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ITT how to make Tyranid rootable

Tons of people root for the Imperium. They want the Imperium to win.
Same for Eldar, Ork and to a lesser degree Tau.

Yet even Tyranid supporters don't want the Nid to win.

I recently played the DoW2 Retribution Tyranid campaign and they kinda show the Tyranid being the lesser evil compared to chaos kind of thing.

But the main reason is because Tyranid lacks personalities, it needs more Swarmlord-like nids, something that stands out from the hivemind.

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It might be something to do with their mission statement being "nom nom nom".

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Not easy to do, if at all.

Tne best (only) way I could see it being done would be if they were revealed to basically be 40ks version of Reynolds Greenfly*, having been released in their Galaxy of Origin and now continuing their mission in a damaged way.

*terraforming nano (I think) machines carried by a ship - ship gets attacked by pirates, all the crew are murdered save for one woman, her love is one of the killed. She releases and reprograms the Greenfly, they kill the pirates and save her, but then they can't be stopped or recalled and over the process of 10,000 years find all matter and convert it into habital biodomes (all matter including ships, people etc - very few manage to get inside one of those domes, the rest flee in a vast exodus to Galactic North).

I think it'd be a lot cooler and more grimdark in a way to say the tyranids are the result of a lost love and the attempt to preserve or at least seek retribution for that, and they are doing all of this as the result of severe damage - they were once some force for good but then something terrible happened.

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I'd prefer Chaos to win.

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Also, their modus operandi is to eat everything and poop nihilism. There's just nothing in it for people to root for the Nids because after they win there will be nothing, and that's boring. Same reason people don't root for toasters, except toasters were boring in the first place.

But because I'm not going to be all negative, maybe a glimpse at the Tyrannid endgame? Maybe they're a) buffing themselves to take on whatever it is it's assumed they're running from and once they take care of that they'll leave, having put enough of a dent into the population of the galaxy to lessen the constant war.
b) Leaving certain planets alone for some sort of purpose that makes people want to root for them, like say, avoiding worlds with a high proportion of Blanks to weaken the Warp.
c) following on from that, they could in fact be being drawn towards the Eye of Terror like a moth to a lamp, except they go INTO the eye of terror and take on Chaos because nom nom nom.

Man, >>16350364 is right. It's hard to workaround the fact that their cause for doing basically anything has to eventually boil down to eating things.

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So basically, like the Devil Gundam.

It's a good thing but gone bad because of terrible damage.

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I'd disagree; Swarmlord was a mistake. The 'nid identity as a faceless horde without personality- with just instinct, hunger, and rage- was always well-received, and they're still the second-to-top-played xeno race (behind Orks).

Many fans DO want 'nids to win; just take a look on TheTyranidHive or Warpshadow. I don't know where you got the idea that we don't-- I'd guess supposition-- but we really, really do.

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Something like that.

The bad, naturally, is they're not doing anything yet with all that matter apart from making new niddies, unless they're waiting for supermass to do something (prepare the galaxy for a Dark Galaxy coliision?).

They should bring the inhibitors in as well.

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Perhaps their entire invasion is a multi-galactic pie eating contest for Hiveminds?

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Is it really hard to root for Nids? As I see it, they're the only faction that's not batshit insane. They're the least chaotic faction. Humanity is all like "RIGHTEOUS FURY!", Chaos is all like "FOR THE BLOOD GOD!", Orks Waaagh around like crazy, Eldar are dicks to everyone, Tau cry in their tiny corner of the universe, etc. but at the end of the day, the Nids come and eat them all. They are the true forces of Order.

TL;DR: Nids are the good guys.

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We find Ork rootable because of their witty antics and extreme personalities, not because they are goody-two shoes.

Same for Chaos.

The Tyranid only has personality, the Hive-mind. You can only do so much.

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True, at the end of the day, Tyranid is the ultimate evolution of life and order.

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If Tyranid wins the universe will know true peace.

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Nids are uniform in their single-minded hive-ness.
They are anti-warp whilst together, they can't be corrupted.
The only thing better than them in terms of this are the Necrons.
Humanity cannot become the Necrons.

Tyranids are the Imperium from the further future.

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This. Nids are huge reset button with mandibles. The Universe and all who live in it are fucked beyond repair, time to kill everything and start from scratch.

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I want the Tyranid to win. NotExisting sounds like a pretty cool guy and is not afraid of anything.

Also, I'm the Joker.

Nihilism isn't something to fear, it's acceptance. If they wiped out everything, what's there to worry about? You are nothing, there is no suffering or happiness. All of this comes to an end.

captcha: metaphysics aliheal

Apparently only Stephen Hawking knows the answer about their victory and this mysterious "ally" they are trying to heal.

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Pretty sure Stephen Hawking studies physics, not metaphysics.

Otherwise, he'd have cured himself with crystals and happy feelings.

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Tyranids are the gutless safety of a universe without discord, the cowardice of those so bitter and twisted they look to a hungry xenos beast for an easy way out from the struggle that is existence. Do not cheer for them, my brothers, lest you be taken as fools and heretics: in the world the Tyranids dream of there is no art, no happiness, no satisfaction from a hard-won victory. There is no faith and no freedom and not a scrap of anything, anywhere.

