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Hey /tg/,

Yesterday I saw a thread about who the worst space marine chapter was.
A lot of you said Space Wolves, and a lot of you defended Blood Angels.

Really now.
Space Wolves might be all wolfy wolf wolf of the wolf, but they're still god damn vikings, literally all there is to Blood Angels is HURR DURR VAMPYURZZZZZ which basically makes them the biggest faggots.

Prove me wrong.

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Furries are worse than vampires. Prove me wrong.

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Oh god no, Space Wolves are faggots. I say that as a guy who owns their latest codex and who has read the novels.

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I say Salamanders

They have no reason to be in 40K other than to be some shitty meta-moralfag marine force

Also niggers

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No, you pretty much have it down.

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vampires are bad ass especially when they are crazy psychic barbarian vampires. Space wolves are ok but the whole idea of HURR DURR IM A VIKING gets old fast

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Underneath their power armor, Blood Angels wear a flimsy silken loincloth held together by a fine string adorned with tiny skulls and jewelry.

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I don't know how they can be considered the "worst" Chapter given their unique duties that included taking out renegade Legions, and their near-incorruptibility.

DP Magnus praises them for being the perfection of Emperor's vision in Battle of the Fang.

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/tg/ is far too bandwagony. Wait until a while and it'll all be flip flopped.

>Captcha *arabic script*
. . . Fuck you, Captcha.

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no, it doesn't.

However, the whole concept of "HURR DURR I'M A WOLF" does get old pretty fast, especially if that's the only noticeable element of their background.

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I will ask this again,

Why can't everyone just appreciate every single legion for its flaws and strengths?

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I'm staying far away from anything Vampire, lest some Twifag thinks they have found a haven.

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because we're on the INTERNETS

but you wouldn't understand that, of course...

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Hurr durr spesh vikings who drink beeeer

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because 40k attracts adolescent idiots who constantly bicker about shit like this

it's part of the nature of the setting

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Underageb& who isn't allowed to buy beer detected

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Oh right, theres that furnace of hatred we need to fuel up with debates like "Rogal Dorn, has a moustache or not? "

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I don't like any space marines, or any of the Imperium, they are the most boring and uninteresting of all the 40k races.

This is merely my opinion.

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>because everything attracts adolescent idiots who constantly bicker about shit like this


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You could have just as easily said "Vikings are bad ass especially when they're crazy psychic technologically advanced Vikings. Blood Angels are ok but the whole idea of HURR DURR IM A VAMPIRE gets old fast" and still be saying pretty much the same thing.

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but it's not

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this whole thread belongs on /v/ for its shittingineachothersmouths level of trolling

Captcha: 60-50% avatiod

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>space wolves hate
>hating on the space viking idea
>hurr durr in the same sentence as space viking


the hell its the faggotry day or something?

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awww yeah

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this thread needs more skub

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I thought Ultramarines is the worst chapter?

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Theres the Matt Ward bandwagon, and then there's novellas like "Rules of Engagement" where they are awesome.

Take your pick really.

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>Anything other than ultramarines

Enjoy your non-canon bullshit. I mean, all of you deviant chapters know you can never be ultramarines but you look up to them and try to emulate them and you know that Roboute Guilliman is your spiritual liege.

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I like to think we're the silent majority.

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That character looks like a balloon.

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I for one say ignore EVERYTHING ward ever wrote and take the space marine game instead.

Made ultramarines... interesting. Didn't think that was possible.

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>everything in the game is basically lifted from the space marine codex
>ultramarines are now interesting

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And then theres :

Battle for the Abyss
Chains of Command (Short Story)
Warriors of Ultramar
Dead Sky Black Sun
The Killing Ground
Courage and Honour
The Chapter's Due

All of wich contain awesome chapters, including the Ultramarines .

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Calgar finally kills M'kar the Reborn for good in The Chapter's Due.

This means Draigo won't ever have his revenge.

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Most of the books you listed are from the Ultramarine omnibus.

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I know.

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>but they're still god damn vikings

Consider that might be one of the reasons why some people don't like them.

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Thousand Sons with a Primarch whose psychic abilities could match and/or even be greater than that of the Emperor.

Suck it.

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How did they lose then?

>> No.16387390


No, not really. I just dislike them rather strongly, especially since reading the A Thousand Son and Prospero Burns.

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>greater than a god


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magnus sulked till russ broke his back

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Shame for disobeying.
You would too if you just raped the throne by accident.

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I like both the Space Wolves and the Blood Angels. Wolfy wolfs and bloody bloods and overpowered codices or not, both of them have enough detail and depth and stories to make them interesting. The "worst" space marine chapter would still be the ultramarines, for the simple fact that they're boring. They're pitched as "standard" Space Marines, and because of this they lack character.

