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some OC drawfaggotry for you, /tg/
I wanted to try and do a more of an emaciated, leathery Nurgle champion, not the usual bulb of flesh and intestines.

Post some Chaos art!

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hm, wrong file, heres the real one

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So ... is this a drawthread?
Or just an image dump?

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image dump

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I think that looks great, OP.

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hella sweet OP

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have some haruspex

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You made that OP? If you did, fuck yeah awesome job on it. It looks amazing.

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I'm gonna dump some random chaos if thats ok OP

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in any case, assisting dump, I wonder what software did the OP artist use...

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Anyone got the rest of this set in color or at least just the Plague Marine one?

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full version.

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OP, that is boss as hell.

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OP still here?

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Since you guys are Chaos-dumping, anyone got pics of Raptors?

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yeah sorry been on other threads and boards. I use Photoshop mainly.

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should i continue or what?

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Next question is really obvious.

How? Its amazing.

Do you sketch out the lineart and overlay colors over shading? Or just directly apply them in the lineart?

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anyone got any iron warriors stuff?

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fucking flood

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if you can wait like 10 mins i can make a progress image with various stages i have saved throughout drawing this guy. Basically i either do a quick sketch directly in photoshop or scan a pencil sketch, then lay some colors and start building volume.

thats the only raptors i have :/

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Haven't got it at a higher res, I'm afraid. Sorry Anon

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Good enough for me, many thanks.

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Would appreciate it thanks!

Do you happen to have a DA?

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I may have a larger one somewhere, I'll have another look. The artist is Adrian Smith, if that's any help.

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apparently the post limit is 5 fucking minutes now so this is my last post

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I have a pre heresy Perturabo portrait, not sure if it fits the Chaos requester's needs.

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Yes it does :D

IW didnt change massively anyway minus the Obliteraor virus

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I hope you like it. I made it.

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Does someone have the Slaanesh image to complete this set?

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I do, thanks :D

He's one of mine, painted him when I was young and could paint.

>That feel when it would take forver to learn again

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looks good, but next time, here is a tip to better evidentiate the details on a miniature.

Take your miniature , put it as close to the wall as possible. Put a sheet of A4 paper behind it, and snap the picture using the flash if possible.

See how that turns out.

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It was posted first. >>16378159

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I will do if I can find the bugger

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Is that Lucius?

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I love this one, just for the DE jetbike pilot flailing through the air as he's catapulted away from the crash. Noise Marine weapons on a Predator are always nice to see as well.

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Just a sorceror, the shit coming out of his hand would be painted brightly like it is a spell

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Haaa! reminds me of the Spellforce dude, Rohen, when he fights his older self...



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there you go, it's a big download. I do but haven't posted anything up there in a while. Most stuff i draw now is school-related life drawing and studies.


i learned a great deal from this guy's tutorial section: http://www.itchstudios(dot)com/psg/

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>school-related life drawing and studies.

Oh god. I know that feeling, useless pastels, abstract art that doesn't help improve at all.

Here is my latest wip, Magnus the Red.

I am using Corel Painter for the first time, decided to explore other softwares and such, thats why I've asked about how you work and what do you use !

Thanks for the help!

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I actually meant anatomy and quick sketch studies, abstract art is something i steer away from whenever possible. I'd like to go all Picasso when i'm in my 50s and make millions selling people golden cans of piss. or something like that

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this has been a great thread guys, OP here, thanks for pumping up my heretic scum image folder. Might do champions of the other 3 next. Gonna blaze a joint and go to bed now! see you around!

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Theres that, and the useless field trips they take you one like the one I have tommorow morning. Its going to be 5 hours sitting in a parc , drawing landscape.

I am tired of it.

Sketching and Anatomy? Yeah, they never bothered with the subject here, everyone wants forests and landscape.

I am basically self taught.

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