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Let get it on, gentlemen.

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draw a dick with a monocle smoking a pipe saying "jolly good show old chaps"

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Draw for me a Kobold Artificer/Bard. Goggles are mandatory, and he's looking for his tools.

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Just incase this takes off.. here I am. (Watch, now this thread will be dead.)

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As long as it has a monocle and tophat, and some form of nudity. Of the female variety.

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Real request here...
You ever done a take on Cultist, GM?

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could we get that pic without the words?

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Yes and i can't seem to get her right :(

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Saint Catherine chasing Eldar Guardians around a battlefield with a chainsword. She has an ahegao face while the Guardians are using fleet foot and running like "Eldar gonna Eldar".

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May I see it? Don't think I have that one.
Also, if you're up to it, combine mine with >>16405673

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Draw me a sexy but strong woman from Norsca, short raven black hair with blood spatters and a similar leather 'he-man' harness, wielding an axe in one hand. In the other, she's holding the head of a local tribe's champion by the beard, eyes lolled back into his head. She's smirking.

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Hurr picture.

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You blend like a God.

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many thanks, greenmarine

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Can I get a kobold and gnome luchadore talking shit to eachother before a match?
Maybe a wizard holding a microphone-esque wand, being filmed by a witch with a crystal ball?

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Can't really help you there. I don't have them anymore.

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A dapper and happy cultist of Khorne gleefully telling stories to a group of children who are enjoying them. Bonus points if he could be dressed in tattered, mismatched clothes that he'd taken from nobles after killing them.

The Crossing of the Deleware, only with Dark Eldar.

A guardsman and sister of battle recreating the famous scene from Dirty Dancing.

Imperial versions of the robots from Batteries Not Included.

An orgre planting an ornate and oversized tower shield for an elven archer behind him to use as cover.

A disco kobald.

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You make me weep. Does anyone have these? i need them.

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A female inquisitor in Crusader armor

corset/boob plate optional and pose/subject up to the drawfag, but I'd prefer the helmet stays on

Another drawfag did this for me (many thanks to him!), but you can never have too much of a good thing

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Could I have a dark elf(drow-looking type) with red eyes, ginger hair and wearing a conquistador-style breastplate with a moon crescent on the front over blue robes, being harangued by someone asking how she can be a paladin when gingers are soulless?

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Slaanesh wearing a cowboy costume

alternatively, a great unclean one in a tophat & tux

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I'd like your take on Shira Calpurnia, Oh Marine of the Verdant Shade. Make her sexy and badass at the same time. I know if anyone can do it, you can.

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A female Imperial Guard sentinel pilot with delicious brown skin, green eyes, and a visible bionic left leg. How the leg is visible is a matter of contention, but she's probably cut the left pant leg of her uniform off. For ease of maintenance, not just to show it off. Yes, that's it.

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I don't mean to ask that you should do all of them, I just like to give plenty of options that I think you might find interesting. Even though I'd like to ask for shit like scenes from the Shy Guardsman stories, I figure I might as well ask for stuff that you might enjoy doing.

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A Fire Warrior, with all of his armor and helmet on.

Doing something cute/silly.

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I love you.

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A sister of battle in a ballgown with a V neck.

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I know you do a lot of Nurgle Girls GM, which I love, but how about the other faction?
OR BOONE! Fuckin' Boone!

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Female Mandrake


Female Incubi

Take your pick.

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She gives me a... Boone-r!

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Lizardfolk who looks like he grew up in a city. Owns a crossbow.

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>Female Incubi
>Incubus is the male version of a Succubus

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Meant the Dark Eldar unit. Quite different then Succubus.

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Some folks just aren't happy unless they're hammering screws into boards and calling the hammer a screwdriver.

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OP, I want a picture of an Ork Mr. Burns either saying out loud or pressing a button labeled "Release the Squigs".

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Jesus, people still remember those things? Now I feel kinda nifty!

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>Female Mandrake
Don't you mean a... Womandrake?

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A villainess from a 3.5 game I'm currently running, if you'd be so kind, GM. She's a seductive, high-level, Necromancer/Warlock multiclass. A nice big chest and an otherwise slender build, and also, and perhaps what peope notice more, is a gorgeous face and her full lips. Dem Lips basically. Her hair is dark brown, nearly black, long, and wavy. She wears revealing dresses, usually very low cut and strapless, although with a somewhat high-class and gothic design to them. Think that sort of mix of class and sluttiness that a lot of femme vampires in fiction go for - although she's still fully human. Skull motif optional?
Ideally she might be magicking up some Skeletons or something, but a more seductive or otherwise mundane pose is fine too.

>captcha: mohicans inspai
Captcha wants you to draw some Native Americans, I guess.

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Harbinger of Menoth holding up her tits and asking 'Does this 10 Focus make me look fat?'

