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>Play Space Marine
>Watch Leandros sell out Titus for being a Null/Pariah
>About to rage
>Realize that Titus is likely secretly being recruited into Deathwatch


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Yeah, I don't really see how a space marine captain can be sold out to the inquisition that easily by being resistant to the warp... doesn't that just mean he's fought it so much he's getting used to it? Or that he is even more spessmahrine than normal?

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That, or Titus is being recruited to join the Inquisition.

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Only logical conclusion.

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>taken in by Hereticus
>Deathwatch is Ordo Xenos
>Ordo Xenos don't deal with warp shit

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Leandros hate thread?

Leandros hate thread!

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Titus if anything is Anti-Warp

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so... Hes to be a Sister of Battle Then!

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>mfw nobody takes a good look at OPs Pic

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/r/ing titus in SoB armour
that means a power corset and or possibly powerskirt

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I demand sauce on OP's pic

(yes I have a fur fetish)

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yea. drogan was ordo xenos too. what ordo you are in is more of a guideline than a set enemy.

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Lol hai don't mind if I take your job!

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>(yes I have a fur fetish)
Go climb a mountain of dicks.

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>>Watch Leandros sell out Titus for being a Null/Pariah
Except that's not why he did it at all. Quite the opposite, in fact. Leandros sold out Titus because the Codex Astartes says that one cannot be touched by the warp and come out unscathed, and that's ignoring this connection to the warp Titus apparently had. Though that may have just been Nemeroth playing mind games.

And Leandros is still a cunt for disregarding the part of the Codex Astartes where it says that this sort of shit is dealt with in-chapter, by the chaplains/librarians.

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So what, grow the fuck up.

Also, nice triple doubles.

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yiff in hell, furfags

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It's like he ignores the existance of the Grey Knights utterly

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Oh god what has happened to that poor space marine.

His body curves and bends at unnatural angles.

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>lol am I cool yet guise!?!?


Most Chapters don't even know the GK's exist

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Worshipper of Slaanesh, what else

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Grey Knights are a secret chapter, not many chapters actually know of their existence.

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>Play Space Marine
>Watch Leandros sell out Titus for being a Null/Pariah
>About to rage
>Realize that Titus is likely secretly an Alpha Legion infiltrator

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Yiff in hell, furfags.

I like how the next century and a half of ultramarine meetings will be. "ANd everyone who HASN'T sold out a battle brother to the inquisition because they can't FUCKING READ THE CODEX IN ITS ENTIRETY can have a NEW bolter. All those who don't get bolters are going to help the Phallusar's by satisfying the women that even they won't touch."

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I can't wait for Titus and Mira to find eachother again and start a family.

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I think it'd look pretty boss as a design on the outside of his visor, like a one-way tint design, you know?

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space marines are very homosexual

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I suppose. His every joint is twisted and bent in ways the armor should have stopped long ago, and yet there is no signs otherwise of damage. his finger has shifted and bent into unnatural angles like that of a raptor talon. It's as if he is all the torturous fetishes of the dark eldar turned in on himself.

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Space Marines are celebists

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>Titus getting "sold out" to the inquisition.
>Female guardsmen opens her mouth in DEFIANCE
>She isn't shot.

I'm confused.

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>OP's image

Hell, it's about time...

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> whole games full of misconception breaking dialogue
> make a joke about it, regardless of context

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Leandros is a classic example what happens you don't immediatly pistol whip a subordinate the moment he starts mouthing off

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I looked closer at the pic after reading this post, and saved it for a badass alien race deal for a futuristic setting later.

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>implying Hereticus deals with warp shit

He's being taken on as an auxiliary for the Ordo Malleus.

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Except for the part where they are asexual. The might love their battlebrothers but they have no sex drive.

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A race of furries coexisting with humans? Sounds sex- erm I mean herestical!

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Blame Relic assigned some idiot broad to write the thing.

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>Leandros fights alongside Grey Knights
>Notices their significant resistance to the psychic powers

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Love =/= Sex

Just because Titus has no sex drive doesn't mean he can't love her.