"Worst" could mean a number of things. It could mean worst at winning in-game (Black Templars), worst at being fair in-game (Space Wolves), worst at being interesting (Ultramarines), worst at winning in-universe (the Sons of Russ, who all mutated and ceased to exist shortly after being created as a chapter), worst at being helpful to their allies (Knights of Blood and Flesh Tearers, for their tendency to go crazy and eat them). I personally consider being interesting the most important attribute, so my opinion is that the Ultramarines are the worst chapter.

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Worst space marine chapter is the Marines Malevolent.

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>only chapter to care about political power
>run their own sector
>space romans
>have space senate
>amazing at infrastructure, only chapter capable of creating something lasting that benefits human beings outside of killing things all the time
>quite capable of creating own empire

It's not the spiritual liege's fault you're unimaginative.

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According to Battle of the Fang, if Space Wolves had fixed their gene-seed flaw that prevents new foundings from using it, they would have created an empire of wolves that crushes the Traitor Legions' hopes forever.

That's why Magnus' number one priority during Battle of the Fang was to destroy the Wolves' laboratories and kill the Wolf Priest who had cooked up the only solution for curing the flaws.

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Hey! DLFG! I got the Magnus part down, about his eye. Turns out it was smooth skin merged over it.

Have you ever read anything about Rogal Dorn, having a moustache?


Magnus was not even close to the Emperor in terms of power.

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What happened with Curze? Why'd you stop working on him?

>> No.16387588

why are his hands so big


>proper proportions


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Every founding Legion is awesome. Period. Some more so than others but only because some are more fluffed out. These being the Ultramarines (Romans in space, with their own empire carved out within the Imperium? Awesome. Fuck Ward, still awesome), Space Wolves (Viking chapter with wolf motif? Awesome. Furry bait? Damn, but still awesome), Blood Angels (Loyal, "good" vampires? That's pretty sweet. I'll kill the first one that sparkles, though), and Dark Angels (A not sure if loyalist chapter? That's some interesting depth, if a bit edgy for edginess' sake). They all have their pluses and minuses, and are all awesome.

The ones less fluffed out, the ones without their own special codices (Face it, Space Marine codex is Ultramarines Codex with additional filler), are still awesome, they just have less depth and are generally one-trick ponies. Iron Hands are Bionic Commandos, Raven Guard are just plain commandos, Salamanders are pitch black bros, Imperial Fists have pain and siege fetishes, and White Scars are Mongorians. Hopefully, they'll get as fleshed out as their Codex brothers eventually.

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Because I cannot decide between Night haunter or Curze.

Sorry about the crunched size, its double this one but 4chan ain't lettin me post that one.

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Theres that, and perspective, its supposed to be held up towards us...

>> No.16387621


Yep. Technically born normal, but he made a pact with Tzeentch to save his Legion. Pay up front was his eye. The second half was his legion's loyalty, but he didn't know that at the time.

>> No.16387630


Both of them, at least IMO, show too much emotion on their faces.

>> No.16387632


Seconding this.

Having the ordinary Imperial citizen hate and fear you is one thing, but pretty much attracting the ire and disgust of every other Space Marine chapter out there because of your actions and conduct really takes the cake.

>> No.16387633


Dude, that's an awesome idea, representing both of them as two individuals while still being connected.

>> No.16387641


Yeah, the thing I was researching was appearance, did the eye trade thing make him horribly scarred? Or did it just leave a patch of skin?

Turns out it was this

>Magnus was finally succesful: the aberrant mutations decimating his Legion stopped. This effort had a visible cost, and a hidden one: Magnus lost his right eye, the skin becoming smooth where the eye had previously been.

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well even taking perspective into account his hands are still big enough to be all IMMA CRUSHING MY HEAD

>> No.16387655

i wonder why he didn't just stick a bionic on there

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Just finished both the Space Wolf Omnibus(s) (Omnibi?) and enjoyed them very much. I loved how, when confronted with the possibility of getting stabbed in the eye a second time by the Spear of Russ, Magnus The Red, the big bad primarch, is all "FUCK IT I'M OUT ENJOY YER SHIT."

Yeah, the books were nothing but a plot WOLFYWOLFSPEESMEHREEN armor wankfest, but definitely enjoyable. It was also neat to read about Terra, and how shitty/awesome life is there.

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Because then he wouldn't make a very good cyclops.

>> No.16387681

Oh yeah, I'm sure they would have then thoughtfully built up the infrastructure of their new empire so that it would remain an efficient beacon of light even after ten thousand years of decay and darkness.

Because the Wolves are so good at that sort of thing.

>> No.16387684


>implying they lost.

