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I found an old gem of mine. Surprised to find it survived MULTIPLE hard drive crashes. So here it is for your reading pleasure.

The ground was littered with the corpses of orkz and guardsmen alike. Fires still burned from the plant-life being incinerated from explosions and weapons. The stench of death carried heavily in the surrounding area. This was no sight to wake up to, but Liena had no choice. Her vision was foggy, and she could hardly remember what happened, or how long she had been knocked out. All she remembered was her sergeant screaming.'General retreat!' before an artillery shell hit the trench. Then it came back to her, little consolation to her current situation. She gathered her equipment, and traversed the battlefield. There was nothing to greet the corporal but death, and the constant threat of an ork getting up to kill her. Suddenly she heard a faint rustling, she immediately went prone and pointed her rifle at the noise. It was another wayward soldier, cept this was different, this was an Eldar. While they had a non aggression alliance with the Eldar, she had her orders to off any stragglers, or ones that happened too close to an imperial zone. It was likely that he had similar orders. She took careful aim, still undetected. Her finger dragged on the trigger.
"Click" The Guardian immediately noticed her

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The Eldar wasn't completely alert, having just come too as well. He sloppily reached for his weapon. Liena knew she didn't have much time to finish him. She flung her body up as hard as she could, she took a deep breath and let out a fierce scream as she charged the Eldar with her bayonet. By the time he managed to aim his weapon She was already in front of him. He managed one burst before she knocked his weapon out of his hands. The shot flew stray. She continued her attacks, screaming brutishly as the eerily silent figure evaded and dodged her attacks. His inhuman motions were fluid and seemles. She was in awe of the Eldar's movements, he bent himself in ways that would have knocked her over, but she wouldn't dwell on his dexterity, and just kept striking. He would manage an attack, he knew that if he could get past her rifle she would not win. Leina was determined to live, as was he. Their brawl wasn't to be unnoticed as a nearby body began to twitch.

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>oh yea hot eldar dickings :D

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The Guardian managed to finally grapple the rifle and landed a strike on her. Victory would soon be his, but someone else was going to cut in. Before Liena could recover the brutish hulk let out a great roar casting strands of spittle and the foulest stench towards the combatants, as well as its body. The beast charged the two swinging his arm into the guardswoman, sending her flying a good distance. She landed painfully on a corpse of a comrade. The Eldar was having little trouble dodging the Ork's attacks but he knew unless he could get to his weapon he couldn't fell the monster. Liena groaned as she reached for a new charge pack from her belt, she had only one charged pack, a hotshot. Just one shot. The Eldar was moving too swiftly for her to hit both, and if she didn't want to chance the Guardian winning, she had to take the shot. Just as the Eldar jumped away from an attack a loud crack was heard and a bright flash stole the ork's head. The confused body grasped at its missing appendage and simply fell over dead. The Guardian immediately turned his attention to Liena. She pointed the rifle at him. She was out of ammo, but maybe she could bluff him. The warrior didn't buy it. He walked to his weapon, Liena trained on him the whole way. She couldn't get up, she must have broken a rib on the landing, she could barley breath. The Guadian moved close to the wounded soldier. Liena's eyes began to water without her knowing it. She was going to die, alone, after being so lucky. The tears streamed down her face as the guardian leveled his weapon. He saw her fear, he put his finger on the trigger. She closed her eyes in anticipation, all she could do now was wait.

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There was something stopping him. When he looked at her. He knew humans could mimic the emotions of an eldar, but he had no idea that they could shed tears like one. He felt something he never thought he would for a simple mon'kiegh, pity. He lowered his weapon, but Liena kept her weapon ready, like a frightened puppy in a corner. She opened her eyes terrified as the eldar got even closer.
'So he wants to gut me? It's just too much to ask for it to be quick? Isn't it Emperor?'
He reached out to her slowly, trying not to provoke her anymore. Much like trying to gain the trust of a wild animal. He would move to quickly and the bayonet would point at him again.
He spoke to her in a calm voice. She had no idea what he was saying, but he kept repeating it as he tried to reach for her again. He placed a hand on her lasfifle, she jumped but he spoke again
"Leis'fei. Leis'fei mon'keigh."
She slowly let the eldar push away her weapon. she wouldn't put her trust in a xeno. unfortunately this was a better alternative to waiting for the next ork to wake up. Who knows maybe he'd deliver her back to her lines, maybe she'd receive treatment or .75 caliber retirement. Then a thought crossed her mind. What if he were to go back to his forces? She immediately struggled again, but the pain was too much. she was simply helpless. The rumors she heard of what eldar did to their prisoners. Her mind begged for her to run, but her body told her to stay. Her pain and fear addled brain made her lay there, frozen.
With the constant reassuring tone from the Guardian, Liena went limp. He had gotten an arm around her and looked as though he was going to lift her up. She shook her head, but he didn't know what it meant. She added words that he wouldn't understand.
"No, no no N-AAAAH!"
Pain shot through her entire body was the xeno lifted her into his arms.

