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so does liking waffles make you a heretic?

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I remember his specifically saying not to post this here. To avoid the rage fit.
Oh well, I warned him it would get here anyway. Nice to see him continuing this project.

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>Be a bro and don't post this on /tg/.
OP confirmed for not-bro tier.

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I've been out of the loop as I don't recognize any of these guys besides cultist.

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Waffles have 4 points on them and four is the number of khorne so yes.
And round waffles are worse, because it could be used as a symbol of chaos on divided.

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Noen of the guys besides Cultist have ever appeared before. They're just Random Chaos worshipers.

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and say i were to make them in the shape of something else, say, magikarp for example?

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She's back!?

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daaw. cultist is mai waifu. if i had a waifu. which i dont. because she isnt real ;_;

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Deviant Art is a shithole with some gems, why u no like?

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Sounds like you're being a Clarke, OP

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Oh I don;t MIND it being here, I love Cultist. But Culexus said not to post it here, to avoid the RAGE that normally follows new Cultist stuff from him.
I mean, it doesn't matter NOW, everyone has it now and you can't take it back.
And he was told it would be here within the week. You TECHNICALLY proved me wrong. It's after midnight, Sunday is the start of the new week.

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Wait what? Why would the artist keep these hidden from us?

Yeah there are some vocal haters but that's just because /tg/ is tsundere for Cultist-chan

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there's some vocal haters for CF in general. the last boone quest nearly got spammed off the board.

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Also who draws these? I fucking love them!

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That is why we cant let trolls win and still enjoy his awesome shitscribbles

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Colossal Faggot, aka Mr. Culexus.

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I feel that way Macca, I feel that way.

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No, I mean these.


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oh... no idea. Drawfag from a few years ago.

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After you get over the shock of realizing that she is breeding, ask yourself "where did the sperm come from?"

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snaanesh. duh.

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They have born an avatar of slaanesh.

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Well, this forum *is* tg. She wouldn't be the first girl on this forum to have a weiner

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that wasn't a hard question at all.

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what if she doesn't have a weiner, what if she just has testes, and she's a squirter?

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I have some related porn, but Mods are too ban happy.

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That works too. I'm quite sure the first thing that gets mutated when serving Slaanesh is the genitals.

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>blow job porn of cultist
>blow job

I couldn't even fap. I was too distracted trying to figure out how that would even work.

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you say no teeth, and then you cross your fingers.

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I was actually talking about Futa Cultist. Where did you get blow jobs from?
Screw it. It doesn't have OPs picture in it, but it has everything else.

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>no teeth


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Then why bring it up, huh? Don't tease us like that.

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as with a vampire, first you cum, then you piss blood

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Hey, I delivered!
see >>16337452

Well what do you expect? That is EVERY Cultist picture I've tracked down. Most of them I was there for the original posting. I'm fairly confident that it is all of the.

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THE COLLECTOR! I might have known!
So... is this guy Slaneesh, for his obsession over his collections, or would be be Tzeentch? What with his... birds?

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Nah, he's more the crow king.

Also, uh, off-topic but collector, would you happen to have your collection of krieg-chan already uploaded?

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I'll need a few moments.
And I think I fit PARTS of Slaneesh to a T.

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My Krieger Folder. Not as good as it could be I admit. But I was late to that party, and I mainly focused of Krieg-Chan.

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That was... fast.

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Thanks a ton!

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No, not hidden. Everyone knows where they come from.
...It says so in the image? And comes up at least once every cultist thread?

Never mind what I previously said. Everyone WHO ARE NOT COMPLETELY FUCKING RETARDED MORON WHO SHOULD GET THE FUCK OUT know where they come from.

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He meant the Ripper pictures, not the Cultist ones.

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I aim to please.

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It's like... 4 in the Morning. The Collector is everywhere! He never sleeps, he never seems to leave!

