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This thread, things that could have made spess mehreen better. I'll start:

Less cliche inquisitor plot,
Orkier Orks (more meks, a stompa fight maybe, more squigs, trukks)
at least one battlefield scale fight,
more tanks,
more helmets (less marysue bullshit),
a proper fuck awesome multi phase boss fight with nemeroth (fucking quicktime event pissed me off royally),

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I don't usually go grammar-nazi on people, but FFS it's _Skitarii_ (plural of Skitarius).

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terminator armor

more weapons


a non shitty multiplayer

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All 4 ruinous powers represented in some form or another.

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>Don't usually go grammar Nazi.

>Obscure word which could easily be a typo error.

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Honestly, I'd like it if the game were more of a tactical shooter, where Captain Titus leads 4 other battle brothers. I know Space Marines are crazy powerful, but come on, they're not THAT fucking strong.

I definitely wanted vehicles, and was hoping my ass off that there'd be a bike session or two, with ork and chaos bikers following you and chainsword duels and shit.

Multiplayer could be a lot crazier. Steal Call of Duty's killstreak bonus feature and give a marine Terminator armor when they get a high enough streak, or the ability to call in a strike from a Thunderhawk.

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> More helmets
> A proper Melta
> More multi-player game types.

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Co-op mode where you fight off waves of Orks
Lightning claws
Missile launchers
Custom badge upload
More game modes


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>Steal Call of Duty's killstreak bonus feature and give a marine Terminator armor when they get a high enough streak, or the ability to call in a strike from a Thunderhawk.

Yeah man, because nothing says fun like getting bombed by a thunderhawk 10 times in one match. Fuck off.

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Stop being a bitch and bring the chopper down with one of the many weapons specifically designed to do so.

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Less spess mehreen

that would fix the fucking game.

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You're playing a Space Marine Captain.
Space Marine characters in tabletop very rarely wear helmets. You are playing as a Space Marine character. You have an iron halo; why would you need a helmet?

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>Less spess mehreen
>probably wants to play faggy space elves, blue communist shits, or wanna be action heroes with laser pointers

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Orks, actually.

I'd have bought the game, had I been able to play a Nob in multiplayer.

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From Space Marine I wanted/expected "Gears of War, but with more melee."


Not bad in it's own right, but some more tact would have been great. I know space marines are suposed to be all-out and what not, but it's a we bit bland.

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>You know what would make this game better, if it were more like COD!

Fuck off.

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Terminator and Scout classes -- Chaos Terminator and Cultist class as equivalents for Chaos
Call the 'twin bolter' a storm bolter
Make blotters fire in 4-shot bursts; holding down Fire button leaves a short pause after the burst before the next. Basically, just like the Blood Ravens in the opening for Dark Crusade.
Lascannons are much slower, less like sniper rifles and more like the can openers they are.
A mode that guides you to servo skulls you missed after completing the game once.


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It's assumed the Orks are all dead.

Multiplayer is essentially the aftermath of the single player campaign, where the ruinous powers need to be rooted out of the Forge world.

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>Co-op mode where you fight off waves of Orks

that's actually coming out next month as DLC. Check out "Exterminatus Mode"

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>Call the 'twin bolter' a storm bolter

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>hurr i haet spess muhrens
how non-conformist and edgy of you

co-op mode is on the way. should be ballin'

was pretty pleased with the game. The QTE boss fight was a downer.. but it was pretty solid throughout. They got the lore pretty spot on, the environments were gorgeous, the music was decent enough, the voice acting was good..

The audio logs were better than I expected. They actually mention Skitarii and different ranks of the mechanicus. Just wish there was an explanation as to where the Princeps and his crew came from... I don't remember hearing from them until right when you start unlocking the titan

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>at least one battlefield scale fight,
They need to put this on consoles you know.

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>It's assumed only Spess Mehreens exist in this game.

>The entire game is essentially just spess mehreens.

FTFY. To fuck and back with shitty "it's assumed" bullshit.

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- A much more complex melee combat system. I want to be able to grab and throw enemies and FUCKING BLOCK

- Vehicles for fuck's sake. No bikes? No Rhinos? No Land Speeders? What the fuck is wrong with you, Relic?

- More BATTLES, less Dynasty Warriors bullshit. I want to defend a fort garrisoned by Imperial Guard and just me leading a squad of Marines against a fuckhuge force of enemies.

- Eldar and Tyranids. Yeah I know it's pretty hard to justify such a thing, but who gives a shit? This is Warhammer 40k, just make it happen. No one plays these games for the story anyway, we just want to see awesome battles between our favorite armies.

Basically, I wanted it to be Dark Millenium, except not an MMO (i.e., terrible)

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More daemons than just Bloodletters, seriously. Make daemons more than just Orks with a nifty ranged-damage-avoidance system.
Make Lt Mira less of a Mary Sue?
Stormboyz to fight on foot, not just in that one lackluster mission where they're somehow catching up to Valkyries
Put the Autocannon in more places than the place where Sicarus dies.
Male storm bolters slower-firing.

Add more maps. Really. The same 4 (or 5?) over and over get slightly old.

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Storm Bolter and Twin (Linked) Bolter are two different weapons. If it was picked up off Chaos, it's a Twin Linked Bolter; if it was coming from the Ultramarines Armory, it should be a Storm Bolter (or a fucking old as hell Relic from Horus Heresy times).

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>hurr i haet spess muhrens
>how non-conformist and edgy of you

Not everyone can be lion tamers.

