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Warhammer 80,000

The God Emeperor has returned to mankind as a warp god and has lead the Imperium to victory in subjugating the Milkway. Now the Imperium of Man, not content to merely hold hegemony over a single galaxy, has turned its sights on its galactic neighbors.

Mankind however was horrified to learn that their old foes had not been defeated but merely displaced... in addition to the new horrors and xenos that await them in the far reaches of space.

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"hurr durr humanity fuckyear fanfic+1,000,000 penises"

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Warhammer 2,000

The world does not yet know the immortal hand of the God Emperor, of the sinister forces of Chaos, of the predilections of the thousand chittering Xenos held beyond the skies above. But there are some that estimate it. Some who investigate the signs, who know the weirding ways.

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Careful about going to Pegasus

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Between the SuperNids and the MechaOrks, Mankind finds that this season on Warhammer:40k will be the most exciting yet! Tune in every saturday morning, 10am, to see all your favourite characters, like The God Emperor!

>Stay in school kids!

Admiral Deffchoppa

>WAAAGHHH I've got the best idea to steal the humies treasure of sweets yet, boyz!

the lovable rogue, Inqusitor Blamfuck

>My god... if we don't stop this new xeno race, the universe is doomed!

And Captain Crunch!

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In M27 the Mechanicus launched a probe out into the night to go into the lonely dark of the inter-galactic void.

far from the distractions and pollutions of a busy galaxy constantly awash with communications they picked up distant, and faint signals from other galaxies. Many of them are Orkish.

Where ever man goes the Orks are either there waiting for them or won't be far behind.

Dark Eldar have expanded their sphere of operations massively. The Dark City enters a new and terrible Golden Age.

There may be eldar colonies in isolation in other galaxies from back when the Empire was at it's height.

There may be surviving biological Necrontyr and Old Ones in others. Some of them may even be at peace with each other.

Andromeda is mostly under the control of the Orks, not that they don't have outposts in other galaxies. Every so often a Super-Warboss unites most of them into a Mega-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! and kicks the shit out of a couple of nearby galaxies. Many of the Warbosses are still true Apex level Orks after their 30,000 year long fight against the Tyranid horde.

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thing about that is that the distances between galaxies are fuckin' huge, even when compared to the already huge distances between star systems.

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Intergalactic conquests are beyond Imperium's reach.

An average 125 worlds per sector makes 8000 sectors in the Imperium (assuming a backwater like Calixis actually contains more worlds than the average sector), a sector is 8 million cubic light years.

8000 sectors makes Imperium control the equivalent of half of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messier_32.

Or 1/700-1/500 of Milky Way.

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>The God Emeperor has returned to mankind as a warp god and has lead the Imperium to victory in subjugating the Milkway
>and has lead the Imperium to victory in subjugating the Milkway
>victory in subjugating the Milkway

That doesn't sound terribly impressive.

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Canes Dwarf is almost completely devoured by the Tyranids. Only a handful of living worlds survived and on all of these the Gene-stealers rule. They have, in their isolation from the Hive-Mind, devolved into individualism. All seek Perfection. Some through gene-splicing new genetic traits as a replacement for the Eugenics Programs and hybrid breeding of their feral ancestors, some believe in Perfection through Cybernetic means, some have turned to Chaos and many pick and mix from all of these three schools of thought. Only thing that unites them is when Mega-WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!! of the Green Andromedans threatens to fuck their shit up and loot their shit.

And into this waltzes the Grand Imperium, servants of the youngest Warp-God of Order and uniformity, subjugation and utter obedience. Not that they don't have problems still uncomfortably close to home.

Eye of Terror is still there, and Abbadon the Despoiler has leaned to navigate from one chaos rift to another without having to travel through the intervening space. This even allows him to even get to other galaxies, as they all have a warp rift somewhere.

And Tau missionaries still crop up from time to time.

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Warhammer 80,000 is the exact same fucking situation but the Eldar are the Necrons, the Humans are the Eldar and the Tau are the Humans.

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Don't remeber where I read it, but I recall the average number of worlds per sector being about 75.

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That would seem to imply that Chaos wins in breaking the Imperium, taking over most/all of their worlds, and humanity now lives in....hell, what would be the human equivalent of craft worlds?

Though this scenario sounds a lot more interesting than the OP's, that's for damn sure.

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Advancing the "plot" in 40k means about as much as it would in DnD. Everyone is either doing the same exact shit or dead.

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That would be the Imperium Ship under the command of the Immortal the God-Captain.

The Ship is all
The Ship Moves

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It's still better to introduce new wars and races into the conflict via advancing the timeline, instead of horseshoing them into the existing timeline and moving events around to create paradoxes like cruisers named after Macharius in Gothic War while a retcon made the Macharian crusades happen 100 years after the Gothic War.

Or Damocles Gulf crusade moved to 741.M41 to 988.M41.

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Also, Genestealers are based on humans. How would they be the ones left behind?

Please stop.

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does this mean i can have sisters of battle that become daemo- angels for the emprah?

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I don't understand why they can't advance the plot and then players could just stat their armies based on which part in time of setting they want to play in like Battletech.

That would enable Warhammer 30k, an entirely new system based on the Age of Apostasy, regular 40k, and beyond.

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Sure looking human over here.

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We shall call them Greenstealas

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Care to elaborate?

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The next galaxy is ruled by Squats.

They defeated all he Tyranids.

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The next galaxy is Canis Major Dwarf.

Since it actually lies closer to Terra than the Eastern Fringe, we should be grateful that the squats decided to squat there and take the nids out.

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Wait I thought the next closest galaxy was Andromeda?

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no its just the next closest galaxy of comparable size

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Bump for this post. That's a good question.

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