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Ladies and gentlemen! I propose a question: Which is superior? The Golden Throne of the god emperor? or the Brass Throne of Khorne?

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But Khorne's throne is made of skulls, hence "skull throne"

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Suddenly, I want these for a Monopoly token.

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Oh god, you don't know don't you.
I.. I'm really sorry, I don't know how to put this.

But Khorne just sits on a brass throne atop the skulls. It's not a throne made of skulls or anything like that.

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i prefer the look of brass more than gold

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Way to go

No one's gonna want to join Khorne now...

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You dare to speak the Blood God's name, creature? And then you go so far as to compare a fancy chair under a withered corpse to his-
...Welp, I guess it's back to being a glorious Blood Raven. I've got a shitload of stuff for them, they're gonna love me.

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I.. I'm sorry..

They might still go for the bloodlust.

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I declare this propoganda tactic against the enemy a success!!! Let us drink!

wait did i say propoganda... I.. uh.. mean to say ... uh... we didn't make that up i swear!

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Couldn't the skulls that the blood god sits upon be made of brass?

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that'd be sort of cheating though, wouldn't it? Unless there's some 40k critter I don't know about with a naturally brass skull

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