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Hell yeah they are, did you see what they did to the Sisters of Battle? They're pitching for Khorne now.

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>Implying Leandros ever gets sent into battle again after his captain called him a complete failure of an Ultramarine

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>Leandros fights alongside GKs
>Notices they are covered in fucking blood and SoB skin

Seriously, ignoring whether or not that bit of fluff is dumb, it seems like a REALLY good way to attract 'friendly' fire.

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Fuck guys Titus is not a fucking null/Pariah

If he was then the warp would not effect him AT ALL, daemons would be repulsed by him and might even crumble as reality bursts in their face while the likely hood of him becoming a captain would be unlikely due to the fact that nulls and especially pariahs are outcasts and social rejects that no one likes. It physically pains any warp touched being to be near a even mild null and it would of been evident at the time due to Inquisitor Drogans possessed body never remarking or acting like he was bothered by Titus.

Titus was not a null nor a pariah.

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>Hell yeah they are, did you see what they did to the Sisters of Battle? They're pitching for Khorne now.

The emperor provides his most righteous of servants with holy hats of fortitude to better smite the mutant, the xenos, and the heretic.

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I wasn't thinking coexisting per se.

More like humans and this other race are both basically two different galactic empires/confederations, which are basically tiered governments with mostly autonomous star systems under their rule, that in turn have mostly autonomous planets.

So that while there's a technical non-aggression/interference treaty, there's still room for fairly close systems to be engaged in scuffles with each other, and I'm sure members of either race would find themselves in the employ of human or alien mercenary groups/warbands.

Of course, knowing me, I wouldn't be satisfied with that and would try to add in more major races and a lot of minor ones.

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Man, imagine what he'd say about Culexus.

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One, there are varying degrees of power to it and some nulls block more than others. Just like psykers, not all nulls are made alike. Second, it is canon that particularly powerful psykers/daemons can ignore it and overwhelm it. In all likelihood, if he is he's a very, very subtle one.

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What, are you talking about Ephrael Stern? No other description of Pariahs is consistent with that comic.

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Just make sure you make humans superior (both physicly and mentally) as to deter hardcore furries.

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''This "field" also projects a sense of revulsion towards the Blank on anyone close enough to be affected''

Maybe Leandros is the blank.

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It's the typical Relic story. The bad guy accuses the good guy, the inquisition think the good guy is actually bad and in the end you discover that the chapter master of the Ultramarines is a traitor trying to sacrifice all his chapter and the sector to Khorne

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Horus Heresy has some subtle jabs at it too. Like multiple Null Maidens being necessary to disguise the presence of Primarchs and the Emperor, they're literally too large a presence to eclipse completely. And then there is the Black Pariah Spear, who is a very, very, very powerful Pariah who was PHYSICALLY BONDED with a daemon.

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Source me where they can, either way that's lore breaking

Pariahs, also known as blacksouls, psychic nulls and the soulless, are entities that have no presence in the warp, warp energy should not effect something that does not even exist to it. Even in the rules it states an untouchable is completely immune to psychic powers, psychic energy and effects directed against them because they create a blanketing area around them in a zone of impenetrable psychic silence. Any authors who go against this have not understood properly what a null/blank/pariah is.

If Titus was a null or a blank or a pariah, the chaos lords psychic abilities would of bounced right off him, he would of felt physically ill or in incredible discomfort or would of lashed out of him in a rage, daemons would of not been able to effect him as they would dissolve due to 'reality' being around him.

That's what actually makes Titus interesting, he has resistance to the warp but through other means.

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The Black Pariah was an interesting concept. It seemed like the only thing with a realistic chance of killing the Emperor. Wish they'd do more with them.

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Sounds good man. You should write games

>> No.16449361


That would make playing any other race useless though. Just go with what advantages we have in real life and give Humans the highest endurance and technological aptitude. If you have to keep the Human superiority above everyone else, then let them have access to far better cybernetics then all other races, but make it only available for the richest people/most well-funded mercs. That way, you get the superiority, but it doesn't make every other race in the game obsolete.