If that appeals to you, than you are already lost, citizen. May the Emperor purge your wretched shell from the galaxy, and may your cursed alien masters burn at the hands of His mightiest weapons.

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You have to BELIEVE you can walk first.

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Brother, thou art wrong, thou art the same as the xeno, especially that of the Tyranid.
>in the world the Tyranids dream of there is no art
Wrong, the Hive Mind creates lifeforms, it is an art. In our old world, it is called gigerian art.
>no happiness
To kill and to eat at your heart's desire.
>no satisfaction from a hard-won victory.
Brother, they are satisfied at eating all the delicious meat, plants and every biomass in that world.
>There is no faith and no freedom and not a scrap of anything, anywhere.
Also, wrong, the tyranid has faith in the Hive-mind as much as we have faith for our Emperor. And freedom is an illusion, self-imposed, there is no true freedom in order, only chaos. Do you want to become chaos, brother?

In fact, the Hive-mind is pretty much the Emperor in the same way that those "mindless bugs" are us Space Marines, his loyal servants.

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Humanity is wasteful and base. Why would you die for a dead hunk of psychic flesh?

Far better to reuse everything. Every Tyranid that lives is observed by the Hive Mind its entire life: its sacrifices are always seen. Every corpse is reclaimed-- and then recycled, turned into brand new life.
Every cell of the one Hive Mind is conscious and happy.

Rotting and stagnant mutant-abhorring empire ruled by a rotting and stagnant mutant corpse... or a life where you are guaranteed to be put to use, and reuse, and reuse. Thankful and honoured by the possibility of always being. Why want for anything, when you can be part of the great beast, and have all your wants taken from you? Why not be a simple cell, rather than a thankless, unseen, wasted human?

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God dammit, I want to know what this Levicus Anomaly is.

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Not sure if genestealer, calling Inquisition.

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In fact, this is how to make the 'nids rootable:

Make it clear that every single organism, from ripper to lictor to genestealer, is... in general...
Happy. Simple, animalistic satisfaction and contentment.

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It's unknown. Tyranids have been fought there and an Inquisitor called Lowry received info from Eldar that 100 years later solved it's mystery.

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I imagine Tyranid consuming of flesh and also of soul. That is why the Hive-mind is so cunning, it merges with what it kills. It is a multitude of personalities in itself.

Has any fluff portraited the Hive-mind in ANY other way other than hungry.

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Dagon Overlord and his minions at least seem to hate everyone, though.

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The Emperor is our father and guardian, but he is not us. He is not some twisted puppetmaster jerking the strings of his servants to battle like the abomination you call a hive mind. We serve him willingly, free to think and act as we want so long as His ends are met. Nothing such can be said about your Hive Mind. It seeks nothing but endless feeding, an eternity of bestial, mindless hunger bleeding its way across the stars. Is that not an ignoble fate for us, after all we have done? After all humanity has struggled for?

Tell me, can a Tyranid monster feel the wind upon its skin? Can it take pleasure in beauty, can it relish its very existence? Is it anything other than a twisted means to a sick end? There are no soul to the beasts you serve and if there is a mind to them it is an evil one, seeking nothing more than the most base of instincts. You are a coward and a heretic for choosing to believe in their delusion of a perfect world.

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I am a Nid fan. I fully believe that the only true reason to do anything in this world is entirely for the noms.

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Brother, twitch your mind around this.

The Inquisition has no way of knowing how deep the genestealer cult has spread over centuries.

The only way to know one is their baldness.

In fact, you can be a genestealer sleeper agent, waiting to be activated.

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>>can it relish its very existence?

>> No.16350720

Can you imagine how sad it'd be in the hivemind started as an amalgamation of brilliant minds, created to serve as a scientific think-tank of sorts which was so wildly successful and popular that people were scrambling to join with it.

However, as more and more voices joined in, quieter thoughts were drowned out, people have different opinions on things, they can't agree to everything and yet still more voices were joining in.

They may not have been able to agree on scientific theory but everyone gets.. hungry..

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If that's your justification for hating tyrands than do you not hate rational, sentient xenos?

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>Tell me, can a Tyranid monster feel the wind upon its skin? Can it take pleasure in beauty, can it relish its very existence? Is it anything other than a twisted means to a sick end?

Tell me, Can a Dreadnaught?

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Said it in the last thread will say it again.





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Oh I am no more deluded than you are, sister. Actually I think you are even more than I am.

You think your existence matters in anyway aside from being a loyal servant of the God Emperor? The God-Emperor does not care about you. He does not.

The Hive-mind cares. It feels every pain a single tyranid feels, because it is in every single of them. But it will continue to thrive, to eat and to eat more to relish its hunger and give birth to more creations. That is love. That is caring. That is self-sacrifice. Something that the God Emperor forgot and that lead to that event everyone knows.

And unlike you, sister, the tyranid does not despite its own body, it sees itself as a beaty itself. The beauty of the flesh.

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[ ] told
[ ] fucking told
[ ] toldevestated
[ ] toldedo
[ ] final destinatold

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>He is not some twisted puppetmaster jerking the strings of his servants to battle like the abomination you call a hive mind
Well, bolter bitch, he kinda is.