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I would have done Tryanids. They would have appealed to a larger audience. When most people see Space Orks, they tend to think "wow this is really silly" (which 40K is supposed to be but whatever)! When they see Space Bugs the kids go "OMG SO HAAAAARDCOOOOOORE"!

And don't tell em you wouldn't want Carnifex and Lictor boss battles.

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Didn't you hear? FFG erratted the bolter. It's now three shots

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Bigger battles, not "one guy vs a few". The "small" battles should've been like the bridge fight, with some marines with you. The big ones should've been huge.
More orky orks (not *once* did I hear dakkadakkadakka. Bullshit.)
More orks in general (coming across orks fighting chaos and then joining in was fun, but it happens like twice)
More storyline

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>When most people see Space Orks, they tend to think "wow this is really silly"

That's mostly due to Relic (and to a lesser extent, GW) using them as the archetypal 'scape-goat villain'.

Within recent years, since 5th ed to be precise, Orks have become the "go-to" race for punching-bag bad-guys.

It is quite annoying. Especially since Phucktard Kelly even retconned them into such an abysmal state.

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More complex melee combat. Think Mount and Blade: thrust, slash, block, etc.

A more fully developed Chaos presence. I want Horrors tossing rainbow fireballs, and Plaguebearers and Daemonettes too (it's already rated MA so why the fuck not). Some cultists would be nice too.

Vehicles and terminator armor.

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A proper hard core boss battle would be awesome.

I managed to kill Grimskull on hard only dieing once. 'Twas a good fight though.

An 'Emperors finest' difficulty setting. Hard got too easy. I died more times in that buggy final jump pack level from falling off the map than I did to anything else in the game.

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>Mary Sue

Uh, how? She was just kind of a generic Guard character. Unless it's because she's female that is.

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-shipped with the exterminatus mode included
-the power sword added as a usable weapon instead of dlc
-4 more combos for each weapon (adding the direction buttons)

-the ability to keep the melee weapons just like the guns
-a proper boss fight at the end of the campaign
-the fucking killa kans from the trailer
-orks in multiplayer
-more than the miserable 6 hours repetitive campaign and the two multiplayer modes with 5 maps and mirrowed factions

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She's a female imperial guardsman who is actually competent, ergo MASSIVE MARY SUE WORST CHARACTER EVER LAZY WRITING.

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>mary sue
Go fuck yourself with a rake.

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a full on imperial armor battle (leman russes and predators) with infantry support vs orks would've been awesome

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Well yeah you have this terribly generic character and its like Relic thought oh hey lets make her female that'll be interesting. Nope sorry. Fucking try next time, maybe make it a Commissar

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-and vehicles, no need to drive them but it would have been cool to destroy a leman russ, a chaos predator or a looted tank with the thunderhammer

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a Dreadnought

that's all I ask, I don't even have to play one although that would be cool as shit, and a Night Lords armor set option

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>2nd Lieutenant
>Small Forge World garrison pummeled by Orks
>All higher leadership is dead or MIA

>Holds the Guard together
>Is only slightly awed by Ultramarines appearing (justifiable maybe as they're so close to Ultima)
>Never loses her cool or makes rash decisions
>Nobody doubts her command ability
>Isn't scared crapless by the Inquisition; rather, she is slightly hostile towards Thrax appearing
The gender hardly matters.

Thanks for correcting me about the Twin Bolter business, Anons. I want a 5th ed CSM codex now.

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So...how does that make her a Sue?

>> No.16343249

how was Mira mary sue?

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All those would be perfecty expected characteristics if Mira had been replaced with a badass Catachan dude who collects Nob heads.

>> No.16343258

>>16343111 Make Lt Mira less of a Mary Sue?

I don't see how she was a Sue, as the game definitely revolved around Titus and his brother marines..unless you just bash female npcs who actually DON"T dress skimpy for shits and giggles

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Male characters are like that all the time and they're SO BADASS FUCK YEAR THAT'S AWESOME.

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What the heck /v/irgins? Stop pretending we have spoilers on /tg/, they're annoying.

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That pic made me laugh so hard, thanks Anon! :,D

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>we want more vehicle sections
Yes, because it's not like those are usually the most boring and tedious parts of modern day TPSs'.

The Valkyrie section was brutal, intense, had a boss fight and most importantly was SHORT. If you want vehicles in multiplayer then play BF and let different games have different features.

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An IG vs traitor guard game ala battlefield with some of the grimdark of the red orchestra series.

>> No.16343294

I'm just going to point this out: if the multiplayer was Orks vs Spess Mahroons it would be horribly unbalanced.

>> No.16343302

>You can't have vehicles in your multiplayer 40k game because another video game by a different company set in the modern age already has vehicles!


>> No.16343308

shit game is SHIT

>> No.16343310

Few demanded to be driving a tank.
Most just wanted vehicles to be there at all.
As in bossfights or as objectives and/or harder enemies.

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chill man, other boards have spoilers too
no problem! this one is also a favorite of mine

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I'm just going to point this out: if multiplayer were Orks vs Space Marines, Ork players would all be nobs.

>> No.16343322

Eh, people would find exploits that make the game unplayable.

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but so awesome

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(COD reference only for simplicity - I fucking hate that game)

Maybe if they applied the COD-approach of your playing several characters at different points through a campaign - that would make it easy as hell to slide in a vehicle mission, a dreadnought/term level, even something like an IG battery supporting a battle with Basilisk fire or something.... anything to break up the button-mashing shitfest that SM turned out to be.