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With surprisingly little effort, the Alien had the guardswoman in his arms. He began to walk. Liena cried out as he began to walk away from her weapon, reaching out for it in vane as the eldar's ghostly steps drew her away. Her fears would be realized, he was walking away from Imperial lines. She pleaded with him to turn around, but he would cock his head, and utter in alien words to her.
"I don't understand."
After several minutes of walking Liena noticed something, or rather the lack of something. Even while carrying her, his steps weren't heavy, and she didn't feel the jarring impact of steps as she was so used to when hauled off a battlefield. This did little to put her mind at ease. She needed to think of a way to escape, pain be damned. She needed to wait for a moment for the Eldar to tire so she could wriggle out of his grip. Almost as if he read her thoughts, his grip loosened. 'This is it!'Her mind yelled. She trashed her body, causing great pain, but managing to break free of her captors arms, only to fall straight to the ground. She would hit harder than she would have thought possible and let out a blood curdling scream.

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>super short post

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"Silly Animal, I'm trying to help you." The Guardian spoke, knowing full well she wouldn't understand him.
He watched her try to pick her broken body up. and flee. 'So primitive.' He thought as she could barely muster enough energy to crawl away. Why he went to pick her up, he didn't know. She was a fascination to him. He acted like a child bringing a wild animal home for his own amusement., as he picked up the woman again. She still fought back only slowly growing weaker as the pain became too much for her to bare. She remembered watching the aliens face grow closer before she blacked out.
Several hours had passed, night enveloped the land. The guardian was started a small fire which Liena woke up to, with a slight sensation of comfort, slowly becoming aware of her situation again. She was rested near the fire, with a strange silk covering her. The Guardian facing away from her barking short syllables into some sort of vox. She could tell a military signal easy enough, even if it was xenobabble. Her eyes were still hazy and her body still throbbed. She could take her gaze off him; something was amiss. He wasn't wearing his helmet. She kept staring till her vision was corrected and she could make out a figure, something vaguely human. She was somewhat disappointed to find out that Eldar heads weren't cone-shaped after all, and that she'd owe Trooper Holden fifty thrones. She giggled without thinking. The Guardian's face shot towards the trooper faster than she could blink.Liena became panicked again. The Guardian held out a hand as if to calm her and spoke again.
"Lies'fei..." his voice soft.
She layed still, not because of his voice, but because of his face. She was taken off guard by how relateable it was. The Guardian slowly approached the wounded warrior.
"Elesh ey shatrien, Nu Frieren." His arm pointed to himself at the last word. " Ue shatrien?"
She uttered back in the harsh Gothic, " What are you saying?"

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Verbal Communication clearly wouldn't work between the two. This made the Guardian's wish to dress her wounds seem nearly impossible without sending the wrong signal. He tried anyway. His slow motions, only making her hold back an attack, grew closer to the eldar silk. Every time she'd flinch he moved back a little. As he tried to pull the sheet away she struck at him. She would miss, and it would cause her pain.
" You might have a broken bone you dumb animal." He spoke by impulse.
He slowly moved towards her again, putting on a foreign expression that was clearly a smile. It put her at ease, simply because it made her confused and laugh. The Guardian 'struck' taking advantage of her lack of guard and got hold of the sheet. slowly moving it away. She didn't fight back, but she wasn't going to give up just yet. She couldn't figure out his intentions.
'If he's going to rape me, why doesn't he just do it?' She remembered horror stories of those who were unlucky enough to survive being the prisoner of eldar. Why he was so gentle with her left her bewildered. She was still nervous, she new she couldn't fight him off, and that if it did happen she'd wish for it to be followed by a quick death.
The Guardian leaned back and reached into a pouch for something. He pulled out a strange vial. What he knew, and she didn't was that Eldar medicines were far more advanced than humans, and all he needed do was place the ointment on her wounds to heal them. He'd heard of humans legendary ability to heal faster than an Eldar could naturally, but there was no telling if her natural abilities would be fast enough.

