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Go on...

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Speaking of this, does anybody have a link to High School 40K? The 1d4chan article got re-directed to one about Heresy.

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Nah it would be heresy.

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She's ugly. Hey, if she's got a Tzeentch on her stomach and a Nurgle symbol on her pelvis, where's her Slaanesh and Khorn symbol? I figure her Slaanesh one might be dead on her cootch, but where's Khorn hiding?

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Saw a pic with description of her. It said that the mark of Khorne is on the sole of one foot.

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But... When I... WHAT?

Not that I mind that it's back on the site, but when I looked for it a week ago, it was redirected to an article about heresy.

My head is now full of fuck. I'm downloading this story before that shit happens again.

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Why there? Huh. She REALLY doesn't seem like she could ever possibly be a Khornite anyways.

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Do you see her being useful in a fight in any way except as cannon-fodder? She's a cultist.

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Well you don't have to be useful to be with Nurgle or Slaanesh.

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Slaanesh is on her inner thigh

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someone say heresy?

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Cultist serving Khorne.

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She's actually kinda useful since she's pretty much immortal. (Her gift is rapid healing, and the Gods decided to bring her back any time she dies)

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I thought her gift was being adorable. Also smelling of bacon.

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14th Black Crusade will not fail.

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Oh my. I've not seen that before.

How delicious would that be?

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That just sorta happens

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Only other one I can find.

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Mmmm, bacon.

But that's only if you're undecided.

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Lame. Lame. LAME. The second you take her seriously, the second it's all ruined.

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Wrong niggah!! Slannesh is on her ass cuz dah butt is for exits but can also be used for p-p-p-pleshuh! Mark of khorn is right above her vag so when shes on her period she can go nuts and scream, "blood for the blood god fuck guys they are the worst!"

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Actually, Cultist as Warmaster puts me in mind of Yochi being made the General or whatever of the Drow in "Yamara". You should ALWAYS beware the nice brainless ones, for they tend to succeed when you expect failure.

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but it's not the point of Cultist-chan.

It's actually the opposite. Cultists of chaos are creepy, dangerous, scary dudes, even if they are just mooks. Cultist-chan is a subversion of this, re-subverting her is stupid and looks wrong.

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Fuck your noise.

Not every Black Crusade has been led by That top-knot wearing, armless joking, Horus disrespecting warmaster.

14th is the Cultist-Chans.

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Or at least, try to make it a joke. "badass Cultist-chan" is like those drawings of disney characters mourning 9/11 victims, that you can find on DA.

It's out-of-character, irrelevant, even more stupid than the canon, and unfunny.

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And how will a non-combat retard do better than the Warmaster?

Most of his crusades were successes you know.

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Goddamn these are terrible.

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How would you like to die? Choose quickly.

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Topple the Golden Emperor from his Corpse Throne and plant the flag of the eight pointed star over the Eternity Gate and claim your prize across the light-years a every Astropath screams as one

"Hwee hav captoored eet for kay-oss!"

Then the Void Dragon wakes up and murders her.

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You should read up on Yochi and you'll see why Cultist as Warmaster can be fitting.

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what you are describing is a joke /tg/ made because the fluff doesn't detail his numerous victories during the crusades. And you are taking this >>16366570 as seriously as the canon.

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the art is horrendous

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while I agree with you that the warmaster is the better man for the job. getting his forces stranded on cadia while losing in both air and space. that is not a victory.

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I like badass cultist. Fuck the haters.

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Then like her too, and ask for her to be canon.

Do it.

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He survived.. thats all that matters to him.

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>And how will a non-combat retard do better than the Warmaster?

She can dance around laser beams and is raised from the dead so often they bury her in a coffin with the revolving door.

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You like some stupid concept of an even more stupid character.. good for you buddy.

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Wickedstar did the Badass cultist.
Same Wickedstar who took money for commissions from fellow fa/tg/uys and disappeared.

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The art is fairly bad, but what really bugs me is how overstated her "accent" is. Or would "speech impediment" be more accurate?