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Lightning claws and flamers, FUCK YEAH

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what i wouldnt give for a w40k game in the style of the battlefield series...

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>2nd Lieutenant
>Small Forge World garrison pummeled by Orks
>All higher leadership is dead or MIA
The Guard situation is explicitly "ten minutes and we're dead". They were considering Exterminatus, the only reason they haven't written off the planet as lost was the device. The Marines showing up are the sole reason any of them are alive a few hours later and the ones you meet in game are probably all or close enough to all that are actually still around.

>Holds the Guard together
I would assume she has leadership qualities, having been promoted to a commanding rank in a Cadian army.
>Is only slightly awed by Ultramarines appearing (justifiable maybe as they're so close to Ultima)
>Never loses her cool or makes rash decisions
Again, if she didn't posses these qualities she would never have reached that position. And she did make rash decisions. Count how many Valkyries she had left after flying out with the Ultramarines, -personally-.
>Nobody doubts her command ability
Do you even know what the Guard is? Doubting officers is a very quick way of getting the pole position on a firing line.
>Isn't scared crapless by the Inquisition; rather, she is slightly hostile towards Thrax appearing
I didn't notice her being hostile at all. And what has she to fear from him, really?

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Not the they you replied to, but that would still be unbalanced due to nobs being larger, there fore being easier to hit, which wouldn't be something easily balanced even if you gave them more health. Then you get into not having equivalent weapons to most marine ones, and it would be near impossible to balance on a race vs race basis.

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The Multiplayer could be VASTLY improved.
To start with:
A mic talking system that isn't retarded. I haven't figured out how to use my mic yet, and apparently, neither has ANYONE ELSE because every time I join a sever, I have to mute like 4 fuckers with music or kids or their stupid friends talking in the background, and sometimes I can hear their game sounds or somesuch bullshit. seriously, mute your mics until they fix it, please.
A HUGE improvement would be just making it push to talk. Or if they're too lazy to do that, just make an option that allows me to not hear other player's mics.

Then there's the weapon/perk imbalances. I JUST got the meltagun, and dominated a server with it. 14 kills, most in the server. I realized after the match that I was an asshole, because the meltagun is bullshit. The same is true of the lascannon and plasma cannon, though they sort of have the downside of having to play a dev and lacking mobility because of it. I don't know how to fix them, but they need fixing. Again, I'm level 13 and I got a 12/4 KD in hab center just by sniping people at their main cap point. The 4 deaths were people sniping me. This needs fixing.

More maps would also be neat, as would making it so low levels aren't objectively worse than high levels, though both of those are a bit ambitious I feel.

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Yes. They are abosulty that strong.

>> No.16343395

in b4 Matt Ward

>> No.16343402 [DELETED] 

bullshit, there must be a thousand different ways of balancing that without having to play as the same fucking faction but this time with spikes

>> No.16343417

I wish there would be a game where space marines weren't the main character.
I would even play a game about Eldar at this rate.

(Actually that would be pretty fun)

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>expect to play something other than a Space Marine

>> No.16343431


Play Fire Warrior.

>> No.16343436

It's not an expectation. Nobody is expecting it. It's just a wish.

>> No.16343439

If you're kicking about with a meltagun as your main and someone spots you at medium-long range, you're fucked and will go down like a bitch.

That's the metlagun's downside.

>> No.16343442


I think you should stop thinking like a faggot and just try to give each side its own strengths and weaknesses.

>> No.16343461


No they aren't. A Space Marine Captain should not be able to survive an ork WAAAGH all by his fucking self.

>> No.16343464

Can we have a game where we get to play as Tech-priests or agents of the Inquisition now?

>> No.16343467

to be honest I'd expect /tg/ to be masturbating over all the HOLD DA LINE she managed to spout

godamn guardfags have made me hate that phrase. Otherwise she was done fairly well, all things considered. Guard got a decent representation in this game

>> No.16343472

I remember, some time ago, long before Space Marine, /tg/ was talking about fire warrior.

For the unfamiliar, the game is about a fire warrior who goes around killing first guardsmen, then a few space marines, then he fights a kills a daemon prince. And everyone hates it because of course fire warriors aren't capable of that at all.

I remember someone saying "if it was a space marine doing all that shit none of you would complain."

Then Space Marine comes along, and an Ultramarines captain and his two battle buddies singlehandedly stop millions upon millions of Orks, fight and best dozens if not hundreds of Bloodletters in close combat, butcher their way through dozens of chaos marines, several chosen, Ork Nobs and an Ork Warboss, and it culminates in a fight with a daemon prince. Which Captain Titus punches to death.

And nobody's complaining about it breaking fluff.

>> No.16343480 [DELETED] 

>>expect a polished and complete game with a solid campaign and multiplayer

LOL,we are talking about relic and TQH here

>> No.16343482

That actually looks pretty good
Sorry, but tourneyfags will always find an imbalance and abuse the fuck out of it.

>> No.16343485

It wasn't a WAAAAAAAAGH!, it was just a small skirmish with some orks who stumbled upon a forge world with a titan.

>> No.16343486

It's a nice idea but I really do not think it's viable to have a balanced shooter where two teams have access to completely different gear to each other. If you could give decent suggestions then I'd conceed the point, or hell, better yet, point to an existing shooter that has different teams given completely different weapons and equipment. If it were possible then I'm sure that somebody would have made one.