>> No.16350774

It does not excuse what they do. They bring only death and pain to life. Nothing good can ever come of them. And when all life is extinguished, they will starve to death. Only in Chaos can one find true happiness and freedom, not the mindless ravening of a swarm.

>> No.16350781

This is a super fine idea of a show.

It will end with the Inquisition killing said Magos because he thinks Tyranid doctrine makes mucho sense and the show is getting too popular among imperium.

>> No.16350785


It will end when a Swarm Lord accidently impales him on its tail.

>> No.16350797


Hear the Word.

The man inside once did, and now has given that up so that he may continue to serve the Emperor. Can a Tyranid ever make so noble a sacrifice? It can not; a tyranid only knows what the Hivemind wills, and is preordained to die and be eaten. It can not make such a noble sacrifice because it never had anything to sacrifice that belonged to it.

But neither did the dreadnaught, in reality.

Why serve the Imperium brothers. They are a kin to the Tyranid, at least in what they offer. The Emperor is a corpse enthroned on a Golden Lie. There are beings, which reside in the blessed Empyrean, who will joyfully accept your sacrifices, who will allow you to serve on your own terms, and thereby allow you to know true nobility. For to serve the blind, deaf, and eternally silent Emperor is not noble, for one never has a choice, just as a Tyranid has no choice.

Serve Chaos brother, Chaos rewards were the Imperial merely punishes and the Tyranid devours. Chaos is a hand offering you life, the Imperium and Tyranids offer you only death, in one form or another.

>> No.16350798

in my blood hear them in blood in my

they crawl claw i hear them hear them claw
stars in
stars see

hear them we hear them feel


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>>They bring only death and pain to life
Life is pain, father, and pain only ends with death. Anyone claiming otherwise is trying to sell you something.

>> No.16350807

Magos does not die that easily.

>> No.16350820

Impaled and stuck. To his credit and the Glory of the Omnissah he continued to document for nearly 2 more weeks before submitting to starvation.

>> No.16350821

>>Dies of starvation
>>Not his batteries running down

>> No.16350823


Now we only need Ork and Necron to complete our Tyranid's advocate.

Also, Tyranid = security and order. No freedom, no chaos. An united mind is united.

>> No.16350832

I don't really know where necrons stand on this kind of issue anymore, what with the fudging around of their fluff

>> No.16350835

They doesn't make sense. They have no choice but to serve the Emperor, so they should instead choose to serve chaos? But doesn't that mean that choosing not to serve chaos, and serving the emperor... is a choice?

>> No.16350843

Tyranid is the symbol of the RIDDLE OF SSTEEEELL.

No, steel not strong. Flesh stronger, boy.

>> No.16350853

Most players are human.

>> No.16350854

>They should bring the inhibitors in as well.

Also, Reynolds fan brofist

>> No.16350870


You've clearly never been to a Games Workshop store.

>> No.16350877

Not at all. I understand your confusion though. In serving Chaos you serve yourself. In serving the Emperor you enslave yourself. See?

>> No.16350887


You play to the chaos god strings.

They laugh and you laugh.

They cry and you cry.

Your only edge is this freedom, yet it is not earned, but granted by the chaos gods on a whim.

One day, the shadow of the warp will bring that cursed, chaotic dimension to an end. Even if the hivemind has to corrupt itself to do. That is a noble sacrifice.

>> No.16350890

Ah, but one may at any point turn from The Emperor to Chaos. That's not enslavement. Are the Chaos Gods so generous as to allow those who wish to being and end to their tenure to simply walk away?
I think not.

>> No.16350892

>Claiming Chaos has a lack of freedom

You do not understand anything at all, worm.

>> No.16350893

And it is this thread we see the true danger of the alien. It is not with strength they seek to ruin us, for the alien is aware of its own grotesque weaknesses. It knows it cannot overpower our Imperium with force, for it has no righteous cause with which to imbue its soul. So it seeks, with slander and lies and deadly deceit, to try to undermine the position of humanity in the galaxy - as if an eternity as the shell puppet of some horrific inhuman mind is a preferable existence! Tell me, brothers! If you are to be a shell, would you not be a shell for Him, for He who guides you and cares for you and every day sacrifices so much so that you may draw as much as a single breath? Or would you instead serve an alien that regards you as little more than another mouth for it to consume through?

To a rational man, to a brave man willing to stand upon the edge of the galaxy and look down at the writhing hordes of the alien and the heretic and spit straight in their wretched maw, there is no question of the true answer.

>> No.16350894

>people want to add individual personalities to a hivemind alien that's actually reasonably well done



>> No.16350897

Would love to play nids what are they like in a casual setting?

>> No.16350899


>how to make Tyranid rootable

You've never been to Australia, have you?

>> No.16350907

Da bugz? Dey know how ta put up a good fight, not hiding in bildins like dem humie gitz. But bein' a bug boy? Nah, dey don't WAAAAGH! fer da fun 'o it; dey'z doin' it cuz dey'z always 'ungry, an I dun like ta be 'ungry.
No dakka eiver. Dey just shoot from dere dangly gubbins dat humiez always scream about if yas shoot em off by acc'dent.
Dat's just un-orky.

>> No.16350922

You think wrong, for Chaos is so generous that one never wishes to leave. To choose to enslave oneself to a rotting corpse, and those who use this mummified icon to manipulate the masses, this is true madness.