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So what, they had sex?

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For the Black Pariah (which is more a rule breaking entity all it's own, a unique one of a kind being): Nemesis
For Null Maidens for everyone: Prospero Burns and A Thousand Sons
And don't mix up table tops rules with the fluff, shit only works that way on the table for balance.
And it has NEVER been that the warp doesn't exist around them, it's that they have negative souls, instead of reflecting in the warp they're just sink holes. The Animus Speculum, the weapon of the Culexus assassin, has ALWAYS worked by taking advantage of the Pariah's natural ability to draw in warp energy to charge itself to set off a powerful anti-psychic discharge. Read that: The Animus Speculum is a PSYCHIC weapon, though it is operating off the energy siphoned by the null aura. Psych-out grenades also work in their presence, which are inherently psychic weapons.

>> No.16449392

More like the daemon was his living, breathing, really, really, really angry skin.

>> No.16449423


Its mainly sourced from Dark Heresy, not table top, there are no null rules in TT. Dark Heresy has to be pretty damn lore accurate seeing its a roleplay game.

Eitherway thats still bullshit, way to go for authors to make up their own shit again.

>> No.16449442

For the Animus Speculum and Psyk-Out Grenades? Pariahs were less cut and dry when they were first made up and there are some things which do work around them, they are psychic sink holes and like a sink hole ,you can fill it. That's Codex: Assassins from 2nd Edition, where it was outright stated mostly. In 3rd ed they stopped giving them that shit on the TT but left it in the fluff.

>> No.16449444

Which wasn't really all that discomforted despite the fact it was explictly a minor daemon.

>> No.16449461

Though that could be put down to the foul sorcery used to bind them and the uniqueness of the Black Pariah. The daemonskin was jumped shitless (though not terribly effected) by the presence of Iota.

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>> No.16449726

While I've already beaten the game, good job on spoiling it for those that have yet to play it OP.

>> No.16449788

Even if Titus hadn't been turned over to the Inquisition he would have been turned over to the chapter master for disregard for the codex. That wouldn't be the case if they were any other Codex chapter, but Ultrasmurfs are far more hidebound than any other chapter because they don't follow the codex, they exemplify it, and not following it to the letter, even if it means defeat and death, is suggesting that Guillman might not have been correct.

Something I imagine the Imperial Fists in particular would not appreciate. Fully half of the Ultramarines books deals with this exact issue with Captian Ventris.

>> No.16449819

Hmm... is that a Kzin?

>> No.16450074


I was actually thinking that there wouldn't be any serious advantages or disadvantages between the races, beyond the atmospheric gasses they need to survive. Which would lead to aliens needing suits when operating in Human-compatible atmospheres, and vice versa.

Beyond that, the rest of the differences would be sociological, with maybe technologies that are different, but not overly advanced over the other race's choices - though, realistically, all races connected in a trade network would have access to most of the other races' technologies, unless the technologies are specifically designed for a particular race's biology, which is another route I could branch down into.

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leandros has fallen to chaos that is why he has to regenerate his health by covering himself with blood.

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We were not Ultramarines. We were Khornate warriors.

We were Alpharius.

>> No.16450293

Looks like a normal sci-fi furry, but I'd like to think it was a kzin too.

>> No.16450294

Thats..... heresy!

>> No.16450295



He draws lots of power armor and high-tech whatzits.

I'm not quite sure why OP started off this thread with him though.

>> No.16450316

i am annoyed that furries have ruined my appreciation of anthropomorphic animals

because tigers are cool

>> No.16450325

Damn, the Inquisitor at the the end was such a pimp.

He had Black Templars as his mooks and could have bitchslapped Titus if he wanted to.

>> No.16450338

Space Marine 2: Escape from Black Templars

>> No.16450344


>He had Black Templars as his mooks

That confused me for a few moments after I realised they weren't Deathwatch.

...but then again, if an inqusitior walked up to a group of Templars and said 'Hey guys, I found some HERESY, wanna help me out here?', they'd be all over that shit.

>> No.16450397


Glad to see at least two of the images I've made for this board are still in use.