>> No.16343487

>agents of the Inquisition now?
So KotOR/Mass Effect

>> No.16343497

Yeah, it has a downside. That didn't stop me from getting the most kills in a server with it at level 13. Are you going to say that just because someone can kill someone else with a meltagun, that it's totally balanced?

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>>bitch about your personal expectations

>> No.16343501

>A HUGE improvement would be just making it push to talk.

I think that's what they're planning to do in the next patch.

On a related note.

>Playing a game
>Someone on our team is listening to "Take on me"
>We hear it through the mic
>Someone else starts humming to the beats
>Join in
>Another player starts as well.
>Practically the whole team is singing horribly out of sync with each other in horrible British, American and German accents.

It was glorious.

>> No.16343518

>Mass Effect
But no one would play a Mass Effect style game set in 40k, you couldn't bang any alien chicks without HERESY.

... Actually, that'd be a good way to troll Biodrones, right as it fades to black, an Inquisitor/Commissar busts down the door and shoots you and the xeno scum in the face.

>> No.16343525


ME is a lot more suited to Rogue Trader to allow relations with Xenos and the like

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>It wasn't a WAAAAAAAAGH!, it was just a small skirmish with some orks who stumbled upon a forge world with a titan.

Yeah, a small skirmish that wiped out all the admech forces there.
Totally not a WAAAAGH!

>> No.16343535

It's an awesome weapons, that's why my main class is a Tactical with Meltagun and Stormbolter with the weapon versatility and rapid deployment perks.

Have you not considered, though, that maybe you're just a good player/got lucky/were playing against idiots?

I got 14 kills earlier today and mainly used a Thunderhammer, you don't see me shouting about how it needs balanced.

Honestly, with the exception of the basic bolter, which sucks balls till you get kraken bolts, the weapons are all pretty well balanced IMO.

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>Mass Effect: Rogue Trader edition

Leave out the DA2 team and I'll all my money.

>> No.16343556

Hell, leave the ME2 team out.

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>>If it were possible then I'm sure that somebody would have made one.

why the hell would they put effort, time and money into making something when doing the laziest and easiest shit is far more profitable?
goddammit people, they are a business, not charity

>> No.16343580

I wish I could have a chainaxe as my main weapon as tactical marine, because fuck yeah Khorne Berserker.

Otherwise, more maps and modes for multiplayer would have been nice. Thank god for the upcoming coop patch

>> No.16343593

I want Warhammer 40k: Phoenix Lord, starring Maugan-Ra.

"Oh, you took out an ork WAAAGH with a couple of your buddies and some Guard? That's cool. I took out a planet wide Tyranid Swarm. By myself."

>> No.16343599 [DELETED] 
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>>mass effect warhammer game
ugh....thanks but i dont want a waifu editor with stats in the 41st millenium, we already have fanfiction for that

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>romancing xenos

>> No.16343621

Predictions for Warhammer games
Already done:
FPS: Tau
GoW-esque Hack & Slash/TPS: Space marine
DmC-esque Hack & Slash: Eldar
Tactical Shooter: Guardsmen
Mass Effect: Rouge trader

Anything else?

>> No.16343641

>The Guard situation is explicitly "ten minutes and we're dead". They were considering Exterminatus, the only reason they haven't written off the planet as lost was the device
What? Did you not pay attention at all in the opening video? They didn't exterminatus because there was at least one Titan on planet, and because it's a full-on forge world. Drogan's project didn't factor in.

>> No.16343643

>They were considering Exterminatus, the only reason they haven't written off the planet as lost was the device. The Marines showing up are the sole reason any of them are alive a few hours later and the ones you meet in game are probably all or close enough to all that are actually still around.

Did you skip the game up until the point where you meet the Inquisitor? There was no Exterminatus because it's a forgeworld that makes WARLORDS. kinda important. No one knew about the warp device except the Inquisitor and some magos.

The only reason there weren't more guard on the ground is because the orks looted the orbital defense cannon just as the rescue force was touching down. Mira's company made it. Lots got blown up. The rest stayed in orbit

>> No.16343674

A racing game featuring the Blood Angels, Ork Speed freakz and craftworld Saim-Hann entitled "DA RED ONEZ GO FASTA!"

Doomrider is that super secret opponent you can face if you do something obscure during a race.

>> No.16343675

I didn't think it would be possible to degrade the 40k fanbase any lower..

hopefully it never happens. A 40k: Inquisitor in the vein of Deus Ex though? I could dig.

>> No.16343677


Agreed. All my money; take it.

>> No.16343695

>It's also a kart racer
>Blood Ravens in tiny go-karts

>> No.16343706

Stealth: Impereal assassins
Evolva-like: Tyranids

>> No.16343719

There was a Tau FPS?

>> No.16343746

Firewarrior. It was aight.

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>> No.16343881



Pfft, yeah, no. They're not called the Sledgehammer of the Imperium because of their tactical prowess. The IG smash the enemy with trillions of flashlight blasts and tank and artillery fire.

A better tactical shooter would be a Space Hulk game.

>> No.16343926


because IG doesn't have an elite unit especially for infiltration/precision strikes called storm troopers?

>> No.16343940

I guess your right, it would be more like SW: Battlefront

>> No.16343951


Oh sure, they do. I'm just saying Space Hulk's setting would make a much better tactical shooter, in which Terminators aren't just HERP DERP IMMA GUNNA DESTROY ENTIRE ARMIES BY MYSELF IN DA NAME OF DA EMPRAH

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More Grimskull!