To serve the unholy ones is not a life spent lashed by a chain to a corpse, but a life unfettered. To choose to leave such freedom in madness, one one can not choose if one is mad.

>> No.16350924

Puny ork-friends never understand the joy of ejaculation.

After all, you orks are just children playing with toys.

>> No.16350929


>The bad, naturally, is they're not doing anything yet with all that matter apart from making new niddies, unless they're waiting for supermass to do something (prepare the galaxy for a Dark Galaxy coliision?).

The Tyrant Star is a larval Tyranid galactic lifeform that the hive fleets will converge upon when enough biomass has been stored, and create a Tyranomorph large enough to consume stars. This creature will grow in size with every stellar body it devours, until it finally reaches such a mass that it splits off into another two creatures. They will continue to multiply and, in time, consume the whole of the galaxy, and then the galaxies beyond, and when all is Life they will unite together; the convergence of such mass will create an immense singularity, that will briefly compress into a hyperdense state before bursting outward once again. From this, a new universe will be born; one without constant warfare, hatred, and strife.

You all think the Tyranids monsters who kill mindlessly; in truth, they long to give all our universe another chance. As they have in creation past, and will in creation future- Until, at last, they find balance; a universe of beings that can live in harmony, without bloodshed, without weapons. Only then will they let themselves rest, knowing as they have always known: To the canvas, the brush is discord- For only the painter sees the portrait.

>> No.16350941

Ya! Yer gets it now! Da ooniverse IS da playground 'o da Orks!

>> No.16350943


You chose to remain with chaos, yet you can't never leave.

That is not freedom. That is your dellusion. You are tricking yourself into serving chaos.

>> No.16350954

The Tyranids... Are the Big Bang... 40k's own Galactus and Mr. Immortal, all in one (and yet so many) package(s).

>> No.16350961

I never said can't, I said wouldn't.

But I do not begrudge you your attempt at twisting my words, for the truth of the Word is such that on equal footing the so called Imperial Doctrine has no chance, for the Word is without equal.

>> No.16350974

You are the only one who is twisted, so much so that you don't realize how much worse you a shackled, and it's just because they've got pink lace.

>> No.16350980

>Heresy Everywhere

>> No.16350984

Gaze upon yourself, ork-friend, for you are the Old Ones's greatest invention.
Not like those indecent Eldar, not like those deluded humans.
You are truly chaos. While we are truly order. Both with simple objectives. You live to play while we live to eat.

Sooner or later, this galaxy will be all our, ork-friend, where you will be our source of food while we will be your source of entertainment.

>> No.16350989

This is progress, you are willing to admit you are shackled, now we must show you the truth, that it is possible for a person not to be shackled. Then you will be ready.

>> No.16351049

You chaos worshippers are even more deluded than the emperor's servants.

You are not better than them, you do not know the truth, you just serve 4 different masters instead of a psychic corpse.

>> No.16351063

Tyranids got a movie -- Unearthed.

>> No.16351072


Yes they are, see Arguleon Veq of Daemon World.

>> No.16351099

We may be enslaved, but at least we enjoy it.

>> No.16351107

More Blood for Khorne, More skulls for the Skull Throne!

The denizens of the warp will show these lesser the horrors the meaning of terror.

>> No.16351123

The tyranid are supposed to be space bugs, they're the faceless enemy. Which is in many minds a true terror. Humanity, tau, eldar, capable of being reasoned with. Orks and heck even chaos in the right situation (albiet heresy) can supposedly be reasoned with. Although humanity doesn't really know it in fluff the necrons could theoretically be dealt with in the PERFECT circumstance. But the nids? no.

The simple realization that you cannot possibly communicate with them, that you cannot convey your message of "I do not wish to be eaten" is what makes them so terrifying. You can't ask a wasp not to sting you, nor request politely that a bear not rip off your face. People try to talk down dogs when they're attacking and the only reason it works is because they've been grown to understand humans and react in certain ways to other creatures.

You could maek an argument, that with the right gesutures, sounds, and eye contact you could prevent a lion from attacking you, though it's not really conveying your opinion but just tricking it into thinking your not something worth mauling. But the Nid? no. You have no chance, you have no opportunity, and in particular you have no opinion or say in the matter. That scares, terrifies and enrages people. The simple idea that your opinion, and by extent your EXISTANCE is meaningless to someone is enough to based creatures, forcing our views upon others with violence until either someone listens, or everyone is dead.

The tyranid are supposed to be this unfathomable threat to not just mankind but to EVERYTHING. That it supposedly has a hive mind but it cares not for you. that is perhaps even worse than say, the apocalypse. For the planet simply tearing itself apart is not alive and cannot comprehend that you existed, while the hive mind knows you do, and CHOOSES not to care.

>> No.16351166

With all that said, I did try and make up some amount of fluff to add personality to my little box o nids. That a single hive fleet from behemoth was wounded in combat, rammed by an imperial ship and shunted off course. Forced to fall into a deep sleep to recover it's wounds, it awakes years later, to find it's birthing sacs are severly disabled. Only a small number of nids can be created and the few remaining on the ship must instead of returning to the spawning pool stay separate in case of enemy attack. These nids, now living for MUCH longer than usual ones (which at best live a month or two, not counting tyrants and genestealers). They develop quicks, and habits, learn new tactics over time themselves as opposed to being reborn with them. For simply existing for a long period of time requires a greater self image, to remind the nid that they will not be converted back as easily as before.