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To a fucking T lol

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I love you, greenmarine.

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Requester here. I realized after I posted the request someone would post that. But eh. That's about not quite the character. Not particularly gothic, and slightly too much Dem Tits and not nearly enough Dem Lips.

As an aside, holy shit that character has a lot of fanart for a game that's not even fucking out yet.

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A knight in a Doctor Doomesque suit of armor holding up his fists and shouting "VAYAK!"

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The game is a remake (or sequel) to a game released YEARS ago.

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Of course not. It is only a sequel in a spiritual sort of way, as there are some guys working on it that happened to also work on the original Shadow over Mystara game.

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Really? What was the original called? Dragon's Crown, as well?

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Lefftenant (I know) Mira on all fours, getting pounded from behind and the man is holding her ponytail, pulling her back. Her upper body is lifted up because of it, her arms and hands doesnt touch the ground/bed/whathaveyou. She is enjoying it immensly.

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Curvy dark haired Slaaneshi Rogue Trader (and traitor) from our current Black Crusade game. Pink streaks in her hair, high boots, otherwise go wild.

>> No.16406126

Draw Slaanesh commenting on how pretty Tzeentch's rainbow marines are

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Can I get a dwarf maiden in harem silks (no beard, plz) sitting on a pile of what looks like a dragon's hoard?
Y'know. Coins, doodads, maybe a treasure chest. But lots of pearls, gold eggs.
The dwarf lass atop a few of those tasseled pillows. "The dragon likes 'is treasure 'round."
Optionally she can be pregged up, but just voluptuous/BBW is good 'nuff.

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There's a sadistic catgirl in my campaign. She's got cat ears, vaguely feline features, claws and is evil like a cat, toying with her prey. any chance you could draw her with a menacing grin?

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Requesting a Deathwatch Space Marine who's entire armor is like a normal deathwatch pauldron.

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Try google images for Taokaka

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Nude female elf, dark skin, green eyes, and red hair in a long thick braid. Her body is muscular and her breasts on the smaller side. She has pale scars, several blade scars here and there and a pattern of scars around both legs and her torso from squid tentacles.(A series of circular scars in parallel lines, pic related)

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She doesn't really fit, though.

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that's Q, right?

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Looks like it. I guess. I dunno.

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Hey OP. This is one of my favorite images to use for my drow characters. Its really well drawn and different from all the angry white haired sorceresses out there. The problem is that when the campaign isn't smutty it tends to be a bit weird. I also don't like to give off the wrong impression and attract creepy guys to ERP when its not something I am looking for in the campaign.

If you could maybe draw her in some leather armor or something that leaves a little more to the imagination yet still seductive that would be amazing and I would love you forever.

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Haha. We're asking for the same thing pretty much

>> No.16406232

No need for all that, the simplest solutions are usually the best!

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A rusted Warforged equivalent of a Lich.

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Obvious censored porn is still obvious censored porn.

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Boone sitting in a bar full of chilren, playing a bazoon.

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I think i'll be going to bed now. Should be back in a while.

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Thanks for your pics greenmarine!

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Requester here. Close enough.

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don't know if you will read this GM, just wanted to say I like you art, and in the last few months it seems to have improved. A lot.

basically, thanks for being awesome.

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>in the last few months it seems to have improved.
How so?

Compared to stuff done two years ago, it just looks less sketchy.

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Boob mage, I needs one drawn.

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This looks like Moon Over June.
Oh god what the fuck.

>> No.16407978

so I'm not the only one to think this?

what the fuck, Greenmarine?

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>Looks like MoJ


>> No.16408054

Oh hey dude, you still here?
Thought you'd be interested in this.

>> No.16408229


But... but... how could you do such a thing? They want to be FREE!

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It's easy as 123.

>> No.16408246

Draw a little girl Erinyes with a stuffed bear and a wizard hat picking her teeth with a babies' bones.

>> No.16408262

Could I request a younger, more inexperienced version of this Inquisitor? Picture her when she was just starting out as an Acolyte and only just realising just what dangers a life for the Emperor entailed.

>> No.16408443

Damn it Green Marine! You said you would be back!

>> No.16409031

Happy Space Marine with her helmet off.

Has helmet hear and a toothy smile.

>> No.16409114

Can I get a Goblin alchemist holding a bomb in one hand, a double barreled pistol in the other, and a green test tube in a tentacle that extends from behind his back over his head? He also has bat wings and a tumor familiar of a compsagnathus.

>> No.16409135

Draw a loli dwarf girl with a massive penis with bulging veins, she is beating her penis with a smithing hammer while looking surprised.
Her motherfather dwarf is looking at her clumbsy attempt of cocksmithing and chuckling to her/himself about the folly of inexperienced youth.