Oiled up... and lifting things.... without his shoulder armor blocking the goods...ooooh yeah thats the stuff

>> No.16343961


Yes, that's a MUCH better genre for an IG-centric game to be. Hundreds of Guardsmen taking points and blasting heretic scum with big ass tanks and guns making 'splosions all round them.

Some Titans would be nice too.

>> No.16343977



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>> No.16344005


There are already several space hulk games, people just don't know about them because they are pretty old by now.

>> No.16344009
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wait what?

>> No.16344017

I want tactical marines to be able to use melee weapons IM A BERZERKER FFS

>> No.16344021
File: 79 KB, 600x527, 1306796304013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd let Grimskull krump me IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

>> No.16344036

How if we take Commandos...
But with an Imperial Assassin team.

>> No.16344044


Several? Try three. And one of them is an unofficial fan game. And they kinda sucked.

>> No.16344094

>Things that could have made a better game
Orks that didn't talk in a cocknie accent.

>> No.16344100

Several can mean three...

>> No.16344169

The game is fine for an entry shooter set in 40k
It's enjoyable enough, does get repetitive at parts, and the lack of content is noticeable, especially if you compare with DoW.
It feels rather barebones when you look at it. Could be fleshed out a lot.

Off the top of my head, in a future version I'd like to see (pretty much already been mentioned by others):
Terminator armor
Orkier orks
Expanded melee system (M2-M2-M2-F gets repetitive)
Customizable protagonist appearance/class and party (Get points, obtain termie armor, replace battle brother with dreadnought/stormtrooper squad, bring along a scout, etc)
Grand battles that make you feel like you're in DoW

>> No.16344200

That never happened.

>> No.16344245

Cockney accent is best accent

>> No.16344267

Skitarii would have been fucking awesome.

>> No.16344290

Hell, why can't you have games with interactive pre-mission briefings as important as the execution of the level itself?
>Decide your loadout and your squad, who to take who to station elsewhere
>Analyze plan
>Receive possible courses of action from advisors
>Decide which action to follow or scrap them and wing the mission
>List of resources given
>Strategic decisions made with said resources
>Ex: You have: two squads, a dreadnought, a Deathstorm Drop Pod, and one orbital strike.
>Squad 2 will be mainly scouts and take route B and circle around while you take route A to the ridge.
>Instead of having the Deathstorm land with you in the initial LZ have it dropped with Whirlwind launchers and jump packs once you reach the ridge overlooking the enemy base
>The battle barge will soften the enemy base then drop the dreadnought. Both squads make their way to the dreadnought.

>> No.16344326

I liked the game, I think it promises good improvements and features for the inevitable sequel.

The one thing that bothered me the most was the tone of the game. It felt like we arrived after the invasion. I would have preferred to have had battles between the Imperial guard and orks in the backround, civilians fleeing and getting cut down by orks, buildings crumbling; to generally be in the moment as the invasion happens.

In the game, with the exception of the audio logs, it felt like the orks invaded an empty planet. It didn't feel to me like Titus and the Ultramarines were rescuing anyone, or fighting to save a planet. The orks didn't seem like a threat because I never saw them actually kill, or destroy, or cause anything bad to happen. Hell, there weren't even any corpses from the population.

>> No.16344346

Any ETA on a first patch?

I wish these sound stuttering problems would fuck off

>> No.16344372

The level plays out
>Squad 1 lands, starts shooting
>Squad 2 follows, LZ cleared
>S1 takes route A, S2 route B
>S1 kills its way to the ridge, everything as planned, Deathstorm launched
>Suddenly, snag
>S2 voxes in that it was ambushed (Would have been you if you took route B)
>Operator asks if you wish to continue current plan
>Say no, send the dreadnought to S2's location
>Deathstorm lands, S1 equips jump packs
>Orbital strike on base
>S1 commences attack without S2 or dreadnought, whirlwinds rain missiles
>10 minutes into the assault S2 arrives somehow alive thanks to the dreadnought
>Finish battle

>> No.16344405

>more helmets

No, fuck you. Do you want the main characters to have EVEN LESS of a personality?

Also, how the fuck do you go from "no helmets so the player can see their faces" to "mary sue bullshit?

>> No.16344458

>flashlights, flashlights everywhere
>tanks, tanks everywhere else
>instead of the top player getting a hero, the top few take over a drop pod of spess marines

>> No.16344474

I'd be fine if most of the helmets had variation so you could tell them apart.
Battle damage, bionic eyes, beakies, etc.
And it'd be good enough for them to take them off between battles.

>> No.16344484

We might as well have you giving us the choices and resolving the battles in a dedicated thread. I'm sure you have more imagination than a game engine would have.

>> No.16344487

>take them off between battles.
This too. Also differences in insignia and such

>> No.16344508

Don't be so negative. It's perfectly possible to script things like ambushing the forces at location x and whatnot, then just playing out ai vs ai, and simple commands to them for changing equipment/orders and such. You must be one of those party-poopers who hang around dorf fort threads

>> No.16344515

>more helmets (less marysue bullshit),

The three space marines we regularly see have no helmets! One's a captain and one's a veteran sergeant, heaven help us if we ever need to identify the main characters by facial recognition!

>> No.16344532


You must be too young to remember Rainbow SIx.

The pre-mission planning gets boring pretty quickly.