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The daunting task remained, he needed to get past her flak armor. He wasn't a surgeon, but he figured her ribs were cracked or broken. The closest he could get was a hand on her shoulder pad. As soon as he moved towards a strap she struck at him. He sat back. He held the vial in his hands, and speaking very slowly he made very indistinguishable hand gestures trying to explain that the ointment would heal. After several attempts he finaly was struck with an idea. Neither of them would like it, but it would work. He reached to his side and pulled out a small untility knife.
'Really, Emperor? Really?' She blasphemed in her mind.
Holding his hand out, he placed the knife on his palm, closed his eyes tightly. A sharp yelp left his mouth as he slid the blade. Liena eyes were wide open. She couldn't piece a single thing together. She was transfixed on his blood as well, it was very bright and almost had a velvety red hue to it. Moving as quickly as his body would let him the Eldar opened the vial and spread some of the ointment on his palm, and very quickly the cut stopped bleeding. Slowly it began to close up. The pieces began to fall into place for the Guardswoman, but she still didn't know if he was trying to explain if he wanted to heal her, or inflict as much pain to her as possible. The Guardian couldn't get any closer than he did before.

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>silly monkeigh woman, we fuck now
Still waiting for it
>I know it won't happen, but it's fun to dream

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He became frustrated. He sat back and with annoyance backing his motions he pointed at Liena, and motioned like to break a twig. He then pointed to the vial, and reversed his breaking motion. She laid there silent. He replayed the gestures again. This time she let out a sigh. The impatient Eldar began shouting in a frustrated voice, screaming about how he "Just wanted to help, you, you ignorant animal!"
She tried to inch away as she began to become afraid again, but no matter how much he vented, he never got closer. Liena didn't care. All she knew was the alien moved his arms and got angry, all signs pointed towards an attack. This is when she noticed, that she was actually in a rocky inlet. She was trapped. Her breath became heavy as the panic set in. The Tempered guardian soon stopped and sat motionless as the human's emotions became obvious. Any trust he had built before he just ruined in his bout of rage. He stayed away from Liena, but he didn't get any further away. He waited as she began to calm down. There was silence, only the crackle of the fire was heard. He turned his back to the human. He'd let her calm down as he'd find something to eat. 'FOOD!" his mind blurted ' That should help, she has to be hungry.'
Liena left her guard down as the eldar turned away, but soon he'd turn around with strange bits in his hand, which made her tense up again.

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His smile smacked his face again, he thought he could win over his new "pet" yet again. He placed some scraps of his rations in his hands, showed them to her, and slowly placed them in his mouth. She watched him stuff his face realizing how hungry she had become
'Now this asshole is taunting me.' she thought as her belly ached.
He ate a bit more until he held out his hand with more food. He held it there trying to let her know it was hers. She thought about it, and weighed the benefits verses the dangers of accepting alien food. as she was delegating her arm slowly stretched out. Her stomach finally won over, and her hand snapped the food out of his hand. She huddled over the bid of food almost as if she thought he'd take it back. She sniffed it, and took a small nibble of it. Her eyes opened.
"Uga hic sapu!" She blurted out, the barking sound of her speech still sharp on his ears. but she sounded pleased all the same.
The taste of this eldar food was appealing because it had taste. something she had been deprived of for so long. She munched lovingly on this snack until it was gone. She looked back to the Guardian who had his hand outstretched with more.

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keep going OP.

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She grabbed the food out of his hands, only slower this time, and didn't huddle so much around the snack. She didn't notice but the eldar was inching closer to her. A thought itched at the back of her head ' What if it's poisoned? what if you get sick?' But she was too hungry, and this food tasted so sweet. For the Guardian it hit the spot, but it was hardly a delicacy. In a feat of bravery, the Guardian tried to put an arm around the feeding human. As soon as his hand tapped her armor, her face full of food was staring at him. He didn't remove his hand, so they locked eyes for a while until Liena began chewing again. She let the eldar stay close, figuring if he wanted to hurt her, he would have done it by now.
"You know? I can't figure you out." She spoke as she finished.
"I don't understand" he replied
Thinking he had her trust he tried to pull her closer so he could get a better look at her injury. She winced in pain and pushed him away reflexively. He finally gave up. He moved over to his makeshift mat and proceeded to lay down. Liena pulled the warm silk her her body again and followed suit. The guardian turned away, but she kept a close eye on him. She relaxed her sore body, and felt the soothing warmth of the fire on her face. She tried to stay awake, but her eyes slowly grew heavier untill she closed them and fell asleep. Who know what the morning would bring.

