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Between the few threads, I've noticed a rather lot of Computer Scientist on this board.

It's got me thinking abit.

As such! Post your Major and/or Profession, and your favorite setting, wargame, and/or Tabletop System

I guess I'll start off.
Major: Computer Science
Favorite Whatever: Modern, Played Straight or otherwise.

The picture's never related, you know this.

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Major: Mathematical finance (or whatever you call it in Englishland)
Fav: Munchkins&Minmaxers and getting into GURPS.

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Major: English Literature
Profession: Until yesterday, support engineer(fuck office politics)
Favorite Setting: In RPGs? I dig Pathfinder's base setting. In general? The Dresdenverse
Favorite Wargame: Flames of War
Favorite system: FATE

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>Until yesterday, support engineer(fuck office politics)

Sorry to hear that, you've always been a cool bro.

In a completely unrelated note.

>Major: English Literature

Really? Well fuck. I had you pegged wrong.

Since my favorite System is obvious, my favorite wargame is Battletech.


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>Mathematical finance (or whatever you call it in Englishland)

I'm guessing Accountant..but..with more math?

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Major: Clinical-criminal Psychology
Fav: Spell/steam punk

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I was in the process of changing to a US History major, but I settled back into English Lit due to a desire to go into writing and editing and all that fun stuff.

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Major: Digital Cinema
Favorite Setting: Man fuck I don't know. Anything good.
Favorite System: I love FATE, but I'll do anything rules light.

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You can tell a lot about a man based on what kind of cooling technique he prefers for his engine...

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Actually, fuck.

I'll play anything with good players.

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Amen, most of the time. The only systems I don't play are generally because of bad experiences with players.

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Actually, men judge people by the similarity to themselves and their family. Instincts bro.

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I can see that. Good luck with it, then.

Also, I took a look at flames of war. It's not bad, but I see what you meant when you were talking about battletech being complicated.

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Rhythmic Music major
oWoD/GURPS, or urban fantasy/horror

wait... fuck...

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>Actually, men judge people by the similarity to themselves and their family.

That makes too much sense. But I like it! Got a favorite System?


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Did Mechanical Engineering
Haven't really played enough to have any real basis for comparisons, but I used to play MtG.

Mathematical finance is basically finding ways to obfuscate risk and swindle people. They're the people who are in a large part responsible for the current financial crisis.

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>Actually, men judge people by the similarity to themselves and their family.

>MFW I read that.

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Fuckin' Copy paste.

Meant to post this.

>Mathematical finance is basically finding ways to obfuscate risk and swindle people. They're the people who are in a large part responsible for the current financial crisis.

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Double Major: Chinese language/International finance
Favourite setting: Post-apocalyptic
Favourite wargame: Warhammer fantasy
Favourite p&p: Dark heresy.

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Cultural anthropology, Lovecraftian stuff

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Well damn. I was wrong. Maybe it's just nitetime /tg/ but nitetime /tg/ has much more diverse majors/jobs.

>Double Major: Chinese language/International finance
>Favourite setting: Post-apocalyptic

This person is american.

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Major: Foreign Affairs
Favorite whatever: Hyboria or anything that's got a wide cast of human cultures/civilizations. Ideally stone age up until the early medieval period, usually not crazy about stuff stylized to post 1100s. I don't do tradishunul games but I should soon. I just like hanging out with you niggas.

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Major; Graphic Design

favorite setting; I really like 40k. Been at it for.. well, almost two decades

wargame; Gothic or Infinity

not wargame; Probably magic the gathering. Did the Pro Tour once, but interest waned after that. Haven't played since.. fifth dawn? Darksteel?

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Major: Multidisciplinary (IT, Video Game Studies, Economics & New Media)
Faves: Steampunk (IK), Modern Fantasy or Sci Fi future

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Major: Electrical Engineering specialising in Power and renewable resources

Favorite Whatever: Fantasy Flight games products, 40k/Fantasy, loads of MtG

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Major: Control Engineering.