>> No.16344553

Make it interesting, varied, part of a cutscene and streamlined dialogue. Like how Mass Effect 2 handled the suicide mission.
(I confess to not have played rainbow six so if that's how it worked, hey)

>> No.16344583
File: 92 KB, 681x383, Night Lord_shit res.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16344684

for what it's worth, Starcraft II had a great little "menu" for the campaign, where you can talk to the different crew about the missions before heading out

I mean, shame about some of the plot points themselves, but the groundwork would be great for a DoW game.

>> No.16344691

more gilded armor than charlemange doesn't count?

>> No.16344697
File: 211 KB, 1200x1200, 1309354942724.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It felt like we arrived after the invasion
>Space Marines
>expecting them to join the actual battle and not just drop-pod in to mop up and steal the glory from the guard

>> No.16344721


Now that's just silly, not seeing faces every second does not take away personality. I'd prefer it if the marines wore helmets and they had some hud thing indicating squad mates. It's reasonable that they take their helmets off when interacting with characters because of honour and not wanting to ever think they hide behind masks or whatever too.

I agree with the OP mostly, but I'd add these points:

Action is all well and fun, but I'd prefer first person, especially with a good interface that clogs up your vision a bit and has tonnes of awesome useful HUD. Kinda like a mech game. There hasn't been a game like that that I've seen yet. Bonus points if your visor can be damaged and you can remove your helmet to survey stuff better, interact with surround or to get rid of spider cracks on your visor.
-Weapons: More. There are tonnes of types of bolters and melee weapons, there's no need to change the function of special weapons to fill roles.
-Loyalty: The weapons.... WTF. The melta gun is pretty silly, and the Plasma gun is just too little. It's supposed to be significantly more destructive than a bolter on the minimum setting and should blow people up when charged up. Also, adding in gets hot would be awesome. Like if it had a chance to blow up, stop working or overheat and damage you the more you charged it up. Flamers should have been in the game too.

>> No.16344727

-Classes: You should be able to be a techmarine, Captain, Librarian or Chaplain. Captains could get access to relic level gear and maybe extra moves. Techmarines could have all sorts of cool abilities and extra-gear that's wacky like servo-claws and shoot flamers and plasma guns at once. Librarians just need their force weapon with some extra skills like they can choose to excecute anyone they hit without difficulty, and have access to some cool spells. Chaplains buff groups and themselves as well as some minor perks to make them good enough alone.
-Armour choices, and bikes and such.

There were also no "WOW THAT"S AWESOME" moments in the game. There were "Oh that's cool" but nothing really memorable.

I have high hopes for any expansions or new games. This is a great start. Also I hate Ultramarines less now.

>> No.16344783

considering the guard forces were already wiped out, it's not like they were going to get much glory

as to the "empty planet" thing; the space marines and guard arrived -weeks- after the invasion started (and finished). The (dead) population was either eaten, burned... or in portions that you didn't visit.

sure, it's kinda lazy on the part of the developers.. but not entirely improbable

>> No.16344796

Actually, I thought my suggestion sounded good :P Obviously things can be scripted, but a human GM can just do so much more.

On the other hand, a more strategic style of gameplay like the one suggested would certainly be something I'd go for.

>> No.16344840

Armored Core-inspired Tau game.

Work your ways from lowly Fire Warrior to Farsight's personal Crisis Honour Guard.

>> No.16344894

Spend hours running around with a simple pulse rifle trying to get that promotion only to get a measly 2 hours of crisis suit action in the end.

>> No.16344896
File: 106 KB, 554x439, 1224210580571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know, Republic Commando had great personalities.
And they LITERALLY LOOKED THE SAME even without the helmets.
Maybe *gasp* it depends on the writing?

>> No.16344945

>Republic Commando
I heard George Lucas stepped in and made sure the sequel was terminated.
>Good Writing
>Good Gameplay
>Fresh retread of the Star Wars Setting

Then I started burning. And I would never stop.

>> No.16344952

Meh, you also get stealth suit along the way.

Also, the last mission upgrade is the hazard suit.

>> No.16344980

The helmet work in Republic Commando case because they are highly customized and colour.

Actually showing their faces would be creepy because they actually look all the same under the mask.

>> No.16344994

In which case the faces become the helmets.

Can't forget broadside railroading

>> No.16344998

I was disappointed there was no co-op campaign. When this was early in development I'm sure I read about it being a 4 player 3rd person shooter with RPG-lite elements. Possibly wishful thinking.

When I found out a week before release that the campaign was single-player and co-op was going to be Horde Mode DLC a month after I didn't bother. What's a spess mehreen without battle-brothers?

>> No.16345005

Same thing happened to Knights of the Old Republic.
>>good Star Wars game
>>good writing
>>challenges shakey concepts behind the Force

Then Lucas makes sure there's no sequel and dooms KOTOR to MMO hell.

>> No.16345027


Take Republic Commando, plot-point-for-plot-point, same mechanics and all, replace with 40k aesthetic, terminology, setting, weapons, and characters. Add Imperial Guard and/or Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

I want this game.

>> No.16345062
File: 45 KB, 750x600, STEEHL-RHEN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16345067

The broadside part is probably the shrortest, they are OP but I can't think of anyway to make longrange fire support exciting enough.

Maybe some kind of defend mission against Tyranid.

>> No.16345085

include appropriate curses and insults?

"Eat las-bolt you warp-snorting grox lover!"