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What dim sunlight could be seen creeped into the rocky knoll where they slept. though she'd never admit it to anyone she knew, she slept more soundly than she had in a long time. She figured it was because she was out of the front lines, but a part of her nagged that it could have been her would be protector. She shuffled away such thoughts. As her vision would starts to clear up she noticed that the Eldar was missing. She quickly scanned the area, it seemed as if his equipment was still nearby so he couldn't have gotten far. 'Stay with the alien or try to make a run for it?' Her mind debated. She sat up and was greeted by the reminder of her prior wounds. She let out a grunt. This let the guardian know she was waking. He popped his head in to peek at her silently.
"Ol'ei ol Nie, Mon'kiegh." he said in what seemed to be a cheerful tone
Liena stayed silent still unsure about the xeno, perfectly content to stay in her silken covers.
"Where are you going to take me?" she spoke quietly
The eldar cocked his head to the side unsure of what the human was speaking. Despite the fact they knew they couldn't talk to eachother they would still try. Old habits die hard.

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The guardian began to gather up his equipment. While he was doing this the wounded warrior started to grasp at her throbbing side. Her armor was beginning to weigh heavy on her, but she wouldn't take away her last defense from him. She couldn't help but watch his eerie movements, it was like when the techpriests would skip ahead in video casts, yet so fluid. she was entranced, until his hand began to reach out to her.
"The sheet, I need it."
Instead of arguing with her he quickly snatched the silk from her, and pointed to it speaking slowly
'Does he mean silk?' she started to think. then another thought ' Hes trying to tell me the words... Oh..' Then it began to become apparent to her, every time he spoke slowly and cryptically he was trying to explain the name. She bounced her palm off of her helmet
"Duh.." The Guardian's brow furled
He was confused at her actions, but quickly pieced what she said together and pointed again at the sheet.
"Lesh! Sheese, duh!" His alien smile etched on his face as if he had taught her how to walk.

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So are the stories of the eldar mixed up with the dark eldar or do they also tend to rape and fuck shit up.

Or is it just some guardsmen rumors?

>> No.16401221

Probably the first one,

would they know - or care - about the difference?

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She raised her hand as if to correct him, but she thought against it. She may not know his language, but she knew when he used hers. 'A little misinformation to the enemy never hurts.' She smiled.
The guardian finally gathered all his things and moved to gather his pet. When he got to her she protested, she couldn't bare the though of being carried by the alien anymore and desperately tried to lift herself. She managed to get half way, when the careful hands of the guardian began to assist her. He took her arm and wrapped it around his shoulder and helped her stand. She seemed to protest less this way, but every time he would tug at a wrong time she'd push away.
"My lines, lets go to my lines." She spoke slowly and pointed in the direction she hoped her lines where.
The guardian kept walking in his direction. He knew he couldn't go back to his lines with an alien in toe, but they had to get away from the battlefield as fast as possible. His teachings had let him know that humans enjoy using artillery to start each battle and that the eldar countered this by staying mobile, orkz however, usually didn't. And as if he was a farseer himself, the sound of distant thunder could be heard.

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Gotta admit ive never seen a story about a guardsman and ork hitting it off, not becoming best buds but say respecting one another in a fight after fighting off some mutual enemy say some tau because fuck the tau.

>> No.16401288

Probably the second. The odds of any regiment encountering both eldar and dark eldar in their service are super low, because both are rare as hell.

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Well they apparently have - at least this regiment - if she 'knows they will rape her' or some other such, but you are right, it is rare as fuck

>folvedki love?"

why yes, captcha, love.

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miffgrodd look him up

Liena stopped moving and held a finger up, signaling to wait,staring blankly as she focused her senses to her ears, but the Eldar simply looked up. She listened for the whistle of incoming shells. Her sergeant taught her this skill, because more than once they were in the targets of friendly artillery. Her lips mouthed the numbers as she counted the seconds from thunder to whistle. They were in the crossfire.
She screamed as the first blast landed a visible distance away. The Guardian wasted no time and flung the guardswoman into his arms and began running as fast as he could. This time his steps were sharp and painful to Liena. The more they pushed through the closer the shells seemed to land. Each deafening blast kicking up dirt that would cover the both of them. He kept sprinting seeing an invisible line that he felt if he could cross he would be safe, but the more blasts that erupted, the further that line felt. Liena began to pray unconsciously as her hearing could come and go from each nearby blast. Her body was jarred hard, and before she could realize it, she was falling to the ground. Her body was caught in the rush, and the pain was greatly dulled. Her instinct to survive drew her onward, but as she got to her feet, she saw the Eldar barely scrambling to his feet. Her mind and body begged her to keep moving, but for reasons she will never know, she ran back to the wounded Guardian as the shells kept falling around them.

