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Are there any webcomics, aside from Culexus', set in the warhammer fantasy/40k universe?

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Nope. This is pretty much it. Too bad that colossal faggot can't be bothered to update this shit.

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I've seen a handful around. All update very slowly and most aren't very good.

You've also got Wolf and Sister, which is a 30 page comic done recently where a Canoness turns to Chaos after about a minute of a daemon prince going "Aw, go on!" Nice art, though, if the style appeals to you.

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Servents of the Imperium is an OotS style comic. It updates fairly regularly and certainly has its funny moments.


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>Too bad that colossal faggot can't be bothered to update this shit.

Yep. You'd almost think all of the 40k drawing he does now were being set aside for some sort of 'project.'

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there are some

most are even worse

Lost in Space
Servants of the Imperium

and a few ones on DA

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It's slow to start if you're reading from the beginning, but once it actually gets farther in, it's pretty funny.

Obviously borrows a lot from OOTS's style.

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Too bad Servants of the Imperium has recently turned from "a funny comic about 40k" into a "serious adventures of Inquisitor and his retinue!".

The art style and the storytelling just doesn't work as a serious adventure comic.

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Thanks, just finished reading it, was pretty good.

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Went the way of Order Of The Stick?

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No one EVER mentions Immortal Enemies.

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I'm disappoint /tg/

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I love this man's work. He did a perfect portrayal of my favorite chapter, and his comic is quite high quality.
It's a shame it will be years before it finally finishes.

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Turn Signals on a Land Raider.
Has some good moments.

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