>> No.16450418

Well, at least the Blood Ravens were bros and helped out at the bridge part. Though the Blood Raven captain was a little fanboish.

Im surprised that the Blood Ravens and Templar are deployed at the same time. Both chapters hate each others guts with a burning passion.

I wonder if the Blood Ravens will play a role in the sequel. Perhaps they will rescue Titus from the Inquisition and the Black Templar.

>> No.16450424


You might want to try not let what people do with on the interwebs affect your enjoyment of things then.

Y'know, just saiyan.

>> No.16450522

The Blood Ravens were stealing everything behind you.

Remember that droppod that a few more Ultras came down in? It's gone.

>> No.16450552

>rescue Titus

I believe you mean that the Inquisitor, in it's infinite wisdom, will gift the services of Captain Titus to the Blood Ravens.

>> No.16450569

Oh not you Bloody Magpies again. Out! Out I say! The Inquisition wants nothing to do with you. Last time you visited, nearly 10% of our archives went missing!

>> No.16450580

And a whole company of Grey Knights

>> No.16450589

It'd be funnier if it wasn't true.

>> No.16450591


Ordos xenos doesn't specialize in warp shenanigans, but they often encounter chaos all the same. Though the specialize in hunting alien life forms, Deathwatch marines are just as suited for dealing with the forces of chaos. Inquisitorial kill teams tend to cross specialties frequently, since there's no way of knowing before arriving if it's alien tech, a warp anomaly, or bogus intel from, say, traitorous officials.

If there is a deathwatch kill team in the area, you better believe they'll win the distance lottery if daemonic shitstorms are brewing.

>> No.16450595

The Inquisition will "gift" them Titus.

>> No.16450618

he took Pure Faith.

300xp-400xp well spent.

>> No.16450619

Goddam a whole company of Grey Knights and your Chapter Master still turned to Chaos.

>> No.16450626

>Implying they haven't already received him
You think those were really Black Templar? Or that the Inquisition even sent someone there at all?

>> No.16450645

I'm guessing he just didn't send his "trusted" members of 1st company, otherwise they would have been found out.

>> No.16450646

Creed Disguised them with Taticool Genius.

>> No.16450653


Go fuck yourself. Seriously. Not cool.

>> No.16450665

Wait they were Alpharius?

>> No.16450674


No spoiler tag on /tg/ bro.

>> No.16450675

We don't have spoiler tags on /tg/.

Besides, why the hell haven't you played it by now?

>> No.16450696


So what you're saying is,

> Because we have no spoiler tags on /tg/, it's totally cool to just put it right up there

No. No it's not. You could have at least put something like *SPACE MARINE SPOILERS* before it, to warn people. Can't believe OP ruined this shit for me. It's like KotOR all over again.

>> No.16450720


Snape kills Dumbledore.

>> No.16450722


While you should have played it by now, this.

>> No.16450735


So why DON'T we have spoiler tags on /tg/? It's not everyday, but this shit comes up enough that we could use it.

>> No.16450762

Because moot is a faggot. Feel free to email him about it.

>> No.16450812


Clearly he would turn them all in to the Inquisition becase new things are baaaad! You must preserve your old Bolter with the proper rituals and devotion. New Bolter = KAY-OSS

"And thus were the Ultramarines brought down. Not by glorious battle. Not by corruption to Chaos. But by a single annoying twatgoblin."

>> No.16450829

Because 99% of spoilers on /tg/ would hide puns, punchlines, or porn
Not that that's any different than how other the boards use them

>> No.16450875


Glad I'm not the only one who noticed just a hint of affection there. I, for one, really liked how human the Space marines really were. The game managed to make them unstoppable juggernaughts while highlighting their human qualities.

>> No.16450878

I see no problem with this

>> No.16450899


Space marines aren't 'asexual.' They're indoctrinated to not desire love.

There are a number of older stories of space marines acting more like normal humans. I vaguely recall one where several squads of marines were lost after a few of them made passes at noble ladies during a feast on a newly re-discovered planet.

