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NFL teams are now Astartes legions. What are their battle tactics, special units, battle cry, etc?

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you know i could actually see a world that somehow managed to come across as modern and well off treating their astartes chapters like that

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>implying neckbeards watch sports

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NFL? Is it that American handegg league? What nonsense.

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SC Panthers (as of their last game)

Aquatic assault specialists

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Man I snap opened this thread so hard, but it turns out it's about warhammer.

Why you gotta toy with me like that?

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Would New England be considered the Ultramarines?

the 5th and 6th words of OPs post didn't clue you in on that before you opened it?

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So, the stealers would be like the Blood Ravens?

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Eagles Legion lead by Battle Brother Vikk, known for his secret love of squig fighting.

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Steelers as in 'works in a steel mill', not stealers.

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You say that, but I clearly saw them cheat the Cards out of a ring a few years back.

The Baltimore Ravens giving them the shoeing of their lives a few weeks back was glorious.

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>Not the Colts

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Is it wierd that I equate the Baltimore Ravens more to the Salamanders than the obvious Raven Guard?

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>Hey guys, what if Blood Bowl 40K?

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i'd be amazed if someone hadn't already done this, with altered pics of marines as well.


>inb4 no one on /tg/ cares about football, but wants their team to be best marines just because of where they live

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It's just Baltimore aren't all that fast, but their defence is rock fucking solid.

Highlight replays of their games last year always made them look like monkeys since their offense was still coming together, and highlights never show good defending.
But if you read between the lines, you could tell where they'd managed to hold the opposition in the red zone for no gain after a stupid interception.

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michael vick=space wolves?

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Right, i'm probably the only Geek here who also watches football, and knows a little of what he's talking about.

Now: are we going just by current teams, or are we talking "of ALL TIME". Because "OF ALL TIME" is a lot more flavorful.

Steelers: Steel Curtain tactics. Steelers have allways put their heaviest emphasis on defensive capabilities, so I'm imagining Storm Shields on EVERY unit (if they can carry them), and Bolters / Thunder Hammers as their offensive capability. They will March across the field, taking as long as they need, but making steady slow progress. Current Chapter Master Roethlisberger is strongly in favor of a more dynamic field presence, but old habits die hard, and Most Steelers attempt to meet their foes head on.

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patriots=iron warriors

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OP here, go with "of all time" I didn't even think about it when I posted.

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>Obstinate Marines

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A) I'M the OP
B) If you're going to samefag learn how to remove incriminating evidence from the e-mail line

I do agree with the samefag

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I think all the teams are like the Salamanders. If you catch my drift.

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Okay... I laughed.

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/sp/! How're things going for you?

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ITT the lost generation of a country that prides itself on its virility and yet straps on 40 pounds of plastic armor to play rugby uses the tragicomic farce of their doomed empire to reimagine one of its essential contradictions is justified because they are fighting orcs.

This is mockery of the best kind.

The Cardinals are obviously the Ecclesiarchy. Bunch of girls and men wearing dresses that always manage to fuck things up.

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Umm, you don't think jocks came up with fantasy football do you?
Die in a fire. Seriously. There's no reason to bring that bullshit to /tg/. Keep that over on /sp/.

Really, with the NFL, you're talking about a bunch of groups that'll all be about artillery (pass-based offenses) who are all about some melee combat.

Raiders would be chaos marines, definitely. Krohnate for sure.

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I had the Raiders pegged for the Space Wolves, ie still Astartes but don't play by the rules/codex and thus members are frequently in legal trouble.

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I dunno, their fans would make too excellent level of cultist -- after all, fans of opposing teams and opposing teams are scared shitless when they play there.

And how has anyone not mentioned the Cowboys for the Ultramarines?

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Never thought of the Ultramarines as cowboys, so the team Cowboys didn't occur to me. :/

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Ah, makes sense. But the funny thing is the Cowboy football team has the exact opposite of the "cowboy mentality". Thanks to the days when Tom Landry was coaching and then more or less in the 90s as well, they were the super clean cut, proper "good" guy team. At some point some sports writer back in the day stuck them with the moniker "America's team" because of this clean cut and highly disciplined image.

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In defense of the Ultramarines (and pretty much every non-Space Wolf chapter):

>implying they polish their own armor and don't get servitors to do it

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>implying lobotomized cyborgs are worthy enough to touch astartes armor

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So what would the Lions be? The only chapter worthless enough that I can think of would be the Flesh Helms.

Or maybe the Lamenters.

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>ITT people with no reading comprehension

OP means that the teams are their own legion with their own tactics and what not, they're not an established legion

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The Raiders are obviously the White Scars.

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Sisters of Battle

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