>> No.16387711


Actually, it was intended to be nothing of the kind. The Space Wolf Empire idea was to surround the Eye of Terror completely, and wage eternal war.

It makes sense, to a degree. How much more fucked would Abaddon be if there were 20 Space Wolf Chapters waiting for him to try for Cadia again? And considering their Chapter doesn't adhere to Codex regulations on size, that'd be about 10 legions. Of Space Vikings. They'd still be that, just not Viking Werewolves anymore.

>> No.16387727

>huge buildup of spess wulfs
>imperium goes into civil war because spess wulfs are only tolerated because they are a founding chapter which does not try and become huge

i do not think that plan would work out quite as planned

>> No.16387732

I don't think we're quibbling about the same thing.

>> No.16387735


Actually, now that I think about it, the entire idea was just to remove the furry bait part.

And really, wouldn't that be easy? I always thought it was the Wulfen Chalice or whatever that added the wolfyness to the Marine, not the geneseed itself. Sip from the chalice, awaken a wolf spirit within you, then while you're fighting it they start operating on you.

So if you don't want the wulfen part anymore . . . then make people stop drinking from the damn cup.

>> No.16387755


Well, I re-read what I quoted, and I don't think I misinterpreted it.

It seemed like you scoffed at the idea of a Space Wolf empire on par with the Ultramar or the God-Emperor's original intention. Which is scoffable, I agree. But that's not what the Space Wolf empire was setting out to do/be.

>> No.16387758

i thought that happened because the wulfs only recruited on fenris

and fenrisians have that weird wulf bits in their DNA which reacted badly to the geneseed sometimes

>> No.16387764

I was saying the Ultramarines are good at making empires and supporting the people. That's what they do. That's their entire shtick. Spess Romans.

>> No.16387771

Drinking from the cup is the final trial for all Space Wolves; without it, the Canis Helix wouldn't activate and the geneseed would be useless.

Of course, the downside is that you're thrown out of the Fang to survive on your own, while your body is trying not to explode into a Wulfen.

>> No.16387782



Can anyone help me with citations on Rogal Dorn?

I've been rummaging through Imperial Fists related novellas, at a slow pace looking for a description of the man.

>> No.16387819

>Kidnap young men in their prime
>Lock them in coffins, give them blood transfusions
>Come out looking handsome with superhuman strength
Blood Angels confirmed for Wraeththu

>> No.16387846

>implying the young men don't come questing for the honor

>> No.16387856


Wraeththu are just vampires with the faggotry turned up, and an author who doesn't realize how fucking evil they are.

Fortunatly, everyone in 40k is dicks, so any given faction is unlikly to be anything twlight or Wraeththu like.

>> No.16387864

You are merely Awesome and I agree

>> No.16387879

She offered her honor.
I honored her offer.
And throughout the night I was honor and offer.

>> No.16387918

Blood Angels vs. Space Wolves is the same as Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. You're both faggots.

>> No.16387929


Recruiting only from Fenris is what keeps the Space Wolves functional.

Wolf Brothers, their only known successor, pretty much uniformly mutated into beasts.

>> No.16387932

>Not chaptering your honor

>> No.16387937


Yeah, totally, Twilight did it first. And 40k is a Starcraft rip-off.

>> No.16387949


"Dark eyes set above sharp cheekbones, a nose that cut down in line with the slope of the forehead, a down-turned mouth framed by a strong jaw. It was a face of perfection set in anger and carved from stone."

Depiction of Rogal Dorn in The Last Remembrancer, a short story in the Age of Darkness collection

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dude, vampires and werewolves are more then just twlight and 40k, and they can be done in ways that are awesome.

Vampire Counts is an older example of decent Vampires, and D&D has interesting lycantropes, and I'm not even getting into WoD.

>> No.16387964


Oh, okay. Then I misinterpreted nothing.

>> No.16387965

>implying the emperor is/was more than a powerful psycher

>> No.16387974

>implying the Emperor was just a powerful psyker

>> No.16387975

You misunderstand. Yes, Blood Angels and Space Wolves have been around for a long time. However, this retarded rivalry and one-upmanship about which one is better and having them be the ONLY choices only started up recently with the new codicies. The new codicies came out right after Twilight became popular in the movies.

Hence, this faggoty fanwankery is nothing more than Team Edward vs. Team Jacob in space.

>> No.16388001

Or, as I think more on it, Underworld in Space. Not sure which one is worse.

>> No.16388009

/tg/ only hates the Space Wolves because a) they're Jervis Johnson's pet chapter and b) they're a midrange-to-melee/hero-reliant army that can be exploited into an overpowered gunline army.
Also, Dan Abnett is the only writer who thought to play up their Nordic/Gaelic influence *right* in the past ten years.