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granted. for now. according to the word bearers novels support for him dwindling. ten millennia of just surviving will do that. (also i'm not sure if that's how you spell the plural of millennium)

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Speech Impediment. It's due to her fucked up teeth. (In all actuality it's SUPPOSED to be the accent the Cultists from the Dawn of War games use.)

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So she is now aspiring champion?

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thats the joke. the dawn of war cultists are annoying as fuck. someone said it would be as funny as hell if she annoyed everyone as bad as DoW cultist voice acting. Put two and two together and... well, this train wreck of a dental problem wrapped in cute and chaos. taht is the only chaos being to consistantly outrun fuklaw

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No, still tasked with making sandwiches for Dranon.

Actually, he sent her build up fortifications with a bunch of other cultists because she kept on fucking up the sammiches.

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Drawing her badass has always been a joke.
Because she's not. She's only good for Moral really.

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Why you mad though?

No seriously, you are taking a fictional character of a ridiculous game (that is itself a parody) way too seriously.

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The 'Birth' of cultist was way back when Collosul Faggot hadn't even taken a name yet.
There was a draw thread and someone requested "A female cultist feeding a Chaos Beast waffles, saying "We bought these waffles for Chaos!" in the accent of the DoW Cultists.

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Well fuck you. I loved the dawn of war cultists. They were half the reason I played Chaos.

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oh sorry. i got the info second hand from a freind who introduced me to this board. i really should stop falling for stuff he says when he has a giant shit eating grin on his face.

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Why haven't you guys posted porn yet? Porn for the porn god!

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Janitor's still awake. Can't post anything like that until then.

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De nada. I was in the thread where she first appeared.
I have basically every piece of Cultist there is, or at least 99% of it.

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if you so wish

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You want porn buddy?
You want Cultist?
You want 422, 77MB, of Cultist, including porn?

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And the Collection ever grows.

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I feel the warp overtaking me! HNNNNNNNNNG

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That one's been on rule34 for a few months now.

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I uh... made.. uhm...

2 .. recently.

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I actually prefer the futa version.

Like, you know, she's mistaking it for genuine tickling, innocent as she is, but it still makes her cum.

that and I hate pubic hair on chicks

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>hate pubic hair on women

I share the feeling, but you do realise you can edit that part out in under 10 seconds using paint?

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yeah but from all the other drawings of her it doesnt make sense for her to have a dick.

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>it doesn't make sense

you poor soul...

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Um... most Cultist 34 has a version with her having a dick.
Has it? I tend to just watch /tg/.
Which ones? Now that I think about it, I need to update the file on megaupload.

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Am I allowed to post NSFW? Id rather not...

Linking is fine, right?

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Nah, man. It's the particular presentation in those particular comics that's so bad, such that I can be arsed to read it. When CF and Dranon do it (for example), it is much more tolerable to actually read.

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>Um... most Cultist 34 has a version with her having a dick.
Most of /tg/ are /d/eviants anyway.

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I think most of /tg/ is desperate enough to fuck any consenting human that would allow them to touch 'em without calling the police.

So, /d/eviants might be the wrong word. I'd suggest /d/esperates.

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I just saw the sketches. Is that... supposed to be you?!
May the Dark Gods bless, you GOTM, you delicious drawdyke, you.

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Strictly speaking, you shouldn't post it outright. Linking should be fine re: The Rules.

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;_; Yes. I told you its my fetish.

>> No.16367684

Well, here they are :



Thanks anon for clarifying the linkage issue.

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Not only did you bother to remember that one time I mentioned you should try your hand at a Cultist Rule 34 (or maybe you didn't), but you turned it into something glorious. I feel a bit closer to my Apotheosis. Thank you.

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I think I'm done with this board.

Where have all the only slightly damaged /tg/-ers gone to?

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I outright told you id sketch something when I had the time. Might even do more, and revisit these when I'm done with the Primarchs.

>> No.16367760

And the fact that you did and went through with it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
The Primarchs seem to be coming along great, but Magnus seems that he should have less armor, yet be fuckin' huge. According to fluff he's only shorter than the Emperor himself.

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Are you saying those are weird and out there? I'd say more soft core and boring..