Profession: Student but this year I get my degree.

Favourite RPG: Still DnD.

Favourite Wargame: Warhammer Fantasy but I haven't played in a while.

Favourite System: Gurps and Mutants and Masterminds.

Favourite Setting: I'm leaning towards Rokugan.

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Wrong, I'm English, and studying it up in the PRC. Americans are pretty nice though, so I'm not at all insulted.

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>Major: Control Engineering.

What is this?

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Ahhh. Damn. Well, I was saying that cause they'll be coming over and taking our country soon enough.

Didn't mean it as an insult.

Particularly since I'm American.

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Major: Medicine and physics.
Favourite setting: Precluding history, Exalted. Delta Green is also cool.
Favourite wargame: Infinity.
Favourite RPG: Ruleswise, Weapons of the Gods, FATE and Burning Wheel.

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I honestly don't think so, China is killing itself from the inside. A revolution is coming~

England and America. Fucking bros.

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Major: Accounting

Favorite Wargame: Warhammer Fantasy

Favorite RPG: Dark Heresy

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Major: English Lit/Spanish
Favorite Setting: i like dynamic settings starting in the balance: a post-apoc campaign about rebuilding or destroying the rest of society; fantasy on the cusp of industry; galactic empires about to collapse in on themselves. gives both pcs and dms a lot to do if they take the opportunity.

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I'll tell you my party instead:

Me, working on physics degree
Friend 1: Achieved music degree, teaches music freelance
Friend 2: Has art degree, works in primary school
Friend 3: Is lifeguard
Friend 4: No quals or job atm, but is often a barman

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>England and America. Fucking bros.

True! But ya'll gotta fix that nanny state problem you guys have been dealing with the past few years.

We gotta fix our attitude. And our Economy.

...And our Cars.

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It's basically about automating plants and building robots.

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A lone scientist in a sea of free spirits and artist.

I know that feel, bro.

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Ahhh, alright. That makes more sense.

They couldn't very well call it Engineer Engineering.

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Controls is basically the field of regulating some output given some inputs and feedback etc. I didn't know you could actually major in it, it's usually just a couple courses in EE/ME though.

>This is what Westerners actually think
The average Chinese person has seen incredible gains in standard of living in recent decades.

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Major: Psyc, Philosophy (finishing this one next semester)

Favourite game systems: Riddle of Steel, Battlelords of the 23rd Century, and Skirmish wargames such as Mordheim

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>Controls is basically the field of regulating some output given some inputs and feedback etc. I didn't know you could actually major in it, it's usually just a couple courses in EE/ME though.

I didn't even know there was a field for it. I thought that was covered by MEs, METs, and EEs in their daily work.

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In my native language we just call it straight up Automation but I've been told by my teachers that when I go abroad to refer to it as Control Eng.

Apparently there's some naming issues.

Also we tend to emphasize the control part,because we don't build the power/water/etc plant we just come and make sure it runs on it's own which is pretty easy the running on it's own part it's the keeping it in one piece part which is tough.

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Master's in linguistics.
D&D. Well, PF, really.

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Major: Primary Education
Favourite setting: I love me some Golarion.
Favourite wargame: Infinity
Favourite RPG: Pathfinder (By next year I'll have around 50 pathfinder books)

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Major: Lazy arse managed to scape some A-Levels (not sure of the US equiv) in math and science, but that's it.
Profession: Finance dude in a media company
Fav thing: AdEva

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Major: Medicine
Profession: Unemployed, good prospects at getting a nice and cozy hospital job.
Favorite Setting: nWoD, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu

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tl: dr

EE do implementation through electrical equipment first first automation later

CE do automation first then chose to implement it through electrical,hydraulic,mechanical etc means that's what a large number of courses are you must know EE really good but you must also know ME also HE PE

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Well! I'm tired as fuck. I'm going to sleep, leave this thread open, and hopefully, It'll be back.

