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Gipsy character art dump. I have almost nothing to contribute. I'm making a tiefling blade-dancer gipsy and need inspiration!

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Another one

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Is this doing it right?

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sexploits. sexploits everywhere

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if my laptop wasn't dead(hard drive is still good just can't get power to the battery) i woukd be filling up this thread

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There are so few good images on google and most is here already...Gipsy no good?

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Gypsies are universally hated by everyone but those who have never met gypsies.

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The closest equivalent we have here in the states are the cajuns.

But they keep to themselves and have some good food so we tolerate them.

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>Has never seen a real gypsy in america

Yeah, they're here. Usually they try things like 'i need some money for gas so I can get home' and other things like that. the only reason you don't recognize them as gypsies is because they dress like normal people and not in stereotypical gypsy wear.

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What cool ideas does /tg/ have for gypsy characters?

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Bards, always bards. Also rogues and duelists. I have a homebrew class for D&D 3.5 called gipsy, mixing divination magic, stealth/thievery and music/dance. His role was pretty much to use magic, arts and subterfuge to get out of any urban situation without a fight. Sucked on combat pretty much

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the phrase 'i got gypped' had to have come from somewhere, after all.

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Maybe it was the other way around?

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Agents of fate, directed by visions and undertaking an ancient task laid on their ancestors by Fate herself.
One town might need a well poisoned, another might need a child saved, another might need a man dead.
Revealing their task would be tantamount to heresy, so they must soldier on in silence.

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I have more pics of gypsies,
but I'm not posting them
because you can't spell gypsy.

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>gipsy no good

"Gypsies" used to tell Euro hicks that they had travelled from from Egypt in order to enhance their air of exotic mysticism and also to explain certain regrettable romantic dalliances with local livestock. When they're not scamming rubes, they actually refer to their tribe as "The Romani". Google that.

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