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It's a fucking self-insert. It's something furries do, not somebody on /tg/.

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Well you can't please everyone now, can you?


About Magnus, I chose to go with the A Thousand Sons description and focus less on the WWE Wrestling federation type brawler dude.

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I guess you've got a point there.

>> No.16367794

GEoM is our very own Jessica Elwood. Only less fat, and worse at drawing & English.

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Oh dear, I should stop then.

>> No.16367809

I approve, continue with what you do and don't let anyone else tell you other wise... unless it involves killing people, then you should probably listen to peoples advice, killing people is bad...

>> No.16367815

Haters gonna hate. I still think you're gorgeous, regardless of your drawing ability.

Also, my offer still stands, if you ever want to get out of Romania. Too bad about your fiancee though...

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Everone, please step ayay fom the thread. this is an Inquisition matter now.
BTW, you are all under arrest for possible taint and heresy.

>> No.16367836

I'll arrest your taint.

Hue. Hue. Hue.

>> No.16367837

Still, wouldn't want to incur anyone's ire. A fetish is a fetish, it should be personal and not shared. My mistake I guess.


What the ?

>> No.16367844

We are not committing any heresy here Sir Inquisitor, I think the person who told you we were was the heretical one, he was clearly leading you off his trail with a Red Herring...sy

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You'll never take me alive.

>> No.16367850

I resent that accusation!

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I'm not one to stunt somebody's creative growth. You go ahead and draw whatever you want.

If people want to liken you to a furry, fuck em. It's none of their business.

>> No.16367861

Honestly I encourage almost any such actions that directly lead to additions to my collections.
So my vote is to keep doing what you're doing.

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Yep. Keep wondering who I am. It's glorious.

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she talks like those idiots from dawn of war?

>> No.16367878

Yes, thats the gimmick here.

>> No.16367880


Never said I'd stop drawing them completely. Just maybe not share them on /tg/ where people have all these wierd hatreds.

Who the hell is Jessica anyway? Am too lazy to google-fu , and take my hand off of the drawpad.

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That's not attractive. They all sound like igor, Dr. Frankenstein's personal buttboy.

>> No.16367894


Tout forum a les tarlouzes à trip qu'il mérite.

>> No.16367899

Define slightly.

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>That's not attractive.
........that isn't really the point though

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I wish I wasn't at work, so as to properly appreciate these.

>> No.16367910

Seconding this. Please continue, as unappreciative dickheads will continue to be just that, and why cater to their negativity rather than to those who appreciate what is given? Fuck those guys. And no, this is not the same as being a sycophant, I give critique also, but I'm pretty sick of a few people's aversion to something putting a stop to what others enjoy. It smacks of bullshit fundamentalism.

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No more than half as much as you.

>> No.16367918

That is the point of it though. She is not supposed to be attractive, she is simply there for comedy relief.

>> No.16367919

yeah... she actually is... one of them...

moving multiple of those fuckers around to capture points made me just want to turn voice off, but then i'd miss all the screaming.

>> No.16367943

oh, okay then

>> No.16367945

We're right here, it's just that we were never stuck up. Aside from abrasive and outright disruptive shit, /tg/ has always been adaptive and accomodating, which is how we got a good reputation to begin with.

>> No.16367947


I will. I said I wouldn't quit. Just not on /tg/ .

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She does a webcomic. A lot of 'fans' hit on her and she said she was uncomfortable with it. Accusations of being a bitch followed.
At least that's what I seem to remember.
And as long as I get them eventually, I'm good.

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>> No.16367987

No, you've got something wrong there. She was the furfag who used a camwhore's pictures to pass herself off to her fans.

Less saving pictures, more reading.

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So long as the tgchan thread doesn't count I'm cool.

>> No.16367996

Oh boy, a tripfag drama.
Does this really warrant a discussion of any kind? People come here with worse, i see no reason to elevate this to some important matter.

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Most Chaos lines in DoW seem to suck. DoW1 anyway. Not too sure about 2. Haven't been playing it very long.

>> No.16368007


I got a DA, but not sure if Im going to post them there, but I guess people can message me for stuff and ask, if they don't find them on tgchan.

