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What do Snakebites clan look like specifically? Do they were a certain uniform or carry certain equipment? I know they fight as mercenaries for certain factions and races in 40k so I assume they carry a lot of Imperial tanks and some guns but do they have any military systems to their philosophy? I'm going to convert my Orks do wear Germanic rogue trader styled helmets with chainmail armour and use a number of looted - or rather - given Imperial equipment such as Leman Russ tanks, convert some transports, Land Speeders as deff kopters etc

Also wondering where I can be sculpting tools for greenstuff, rubber tools used for smoothing because I want to convert a Commissar styled Warboss like in the Ork comic 'Deff Sqaudran'

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Hang on, fuck off a minute...
Orks? Fighting for the Imperium?

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Happens with some regularity, blood axes are famed for it.

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A blood axe could use imperial insignia.

A snakebite would wear a loincloth.

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I think you mean Blood Axes mate, they wear (imitations of) "army" uniforms generally.

I know, it's like a "hangover" from second edition, especially considering how grimdark-er the fluff is. I just can't imagine how the hell you hire these guys and who in the Imperium (or anyone else actually, any reports of Eldar or Chaos hiring them?) would do it?

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Blood Axes are the ones who like camoflage and uniforms, and occasionally work for humans.

Snakebites are luddites who think that technology isn't all its cracked up to be, and who like wearing furs and skins

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You've got Snakebites and Blood Axes confused.
Snakebites are borderline Savage-Orks, while Blood Axes are what you've just described.
Orks may call us UnOrky ... 'day's just jealous 'cuz we've got MAJOR DAKKA.

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It's less "FOR DA EMPERWAAAGH!" and more "Oi, when are we gettin' paid?", but yeah it happens. They also have a habit of turning on their employers once they've been paid. Bluddflagg from Dawn of War 2: Retribution is one recent example of an ork being "hired" by the Imperium, though he demanded the Inquisitor's hat as part of the payment.

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rogue traders hire them for e in their less honest dealings.
what with them being above petty acusations of heresy, in the name of expanding the empirium they are permitted to commit any heresy short of converting to chaos/treason.

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Yeah I mean Blood Axes, been a while since I read the codex, noticed a few other little typos too but thats what I get for never proof reading.

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are they paid in teef or dakka?

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Blood Axes are orks that adopted human military tactics. They will feint, retreat, siege, use traps, etc; and they will do it all for profit rather than just the frenzy of battle.

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letting this thread die isnt orky

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The old-school Boarboyz are Snakebites. There were also some footsoldier metal miniatures.

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>Snakebites are luddites
Snakebites are traditionalists. They range in 'finkin from those that use normal, jungled-up machines to ones that work on steam-power to those that just ride animals or oversized Squigs into battle. I imagine they tend to be more feathers-and-warpaint than most Ork tribes, but they don't really have a definitive image in this edition.

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whats with orks and the checkered white/black pattern?

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Dakka. Humie teef ain't worth nuffin'

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Traditional livery of the Goff Klan. Cultural throwback to the wearing of zebra-skins when hunting on the savannah plains in ancient past?

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One of the DH/RT books describes an Imperial bargaining with a Blood Axe Nob--biggun' with a choppa embedded in his head. First, he starts negotiating for tanks. The umie ends up talking him down to some boltguns, and they press on.

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OP here, are Kommandos worth it? Also pic related this is what I want my warboss to look like.

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I like yer hat by the way....

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that actually begs the question, what would he have done with the commisars hat had he gotten it? I mean would he take the team fortress approach and just wear it on top of his other hat? and then where does it end?

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A hatastrophe.

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In the case of Bluddflagg, he put her hat on one of his shoulder spikes. It turned out it was a little small for his head, which is a shame because I'd love to see Adrastria's hat perched on top of Bluddflagg's pirate hat.

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