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Haters gonna hate, so fuck them, I already put an order in on Tuesday for my copy. Who else is getting pumped for Dreadfleet now that the first tid-bits of gameplay are out?

Elven Dragons? Fuck Yeah.

Dwarven Dirigibles? Fuck Yeah.

Boarding Actions with Swashbuckling Duels? Double Fuck Yeah.

Alternatively, are there any haters out there that are starting to warm up to the game and would like to admit it?

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All of my envy, OP, all of my envy.

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Why, can't afford it?

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This needs to be expanded into a fully realized specialist game, that's the only real downside to the whole thing. As it is, it'd better be damn good as a standalone product if you can't add anything to it down the line. I know I'd kill a man with his own hands just to pit a Dwarven steamship armada against other fleets on the high seas.

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How is no one on /tg interested in a Fantasy boat game with a giant mutated angler-fish, robo octopus and djinn-powered pleasure yacht?

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cause its doneby GW and willend up being a crappy game

if we wanted all that stuff we would be playing Uncharted Seas

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Can afford it easily but..

Not paying for another board game with that price tag. Models are lovely and I'd love to paint them... but I'd rather a BFG on the sea game.

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Oh god. I'd probably be getting it if it were coming out two months from now.

Also, I want the old rules for boats in Fantasy to be brought back. Even though scratchbuilding them involves a lot of frustration and getting superglue everywhere, and if there were GW kits for ships, they'd be retardedly expensive (a "small" ship is 4-10", large is 18"+ and medium is obviously the middle ground.)

So the only ships from Dreadfleet that would be reasonable for use in regular Warhammer would be... that little Empire ship in the middle.

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this dude speaks the truth. Unless they intend to release racial army lists and more ships per race i for one wont be paying for it. Having a majority of factions represented in the box is great and all, but tastes kind of funny.

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This. I'm really put off by the "limited release" thing, and the implication that it will never be expanded on.

Just like I'm mad they never re-released Space Hulk v3 with expansions, and it's pretty much dead after two years.

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Unfortunately, the market practically demands it. If they didn't hype it up as being a limited release, the incentive to buy it would nearly cease to exist, and they'd never move enough product to make a timely profit.

Why do I know this? Because despite Space Hulk being hugely hyped and rather limited, both my local stores had a couple copies sitting on the shelves for at least half a year. If it wasn't a limited release, those boxes would likely still be there, since I'm pretty sure they were finally picked up by scalpers who saw the value in reselling them on e-bay.

The urgency it induces in buyers is really quite key to the sale.

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Are you kidding? Having all of the information in one book is the greatest thing to happen to tabletop gamers since... Well, a long time! It means you don't have to sink hundreds of dollars into supporting volumes which you then have to haul around with your minis everywhere you go.

Now go sit in a corner and think about what you did.

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in b4 the rules for Dreadfleet are just updated from the General's Compendium and amended for the special characters that each ship are supposed to represent.

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Yeah, that's what sucked. My local GW had a bunch of extra copies of Space Hulk that they actually shipped back right before GW announced they had "found" a bunch more copies in a warehouse or whatever.

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Kidding? Please. One ship per fictional race is a let down and we all know it. The back-o-book missions will soon run dry. The product is a wargame rather then a board game, yet has seen almost zero planning towards the future.

Until they state blisters containing ships and options for fleet lists im simply not interested in a £70 board game like this. Horus Heresy or spacehulk are prime examples of self contained games with a little room for expantion if desired - Dreadfleet is a game that screams the need for expantion.

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I lost my virginity to.. oh who am I kidding.

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>I lost my virginity to...

...a Starship Trooper?

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But... They're not. You have no idea what the rules are. None of us do.

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...flashing light in Hyperspace

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Yep. I would totally buy this.

...In like a year. Too bad it wont be a product anymore by then.

I'd also really like if it was supported like Space Hulk wasn't...

In short it's too expensive for a boardgame and too short a release window for a tabletop game.

So... I hope that doesn't make me a hater, because I like the idea and the miniatures but I won't be playing and I'm pretty sure that's GW's fault just like how Space Hulk not being obscenely popular everywhere is GW's fault. Limited release miniatures makes sense for special occasions. Limited release games is just... weird and dumb.

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Space Hulk should've been an expansion instead of a separate game. Rules + missions in a book, use regular Terminators and 'stealer minis, release a limited edition Terminator Captain or Librarian and Broodlord, terrain kits that work as both clearly marking out squares for Space Hulk movement and interiors for regular games of 40k. And/or rules that are more like Kill Teams.

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Yes. That would've made GW oodles of money easily.

But we all know they hate making lots of money easily and would infinitely prefer to make average amounts of money off space marine sales that look good on quarterly investor reports.

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Not gonna buy it.
Not even a hater.
Because uncharted sea is better in every aspect.
Will i be hated for this comment? Sure will.
Because the truth is.
a) Most of the fanboys don't even know what uncharted sea is.
b) Fanboys gonna fan.

Oh a friendly reminder?
This game wont be as sucessful as space hulk.
why? because it doesn't have nice miniatures to be used in Fantasy or 40K

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Well instead of acting like a conceited prick you could just tell us what makes your game so great instead of calling everyone a fanboy, which implies that we're pretty much mindless, gibbering automatons. I wanted to check out the minis on the site, but Uncharted Seas has a really piss-poor website. Half the factions apparently aren't out yet, and the rest of them have a handful of pictures, leading me to believe the game is practically a half-formed idea still struggling to get out the door.

But prove me wrong. I want a boat game to play damnit.

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Man, GW's skirmish games always rock

why do they toss them to the wayside so easily? It frustrates me

>buying my space boat armada soon. Found a group locally, shit is cash

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I just discovered uncharted sea. But as i had just spent my money on Dreadfleet it will have to wait. But i will buy that and i will enjoy Dreadfleet and i also play that pirates tcg-ish game were you build the ships. AND i play Battlefleet gothic. so i am enjoying all the games.

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Nah uncharted sea have an existing line that has been around for ages.
The reason they are hard to find atm ( and gasp HUGE SALE ) is because they are releasing new version.

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Anyone care to elucidate on this Uncharted Seas?

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There's something so indescribably right about this. Massive Dwarven Ironclad with dozens of cannons and a flamethrower that launches a dirigible. Is that a Dwarven submarine in the corner? I do believe it is. Fucking radical.

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large games require 30+ figs.

skirmish games can be played with less than 20.

box sales

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Fuck you. No one I have ever met plays Battlefleet Gothic, and it's the one game GW makes that I want to play above all else. I've never even seen a model in person. I hate everything right now.

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Didn't they already do that with Man o' War? Doesn't it officially have the best GW rules in existence? Can't you just play a dwarven armada with that?

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Pic related: dwarven submarines

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There's like 10 people who have fleets in Olympia. Granted, if you're not in western Washington you're kinda fucked.

I have three fleets, all playable, and I'm in Seattle. You want, I could set up a demo over in Gary's Games and Hobbies? Have to be in October though, got work all next week.

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hey man, I've been waiting almost a decade to find a group. I missed the initial surge and have been kicking myself since then

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They're redoing the old Uncharted minis, to be on par with the more recent ones, like the Ralgard fleet

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reported for viral from games workshop employee paid to try to generate excitement for a shitty game

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You don't know that man!
Seriously, though, does anyone play Man o'War? The rules must be downloadable, and given that the minis are boats it'd be pretty easy to proxy with pieces of card or whatever.

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'Ere ya go. /rs is your friend.

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bump for awesomsauce

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