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These have got to be the most comical Daemons.

When they're on your side they are fucking funny. Big fat jolly bastards.

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that the guard thing from the undead city in world of warcraft?

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Also, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-hMd19c2l8

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Is that the shut up cause I hit you in the face? You're crossing lines, pal.

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They're kinda creepy if you think about it. Manifestations of "Papa Nurgle" that just want to spread their "gift" all around.

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"Ah! You are the lucky one, to be honored this day!"
"There are living beings there, in need of tending."
"Ohh... there there, so much better than living, is it not?"
"Drink what this body gives you!"
"Drink of my puss, and Drown."
"I shall release you from the indignity of life."

"There, feel the glory of necrosis, and rejoice! Nurgle love you, little one."

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Yeah and they seem to think everybody is their grandson.

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it's not that big a deal if they resemble each other is it?

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"Flesh is fleeting, but I am eternal."

"Know that your flesh is no different."

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"Am I not magnanimous?"

This champ's voice was ruined like many others in Retribution.

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Well the thing is, it is my firm belief that Blizzard ripped off GW to create their "Abominations"

But if you get down to it, the GUOs are physical manifestations of a "god" and Aboms are mere puppets designed by intelligent zombies to do their bidding. Different creatures.

But the design is a bit of a ripoff.

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Well it's a different guy in Retribution isn't it? Instead of Commander Hairgel it's Diomedes.

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"Rot, as your feeble Emperor rots, Space Marine."

I agree, it took some etting used to the new voice, but some of his lines definatly do not have the same feel as they did before.
Same with the Warlock, he had some great lines:
"Hate is my weapon of choice."
"Who truely desurves to live?"

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I've never seen that creature before. Is that Nurgle himself?

Also, these things are rotting which means everything is inflicted somehow, they must have had an original state....is there a possibility of them being a sort of race. Maybe there are Great Clean Ones?

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why does he sounds so similar to tarkus?

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We always called them "Great Uncle Leon," because it rolls off the tongue better.

Sadly my *actual* great uncle named Leon doesn't play 40K.

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At least Gabriel is still awesome. Got promoted to Chapter Master and probably grew a white beard too.

"Walk softly, and carry a big gun"
"He who stands with me shall be my brother"
"Fear not the mutant...the alien.....the heretic"

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Wasn't his thunder hammer some special thunder hammer that the only black man in the future gave him?

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It would really suck if these were real. If any of this were real.

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the inquisition called, they are wondering where the daemon hammer is.

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No, good sir, they are Daemons. They were never of living flesh. They are the physical manifestations of countless people's fear of death contrasted by their need to live without agonizing over the inevitability of death.
And no, that is merely a old (4th edition) rendition of a Great Unclean One.
Grandfather Nurgle himself is incomprehensibly massive.
He constently toils over a gargantuan cauldron, one that is said to be wide enough to house all the oceans of all the worlds of all the universe.
However, all Great Unclean Ones take their forms in the image of the Grandfather, so you can imagine how he might look.

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I remember him looking more like Sting or something.

He probably hums message in a bottle while leading a squad through some muck.

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Yeah, a big fat bastard.

He's probably also the only god that isn't inherently "evil"

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Toth said he could have it, take it up with him.

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"The dying envy the dead, as it should be."

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I'll just leave this here.


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That's extra heretical.

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I like how there are Daemons of Khorne attacking alongside Nurgle's forces.

Shouldn't that thing be infected too? I heard his diseases work on Daemons.

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"Nurgle loooooves you," *gurgle*

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Oh no, he is definatly evil by our standards.
He is still loving, however, and is the only God (besides, POSSIBLY, Slaanesh) who thinks what he's doing is RIGHT and for the good of others.

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Scott McNeil makes an awesome space marine.


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Well, the grand majority of Nurgle's plagues only work on living organisms with an anatomy.
Daemons are neither.
He does have atleast one plague, Nurgle's Rot, that infects the soul, not the body.
It seems reasonable that he must have some anti-daemon plauges, however, when the forces of Nurgle work in tandem with another God, his "gifts" are with held to his own children.
As loathsome as it may be to Nurgle, he can indeed cure every illness conievable, and it is not uncommon for those suffering from sickness to pray to Nurgle for relief.
How often he chooses to dispence such relief has never been mentioned, but it is said that cries of agony and relief, even curses to his name from plague victums are like the laughter of loving children to him.

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Yeah I wouldn't be serving that guy.

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just saying, Anglos was actually given his thunderhammer, he didn't steal it.
He got it for being crazy enough to stay in a warp storm and kill a demon when it showed up.

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>Actually be near a warpstorm

Has anybody else played Ultimate Apocalypse for DoW SS? Hard to believe anybody would survive anything with that kind of power.

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He's not evil

He's insane

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Scott McNeil makes an awesome DINOBOT

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DoW1, anglos waited for the warpstorm to show up and break physics before he left.
Against the recommendations of an inquisitor and after killing his best friend for heresy.
And exterminatus-ing his homeworld

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>Nurgle's rot.
>One disease.
Nurgle's rot is just a general catch-all term for "Shit Nurgle cooked up".

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Wrong you are.
Check your facts.

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Oh Scott, talking to yourself again are you?

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