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A bead of sweat slid over the side of Shas'Ui Shenraya's eyebrow and down along her nasal slit, just above her lips. The cold air of the hall felt soothing on the Shas'Ui's warm skin. She thought it odd how heated up she was in the open room and not tucked snugly within the confines of her battlesuit. The alien eyes of the diplomats that had received her group were all on her, dressed down to just the tight latex of her undergarments. Somehow they felt tighter-- tugging almost as they observed her perform her usual daily exercises. Internally she cursed the noble Aun who had suggested the activity-- a cultural show of how the Tau soldiers kept themselves fit.

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Flashing a glance at the Ethereal, he turned a piercing gaze toward Shenraya that took her off of her rhythm. The intent gaze of his silver eyes urged her onward in her task. Taking a deep breath caused her top to stretch around her chest with an audible noise. It was if the material had somehow gotten smaller, making it hard for the Tau girl to breathe. She nodded her head down to focus her thoughts and then looked back up at the aliens before her with a smile. It wasn't just her top, it seemed as the Shas'ui slowly brought her hands between her thighs and bent her knees down. The leggings pulled against her skin and her bottom threatened to split her in three. She couldn't look down to confirm, but the battlesuit pilot was sure that everyone watching her could see every contour of her sex now through the material. Her hooves scraped against the ground as she brought her hands up, letting out her breath and raising them high before circling them around back down again, returning to a squatting position.

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The Tau girl continued her exercises, sweat shining brightly on her skin. One of the aliens bid the Ethereal over and, out of Shenraya's earshot, they had what appeared to be having an animated conversation. As she moved her hands to the side, her arm brushed against her chest, dragging roughly against the nub of flesh and the end of her breast. Smiling again to try and hide her arousal, Shenraya wondered if the aliens could even comprehend what she was going through. The Shas'ui admittedly knew nothing of this particular group of aliens. They were tall and lean, and their armor had long, draping robes that were dark in color. Returning again to the squatting position, Shenraya's clothing squealed as it stretched and rubbed against her damp skin. She could feel the edges of it tugging against her thighs and stomach, against her shoulders and her chest.

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The Ethereal then turned towards Shenraya from his conversation and pointed directly at her with his long, grey fingers, saying some words to the alien he had been talking to. The Shas'ui didn't know it then, but she was about to be introduced to how the Dark Eldar did things.

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So, taus are like twi'leks? Only more hypocritical?

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Continue, OP. It's been long since we had any OC.

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Continue, for to not is heresy.

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I digged it from pastebin. the author isn't here

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What loathsome creatures.

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That's because they banned all the OC writers who could write anything more than drivel.

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anon0 you glorious bastard!

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well, a lot of things happen, and then she ends up like this:

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This is the BEST way to describe DE in a single image.

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I wonder if Technomancer ever wakes up and thinks maybe hating women isn't all it is cracked up to be.

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He is too busy fapping and drawing porn

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drawing fucked up shit isn't really a marker of hatin' anything, to be honest.

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One has to deserve hate.

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do tau have buttholes in the same place humans do

do they fart

if a tau has to fart in his battlesuit does it get all stinky

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Oh, no, he really does hate women. He draws his own fetishes of degradation, amputation, death and brain damage. There's a screencap going around.

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Farting is nothing. What if she has to go potty?

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Oh, yeah, about that, the term "misogyny" was too hard, on second thought.

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Well then he is just an angry talented angsty artist who draws porn on peoples request for free.

He is the hero /tg/ deserves.

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Yes to all three.


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the Earth caste has probably already invented super-absorbent diapers of course

but diapers can't absorb fart smell, it's impossible

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I imagine it's similar to space suits now. They wear diapers

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removed via a series of painful, humiliating tubes


>feeding your slave at all

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Great, now we're going to have shitting Tau fetishists.

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>this thread

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guess why she had to come out of that suit so fast

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do you guys think that the fire caste diapers each other before getting into battle, or maybe they have drones to do it? Or maybe the Earth Caste does it after doing a double check on their suits before they deploy.

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>can't absorb fart smell, it's impossible

>Here is the item you have been looking for, just like Flatulence Medicine! The Flatulence Deodorizer - Reusable is an activated charcoal cloth pad that is worn taped inside the underwear next to the buttocks. The wearer is virtually unaware of its presence because it thin and comfortable, and you insert it inside the undergarment or panties. The activated carbon cloth pad is washable and reusable. You can get several weeks use out of a single pad, depending on usage.

