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Chapter with the ugliest color scheme?

These guys for sure. They all look like toys. They're too damn blue.

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Any of the ones that are half one color, half another color. Or the ones with their colors in quarters.

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anything quartered or halved.

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Blood Angels.

They're not really ugly, though, just bland. Would it kill them to get a second colour in there?

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But technically minis ARE toys. Just saiyan

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You guys are faggots, those look great.

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No kidding. Especially considering that Sanguinius was their primarch. He was a rather decorated character. They look too similar to the Blood Ravens.

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it's not a mini. It's CG.

I think it was made to promote the Ultramarines movie.

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Sons of Medusa unless you get the green right. When it's too dark or too desaturated or too off-green, it reminds me of Nurgle CSM

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Yeah, these guys look really undecorated.

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Any chapter with a gray color scheme

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It's fan art, you insufferable mouthbreather.

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Skullcount: 6

You don't need color schemes to look grimderp

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If anyone here even mentions pre-heresy World Eaters I will hate them to death. Oh you laugh now, but when the bleeding starts and you feel like you've been filled with molten steel, we'll see who has the last laugh.

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No, they look great.

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7, actually.

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7 visible, 8 if we assume there's another one on the other side of the hammer.

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The trouble is using Ultramarine blue... I know it might technically not be the exact color scheme, but if you use Regal Blue, with a black wash, they look badass. Also never use yellow paldron trim, use the company trims!

The company colours are White trim, first company, Yellow second (But use gold), Red third, Green 4th, Purple 5th, Etc. This way your ultras look more unique.

I'd love to have a crack at some of these 'Ugly' chapter colours, see if I couldn't make them a bit better... One I really find ugly is Blood Angel's Devestators with the blue helmets

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Wow, wrong picture...

3rd company captain... Can't find any 4th and 5th company pictures, but they're in that 'How to paint Space Marines' guide GW released

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>One I really find ugly is Blood Angel's Devestators with the blue helmets
I think anyone with a random, different colored helmet is pretty ugly.

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I'm not usually such an ultrafag (Blood ravens player, ex black templars player), but White Helmeted Tyranic war veterans are pretty sweet looking. But I think you can get away with white and black helmets on any model.

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I think they don't look bad when sporting black trim. Too bad most people just paint them red and more red.

Yeah, the blue, yellow and gold helmets do make them look pretty shit. Saying that, I don't mind the white helmets senior ultras sometimes wear.

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But doods...

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Did you actually find that funny when you posted it?

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I agree, my local GW did the black reach models in green trim, looked amazing

but look at the difference a dark blue...

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...or a white trim can make

also for OP's question definatley the halved or quatered schemes

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Yeah but if you give a black trim, you'll get some continuity faggot crying or snorting and asking *snort* 'Are those Flesh Tearers? Or has you're entire army been inducted into the death company!!?' *snort* while he masterbates over his full canon bought pre painted professionally blood angels and writes vampire slash fiction for them.

>mfw I know someone like this
>mfw he asks me if I could paint some of his death company, after he said my painting was 'atleast a tier below tabletop standard'
>mfw he offers to pay me an eighth of boxed price and for me to construct them too

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His helmet doesn't have a skull on it also number seven it literally nothing.

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>they all look like toys
They are toys

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Warhammer has expanded beyond your little tabletop figurines.

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It's science fiction. Any video game, model, picture, or artwork depicting scenarios formulated from 100% fictitious material for the soul purpose of entertainment is indeed a "toy" in my book. How's about we agree to disagree fellow elegan/tg/entalman?

Inb4 herp derp it's a way of life!

Still a toy.

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Alpha Legion detected. Purge the heresy!

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>No kidding. Especially considering that Sanguinius was their primarch. He was a rather decorated character. They look too similar to the Blood Ravens.

I almost fell for your trolling attempt.

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