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I hate to tell you that you're misinformed, but well, you're misinformed.

Yes, the standard the living of the average Chinese person is better, for those living on the east coast of China. Meanwhile in Fuzhou (jiangsu) Hohot (inner mongolia) and many other cities and provinces there are terrorist attacks against government buildings, riots, and police murderers are hailed as heroes by the common people.

Generally it's not what most westerners believe, but the ones that aren't trying to hug pandas or kill dragons, the ones that see it as it really is;

Come at me bro.

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No, even in the inland areas. Migrant workers bring money back home, consumer goods have been decreasing in price, etc. Discontent not withstanding, rule of law still reigns and the government is stable. Is GDP growth fudged and perhaps unsustainable on a permanent basis? Probably. Is China going to collapse any time soon? I highly doubt it.

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Major: Systems and Computer science
Profession: Unemployed
Favorite Setting: Shadowrun
Favorite Wargame: Warmachine/Hordes
Favorite system: d% (dark heresy/rogue trader/deathwatch/black crusade)

If i could and had the patience for it i would modify Shadowrun to use d% instead of d6, d6 everywhere.

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Valid points on the consumer goods, however the general increase of food and water is gutting the common people. Yes, the migrant workers bring money back home, but because of the increase in cost of the basic necessities, the people are still struggling as they were before.

You raise some valid points, and to be fair, the future of China is so open to speculation, because it is so unpredictable.

The main two schools of thought are that China will power on and become and become a superpower, and the opposite, which is that the government will collapse eventually, and shit will get loud. There's proof for both arguments, so it's not really clear which is true. We will have to wait and see.

fuck yeah /tg/.

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Major: History
Setting: Future Post-Apocalypse
Games: Gamma World (2e or 3e) or Basic D&D -- both for their tone and setting more than their pure mechanics

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rolled 1 = 1


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>Major: Political science with a concentration in public administration
>Fav. Table top: Pathfinder (especially the setting)
>Fav. War game: Go
>Fav. Board game: Betrayal at House on the Hill
>Want to Try: Dresden Files RPG

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Profession: sales
Favorite system: 3.5/Pathfinder
Favorite setting: homebrew high fantasy
Favorite D&D deity: Tharizdun
Favorite modules: Temple of Elemental Evil, Tomb of Horrors

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Profession: Archaeologist
Game: to gm? Mekton, to play? AD&D 2ed

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Major: Radio Broadcasting
Profession: Freelance Writer
Favorite Setting: Sci-fi.
Favorite Wargame: Infinity
Favorite system: FATE

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Major: Geography
Profession: Systems Integrator/Manager (IT)
Favorite Settings: Planescape, CthulhuTech
Favorite Systems: none, I always homebrew my own
Favorite Genres: Cthulhu, Cyberpunk, Exotic Fantasy

PS: fuck you quants, you screwed up the global financial system bigtime.

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Major: Physics
Favorite Systems/Settings: Unknown Armies, Don't Rest Your Head, Adeptus Evangelion

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Major: Physics with Theoretical Physics OHYEAH
Favourite setting/whatever: ...I really don't know, because I haven't been roleplaying for long. I like standard fantasy, though. And comedy roleplaying.

Now, about board games...


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Degree: English Literature
Profession: Copywriter
Favorite Settings: Battletech, 40k, Adeptus Eva, Gundam Universe
Favorite Systems: 3.5, WUSHU, and anything else light.
Favorite Genres: Mecha. All the Mecha

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Major: Theatre

Profession: Theatrical Fight Coordinator (plus own my own weapon/armor rental business for theatre companies)

Favorite Setting: Varies by genre. For sci-fi, BattleTech. For low fantasy, Warhammer. For high fantasy, it's a tie between AD&D-era Planescape and Earthdawn.

Favorite Wargame: BattleTech

Favorite system: Overall, probably WFRP 2e. But it's got a lot of competition; I'm pretty friendly to systems in general (except GURPS and d20).

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