Was all the idea I could come up with for them, to make a "personal" hive ship. ^_^

>> No.16351263

do I always come into threads just as they die? or do my long posts just always kill them... T_T

>> No.16351282

This thread was already dying and your posts were the last nail in its coffin.

Sorry dude.

>> No.16351363

so what are the tyranids running from?

>> No.16351369

it's an imperial theory and nothing more that they may actually not be "invading" as much as fleeing something even more terrifying than they are.

Dunno if they've explained it more than that.

>> No.16351382

What do Locusts run from?

Nothing but their own hunger. The whole nid running from something is a fan made speculation nothing more.

>> No.16351387

Something even more massive, disgusting, hideous, and all-devouring than them, which would happily make a snack of the entire hive fleet if permitted. In other words, your mother.

>> No.16351407


Sunday (Games Day UK) we should find out about the Necrons.

>> No.16351409

Why would they voluntarily invade a galaxy full of necrons? They have to know they'll probably lose food in the deal

>> No.16351418

Simple: the more codices and GW attention a faction gets, the larger and more fervent the fanbase.

>> No.16351442

I root for chaos but I want them not to win.
Resistance is what makes chaos great. They're like your sunday rebels, once they have ntohing to fight against it becomes empty.

>> No.16351445

Those eaten by the hive mind are saved from the chaos of the warp, their souls being merged with the hive mind for eternity.

It's better than being Slaanesh chow.

>> No.16351449

Tyranids are probably the scavenger bugs of the universe. They probably chose this galaxy because even with the necrons, it was still the weakest galaxy in the area.

The next galaxy is probably full of orks where the smallest grunt is the size of a dreadnought.

>> No.16351458

The Tyranids are the newcomers of this galaxy how would they know of the existence of necrons before entering it?

And besides the necron and tyranids leave each other alone most of the time.

>> No.16351482

The tyranids are a force of nature.

You can't root for a force a'nature. And giving them a more relatable personality defeat their whole purpose.

The whole force of nature thing is the new nids. The old nids were standard diplomatic aliens. It sucked. For all I care, all hail the new nidz overlords.

>> No.16351484


That's unlikely, Orks are fun but not a real threat, even the Eldar in their heyday pretty much had stomped them underfoot, and DAoT humans did not have problems with them either.

More likely explanation is that Tyranids need to eat between intergalactic travels, the neighbourhood they are in (Local Group) has only two large galaxies and they'd rather go for Milky Way than risk starvation travelling two million LY further to Andromeda. Plus the whole "Astronomican attracts nids" angle from the 5th edition codex.

Pic related, it's Andromeda and does not have an Astronomican.

>> No.16351502

Great again the Emperor puts humanity in danger.

Can he do anything right?


>> No.16351506

Of course no one roots for the nids. That would be like rooting for the sandstorm in a desert battle or a tsunami on battleship clash.

>> No.16351513

>ITT how to make Tyranid rootable

ITT People from Australia and Britain turn this into a xenos love thread

>> No.16351519

What about the current giant war between the Orks and the Nids?

Who do you root for?

Da Boyz or the Bugs?

>> No.16351631

or it could just be that the milky way was closer so they hit it first, but no they're here the Astronomicon is drawing them towards Terra. But really theres no fluff indicating which other galaxies they've eaten, only that there has been 12 devoured so far.

>> No.16351638


The 12 number is also unsourced, haven't seen it in canon.

>> No.16351639

well as a Nid player I'm rooting for the Nids. But regardless of who wins anyone in the general area is fucked.

>> No.16351647

its in the damn rulebook, thats as cannon as you can get.

>> No.16351648

Godzilla is a force of nature.

I still root for Godzilla.

Same for space dinobug.

>> No.16351662

Root for Nids.

Nids winning means the story is gonna be PROGRESSED.

>> No.16351670


Page number?

>> No.16351679

page 167 IIRC, In the Nid fluff section. Actual line is something like "the barren husks of a dozen galaxies lie in their wake."

>> No.16351682

weren't the orks supposed to have been created as a superweapon to fight the old ones or something? I mean they had to be pretty strong at one point.

>> No.16351688

IF ONLY tyranids could be heading their way towards the eye of terror...

that would be cool.. see who wins between chaos and tyranids.


that is now my happy place.

>> No.16351689

Ork is by far the best race created by the old ones.

>> No.16351692

Discoverus Channelus, The truth about Tyranid.

They are actually peaceful and joyful animals when they are not hungry.
Lictor loves to lick you all over through, which can be disgusting.

>> No.16351697

They where created by the Old ones to fight the Necrons, Eldar where created for the same reason too.

>> No.16351709

The Eldar are kinda pointless as a warrior race though.

Too easily overcome by passion and pleasure, too slow reproducing and their speed does not make up for Orks strength & toughness advantage. Even for a first try that's bad, the Old Ones must have been quite unaccustomed for war at that time.