>> No.16450912


They can recognize an attractive woman just fine, there's plenty of books where this is the case, showing they have some sort of functioning sex drive, but it's very suppressed.

Most cases would be them looking but not touching. A space wolf would slap an ass or two.

>> No.16450933

Space wolves are renowned for having lots of sex. They'd do more than ass-slapping.

Over all, space marine sexuality, like a lot of things, is highly dependent on chapter. Ultramarines have super suppressed sex drives. Space wolves very much don't. And Salamanders have families.

>> No.16450938

Protip: stay the fuck away from places where games are discussed before you have finished it, ESPECIALLY many weeks after it's been released where everyone expects people to have completed it already. Your fault.

>> No.16450960

I would be pretty happy if the second game had you running around with the Black Templars. I mean, I spent most of the game in Melee combat anyways.

>> No.16450965


Woah, woah woah.

Wait the fuck up.

Since when the fuck did Space Wolves have sex and Salamanders have MOTHERFUCKING FAMILIES? (and no, not in the sense that they come from one but rather built a new one, wife, child not father, mother)

>> No.16450992

Space Wolves....since at least the last codex, likely farther back than that.

Salamanders...they can adopt families, but its also possible that they already had a wife and kids before becoming a space marine

>> No.16451020


Few years at least. I remember hearing about it back when I played 3rd edition.

>> No.16451050

Bruce Willis was actually a ghost the whole time.

>> No.16451074

Gollum destroys the Ring.

>> No.16451135

Unlikely. All the fluff states that a SPESS MAHREEN needs to be very young to accept the conversion.

>> No.16451138

It will be Blood Ravens. They will steal Titus. And the Black Templars. And the Inquisitor.

>> No.16451182

What's to stop them starting families after becoming space marines?

>> No.16451215

They're generally accepted to be sterile?

>> No.16451216

Do you mean adopt?

>> No.16451227


Then how come he was getting hurt plenty by warp lightning? Or restrained by Nemeroth's power?

>> No.16451247

Everyone forgets you can resist the warp. There are human who have mastered it within themselves.

He has a strong mind and got lucky.

>> No.16451278

He was a heretic.

>> No.16451326

Eeveryone isss heeretik, nooone iss loyaaaal.

>> No.16451366

Hey, calm down you're gunna blow our cover.

>> No.16451392

Its because Titus is a tiny Earth Caste technician piloting a new prototype space marine imitation mech

>> No.16451394


No, they aren't. People leapt to that conclusion because space marines are said to machines of war, devoid of love. They're not, really, and there's no fluff that states they've been chem gelded. They're indoctrinated to not desire love, but that doesn't mean they can't.

>> No.16451395

What about SUPER-WILLPOWAH or something?

>> No.16451414

Deathwatch rulebook clearly states they are sterile.

>> No.16451423

Being sterile doesn't necessarily mean they don't have sexual drives. The Space Wolves are supposed to be famous for this kind of stuff.

>> No.16451505

sure, I bet GW was all like:
"Here relic, have the ultramarine chapter, we don't care about them anyway."

>> No.16451566

I like to think that Titus and Mira got together. With his repressed sex drive, the whole relationship could be much cuter.

Like the battle is over, and Mira lets her hair down and puts on a nice outfit, and Titus is out of armor and neither knows what to do as they go out on a date. Titus struggles to understand the concept of fun and Mira isn't sure what to say to someone like a space marine, so they just cuddle under the stars and enjoy the warmth.

>> No.16451594


>> No.16451610

Next I want an Inquisitor game in the style of The Precursors.

>> No.16451634


Deathwatch rulebook also doesn't give them Chem-Geld.

>> No.16451637

And then before battle, you see Titus with clippers about to shave his head and Mira pops in, saying "Taking it all off?" and he responds with, "It is regulation after all" she shrugs and says "I like it better like this"

Then the next day as they are about to leave for the assault, Titus takes his helmet off to reveal that his hair is still the same length it was the night before.

>> No.16451649


>> No.16451651

Chem-geld is another thing entirely. It makes you immune to seduction.