>> No.16345096

>same cast
>fighting over different worlds
>dynamic entrance by pod dropping
Jesus christ, they should have made it.

>> No.16345097

>no Bounty Hunter sequel with Boba Fett
fuck lucasarts

>> No.16345098


I still plan to pick it up after the Horde mode comes out. Horde mode where you've got a team made up of tactical marines, assault marines, and devastators? Sounds fun to me.

Still, disappointed the game didn't ship with any sort of co-op at all, as well as there are (apparently? I haven't played the game, but have casually looked at these threads) only Chaos and Ork enemies.

>> No.16345109

I am buying Live just for this game.

>> No.16345130



>> No.16345138
File: 72 KB, 638x478, 1303731398486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16345140

b-but all my friends are having fun without me...

>> No.16345149

what do skitarii even look like?

>> No.16345162

guard with augments

>> No.16345168





>> No.16345175


thank you

>> No.16345188


The delay in releasing this mode concerns me though, as does the low number of maps included (only 2). Feels like they were rushing to ship it before Gears 3 came out.

>> No.16345193
File: 74 KB, 1027x567, skitarii03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16345215

Tau would make a greater Republic Commando game.

>> No.16345216


Read Titanicus. They sound... fucked up, frankly.

>> No.16345231


It definitely seems as though the Exterminatus mode was supposed to ship on release, but I think they acknowledged most people know this, so it is free.

I've got no problem with implementing features that should have been included with release for free. Sure, you should try to release a complete game, but I can't argue with free. So long at it they don't make a habit of it. I'm sure this extra month will be used to work out bugs and such.

>> No.16345232

better than IG Stormtroopers/Kasrkin ?

>> No.16345241


Yeah, two maps is kinda bad. I'm hoping by the time the mode is released, the price will have dropped or steam will have a sale to coincide with the release of the mode. I'd rather not pay full price for the game, I've heard mixed things about it.

>> No.16345244

Can you really blame them for that?

Same as I was thinking

I wouldn't also mind if there was a habit of it..

Free DLC is brilliant.

>> No.16345250

Are they like Robocop fucked-up or Robocop 2 fucked-up?

>> No.16345252

it varies, some are just augmented IG, others are Gene-bulked soldiers as tall as SM and are full of augments and have been grown in a tube.

>> No.16345262


My biggest worry is we'll get Relic/THQ shoving out another 50 DLC skinpacks and neglecting to release anything else

>> No.16345270

They edge ouuut due to the tacticool stealh suits.

>> No.16345272

lets hope not, but I doubt theyd get away with that on Console however, so there is that - slightly.

>> No.16345279

Force Unleashed had Starkiller making Darth Vader his bitch. Force Unleashed II had Starkiller's clone have Vader at his mercy and let him live to break Vader's hold over him.

>> No.16345285


All dlc being free would be great. I meant making a habit of releasing games sans full release content.

I would gladly pay 10 dollars for a lengthy (5 hour+) campaign expansion, or a sizable (6 new maps, more armour options, librarian class (at least), new, more strategic gametype (think rush from BF3), more weapons) multiplayer pack.

>> No.16345290


>> No.16345307

This. Skitarii units are heavily individualized.

>> No.16345308

you bastard.

>> No.16345309


Bro, consoles are were it's cool and trendy to release a map pack for fifteen bucks. DLC of any type is going to fly anywhere - and if you think Relic's going to refrain from pushing out skin packs just because it'd be cooler if they made a worthwhile addition to the game instead, you've got another thing coming.

>> No.16345310

Yeah I would say it would work better.

Also We had a half decent FPS already it is called Firewarrior. People hate it because it has Tau and because they think its unrealistic that a Tau Fire Cast can do this (it pretty much is) But in saying that its not like Joe Guardsmen could do hell mr Grunt from any army would not pull it off but Imperiumfags are just asspained it did not have a Guardsmen and it was not called Imperial Guardsmen.

>> No.16345318


>Paying money for multiplayer content which affects the gameplay


That will just cut up the community and encourage them to make more and more half-assed expansions which you'll have to buy if you want to keep playing with the majority of other people

>> No.16345336
File: 518 KB, 885x823, nobody here but us trees.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also We had a half decent FPS already it is called Firewarrior

stopped reading there

>> No.16345349

Map packs are someone arguable, overpriced? yes.

add something of value? yes.

texture pack? no.

Still wont stop them I suppose..
We can dream I suppose.

>> No.16345353


Why am I laughing so hard?

>> No.16345365


Need sleep.

>> No.16345370

Again, as the book said, our blugger is possessed by Khrone.

You can do anything if you are possessed by Khrone.

>> No.16345379


I'm sure we will see all the pre-order bonuses (SW, BT, whichever the chaos ones were, relic bolter/chainsword) as dlc soon enough, on the lower end of the the dlc price spectrum ($3-5).

>> No.16345385

The only good thing about fire warrior was that it got the Bolters almost right.

>> No.16345425


I thought these were kind of expected? or did you not reach that conclusion?

>> No.16345432
File: 168 KB, 600x1415, taumelee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now, I disagree. The ability to get in the enemy's face and quick melee was very fun and to get rid of that would be dissapointing. Also, alot of the baddies you'd fight outside of Spess Mahreenz, Necrons, and Daemons would die in what hit with a pulse rifle, where's the point of that? Remember how in Republic Commando it took a lot of ordanance to kill most types of baddies? and even for normal baddies like the Trandoshans, you'd need half a clip of DC-17m to kill one. Firing one-shot-one-kill weapons like the pulse rifle would be like using nothing but the Sniper attachement for the entire game. Also, think of all the damn kiting you have to do to not die as a Tau.