>> No.16401431

She hurried her broken body to help him to his feet; there was no way she could carry him, so she threw his arm around her neck and tried to run him as fast as possible. Her body was burning with pain, not even the adrenaline could remove it, but she had to press forward. There would be a short pause as they let the barrels of the Basilisks cool before sending another volley. The field became silent, or they just couldn't hear at the moment. Liena doubled her efforts to get out of the line of fire, praying to the emperor that they were using a harassing strike and not a creeping barrage. Up ahead there was a rocky over hang. it wouldn't offer much cover from a direct hit, but it was better than being in the open. They moved their wounded bodies towards the over hang as the sound of thunder was heard again. Without thinking she practically tossed the Guardian under the rock as she flung her body. The shells angrily pounded the ground around them. All they could do was wait. In their temporary shelter they had time to feel the pain inflicted upon their bodies. Liena got a look at the guardians burnt back. He could move, and desperately fought his pouch to pull out the vial with the healing ointment. As Liena reached out towards it, her arm shot blinding pain into her mind. There was shrapnel sticking out of it; her whole right side was peppered, though not as bad as her arm. They laid there as they let the pain overtake them. The shells kept pounding and soon Liena began to let out a pained laugh. She was in shock.

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The Barrage would continue for an hour, and only few shells came close to their shelter. Once the shells stopped all that could be heard was the ringing in their ears. Liena held the vial in her shaking hand. There wouldn't be enough for both of them. She looked at the eldar she had just saved. 'I should use it on myself, his back doesn't look that bad...' As she thought this his hand grabbed hers and pulled her close to him.
"Just a few drops are needed..." the eldars voice faded.
He crawled to propped himself up, reaching for the vial. Against her better judgment She opened the small vial and slashed a small amount onto a few fingers on her good hand.
"You'll owe me for this."
"Please hurry."
'His wounds aren't that deep' her mind barked ans she began to rub her fingers into his wound. She was amazed at how quickly the paste seemed to work. The lacerations would not close, but it seemed as if the wound did. His body still reeled in pain, but he could move. Now he would return the favor, but she was still reluctant to receive treatment. He reached for her arm, and wrapped his fingers around the bits of metal sticking out of her arm. He looked her in the eyes and began to count
"One Two Three!" and on three he ripped the shrapnel out as the woman screamed.

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My brain is smarter than I am!

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Her arm was in bad shape. Many objects had to be pulled out, till finally the Guardian was ready to apply the ointment. 'I hope this works on humans...' He thought as he began to place the paste on his hand. 'I'd better use more just to be safe.' Had he known the affects it would cause he would have reconsidered. He grabbed her arm and looked her in the eyes. She was terrified, she had doubts as well. Her breathing was fast and shallow as the hand grew closer to her arm.
She felt a great burning sensation as he touched. she began to thrash in pain as the Eldar tried to restrain her. It was healing her, but her body was different than his, while it worked as intended for him, it was cauterizing her wounds. Her screams almost drowning out the ringing left by the barrage. He still continued down her arm as she fought to free herself, more than once striking the eldar with her fist. He was done with the arm, and he looked at his blood covered hand. He almost admired it, it looked so similar to his own, but still so foreign. She took this opportunity to move away from the Eldar and nurse her treated arm. She still had her leg to look after, but each time the guardian got close she kicked him away. Too tired to press the matter, he simply sat back. The two were astounded to still be alive.

THATS ALL. Never added more to this, and it's almost been a year. In fact I think it's been a year to the DAY

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if you wouldn't mind..

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I remember this. =D
Much love, GEoM.
Tis good.

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Well time to add some more along with a obligatory can love bloom on the battlefield scene followed by the eldar and human laughing at a ork getting blown away by a shell

>> No.16401713

good story, well written and whatnot... so, you going to add more to it?

>> No.16401729

Write up some more! Never really seen a...somewhat plausible story between a female IG and a male eldar guardian.

>> No.16401732

Yeah but I have the Paladin and Succubus story WHICH I SWEAR TO GOD IF I AM BANNED ONE MORE TIME!
Men of the 89th
The Primarchs
I did an 40k Ace Combat 4 parody a while back, that I am toying with continuing
and a lot of other small one shot stories that I write up on the spot.

Not to mention that I've been reworking Men of th 89th to recover the lost data since I went back and re-wrote EVERYTHING.

But seeing as this story is popular I might continue

>> No.16401742

So posting the paladin story results in a ban?

Time to take one for the team

>> No.16401749

That is all.