>> No.16351710

The way to make them interesting is to give them purpose beyond 'nom' while at the same time keeping the air of mystery about that purpose. In a Rogue Trader game I ran a while back, here's what I did:

The Tyranid race was originally a galaxy spanning race of biological servitors created in a far off galaxy. The Tyranids were controlled by a fully awakened hivemind with a physical body (think planet sized brain). When this body was destroyed in a supernova, the hivemind fell into somnolence and has since operated only on its basest instincts (to feed and grow). It consumed every life in that universe and came here.

But as the race increased in size, flickers of the dormant mind began to stir. The Tyrant star is the Tyranid fleet attempting to recreate the true physical body of the hivemind and thus awaken it from its slumber.

As the hivemind rises from somnolence it's half formed dreams cause it to warp from system to system where the weight of its mind on the warp causes warp storms and drives entire worlds mad.

What will happen if it truly awakens? It could make the galaxy into a paradise if it reverts to its original programming. Or eons of feral dreaming have warped the original mind into something sinister. Or the birth of such an almighty consciousness might tear the entire galaxy into the warp, absorbing every mind, man and God, into the hivemind.

>> No.16351732

too much heresy in this thread

>> No.16351735


>> Same reason people don't root for toasters, except toasters were boring in the first place.

You just hanging with the wrong toasters anon.

>> No.16351738

Until the Necrons no-one had really gone against them at that point.

>> No.16351740


There is absolutely no difference between that and complete fanfiction rewrite.

If the players found that cool, ok, but it's in no way even remotely close to canon.

>> No.16351749

Yeah, except they were so sex-crazed they damned themselves.

Eldar used to be lusty as fuck, and now still are (DE).

>> No.16351779


oh shut up, that rotting meatsack you call emprah is useless, i'd rather hug a carnifex. at least those adorable beasts would hug me back

>> No.16351790


The Eldar probably were designed without regard to cost-efficiency.

"Yeah, let's give them ALL psychic powers, make them live for millennia, give them super speed and super senses and also give them SUPER-emotions so that they can enjoy civilian life to make up for the fact that we created them for the horror of war!"

>> No.16351800


Actually it fits a lot of the fluff about the nids (though not all naturally), it just fills in the blanks that GM left open.

And to my knowledge the Tyrant star's actual nature was left deliberately open.

So yeah, it's non-canonical as hell, but this is a thread about how to make the Tyranids more interesting after all, if you're not prepared to get creative then all you get is stuff like "Maybe one got stuck somewhere for a while, so it got battle-damaged."

>> No.16351802

Sounds like Gunbuster, with the STMC

The Tyranids are merely disinfecting the plagued galaxy.

>> No.16351815

The STMC might be far,, farrrrr more dangerous than Nids.

But luckily, Gunbuster (and Alpha Number) exist.

>> No.16351816

Chaos as already lost , they will lose in any scenario

>> No.16351822

How about the chaos vs chaos scenario?

>> No.16351833

I always root for the underdog.

Tau all the way.

>> No.16351855

That's not saying much when their competition is gay spess elfs and scavengers with weird plasma guns.

>> No.16351863

You forgot the space-chimps which make technology but cannot make society for some reason.

>> No.16351869

Don't be badmouthing Necron, they are the only race that can truly kill the Ork since their guns destroy shit on an atomic level.

It's just that they face against something worse than their gods, the C'tan, the travellers or something, serious HP Lovecraft shit.

>> No.16351882

You need to look at it from a different perspective.

All the factions in 40k are evil and fucked up and beyond redemption and all that shit, right? Right.

So, what happens if the Tyranids eat everything? All life in the galaxy is gone. All the corrupt races are gone. Then, the Tyranids will either eat each other and die out, or leave the galaxy in search for other galaxies to eat.

Even Chaos itself would die. They would no longer have any followers with emotions to feed them, so they would slowly lose power over the ages and wither and die out. The Warp itself would, no longer getting any emotion from the mortals, calm down and go back to the peaceful state it was before the Old Ones and their servants fucked it up.

It would be one big reset button, for the entire galaxy.

So then, in many, many millions of years, life will eventually reappear in the galaxy, and this time, it might be done right, without all the bullshit that ruined the galaxy for the first time. And the new races that show up will have access to the peaceful, benign Warp, which would allow them to live for eternity, in peace.

>> No.16351890

Nids can clean worlds of Ork too.

>> No.16351892

>created by old ones
What? I was talking about eldar and hrud

>> No.16351905

Aw shit.

Sorry, scavengers with plasma guns sound like necron at my glance.

>> No.16351932

I wonder if Nid can keep Ork as cattle and harvest them each year.

>> No.16351955 [DELETED] 

Only because Phil 'Fail' Kelly, and Robin Crudd-face decided to completely retcon the best goddamn fluff-war in the game. The Octavion battle between the Orks and the Nids used to be fuck-awesome. It used to be this total stalemate, with Ork worlds holding out indefinitely against the Nid invasion.

Then they retconned it, resorted to the "Hurr Orks R Universe Punching-Bag", and turned the enitre fluff about it into "Nids are steamrolling, Lol".

That right there, is why I fucking hate the 3 40k devs. Retconning out the Invasion of Mordax Forge World during the Eye of Terror campaign, is also a cardinal sin of theres.

