himself is not subject to the orders of a Captain, and answers in all things only to Lord Macragge.

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Posting some screens from Space Marine (mainly cutscenes)

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>Every member of the Honour Guard is a living exemplar of the ideals for which Guilliman intended the Space Marines to be forever known. Each has received the very highest honours that his brother Marines can bestow, performing deeds the like of which lesser men can only dream. Indeed, it is said that each member of the Ultramarines Honour Guard has earnt more commendations and glories in a lifetime's service than a whole company of Space Marines from any other Chapter, and that each individual has slain more foes than an entire regiment of Imperial Guardsmen. So steeped are the Honour Guard in the trade of battle and blood that their accumulated insights and understanding of warfare commonly outstrips even the experience of the Chapter's Captains.

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Dat chaos

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Dat Ork Warboss

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Whenever I see this picture I can't stop thinking that that Dreadnought in the background is going "GUYS! GUYS! AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THAT MONOLITH? IT'S FUCKING SHOOTING AT US? WHY ARE WE IN A LINE? WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE SHOOTING AT IT? GUYS? GUUUUUUUYS!"

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That's a very good point. You'd think the Ultramarines would be paying it a bit more attention.

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Clearly not familiar with Steel Rain's less popular sister tactic, Steel Line.

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AV14 and living metal. I don't see any lascannons.

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Some eldar n Deldar up in this bitch?

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Oh yes, certainly.

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a favorite

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This paintjob got posted here a couple of weeks ago

It is maximally radical and I wanna see more

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Can I has kidneys?

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Wow, finally that dude does something other than space marines or inquisition...

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Oh, that is lovely. The red, black, and bone work together beautifully.

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Yea, he's only done a few Xenos things, unfortunately. Have a Harlequin by him.

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>Taldeer stood bolt upright with her hands pressed against the lintel and her feet braced against the floor. The sinewy muscles in her slender limbs were taut and bulging with exertion. Her neck was knotted with protruding veins and her mouth was stretched into a contorted, rigid and unnatural cave. But it was her eyes that commanded the scene: they had gone. In their place there were simply two gaping cavities, rimmed with a thick, bloody ichor.
>She was screaming.

>After a sudden, gurgling pause in her screams, Taldeer yelled something incoherent in a tongue that Gabriel did not know. Her voice was shrill and wracked with pain, but there was a new quality to the sound that even Gabriel could recognise. She had been shot.

>As the psychic screaming commenced, slightly weaker than before, Gabriel ripped his chainsword into life and whirled it around his head, clearing a moment of clarity in the mists of Chaos for him to assess the situation. A gaping wound had appeared in the side of the alien's abdomen, as though she had been shot at close range by a bolter. Judging from the position of the wound, Gabriel reckoned that the shell had probably ricocheted off the bulkhead and then punched into her kidneys, if eldar had kidneys.

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>look at thumbnail
>totally thought it was a C. Viper as a Harlequin
>much want
>open pic
>realize I'm as blind as Ray Charles

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Looks like that's the image limit. Enjoy, guys.

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Thank you! You're a great asset to the /tg/ board and to 4chan!

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