>When intestinal gas is expelled through the flatulence filter pad, it absorbs the gas odor normally associated with the malodorous gassy discharge or flatus. Those with digestive disorders such as IBS, IBD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lactose Intolerance, Diabetes, gastric bypass surgery, spastic colon, Crohn's, Colitis, Celiac, AIDS, HIV, TMAU, and other gastrointestinal diseases will regain confidence, end embarrassment, live life again, and enjoy freedom with this inconspicuous pad. No more smelly episodes, horrible flatulance odors, with these pads that are placed in your undergarment. No longer do you have to take Beano or Gas-X to eliminate sugar alcohols to neutralize your stomach gas or passing gas odor. The flatulence deodorizer is like having on charcoal odor absorbing underwear and will eliminate your gas odors. If you have uncontrollable gas or human body odors, associated with flatulence, please consider this product as it provides protection immediately.

The more your know.

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>implying earth caste girls don't wear them too, because they're too busy to go to the toilet

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mother of god

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and because it looks so good on their round hips and asses, too.

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I think you mean:

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>flatulence deoderizer
>worn inside panties

>implying girls fart

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I think we went a lot further than just tits, anon.

A lot further.

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girls fart all the time

in fact they have videos on youtube of girls farting

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To quote Crow T. Robot:

"...turns out it's not funny at all when you fart in a spacesuit..."

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I havent read post because OP pic warned me enough.

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>Techmancer draws request
>tell him i'll writefag for it
>takes 5 days
>he hates it
>asks someone else to writefag for this one

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Dem tau girls diaper each other, of course. They do everything together.

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>he hates it

you're over-interpreting it, bro. Just said there was too much exposition and that you tried to make it more than just a fapfic, which is a risky exercise.

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So what? Just cut all the admech fuckery at the beginning and end and just get to the dickings?

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possibly, yes

>> No.16399473

fapfic. Your quest to single-handedly raise the bar on porn literature will fail. Trust me. No one wants better writing.

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And I mean that in the kindest possible way. Being told your writing sucks is the shittest thing in the world.

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Truly, we have become Gods

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nah nah, you're right. I never realized how long it was until I started posting. I'm going back now to cut it down.

Was the dickings at least on par or should I rework that a well?

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Jesus Christ, why the fuck do you care what a shitty fetish artist thinks of your fapfic?

>> No.16399519

to have your heroes disparage your work is one of the most heart crushing things

>> No.16399521

If Technomancer is one of your heroes you have far bigger problems.

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dickings were nice

It's a thing between shitty fetish artists on a shitty internet site for shitty manchildren...

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Let the purgation begin.

>> No.16399622

I see what you did there

>> No.16399637

rolled 33 = 33

Techy is just techy or just "GAAABAAACHOOOO MIERDAAAAAA!!!!" draw moar porn ktnx

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/d/eviants would you please GTFO to /d/ already.

You don't belong here.

Alright, Now I have seen everything.

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wow that was fast

>> No.16399695

Ah fuck it.


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rolled 21 = 21

Have you seen last techy work?

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Wishing it won't make it so.

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now, imagine her doing this:

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I like the Tau an all, but is cause of their culture and defensive strategy. To you furry xeno wanna fucks, i leave this picture.

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i love that pic. i dont use it nearly enough

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>defensive strategy

oh, you so funny, anon. Is that really how you call "cowering behind a wall of firepower and being obnoxiously expansionist"?

>> No.16399983

>obnoxiously expansionist
>literally believes they own the entire galaxy

>> No.16399997

I call using cover and killing your enemy before they can kill you a smart defensive strategy. I call saying "fuck cover imma get shot in the fuckin face cause I wanna punch some nuggra" completely stupid. AKA I watch everything you own die as it tries to get near my stuff.

>> No.16400009

The imperium of man thinks the same way. Actually so does the U.S.

>> No.16400010

I mean "obnoxiously expansionist", as in "being expansionist", but also "being self-righteous, annoying dicks about it", nothing to do with their actual military power or grasp on the galaxy

>> No.16400018

You might want to play a game where melee combat isn't such a huge part of conflict then.