>> No.16351962

they probably could. but they wouldn't even need to use orks, they could engineer an even faster growing race. But then they wouldn't get more biomass. So the hive would never grow.

>> No.16351982

No comments on this? Or was this already discussed in the thread before I posted it?

>> No.16352001

Whats that got to do with the fact that if nids devour a world with orks on it then there aren't any orks left?

Besides even now its still pretty much a stalemate, nids are winning but its a slow grind, nd more orks are sure to join the fray from other areas of the galaxy.

>> No.16352028

>Tyranids eat everything
>Tyranids get caught in a weird warp storm as they are leaving the galaxy
>Tyranids are sent back in time
>Tyranids are back where they started, invading the galaxy all over again
>The cycle continues

>> No.16352046

that would basically make nids a paradox since they wouldn't have an origin.

>> No.16352071

That's pretty heavy, Doc

>> No.16352075

Why do you say that? Heavy? Is there some problem with the galaxy's gravity in the future?

>> No.16352113

I've always found genestealer cults to be far more characterful than the hive fleets.

>> No.16352120

So the things chasing the nids are the angry C'tan and necrons?

I would be pissed too if somebody ate all my food and made a run for it.

>> No.16352129



>> No.16352130

no they're running from their future selves

>> No.16352134


C'tan have been defeated by the Necrons.

>> No.16352172

The elder can purge a planet of orks too. That's what they use the void spinner for. And they don't. Even have to purge the whole thing like nids/impd

>> No.16352223

Nobody cares about your weeaboo fetishes.

>> No.16352246

>>Tyrant Nobunaga

Just imagine him with cannons for arms.

>> No.16352272


this is the exact storyline to R-Type

>> No.16352291

Bydo aren't quite rootable

but they are sort of pitable and horrifying

>> No.16352309

I support Nids because they are true chaotic. Why wouldn't I love an army that doesn't have any real cause other than because they want to?

inb4 Orks. Orks suck and you should hate them.

>> No.16352344

Nid is actually very order.

They have a cause, simple but important: Eating and reproduction.

Ork is chaotic neutral while Chaos is just purely Chaotic Evil.

>> No.16352658

>hates orks

choose one

seriously /tg/ has nothing but love for orks

>> No.16352668

Y'know the warp could extend into other galaxies.

I have this idea where the Chaos Gods have to juggle their attention between our galaxy because this is where the warp originated and the matters of other galaxies, possible the whole universe.

Now that grim dark right? No matter where you run, you shall never escape Chaos.

>> No.16352694

Orks are Zen

Collectively, they are like loose grains of sand

But a great force, a warboss, can unite them, like raking sand in a zen garden. The waaagh is, then it goes. It's as impermanent as shifting sands.

A waaagh is like cherry blossoms falling. Pink petals whirl through the air, then are gone. Only bare branches left behind.

Ephemeral, Unforgettable, Orky.

>> No.16352736

>background and cars are well drawn and colored, detailed but not too much
>anime characters who are solid colors inside of sharp lines with no detail whatsoever
>anime characters completely ruin another good image

fuck I hate anime so much

>> No.16352868

The reason Nids are so very despicable is because they are completely devoid of humanity; the lack consciousness even. Happiness, sadness, pain, or any other emotion cannot even be appreciated in the same way that humankind appreciates it. Their entire system of values and interpretation is "alien" in every sense of the world. All other factions demonstrate some sort of consciousness, and so are to a degree relatable. Even orks, with values so different to our own, strike us as human in that they are conscious, we understand their happiness in that we understand the sort of happiness they benefit from as a CONCEPT. Even the hive mind does not produce consciousness, only a reflexive series of cognitions.

When people claim to love an animal, they cannot do so because they know the animal to love them in turn in the same way, no matter how evident the animal's loyalty or compassion may be. We project such values onto them, the animal displays traits similar to our displays of emotion (dogs panting looking like a smile, for instance). Behind an animals eyes there is nothing, the same can be said for the Tyranids. To make the tyranids relatable, they would need a human element, may the Hive Minds possessing a set of values or personality which is altruistic yet warped. Without consciousness, we cannot speak intelligently about what the tyranids "stand for"

>> No.16352900

"The other groups of biomass exude great pain. They will cease to suffer as part of US."

>> No.16352919

This could work, a force which wants only oblivion. Human, and yet it seeks to destroy humanity as a concept

>> No.16352946

Alternatively, Unyuufex.

>> No.16352953


But that holds true for Eldar too.

Behind an Eldar's eyes, there's no true consciousness, no intellect. Just blood. They like dogs and cats just work according to their programming. Their behaviour comes off like a stereotypical arrogant elf, because there is nothing else to them. Just like a dog.

Orks are the same, empty nothings reacting to their environment in the only way the species can.

>> No.16352961

>broken nanobots too dumb to realise they're ruining humanity by carrying out corrupted versions of their purpose.

The background story of Jissouseki, several futa-apocalipse scenario doujins and several other poor to lame media. it's the modern-day version of "a wizard did it".

