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This day feels like a generous day my friends ... don't you think ?

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Go away Changeling.
You're not Diomedes.
That isn't even his cup.

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Not really no.
I'm missing a sock.
I can't find my comb.
I've got nothing to do.

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What happened to your daemon hammer?

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Not again

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Like i said ...

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have some more space for gifts.

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I love these threads.

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We are all missing something my friend ...

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Hey, you found it. Can I have it now?

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Quick. The Changeling has taken your form and is ruining your reputation by STEALING things. You must stop him. We'll gift you anything you need.

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Have what ?

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>Cultish-chan has braces


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My sock an-- where did you get that!?
We're exchanging gifts now? I didn't know it was Christmas already.

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rolled 3 = 3

Indeed it is my good friend! Why, the gaseous veil of urban smog converges with the everwarming abundance of a glorious morning sun to create a wondrous screen of light and magick! Ever seen the playful syncretism in a hap-hazardous melange of gases, the eerie chaotic beauty of nebulae and caliginaes, intertwined in an harmonic yet asymmetrical embrace? This day promises much!

Wait, where's my top hat?

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NOO! Quick. Put that away before the Changeling sees it and steals it!

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How many gifts have you recieved so far, most beloved Blood Ravens?

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All of it ?

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Many, you peoples are very generous

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What's going on around here?

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Stop that

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You can have that one, I got a golden one.

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That's EXTRA heretical

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Hwweeey, False Emperor.
Merry Christmas.

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Magnificent indeed

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Silly Cultist-Chan, its not Christmas yet.

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These gifts... They intrigue me.

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Heresy ... heresy ... such a big word

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Why Wikipedia, thanks. Wait. Cultist-Chan, you gave me the best present ever last time. No need for trinkets.


Oh dear.

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I can easily ruin this for you.

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bah, thats one of the better ones

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Why ? it's just peoples being gentle to each others

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You do NOT take Johnny Bravo's sunglasses. Give them back now.

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So is this guy the chaos god of theft by now?

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I'll keep trying.

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so much heresy.

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present time!

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>this thread

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You seriously can't.

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>I'll keep trying
>Posts a hotter cultist chan

Uh yeah. Keep trying...

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I give up.

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Are you amazed by the power of happy peoples gifting each others ?

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

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What a nice attention

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I wonder where this will go this time

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If all these positive emotions keep up, the chaos gods might find themselves replaced by some sort of...

beneficent warp entity... Like me!

Free sweets and desserts for all! And then we can play a fun game of volley ball!

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the beach kind?

>> No.16453796


Such a generous little creature

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>implying it's not just a Nurgle week

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I don't even know how you did that.

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>Dis Thred

>> No.16453842

I lov dis story!

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Stop it Cultist!

>> No.16453851

How about this?

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Nope, no contagion here. Just sweets and happy feelings.

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Here, have my tie. I sort of took it from a Bloody Magpie Librarian anyway.

It may have been his favorite cat at one point in time.

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Hello brother, I see you have found many gifts!

Back in the day, we ourselves found many gifts...

Forget not, that your very existence, is a gift from Magnus and the Thousand Sons.

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Dis is sum gud generosity from u

>> No.16453870

It's not cool that you think your stolen goods is 'gifts'

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Oh, mugs? I know a guy with a mug.

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>dat filename

>> No.16453896

A delivery for you Diomedes-kamisama.

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>this thread

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I always loved the thousand sons generousity

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Another reason to join the brighter side of chaos.

The God Emprah woke up, for a short moment, and in his lucidity declared all alcohols and Smokes to be illegal.

Looks like it's mugs of water and candy cigarrets (The non chaos kind mind you) for all still loyal.

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Stolen goods ?

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>my request Technomancer drew for me
>posted here and there

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Is that my weapon...

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Reaction image 171 of pic related

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Protoculture did this one for me.
I don't think I ever saw it posted here.
That makes me a little sad.

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I've used it a few times.

>> No.16453984

seen it at least three times

out of 400 requests drawn, it's not a lot.

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forgot to redo my handle

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I'm just waiting for the Blood Ravens to accumulate enough "gifts" that they collapse in on themselves from the sheer mass of it all.

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Have a soro on a bike.

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>this thread

>> No.16454043

>Not being too poor to own anything.

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dem arrows

Worst symmetry I've seen in a long time.