>> No.16345451

>More variety in Chaos units
The first time I killed a Chaos marine, I paused my game to take time to figure out what just happened because it was so damn easy. I had went through several waves of nobs. I expected Chaos marines to be at least as tough as one of them. Instead, they were slightly tougher than the average ork. They could have added some daemons from the other Chaos gods to replace the current Chaos marines.

>Less sluggish controls
I died several times playing the game because I couldn't get my marine to just turn the fuck around so I could aim at the guys hitting me from behind.

>A real last boss
I built up so much hype for myself when I saw him transform. I thought I was going to get a battle that made the ork boss look small. Instead, it was one of the easiest parts of the game. I had a tougher time killing nobs.

>Local multiplayer and co-op
This would make pretty much every game better. Console multiplayer is always best when done on a splitscreen as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.16345459

The chaos marines kicked my ass the first time I met them. Were you playing easy mode or something?

>> No.16345468


Uhm...I just said they were expected. What I typed was me concluding that would happen...


>> No.16345472

Aye, that's why Fire Warrior is just the first part of the game.
We moves into stealth suits and then fully Crisis suit.

No actual melee weapon, but iron, powered fists.

>> No.16345478

..I should really sleep.
I won't. yet

my bad.


>> No.16345490

shit man, you've just given me even more of an idea,

you know how in Republic Commando you have weapon attachments, well the standard M-G short pattern lasgun can be turned into a long-las by changing the barrel, charge pack and adding a sight.

all you'd need to do was work out how to make other attachments work...

>> No.16345500

No, I played the game on hard and they were easy in comparison to 'ard boyz. Maybe it was the halo and hammer that made it appear easier, but they should have been much more difficult yet less numerous.

>> No.16345524

I want new campaigns with different opponents. Also, single player customization. I want to be the generic marine grunt, or wear full Mk. IV Maxiimus armor.

>> No.16345528


Not that guy, but I agree with his statement. The Chaos Marines were a bit easier than the standard (non-armored) Nob. They had about as much health, but instead of running at you with an axe that could ruin your whole day, they stood and (mostly) shot at you with slow moving balls of plasma. Played on hard, by the way.

>> No.16345607


Longer single player campaign
Environments that aren't just walking down a hall to the next kill zone. Let me explore a little
More variety in missions, like the Valkyrie mission.
More cameos, references, and shout outs for 40k fans. I know they are making it for new fans, but it wouldn't hurt.

>> No.16345651


I expected more easter egg type things as well. Anyone notice "Medical Station Ventris"? Reference to Uriel Ventris from the Ultramarine novels; a character very similar to Titus.

>> No.16345692
File: 35 KB, 364x411, image1091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's an idea, a counterattack melee system where instead of just spamming a knife or rifle bash, you press a button when an enemy melee's you and then you parry the attack with you weapon (depending on what weapon is used against yours, your weapon may be destroyed) and then after parrying shove the barrel of the weapon in an unarmored area and fire point blank range, automatically. Kind of reminiscent of Call of Duty World at War when countering bayonet charges.

>> No.16345785
File: 87 KB, 640x480, gorkamorka_b2_screen001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gorka Morka. Thats how. It should of been FIXED AND FINISHED.

>> No.16345824



Lucas is ruining everything.

>> No.16345857


Man that would have to happen only rarely otherwise that would get more tedious and boring than anything else.

>> No.16345883


Not to mention the 10-15 minutes of being completely unarmed after destroying your weapon, simply to kill 1 guardsman out of 100 in close combat.

Fun stuff.

>> No.16345898

A Capture the Flag Mode. I mean just change it so the Flag is the Warp Device and you have it.

>> No.16345908

You mean like what the chaos marines did in campaign if you didnt stun them first? Option to fucking counterslap their shit

>> No.16345989

no such thing as a 5th ed CSM codex, we're still playing out of the 4th ed

>> No.16346099

I feel like they just didn't try very hard once they got to the Chaos part. I swear I heard the Traitor Guard saying the same lines as the Orks, just through a helmet.

Also, what about a horror game with Necrons?

>> No.16346137

Tau-wise, they would just use burst cannon at close range.

>> No.16346424

Yeah. Though the Tau will probably be like those annoying Chaos Guardsmen. Bunch of them together will rip through your armor, but will go down with one sword swipe.

>> No.16347165


No, because the weapons handled like crap (lasguns acted like Star Wars Blasters). Terrible auto-aim on the PC version. Terrible graphics and voice acting. Let's see... there really wasn't a GOOD aspect to the game, just bad or mediocre. Wait, they actually do acknowledge that the Imperium won't KILL MURDER PURGE xenos immediately if there is Chaos afoot.

>> No.16347260


I'd like to see stealth suits as the 'melee' unit. Not actually melee but 'Oh god my chest is made of holes now' point blank shooting.

>> No.16347485

they say the same thing about every protential squeal.

>> No.16350059

From what I get you guys simply want Chaos Gate 2.

>> No.16350080

Guys, guys! I figured it out!

>play as Orks
>enemies are Orks, Orks wearing looted space marine armor, and Orks wearing looted CHAOS space marine armor
>multiplayer is Orks vs other Orks

>> No.16350083

Good plan! Make it so!

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