>> No.16401781

I get banned for 'fapfic" when its the most implicitous scenes of sex or its implications ever.

If there was a step lower than fade to black, thats what I use. Yet 5 chapters of adventure and a paragraph of sex = fapfic....


DAMN you do? PLEASE tell me you remember "The Greater Good" That one was about the Guardsman that was "rescued" by the Tau and then forced to be indoctrinated.

>> No.16401896

The sad fact of it is. I read back on it and I keep thinking
"DAMN this shit is good!" Then I read some of my stuff now and I think " DAMN what the fuck."
then I read my old Men of th 89th ( still up on 1d4chan) and think "WTFISTHISSHIT?"

I just don't know if I can write that colorful anymore.

>> No.16401920

..sorry mate. I don't.
I don't remember any forced indoctrination anyway.
I'll check suptg...

>> No.16401932

Ive scanned over suptg but with no luck on miffgrodd

>> No.16401934

you've done it before, which means you can do it again.

Henry Ford once said "whether you believe you can or can't, you're right."

>> No.16402028

yeah, I just need to get back into my muse, sadly it normally hits at work when I am colorfully narrating EVERYTHING.

Day 1
M42 .897
Corporal Henris Gauv 112th Cadian Regiment
Planet: Unknown
The story is a complete journal based story that starts like this. It spawned a few other stories and the "diary of a Chaos marine" story as well

>> No.16402037

look up Chemchan Miffgrodd is her Ork companion

>> No.16402259 [DELETED] 

>thinks he spawned Diary of a Chaos Marine
I seriously hope you don't do this anytime after ~2004 on the old GW forums.

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>> No.16402397

Dont have any more? THEN WRITE MOORE DAMMIT!
Unleash that artillery men! Send any Xenos running!

>> No.16402540

>M42 897

Awesome Job OP, but isnt M42 a bit far in the future? (considering the golden throne is failing)

>> No.16402630

Typo my bad

>> No.16402702

Also MOAR bumping.
Felines mostly unrelated.

>> No.16402786

If I try my hand at writing, will this thread live?

>> No.16403083

Depends on if it is any good. And if OP allows it.

>> No.16403160

Nah, fuck that. I'd rather have OP do it.

>> No.16405178

Please continue this.

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HOLY CRAP! This one is quite popular.

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>> No.16410994

Well I'll see what I can whip up here in a little bit, granted ANYONE is still here

>> No.16411176

The Imperium had a curious affinity for their artillery. While other races and armies used artillery sparingly; for strategic targets, or to harass the enemy. The Imperium felt there wasn't a problem that couldn't be solved through ample amounts of brute force. The battered soldiers could do little but wait as death rained upon them. An Hour would pass before the artillery ended. Liena was beginning to feel the world around her grow darker and fuzzy. As the shock of her wounds began to fade, pain happily took its place. She looked at her leg and the many tiny bits of metal sticking out. They weren't as serious as her arm, but she lost a fair amount of blood in her hesitance to let the eldar apply a second dose.
She reached down and wrapped her finger tips around the protrusion of metal. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she ripped the shard out. It's looks were deceiving as it was much bigger inside than what showed. she cried out in pain. Almost on instinct the eldar jumped to rush to her aid. He would reach her before the realization that he acted so quickly to help her did. The Guardian looked her in the eyes, trying to put her mind at ease as his nimble fingers found another shard.
"Please dont.. Just leave them for no-OW... Sunuvabitch!"
the Guardian worked quickly to yank out the remaining pieces. He tried to keep a calm face, but Liena was wreithing in pain.
"Ei Ol'lune..heumahn"

>> No.16411278

Awesome work here, keep going my man.

>> No.16411361

Leina was taken aback by the eldar's butchered use of "human". It did little to put her at ease. She wanted to fight back, but her body was starting to give up. Her eyes widened as she saw him grab the ointment. She mustered up the last bit of strength she had to forcefully push the guardian away. He expected it, but it didn't make him any less aggravated at the human. He was trying to help her, he felt she should be more grateful. The woman rolled onto her side reaching desperately for a pouch on her belt. She fingered the clasp but it was just out of reach and her body wouldn't let her finish the motion. She jerked her hand at the pouch.
"Ecce, apertus est apertust est!"
The Guardian tried to piece together her words, he leaned forward to reach for the pouch but she started to roll back.He slowly placed a hand on her back to keep her from rolling back. She still jumped when his hand knocked on he now cold metal of her armor. With a quick fluid motion the clasp was opened and he pulled out a rolled up wad of cloth and a cotton pad. Bandages. the Guardian rolled his head indignantly and thought to himself.
"So primitive indeed..."
He held the bandage in front of her. Liena snatched the roll out of his hand and started to inch away from him, wincing in pain at every motion. She thumbed over the bandage to find the end of it. When she did she leaned forward to attempt to apply it. The pain of her ribs and arm continued to assault her senses. She grunted and groaned as she fought to keep her self up to place the bandage. The Guardian watched. He knew that humans still used such ancient techniques to dress their wounds, but it still intrigued him. She kept fumbling the bandage, finally giving in to her pain, she fell back breathing heavily.