>> No.16454053


I don't see any bike

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How can you cold bastard ignore sweet Homura's gift?>>16453896


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Don't worry, my borthers took it to the litany of fury. Nice to see that you are a generous guy too

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Solution to defeating Blood Ravens: Throw everything you possibly have in your armory at them. Then mow them down once they are too heavily laden with gifts.

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You should not say such things ...

>> No.16454160

Hey dude, there's something awesome behind you. You should check it out.

>> No.16454167

If the blood ravens got into an extended campaign against orks, would it devolve into both sides just fielding the exact same armaments against each other as the cycle of gifting and looting homogenized their supplies?

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I'm going to do a blood-raven army. Except paint their weapons in different chapter colors. Perhaps use other chapter's colors for vehicle, With a BR sticking out the hatch.

I may use a Leman Russ Demolisher for a Thunderer, (hull mount the gun like the old FW leman variant)

>beings wantedJ
>mfw first name letter is J

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>burning red eyes after my post

... I'm curious now. How did you steal those? And better yet, where from?

>> No.16454178 [DELETED] 

>mfw none of my posts have been "gifted"

>> No.16454181

See here.

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What game do I have to play to understand this thing?

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Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2
Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising
Warhammer40k: Dawn of War 2: Retribution.

Play Space Marine campaigns, read item descriptions carefully.

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But little greenskin ... you are the gift...

>> No.16454229

oh... oh god...

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What is this about, Captain?

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Someone needs to run this through Blingee.

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>This thread

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You know guys. I don't like this new meme. I prefer the classic one.

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Nobody ever wants my tie.

It's a crappy fucking tie, too. But really, it's bad when the Blood Ravens doesn't want it.

At least I've got you, silly head-crest ... crown thing.

>> No.16454267


About gifts and happiness
And you are such a generous person

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Damnit, Cultist, not in front of everyone

>> No.16454318


Thank you sweety

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The warp has overtaken him.
It is a good meme.

>> No.16454343


This is terrifying ... /tg/ what have you done

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"gift" diomedes a daemon?

>> No.16454365

here take these manly tears.

>> No.16454366

Ah, don't worry, sis.
Here, take a nose!

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You're a freaking Chaos god and you get your shit stolen? Not very all knowning are you?

>> No.16454382

You know what you lack? Books.

>> No.16454384

>fart fetish

who'd have guessed, huh?

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Do You Catan?

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>> No.16454428

No offense, but I have -no- idea where that thing has been. I've got this fancy mask, though.

Lesser daemon, thank you.

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>> No.16454454

>this thread

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There is one thing you can not be gifted, Raven of Blood.

The gift of Christmas Spirit.

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>> No.16454497


You have no face my gentle lord, but you have indeed a nice heart

>> No.16454510

Maybe we should archive this ?

>> No.16454514

No, no we shouldn't.

>> No.16454516

This is for you, OP

>> No.16454518

... Chaos Tainted Magpies? Oh Fucklaw that! It's bad enough when the regular Bloody Magpies come around, what with things going missing but... this?!

That's it... that is it. I need a drink. Where's the bar?

>> No.16454524

Merrcy Christmas, /tg/

>> No.16454592


Th... Thanks you

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>> No.16454781

Oh hell, who let that heretic in here!

>> No.16454830

But we are brothers !

>> No.16454857

Here. Take it. No one wants it anymore.

>> No.16454873


I dare you to loot my spiritual liege, sir bloodraven.

>> No.16454883


Brotherhood is not lessened when one brother is foolish.

>> No.16454898


I really appreciate that gift

>> No.16454912


>> No.16454944

Your face is covered in shit.

>> No.16454976


At least im not naked

>> No.16455017

Apollo, the Eldar wish to gift you something... be wary of xenos trickery however.

>> No.16455034

That costume is alarmingly good.

>> No.16455046


Brother bloodraven, the grey knights come bearing gifts for you and your chapter. Use them well, as we have.

>> No.16455094


They gifted me these nice jewels who whisp

>> No.16455149


Sweet !

>> No.16455198

A gift is coming to you from my bolter, scum.

>> No.16455278

Drawfag here, i'll gift you life my friend

>> No.16455313


Few gifts compare to such things. As a member of the grey knights, I should know. Our own inventory of gifts is matched only by the bloodravens.

>> No.16455385


Well ... im tired, maybe i'll do this another day

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Grey Knights are fags. Pic related, race that requires skill to play.