>> No.16352966

>The more I learn about these aliens, the more I come to understand what drives them, the more I hate them. I hate them for what they are and for what they may one day become. I hate them not because they hate us but because they are incapable of good, honest, human hatred. -Inquisitor Angmar

There is nothing relateable in the Tyranids. There is no factor about them that makes them reasonable. They will eat the galaxy and move on to the next. The best case scenario therein is that they will kill everything in the horrible future of 40k to do so.

>> No.16352982

>When people claim to love an animal, they cannot do so because they know the animal to love them in turn in the same way, no matter how evident the animal's loyalty or compassion may be. We project such values onto them, the animal displays traits similar to our displays of emotion (dogs panting looking like a smile, for instance). Behind an animals eyes there is nothing,

>implying that love is not itself a level of compassion and loyalty

>> No.16352995

I'm not saying that love is not equal to compassion and loyalty. I'm saying that loyalty and compassion, as we understand them, are projected upon animals.

>> No.16353001

>assuming consciousness and intellect are the same thing

Ho boy

>> No.16353015


For the purposes of drama it's acceptable, dogs eyes for example do have something behind them.

Now here's the question; do Eldar have consciousness or intellect?

>> No.16353034


Oh and this guy again (I'm a philosophy major (yeah, I know, but I love it) which is why I'm so interested in this), also interesting is the inarguable presence of a "soul" in 40k. In reality, a soul as we know it (a metaphysical, intangible object that dictates our character) is really an incoherent concept. However, in 40k I would say that perhaps a soul is indicative of consciousness. In this way, Tyranids are largely proven to be without consciousness (they're often referred to as a sort of warp-vacuum if I'm not mistaken) but other alien races do possess it.

This also makes the Tau VERY interesting for obvious reasons.

>> No.16353042

That's why I like them though. They are the primal hunger in all of us. They are life, as it could have been here. A different path, and one terrifyingly effective. They control their own destinies, and futures, at the expense of what we'd consider individuality, love, compassion, etc.

The Great Devourer is most deadly because what make's it effective is inside of us all.

>> No.16353061

>Tyranids are largely proven to be without consciousness (they're often referred to as a sort of warp-vacuum if I'm not mistaken)

Quite the opposite. They possess such a mighty consciousness that it cuts planets nearby off from Warp Communication. It's called the Shadow of the Warp. And the people on the planets report a scratching, chittering feeling in the back of their skulls...

'nids don't really have a proper consciousness, but rather a group mind. On their own, not much. All together, a mind greater than any human (Emps excluded)

>> No.16353081


Emperor too.

He never made chaos gods run, never cracked planets in half or affected large populations from light years away, and got thrown out of his own webway by a daemon horde.

He isn't all that, after all, he's just a bunch of caveman psykers from one insignificant world.

>> No.16353095


The Synapse creatures have their own consciousness, and dare I say personalities.

>> No.16353098

>cracked planets in half

Was the foul xeno planet that was using human slaves? I vaguely remember aul pappy Emperor getting pissed over something like that.

>> No.16353105

>>When people claim to love an animal, they cannot do so because they know the animal to love them in turn in the same way, no matter how evident the animal's loyalty or compassion may be. We project such values onto them, the animal displays traits similar to our displays of emotion (dogs panting looking like a smile, for instance). Behind an animals eyes there is nothing,
Never owned a dog.

>> No.16353122


If he did get pissed (and why would he, he allows his own subjects to keep human slaves and was fine with Fenris being backwards and stagnant, even named Russ his trusted anti-traitor guy) he would have just sent his armies to kill the xenos, or enslave them.

>> No.16353140

I have a dog, had for 9 years now. I care for it immensely, but I don't have any illusions. I know that sounds harsh

>> No.16353191

Yes, my friends. Tyranids are the ultimate form of evolution... but not in such a way that they should be rooted on.

In truth, it disturbs me that anyone would root for ANYONE in 40k. Everyone is essentially a bad guy, with chaotic intentions and warped mentalities.

Tyranids on the other hand? All they want is to consume, and survive, and reproduce.


Everything but Tyranids are a reflection of our OWN world. Races warring for domination of resources and land. People living in fear, wondering if this could be their last day in the entire universe as people far "superior" to them fight with alien races for the purpose of controlling the entire galaxy, if not the universe itself.

Tyranids? They break it down to the simplest nature: Eat, Live, Produce. Eat, Live, Produce. EAT. LIVE. PRODUCE.

Tyranids are man in our darkest hour. Tyranids are humans at the brink of extinction. Tyranids are the Imperium of Mankind without Space Marines, or guns, or ships, or anything. They are creatures that HAD to evolve to survive... so much so that they use their own biomatter to do what they must... to survive.

Root for them if you believe that Mankind can survive the strifes of the apocalypse. Root for them if you think they're worthy of ruling the universe, and think that they may move on at some point.

Root for the Tyranids if you believe them to be no different than you: Survivors.

>> No.16355225

I play tyranids. I view them as the apex of organic evolution. Their main goal, consume all useable resources in an area, reproduce, move on. The base function of life. They do it efficiently, quickly, and without wasting time in things like religion and culture. They will grow and consume galaxy after galaxy until universal entropy occurs, and really isnt that the goal of any organic race? Plus, I find the story behind the Imperium absolutely awful. Their righteous zealotry is annoying and insulting.

tl;dr: I want the nids to win. Fuck the Imperium.

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