>> No.16411514

rolled 15 = 15

>> No.16411553

She let out a grunted sob. She felt so useless, her body had been battered and beaten, then battered again, and the only form of help she had was an alien that all she heard about was how much they enjoy torturing their enemies. He hadn't hurt her yet, intentionally, but she still couldn't bring herself to fully trust him. As he hovered over her to grab the bandage she flicked her fore arm to knock his hand off course. She stared sharply in his eyes, those strange dark, yet luminous eyes.
She figured she'd understand that word by now, all she knew was he did something she didn't like after he spoke those soft flowing words. True to her instincts he made another attempt at the bandage. She swiped his hand away, but she found it unyielding. She gasped as his hand dove for the cloth and pulled it quickly away. He started to unravel the bandage. He crept closer to her leg with it.
"Just calm down, I'll be gentle."
She watched as his hand rested on her leg, she fought back the urge to jump when she saw him applying the bandage. He rolled it around her leg. It got caught underneath, he couldn't get it under the leg. He slowly began to lift it. Liena closed her eyes tightly and threw her head back.
"Don't Think, don't think, just don't think!"
Her mind raced as the eldar bobbed up and down as he was applying the bandage. It almost looked as if he were weaving a cloth. His motioned looked well trained and practiced, even though he'd never placed a bandage before. There wasn't a need for him to do so. He brought the ends together and tied a knot to hold it in place. He jerked the cloth together without thinking, and the woman cried out in pain once more, swinging an aimless arm at him. He smiled at his handy work.
"You saved my life, I must repay my debt."
It became too much for her frail state to handle, she slowly nodded off into unconsciousness once again.

>> No.16411605

Amazing. Keep it up!

>> No.16411625

yay it lives!

>> No.16411708

The Guardian leaned in closer. He could hear her faint breaths. He was almost worried that she might have died. He took the moment of silence he had to look over his own wounds. He felt like he never took the blast at all, but the col air at his back was a constant reminder of his former wound, and the firepower of the Imperium. he reached his arm back to feel his wound. He knew the medicine didn't leave scars, but had the strange though that because a human applied it it wouldn't work properly. That her primitiveness would rub off on him. His armor was compromised, and he was exposed to the elements. He reached for a pouch and pulled out the neatly folded silken sheet. With a quick whip the sheet unfolded as he tossed it onto his back. He glanced over at the slumbering woman. Something tugged at him as he watched her sleep. He glanced at the sheet and reluctantly pulled it off himself and carefully draped it over her. He felt sorry for the human, what she had to deal with. Her masters wouldn't hesitate to kill her. He had heard all to well how worthless a life is to humans. It almost sickened him to watch as they sent hundreds to their death with every wave, or forced a handful to fight to the last with no chance of victory. Unlike the Eldar's belief in how precious a single life was.
He looked over Liena and truly felt pity for her. He watched her peaceful slumber; her chest rising and falling with each deep breath. He watched her with a strange curiosity, much like how he would watch a pet slumber, but this animal took an eerie resemblance to his species. He shook his head wistfully.
"Almost eldar.."

>> No.16411785

You DID continue it!

>> No.16411837

The Guardian sat in silence, watching over the human. He would check his communicator from time to time to see if it still worked, or if anyone was listening. He glanced over at the human, the gazed out at the barren war blasted landscape around him. They weren't safe there, and he had to move. He wrapped his arms around Liena and picked her up, careful to support her whole body. He knew if she were awake she'd be kicking and screaming like a feral beast. The guardian tried to figure out where he was in relation to the war that was definitely waging around them. He almost wanted to pick a random direction.
He quickly dismissed his foolish thought. There would be only three outcomes, he finds the orkish lines, and both of them would be butchered horribly. He finds the human lines; Liena may be saved, but he would not be spared. His only true option was to find his lines, at least his people wouldn't kill him. He worried about how he would bring the guardswoman with. Despite their possible tolerance to her existence it would only be a matter of time before she went 'missing'. He still had to try.
He carried her across the recently turned dirt. Walking near aimlessly. He could almost feel the crosairs of an enemy sharpshooter. He stood out from the rest of the nothing that was the world around. Off in the distance he spotted something poking out form the ground. It was far away, but all he could tell was it was metal, and it was something. His feet seemed to move on their own as his steps drew him closer.
The Closer he got the easier it was to distinguish. The metal was the antenna of one of the analog based Imperial communication devices. A Vox. He closed his eyes as he thought to himself.
"I save her, then I die. Not an equal trade."
Yet he persisted and continued to walk towards the vox, and what appeared to be a trenchline.