>> No.16455447


>point-and-click skimmer transports.
>units made up of meltaguns and meltabombs.
>re-rolls for wounds, hits, and saves.
>invincible falcons.
>claimed to take skill to play.

>> No.16455479


>Expensive infantry with a pathetic T3, S3
>Generally below average armour saves
>Overpriced Bright Lances
>Specialised troops
> Get punished for making mistakes, unlike every faggot race in power armour

U mad Space Faggot?

>> No.16455486

>Invincible falcons

Have you not played since 4th edition?

>> No.16455496


>Claiming Eldar aren't ass raped constantly in and out of fluff

>> No.16455523

Eh, this is ok. I liked the original better. This just seems like its going to far, its just, lost what made it funny I guess.

>> No.16455535

Oh god, I remember seeing the thread that this monster was created in yesterday. At least he doesn't have a cup full of dicks this time.

By the way, have some gifts. Take whatever you want.

>> No.16455536


>runes of warding.
>complain on grey knights.
>pretend 20 point power armor guys with 1 attack are totally superior to your own shitty, overpriced infantry.
>realize grey knights are imperial eldar.
>your face when.

>> No.16455560

you forgot one, bro

>nerfed every edition

>> No.16455566

>Can take dirt cheap Inquisition teams with Cortez as troops
>Can take purifiers, the best troops choice in the game with Crowe
>Fucking psy ammo on autocannon dreads

And so on

>> No.16455569

seriously, new death spinners? shit.

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>> No.16455598

anyone complaining about modern eldar never had to face classic eldar

I like to think that the collective butthurt from the developers has resulted in the current state of them, especially due to the absurd amount of curbstomped avatars

>> No.16455609


>two max inquisitors, much like farseers.
>Coteaz is totally a named character, so banned everywhere outside England.
>avatar avoids 'named character' ban by being a 'named monster.'
>grey knights run triple assassins for awesomeness.
>realize more expensive power armor dudes in metal boxes make them exactly like other space marines.
>have only one gun that reaches out to 48 inches.
>almost no AP3 or better weaponry.
>gets fucked over by anti-psychic.
>"Oh my god! They're like me, only updated for this edition, and wearing power armor!"
>brofist GK.

>> No.16455617

Fucking everyone considers GK to be overpowered. Fucking bullshit nemesis weapons, that repair bullshit, Venerable Dreadnought, fucking orbital bombardment every turn, fuck off. Any retard can play GK, which is why tthey're so popular. If you want to beat GK, especially as a non MEQ race, you have to totally outplay them.

>> No.16455626


>> No.16455642

>Banned outside of England

Where the fuck are you playing?


>Complaining about avatars

Are you fucking serious...do you even know the fluff behind them, they're not even unique characters


No, fuck off. Fuck you and fuck Matt Ward.

Just because you are completley retarded and incapable of building an army list with the tools given to you doesn't mean GK are in any way underpowered.

>> No.16455656


Holy fuck.

And i loved them even though i only started on the 3rd edition codex.

Brb downloading 2nd ed rules

>> No.16455698

Play 2e, be happy, mock the people bitching about 5th. Works fer me!

>> No.16455709

you're in for a treat

>original character-level Exarchs that can take any wargear they please
>warlocks able to have multiple wounds
>shurkien catapults that are dramatically better than bolters (24" range)
>the distort table
>Avatars rather than Avaturds

I weep tears of blood for the old-dar. My marines were terrorized by them

>> No.16455781


Improved it

>> No.16455789

While we're on the subject.

>> No.16455817 [DELETED] 


>mfw the same thing exactly happened

>> No.16455854

Oh shit it's like /v/ and /b/ came for a visit and never left. I can understand a bit of this, yes, but now you're just forcing this to be funny/a meme. Just like people did with Cultist-tard.

Oh well, just venting.

>> No.16455948

Someone need to make a gif of this series.

>> No.16455959


>> No.16455966

If you don't like it. why not just hide the thread???

>> No.16456441

I dont know if i should archive this or not ...

>> No.16456686


I would gladly, but i don't know how

>> No.16456894


>> No.16459831

Dont dieeee

>> No.16461723

I just woke up and found this. Pic related.

>> No.16463862


I... I... I can't breath

>> No.16463932

A cultist recieving gift and not an ork recieving loot?

/tg/ you dissapoint me.

>> No.16463963


The guy basically stole ork teefs

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