>> No.16388030

Twilight wants to be Anne Rice. Underworld wants to be Hellsing.
Just sayian.

>> No.16388040

Sometimes I feel bad for my choices, because I picked up Blood Angels back in 3rd edition. "Hey, these guys are pretty cool. Capable combatants with a focus on melee, and I already have some space marines from the intro set. Let's get our crazy slaughter up in here! Oh, they're vampires? Huh, thats an interesting take.

And now everyone thinks their pussies and people that play them should feel bad for being pussies.

And then I remember we're the damned Blood Angels, so fuck you.

>> No.16388042

That also matches the description of every space marine ever.

>> No.16388048


werewolves vs. vampires amuses me, because they are so very the same,

Both have crazy canines, both came from man to eat man, and both are creatures of the night.

>> No.16388049

>worst space marine chapter
>Space Wolves or Blood Angels
>not (modern day, greatest-of-them-all) Ultramarines

Are you guys serious? Space Wolves are space vikings. Blood Angels aren't just Space Vampires, they are people striving for perfection struck with a terrible curse.

Modern day Ultras? Complete turn-offs.

>> No.16388070

shut up

we have had this discussion already

get out now

>> No.16388088

The "terrible curse" is that it was really Sanguinius that killed the Emperor and Horus, and that the legion was tainted by Chaos. That's what drives the Death Company mad.

They aren't perfect, they're Italian faggots that don't know how fucked up they actually are until it's too late.

>> No.16388094


But the question asked was whether or not Dorn had a moustache, which that description failed to include, an indicator that he, in fact, does not, though awesome it would be.

And before anyone says that failure to include is not evidence of its absence, it also didn't say if his hair was done up in dreadlocks or not either. It is in fact, evidence of absence.

>> No.16388137


Many thanks glorious brotastic anon.


So by your logic, I can just include it in there?

I mean heck, people shave..

>> No.16388158

i assume primarchs have the ability to grow a beard at a day's notice

it seems like the kind of thing they could do

>> No.16388241

>get out now

LOL. How about no?

>> No.16388270

Is everyone forgetting the Greek/Roman/Renaissance theme the Blood Angels have?

Or the fact that they are all from a massively radioactive hellhole that is basically a cross between mad max and the road only with giant deadly fauna and radioactive (not chaos) cannabalistic mutants?

Blood Angels aren't vampires really. The whole thing about the Blood Angels is that they start off as week frail, pathetic things due to their planet being a radioactive deadly hellhole, barely surviving at all. The ones that make it through the exceptionally difficult selection get transformed into paragons of beauty.

It's the reason they're so devoted to the arts, to being artisans and making music and such. Because now they can. It's actually one of the most compelling backstorys from any chapter.

What do the wolfs have? Wolfy wolf wolf wolf also beards and runes THAT MAKES US VIKINGS.

>> No.16388418

'The feral tribes of Baal were miserable groups of individuals, forced to eke out an existence from the irradiated deserts of Baal Secundus. The levels of radiation experienced on the moon were capable of killing an unprotected man in mere moments. The Baalite tribes were forced to continually wear heavy, cumbersome radiation suits in their nomadic travels, and forced to continually defend themselves from cannibal-like mutants.'

'After the year has passed, the Aspirants are awoken and retrieved from their imprisonment. They bear little physical resemblance to the frail, radiation-warped adolescents that entered the sarcophagi a year before. Their restructured bodies take on a form reminiscent of their Primarch, keener and stronger than any mortal man. Even so, though they are now Blood Angels Neophytes, they have only completed the first stage of becoming a full Blood Angels Astartes. There is then the typical tradition of serving in the Chapter's 10th Company Scout force before joining one of the other companies as a fully fledged Brother Space Marine.'

I could do without the red thirst stuff, that makes no sense and I don't think any Blood Angel players actually enjoy that part of the fluff.

>> No.16388521

>they're Jervis Johnson's pet chapter

Funny how Jervis is the guy who usually rants on about "the hobby" being for fun and winning being unimportant. Easy for him to say with his personally devised Space Marines +1.

Imagine if a neckbeard from your FLGS got a licence to take his homebrewed power-army to official tournaments and started making speeches about winning being insignificant in comparison to just having a great time.

>> No.16388551

Ward wrote Space Wolves into Space Furries.

This is fact. This is unforgivable. Even compared to Grey Knights coating their armor and weapons in the freshly squeezed flesh and blood juice of Sororitas and pretty golden vampires allying with T-1000s in Space, this is intolerable.

>> No.16388566


>Ward wrote Space Wolves

So how does it feel to have gone full retard?

>> No.16388649

Learn to link posts now.

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