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I need as MANY photos of Female Pirates as possible for a game I am in, THIS IS AN EMERGENCY SITUATION!




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Here ye go, matey.

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I want to help OP, but I'm not sure that the emergency level is high enough.

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get the Pirates movie
save pics of female pirates

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If I was on my other PC I could help you out dude.

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Heard that was a good movie. Anyone seen it?

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No, it was a horrible movie. Decent porno, though.

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Damn good, even when you take the porn out of it.

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Is this what I think it is?

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Now that is a good Pirate Photo!

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Modern-fantasy pirate?

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And finally, a potential sky pirate.

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Four switches or pulse a' boom?

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Doesn't have time for Pirates.

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Oh shut up Arrow you know I don't mean a word of it.

Amelia is god tier.

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I will forever love that movie, I don't give a damn who calls me a furry for it.

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Treasure Planet is a good movie, and a guilty pleasure.

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How about battletech pirates?

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Pirates eh? I got a few.

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from the thumbnail i thought she was going to have yu-gi-oh hair

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Was she on the rag that day?

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Ok that's it for me. Gonna leave you with the greatest pirate ever.

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wait got a couple more in another folder

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I have, and I liked it fine. General opinion on /tg/ (in the few threads I've seen on it here) is that the male lead is great and is what really makes it.

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Why is she fighting in Lingerie?

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Wait, it IS a porno, right? Got a link for a download?

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Is there a way to mass post? I could up this.

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Yeah, it's porn. /tg/ watches porn for the acting apparently.

I don't have a link handy, look it up on isohunt or somewhere. There's also a sequel but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet and I haven't heard much of it so presumably not that great.

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The chicks aren't that great, but it's good costume reference. OP, you did say photos, not illustrations, right?

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/tg/ always delivers. Downloading this and Band of Brothers HD right now.

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I heard from a couple friends (who apparently watched it out of curiosity) that it won a bunch of porn movie awards. They also thought it was utter shit, though.

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I'm gonna trust you bro. I hope my computer doesn't explode on me.

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The sequel had a giant sea slug. Also sex...

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Did they have sex with the sea slug?

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My computer will probably blow up first, if it's any consolation, if it does.

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So OP you ever going to tell us exactly what the cause for alarm was?

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Only non-white character posted.

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So I'm like... new at torrenting. What free program do I use to open up .torrents?

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utorrent has always worked pretty well for me. It's small and un-junky. Just google it.

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Jesus christ that file is fuckhuge. Is it worth it?

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It's about the right size for a full-length movie. Just let it download at whatever rate it takes, and watch it when it's done. Torrents run in the background just fine.

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Fucking aces!

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cause the artist is Shirow

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