You can still have a sex drive and be sterile.

>> No.16451660

It's true. I'm sterile but I still get boners all day. I can still masturbate too.

>> No.16451665

She's trying not to smile, but I know deep down she feels good about it.

>> No.16451676

Thats enough. Any further and we cross the line of shitty fanfiction.

>> No.16451687

That line has already been pole vaulted over

>> No.16451694 [DELETED] 

>Space Marine 2 starts with the doors on the transport opening
>Blood running down the ramp
>Everyone inside dead
>Except Titus
>Titus completely turned to chaos

>> No.16451777

"You have failed"

Titus boards the ship with the Inquisitior. Leondros with his held lowered in shame boards the ship as well.

Once the drop ship doors close, the Inquisitor, Titus and Leondros let out a hearty laugh. "You had me going good!" Titus said as he put his arm around Leondros. The Inquisitor barely containing his laughter, "You had me going too! And Titus, the 'You have failed' bit. Genius."

Leondros let out a sigh of relief once his laughter subsided and chimed in, "I wasn't sure I could pull it off! I nearly burst out laughing when the Guardsman said you shouldn't go!" Titus laughed again, "I thought you were going to shoot her, Inquisitor!"

"I was about to!" he responded and they all laughed, "but that would have made too much of a mess. Anyway, we got what we came for, so that's all that matters" Leondros and Titus added in an "Aye" before they all went silent.

Just then a frantic Guardsman noticed that all the diamonds on the planet were gone.

"Another successful planetary heist" said Titus as he smirked and put his feet up.

>> No.16451799

Space Marine 2 Chaos Rising

>> No.16451809

Titus: We'll have to find another way down. /jumpacks
Leandros: The Codex doesn't support this action!"
Tuts: Fuck the Codex! THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo----------

>> No.16451811

[Spoilers]Humanity survives hive-fleet leviathan due to a generous gift of a xenos hive-fleet to the blood ravens from the hive mind [NeverAddThem]

this actually makes more sense as relic doesn't seem to give a fuck about GW not wanting to further the plot

>> No.16451838


>> No.16451890

I'd watch a movie that was like Heat and Space Marine put together.

>> No.16451905

Blood Ravens steal the hive mind.

>> No.16451939

this comic right here

8 months ago I accidently clicked onto /tg/ and was just about to navigate away when I saw this thumbnail and enlarged it for giggles.

I didn't know why but it struck me as the funniest shit I'd seen all day. Stuck around, learned about SPESS MARHEENS, played in the quest threads, finally went to hobby shop and joined Death Watch group.

All because of this fucking image.

Best board on the chan, love ya /tg/. I know this is spouted way too much but never change. You're just too awesome as you are.

>> No.16451942

Blood Angels have helped them skull fuck the daemon who weaken Sanguinus before he fought Horus. I'm sure Ultras have worked with them in the past. Then again Leandros is low in rank.

>> No.16452091

Titus is secretly being recruited to big hunky gay men squadron.

>> No.16452792

I think Mira should have been more outspoken. Then she would have been taken too and the Inquisitor would have seen them care about each other and been like, "Love? Chaos cannot love, you two are cleared of Heresy!"

>> No.16455064

I don't think he was a null. That doesn't really make much sense.

>> No.16455079

TItus is part of Alpha Legion you dumbfuck cunt

>> No.16455132

Titus is clearly part of Beta Legion.

Nigga could had Mira right there in front of the Inquisition, but he was all, "I'll go with you."

Max Beta.

>> No.16455197

>and Titus is out of armor
>canon depiction of Space Marine out of armor
Oh, that'll be cool.

>> No.16455222


Is... Is that a furry space marine?

>> No.16455369

I assume we're all assuming he's wearing a stupid helmet.

>> No.16455449

Yeah, no, it is. Furries like 40k, too, and they enjoy combining their hobbies and their fetish-they-don't-believe-is-a-fetish-because-it's-totally-a-lifestyle-and-or-subculture.

>> No.16455458

Normally, I'm against this, but those people should STOP HAVING FUN. I mean it.