>> No.16411871

Suddenly he fell to the ground screaming in agony. A stream of anus juice shot out from his ass. It was the last day of the universe, the day of diarrhea. Everyone died and became homosexuals thus the ultimate heresy. "Shit", the Emperor exclaimed before a waterfall of liquid shit spewed into the throne room thus ending the universe, or DID IT?

>> No.16411894

Indeed, good sir.

>> No.16411929


you could have just pic related.

>> No.16411940

Smoke billowed from the trench, and he could smell the all to ubiquitous stench of death again. Soon he began to see corpses littering the fortifications. Guardsmen. They had been overrun, and by how fresh the corpses looked, it wasn't long ago. He figured at least a day. But the Guardian didn't notice any ork corpses, or recognize the smell of orks at all. He walked up to the edge of the trench, stepping on some burnt barbed wire. He gazed at all the human remains, thinking how easily the one in his hands could have joined them.
There didn't seem to be any life anywhere. He crept alone the trehcnline to find a blasted bunker. The heavy metal door, adorned in all its imperial splendor was shut. The Guardian hopped that there were more guardsmen inside.
"Time to set her free."
He rested her at the foot of the door, and knocked as hard as he could making sure the noise could be heard inside. He lept silently out of the trench and hid himself to make sure that no one could see him, and associate her with an eldar. For her sake. He laid patiently watching as nothing happened. He looked back at her, and realized the folly of his actions. He left his sheet on her, and absentmindedly forgot to take it off her. He jumped back into the concrete cage and rushed to take back his sheet. As he did the metal door began to creak.

>> No.16411977

Just read the entire thing so far.

Good stuff, keep it up.

>> No.16412068

Did... did she die?

>> No.16412080

He froze in terror, a feeling he hadn't felt in ages. His mistake may have cost him and her their lives. He watched as the door slowly moved, and then it simply fell inward, smashing violently on the concrete staircase. The door slid down the stairs stopping abrublty at the end. There was nothing inside, nothing but more corpses. It was shelter though. He picked up the Guardswoman up and brought her into the room. He sat in a chair watching both the door and and Liena. He kept glancing at the vox, it appeared to him that it might be in working order. However he never could tell the difference between working imperial equipment and defunct ones. Liena was secure in the room, he felt he could investigate the machine.
As he approach the Vox, he pushed a dead soldier off the machine. As it fell to the ground he saw what had killed the guardsmen. The wound was clean, and precise, nothing like the explosive and brutish weaponry of the ork. This was clean efficient, and by the looks of the corpses, quick and unexpected. He sighed heavily, and rested his face into his palm. He knew almost immediately what fate befell the guardsmen. They had been killed by Eldar. He looked back at Liena. She was now his enemy.

>> No.16412144


>> No.16412240

Liena's eyes fluttered open. She immediately could tell she had been moved. Her vision came back quickly. the first object she could make out was the corpse of a guardsman no more than an arms reach from her. His face was pressed up against the ground, but she could make out the details of his face. She gasped in disbelief.
The woman forced her body up to inspect the corpse. Looking for anything to identify the man. She could see his face clearly, but she didn't want to believe it. Liena grabbed the man's shoulder pad and began scratching away the mud that caked on from being in the trench for so long. The more she rubbed off, the more her heart started racing. She was hoping and praying to the emperor that what she felt in her heart wasn't true. The Mud came off to reveal a large white "89" on his armor, along with company designation. Theta Company, her company.
She shook her head as if it would somehow change the letters on the mans armor. She looked around and she began seeing familiar faces everywhere. Her heart sank as she fell back to the floor fighting off the swelling in her throat. The tears began to pool in the corners of her eyes.
"No..No, this can't be happening."
The guardian hear her stirring, he didn't approach her. He could feel what she must have been feeling. He knew pain of loss all to well.
"Almost Eldar..."
He shook his head.

>> No.16412268

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I will be eagerly awaiting the next installment.

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