>> No.16400061

such a strategy *shouldn't* work so well in 40k, even the IG is more offensive than them. but it does work. That's what the tau are all about. They don't fit in the overall gameplay, the fluff, the atmosphere, the aesthetics, the galaxy itself, but somehow, they work, because GW writers somwhat knew that they were little more than a stupid excuse to make money. So, they assumed and integrated this aspect into every part of the tau, making every other race have the same attitude towards them as your average neckbeard.

That's why I like them.

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For the sake of my sanity and my Immortal soul I will not.

The Tau girl fad is annoying enough but this stuff just crossed a new threshold. Whoever requested these blights should be smacked in the face with the Xenology book repeatedly.

Tis was not a wish, it was but a humble request.

>> No.16400158

well, you're not being humble anymore. In fact, brandishing the canonicity of some source material against the whims of the community that buys this material for its own enjoyment is rather obnoxious, once again.

Just saying.

>> No.16400181


>Whoever requested these blights should be smacked in the face with the Xenology book repeatedly.

Chill bro, you're raging over fictional tits, and looking like one yourself.

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Do you know that I didn't play 40k before I heard about the Tau? My friends did. I was introduced to 40k earlier this year, by coming to /tg/.

What I saw here, not of the Tau's actual fluff but of your assembled debauchery and subhuman attitudes toward everything 40k related have caused me to purchase an Imperial Guard army at great expense, research the strategies and tactics of that codex, paint them painstakingly so as not to arouse suspicion, and then systematically ruin 40k for every Tau player in the greater San Jose area.

I am fucking meticulous. If you live within 120 miles of my city and play Tau, I'm coming for you. I'll find you, I'll track you, and I'll corner your ass in a game shop and rape you on the pinball machine with 9 vendettas and a chimera vets. You hear me? If you play anything else, we will have a pleasant match and I will probably lose. If you play Tau, I will cause your anus to prolapse and you to die.

Because of this shit, this is now my mission in life. And it feels fucking awesome.

>> No.16400238

You should arrange a match with Shas'o R'myr.

>> No.16400253

>If you play Tau, I will cause your anus to prolapse and you to die.

Are you sure that you /don't/ like the fetish stuff we can see ITT?

Because, I mean, there exists porn with a tau girl with a prolapsed anus.

>> No.16400257

Shitty writefagging aside, it's a sad day when a newfag like you is considered an average /tg/ user.

>> No.16400262

>> Because, I mean, there exists porn with a tau girl with a prolapsed anus.

Don't you even post that shit... I'm warning you...

>> No.16400271

Wish this was a tau one.

>> No.16400281

He's a Jersey boy. A bit out of my range.
For now.

>> No.16400287

He wants it. From a Tau.

>> No.16400289

> brandishing the canonicity of some source material against the whims of the community that buys this material for its own enjoyment is rather obnoxious, once again.

Nope, I'm not.

Im just endorsing violence against /d/eviants using an item that will make the situation more ironic and humorous.

I can not fap to non-canon porn.

It's all about the principle dude!

I like you, you're an okay guy.

>> No.16400316

well, I, for one, consider that distorting the canon so as to reflect my fetishes through punctual, willingly misinterpreted fluff elements is also very funny and spices up my fapping experience, because having fun is my principle.

Surely you can understand that?

>> No.16400365

but if canon porn is ok, then you must be aware that... all that you've seen here exists.
on a daemon world, deep in the eye of terror or
on a slave ship of some dark eldar kabal.
on some tau worlds, in a distant future where the tau have expanded enough for the possible, but distasteful, to become reality.

and now I hate you, for you made me realize that even this IS CANON.

>> No.16400370

What's all this faggotry about TAU already ?

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>> No.16400409

>I can not fap to non-canon porn.

>It's all about the principle dude!

Yeah! Dark Elfdar Wych footjobs only. No seriously alot of them don't wear shoes.

>> No.16400433

shut up, Darius, we know you prefer blue chicks, but that you're frustrated because you can't fap to something that isn't canon either, so you had to make up your own "canon".