>> No.16455481

Clearly, this marine is either a heretic of a space wolf

>> No.16455493


>> No.16455574

No one else noticed that that is HALO armor?

>> No.16455686

Spoilers don't "ruin" things, you still don't know how the plot gets there.

>> No.16455816

Nope, look closer. Feline nose, black stripe under visible eye.

It's a tiger-person inside powered armor.

>> No.16455828

Because no one's ever had a tiger face printed on their helmet mask.

>> No.16455847

Yeah, nah.

>> No.16455894

Where do you think you are? This isn't some random ass forum. this is 4chan. Deal with it or get the fuck out.

>> No.16455972

Well, there's also the ears on the back of the helmet with mic perforations. He's either really, really into the whole tiger/big cat motif, or a humanoid feline of some description.

>> No.16456004

Did someone say Space Marine?

I want this mod. So bad.

>> No.16456021

Fuuuuck I always forget that spoilers don't work here.

I've been at least lurking here for years and I still fuck that up every time

>> No.16456150

Watched this so many times. Wish I could get this mode for ps3

>> No.16456178

As he rides the orc ship into the ground give me shivers and goosepimples

>> No.16456318


Halo armor isn't anywhere near as cool looking as the armor in OP's image

>> No.16456401

And with the British accents it could be like Grim Dark Snatch.

>> No.16456812

We'll have to agree to disagree, I don't much care for the OP's image. It's well done, bu

>> No.16456830

but it calls all da boyz to fuck with my shit.

Meant to say it just doesn't do anything for me. Too generic, and if it's meant to be 40k I prefer the HUMANITY, FUCK YEAH approach the Imperium has.

>> No.16456837

>our of armor
Nope. Once the battle is over, they have to hop into a ship and go fight another battle.

>> No.16456900

Force commander and Titus team up in co-op. What happens?

>> No.16456927

>> No.16456958


Titus dies.

>Titus notices a xeno sneaking up on Commander Ice.
"Commander! Watch out!"
>Commander Ice turns around and smites a xeno.

>Commander Ice notices a xeno sneaking up on Titus.
>Doesn't say a damn thing.
>And then there was one.

>> No.16456959

titus gets knocked out as BBEG dies, and wakes up naked. FC is no where to be found.

>later, on the Litany of Fury
Brothers! the Ultramarines have gifted us many fine relics!

>> No.16456990

Not to mention FC just DOESN'T DIE, EVER.

>> No.16457013


Hahaha, what is that ODST, 4 ft tall?

Most Spartans were only 6' 10 - 7' 2 in their armour.


>> No.16457096

It's called perspective man.

>> No.16457140


Perspective of the dwarves

>> No.16457596

Hold on, let me add something to this. Its the same up until the end.

"You have failed"

Titus boards the ship with the Inquisitior. Leondros with his held lowered in shame boards the ship as well.

Once the drop ship doors close, the Inquisitor, Titus and Leondros let out a hearty laugh. "You had me going good!" Titus said as he put his arm around Leondros. The Inquisitor barely containing his laughter, "You had me going too! And Titus, the 'You have failed' bit. Genius."

Leondros let out a sigh of relief once his laughter subsided and chimed in, "I wasn't sure I could pull it off! I nearly burst out laughing when the Guardsman said you shouldn't go!" Titus laughed again, "I thought you were going to shoot her, 'Inquisitor!'"

"I was about to!" he responded and they all laughed, "but that would have made too much of a mess. Anyway, we got what we came for, so that's all that matters" Leondros and Titus added in an "Aye" before they all went silent.

Just then a frantic Guardsman noticed that all the titan and every bit of military equipment on the planet were gone.

Titus scraped at the blue paint on his pauldron until a blood drop swathed in the wings of a raven revealed itself underneath as Leandros and the rest of the crew followed suit.

The "inquisitor" did laugh, and with removing a small vox box in his throat his bass voice rang out across the room.

"Bluhd Rahvens, that wahs a good haul."

"Another successful planetary heist" Titus agreed as he smirked and put his feet up.

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