>> No.16368020

1) not a trip in sight

But I agree with your sentiment. I'm not sure it'll end despite that, howere. Shame.

>> No.16368048

That sounds fair enough, I'll keep an eye out.

>> No.16368055

OH! Oh yes, now I remember! Sorry, I was thinking of Kate Beaton.

>> No.16368089

Neat, I havn't seen that one before. I like.

>> No.16368095

I miss Jo sometimes, chill drawfag.

>> No.16368129

Agreed, signed and ratified. I guess nerfnow is still funny.

>> No.16368140


What happened to Doomrider and Tzeentchnette?

>> No.16368148

Jo actually drawfagged/drewfag here? Man, I should pay attention to these threads more often - I always mentally just wrote them off as 'people trolling artists to draw porn'

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>> No.16368162

I still fucking love this picture. This is how I like my chaos: looking non-spastic, proud, and short skirts.

>> No.16368172

But that's orderly.

it goes against chaos

>> No.16368179

A lot actually. I remember in one thread I said I'd never fapped to anythign in my collections, so he tried to draw the best cultist fapfodder he could.

>> No.16368182

Hey GEOM, any chance we could request Cata-chan?

>> No.16368186

THE WINDS OF CHAOS GO AS THEY PLEASE! Reasonable Daemonette is pretty awesome...

>> No.16368202


I'll write that down. Doing what? random?

>> No.16368210


40k chaos isn't antithetical to order or vice versa, although certainly, say, eldar, necrons, or grey knights feel pretty orderly, I guess.

>> No.16368213

Cata-Chan as well? Excellent...

>> No.16368240

Wait a second... Dawn of war has Sindri! Now his lines make it up for all chaos.

>> No.16368257

...rainstorm at night. Flash of lightning. The last thing you ever see is a pair of giant tits in a transparent, soaked bra, girl abs, and the Gap, gleaming in the dark.

>> No.16368262

dammit when have you ever seen an agent of chaos wearing a military uniform that wasn't either tattered or stained with something.

>> No.16368289

Alright, the named characters have cool voices. That goes without saying in any rts though.

>> No.16368296

Thousand sons, Alpha Legion...there's likely to be more. Also the galaxy is a big place.

>> No.16368315


It's not what most people want from Chaos.

CHAOS FOLLOWS NOT YOUR PETTY DESIRES AND RESTRICTIONS, MORTAL! Reasonable daemonette needs to lose some clothing and really get reasonable.....

>> No.16368328

Thousand Sons and Slaaneshi who focus on perfection rather than DRUGS AND RAPE FUCK YEAH.

Though yes, chaotics do usually look utterly bedraggled, wasted, and insane. This didn't make much sense to me til I read Black Crusade (in which it stated chaos chars have hit 100 insanity and 100 corruption) as previously I thought more of either slick "deal with the devil" types or "I'm trying to out nazi the catholic space nazis."

Plus, everything in 40k art is cluttered with insane level of details.

>> No.16368392

Just going to leave this here

>> No.16368421

>> No.16368466

No! Motherfucking SINDRI! Out of them all!

>> No.16368488

Honestly, original Eliphas sounds better to me.

>> No.16368536


>> No.16368610

Tch! You just don't have the ear for music.
But Eliphas was cool though too.

>> No.16368645

What about Gabriel Angelos?

>> No.16368731

>> No.16368874

Anyone have an update for the cultist-chan folder?

is 2 months old.

>> No.16368906

Fuck yes, more fancy cultist!

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>> No.16370574


>> No.16372004

>> No.16372050

Tell me...where may I find this futa cultist that you speak of...

>> No.16372057



>> No.16372074

Postan in a cultist thread

>> No.16374183

the thumbnail makes it looks like she's pregnant

>> No.16374340

cancer cancer cancer
... cosplay?

>> No.16374399

>> No.16374542

I'm torn. I feel the impulse of fapping to futa Cultist, but I don't want to betray the blood god doing /d/ related acts. what should I do?

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>> No.16374574

thanks for your help!

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