>> No.16400435


Also, while I'm here and have nothing better to do, have a discourse on Tau Tits, and why you should stop giving a fuck;

Truth is, we don't know whether Tau have breasts or not. It's true, Xenology shows a dissection of a female Ethereal, and there is a considerably dearth of mammary glands visible. However, this Ethereal also had most of it's chest flayed off, in order to show the underlying muscle and organs. if you look at a diagram of female musculature, boobs don't feature; they're attached above the muscle layer, and as such, whatever was there, whether it was melon-tits, flat expanse of chest, or fucking blood-leeching proboscises, we don't know what it was. Also insert usual argument against xenology (Tau have actual hooves not camel feet, facial slit is wrong, yadda yadda yadda).

Now, why not to give a shit? Quite simple; if you're taking 40k so seriously that you'll throw a bitchfit over the sexy alien chick trope being played, while ignoring every other incidence of science handwavery, rule of cool and just plain dumb stuff, you need to take a chill pill and look again at the setting you're whining about.

Tau are the clean, science and tech race, yes. This does not make 40k hard science fiction now. Complaining about sexy aliens in other settings, which take pride in presenting a reasonable view of the future, is acceptable. Complaining in a setting with demons, space elves, Judge Dredd, Xenomorphs, anachronistic medieval styled tech and as much of the 80's as physically possible is not.

>> No.16400473


>> No.16400484

>No seriously alot of them don't wear shoes.

I've been wondering about that myself... doesn't that seem a bit stupid to not wear shoes on a battlefield?

>> No.16400526

<< this is about how much DE care about stepping on stuff with bare feet.

>> No.16400532


40k is still harder SF than Star Trek.

>> No.16400571

The only Dark Eldar I'm aware of who don't wear shoes are Hellions, who ride skyboards so won't even touch the ground, or Lelith, who uses her feet as weapons.

>> No.16400644

Oh I do understand you clearly...but you should understand If I see these kind of things I have every right to vent my rage because this stuff is obnoxious.

Argh...The horror, the horror of it all. Now even I hate myself.

Yeah yeah indeed it is sad.

But look at the bright side mate. The old /tg/ was a hellhole and new /tg/ isn't all that bad.

You oldfags should forget about the past and embrace the future.

>> No.16400645


Jelly's harder than soup, but they're still soft.

Although I do have to agree.

>> No.16400860


you fucking simpleton. /tg/ is a board for nerds among nerds. our THAT GUY threads have people shitting themselves at the table, forcing people to endure imaginary, or being such a genetic mutant that they practically count as a non-euclidian object. Have you seen anything close to that elsewhere? Expecting us to not have fucked up sexual tastes is just flat out naieve.

/tg/ is not serious buisness. It never has been. It will go back to the way it was before, and the sooner dorks like you get with the program, the better.

>> No.16400878

Wasn't the program "ban anyone posting shit, exile them to tg-chan?"

>> No.16401743


Just to point out, in Xenobiology it says: (in a posh british voice) "...General organic processes and reproductive anatomy all show remarkable similarities. Is this racial parallelism purely coincidental?"

So yes, Tautitties are canon.

>> No.16401929

If that was true, why are you still here and not on tgchan?

>> No.16401950

>> No.16401980


That looks delicious.

>> No.16402018

Those are nice plump blueberry muffins, have some more.

>> No.16402111


this thread is gross

>> No.16402154

Thank you for your input, it will duly be classified in my personal files under "things I don't give a fuck about".

okay, on a more related note; what is the recipe for good muffins? Homemade ones are always too tiny, flat and lack savor.

>> No.16402343


this thread is hot

>> No.16402384

Now with freckles!

Like Cata-chan, but blue, and smaller than the average human. An exotic pocket-sized version.

>> No.16402413

dude that's possibly the ugliest alien to fap over ever

it's like a goat had sex with an avatar alien gave birth to Queen Latifa

>> No.16402430

That's kind of the point.
Plus, Queen Latifah is a very beautiful woman.

>> No.16402442

That's the hardest I've fucking laughed all day.

>> No.16402444


>> No.16402456

>113 posts and 22 images omitted

>> No.16403896

anatomically correct

>> No.16403939

Technomancer scared Shas'o away, again.

>> No.16403951

>anatomically correct

You funny guy!

I kill you last.

>> No.16404102

Rest of the story?

>> No.16404779

you must be new here

this is 4chan, we fap to a lot of weird stuff

>> No.16404837

Jesus H Christ.

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