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>> No.16409370

Shi's an embodiment of (among other things) perverse deviantness and total lack of substance in a dipping sauce of moderate to high retardation. I think Moon over June's style is a fine method to convey this.

>> No.16409374

Thank you Chen.

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A tall woman, with the same body type and clothing as the attached picture, straight long hair down to her mid-back, and a confident Plotting-Mischief smirk.

She also occasionally has fox ears. Probably doing something to embarrass her socially awkward shugenja daughter (this is an L5R character).

Kitsune spirits have no sense of right and wrong. Only fun and not fun.

>> No.16409748

c'mon, are we going to get some dwarven futa cocksmithing or not?

>> No.16409971

any drawfags still here?

>> No.16410005

Thank you. Even if you are a complete stranger across the internet and possibly some sort of nasty psychopath, your words are meaningful to me, good sir.

I'm not familiar with it so i don't know if it's a good or a bad thing.

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Is all I know about MOJ besides that it is supposedly on par with CAD And Dominic Deegan in terms of offensiveness and awful.
Still here and bumping this, for what it's worth.

>> No.16410088

It's a very bad thing. It's a stupidly offensive webcomic, and in spite of his half-decent drawing abilities, the author manages to make everyone look grotesquely repulsive even when they're not supposed to be.

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Draw me a sorcerer-battlemage wielding a sword in one hand and grabbing onto someones face with the other while casting fire-ball in his face.

That would be awesome.

>> No.16410175

If you are back, greenmarine, to draw some more, then I humbly want to bump my request for Lieutenant Mira getting it from behind

>> No.16410194

I second this.

Mira getting some massive ultradick in her butthole.

>> No.16410196

Oh a good day indeed.

May I get a female mage? She's an illusionist with a suave, sophisticated look to him. She's sitting in a chair wearing bloomers and a corset while a doppelganger brushes her knee-length crimson hair. She has a smug look on her face, and is watching herself in a floating mirror

>> No.16410208

>She's an illusionist with a suave, sophisticated look to him.
>she's an illusionist
>to him

well, well, well... Ain't shapeshifting interesting?

>> No.16410275

whoops...I had thought to make her male, but forgot to switch everything back it seems..

Though we can work with this. Maybe the reflection is male?

>> No.16410300


>a female illusionist creates a tactile illusion of a male version of herself to fuck

I can deal with this.

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Marshall Bravestarr with a bow on his back, beating up a Ventrue or a Nosferatu, or both at once.
It makes sense in context.

>> No.16410326 [DELETED] 

>mfw I want to drawfag but my art is dirty as fuck and I can't finish a single drawing
Back to reading books.

>> No.16410448

Requesting Lt Mira dressed as princess Mira Nova and Titus dressed as Buzz Lightyear.

>> No.16411501

Bump before bed.

>> No.16411581

>clue: worst drawthread ever

What is all of them?

>> No.16412313

bump for the bump god!

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An inquisitor with so much bionics he is more machine than man (but with a human face). An ancient man, Several centuries old. Kept alive by his artificial organs and by the occasional complete blood and bone marrow donation from an unwilling "heretic". If somone would draw him it would be awesome because it is the inquisitor in my Dark Heresy campaign.

>> No.16412865 [DELETED] 

If anyone is still drawing i would like to request a pic of my Void-Master from a PbP Rogue Trader game i'm in:

Name: Marn Ramirez Casmire
Profession: Void-Master
Ship Role: Chief Bosun

Marn Ramirez Casmire hails from Tillande, a frontier world in the expanse which has an abnormally high gravity. Due to this abnormality later generation settlers have more muscle-to-bodymass ratio than a person from a world with normal gravity.
Bosun Casmire is no exception. His muscles are very well developed, similar to a native from the death world Catachan. He wears his hair short in a buzzcut style and several scars from his old life before joining the Rogue Traders crew crisscross his arms and chest.

His everyday attire is made up of a dark sleeveless shirt, an utilikilt and heavy-duty workboots.

On formal occasions he wears a uniform similar in style to the example pic. The uniform is white in color with dark purple and gold details.

When groundside or just expecting trouble he wears an old and battered guard flak armor with a black and grey dazzle camo print on it.

Whatever the occasion or situation he always carries his bolt pistol “Judgement” in either a low slung hip holster or fastened to a quick-release rig on his utilikilt.

>> No.16412951 [DELETED] 

ooops... captcha ate the uniform example pic.

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>> No.16413218 [DELETED] 

Oh great... the return of pic related.

Well there goes the neighborhood and all the drawfags

>> No.16413283

Daemonette in sister of battle gear, going OW OW OW OW at all the EMPRAH symbols and purity seals on her.
Smaller panel of daemonette with burn scars chasing other daemonette, who is laughing her ass off.

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O greenmarine, where art thou?

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