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and he makes me happy that i'm here instead of doing that chapter of calc homework and studying for the test monday
why bother with all of that when i can have cultist chan

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Even I sleep and go to work.
You know... Over 600 people have downloaded the Cultist folder. Or at very least it's been downloaded over 600 times.

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I don't believe you SATAN CROW!

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I hear whispers he lives in a giant obsidian tower. Sends the Birds to do his bidding.

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I hear his real name is Bill Brasky

>> No.16337721

I heard he was just some fa/tg/uy with far too much time on his hands!

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I'm already here.

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i'm not even part of this thread, nor do i follow namefreinds at all, but this:
is slightly disturbing

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The Collector is ALWAYS here. I mean... it's spooky sometimes. I've seen him mid day, then at 3 the next morning. He CLAIMS to work and sleep, but I don't believe it.

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>it's spooky sometimes

Yeah, that's what I meant.

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Alright, how can I help you?
I do leave for sleep and work. TF2 when the mood strikes. And it took me 8 hours to beat Space Marine.

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Then would you believe that I am ever vigilant as well?

Just because I am not posting doesn't mean my ever watchful eye isn't upon you......david

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you still have your assorted Guardswomen folder?

>> No.16337863

believing it doesn't make it any less spooky/slightly off.

although it has inspired me to pause and think about what I'm doing with my time as well.

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I got Chem-Chan, Cata-Chan, Jubblowski, Kriegers, and Gary. Those are the separated folders. I have some other guards women floating around loose too.

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you could defiantly do with less thinking aloud, it's kinda weird when you randomly blurt stuff out.

but I don't have an army of servo-bots watching everyone on 4chan.

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I require

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Kriegers are already in >>16337552
Jubblowski: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VSWNS64W
Cata-Chan(which i need more of): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZEULCI2G
Chem-Chan (including 34 and Kelly): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8DPE8C2S

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what about dem xenos ladies?

>> No.16337955

Xeno herself I never really cared enough about to Collect.
I have a Love can Bloom/Macha, a Teh Drawfaggit folder filled with Tau, and a Random other folder filled with mostly porn from all factions,
I also have plenty of loose pictures of Xeno ladies.

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Thanks for the reference material Collector! I'm thinking about doing a Chem-Chan Cosplay, since I already did a Krieger.

>> No.16337963

I require pictoral evidence of this event.

>> No.16337965

You're fucking awesome. I will believe in the tower and crows thing as opposed to the working and sleeping thing. It's more fun, Mr. Robert Paulson.

>> No.16337966

>since I already did a Krieger.
Did you now? If you have any pictures, I'd very much like to add them to the collection.
And the Chem-Chan when you do that as well.

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You're welcome.

You know, The Orange Lantern and Ring I have on my desk... appropriate.

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Ausgezeichnet mein Fraulein!

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Not a problem, I really enjoyed your Cultist folder. I plan on doing her and a Sororitas some day too.

My boyfriend has a thing for Sisters Repentia, so I'll do that one soon I think

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>> No.16338037

The Bloody Magpies have The Collectors Collection. It was a gift that the collector collected for them. It's how they work.

>> No.16338042

your boyfriend is a very lucky man.

>> No.16338052

... Hitler got fat in that bunker. You think if you were chilling with Eva you'd keep busy

>> No.16338059

I like Ravens. Smart, very smart.
Copies, sure. But I have the originals.
Again, I would very much like to see those when you do. Cosplay is something my collections lack. Good job on the costume, by the way.

>> No.16338085

Thank you very much. It was for a local thing, I'm adding onto it and making it even better.

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I thought he WAS a Blood Raven...

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He's a Collector, not a thief.

Collector, do you happen to have a copy of The Book of Magnus that I can peruse?

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Mr. The Collector.

I'm totally basing an NPC off of you in the next game I run. Crows, tower, the whole deal. You are that awesome.


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I like smaller conventions. Yes one of my dreams is to someday go to San Diego ComiCon, but the smaller conventions are a blast too.

>> No.16338121

Wait... Are you in Cali? If so, that's awesome, so are we!

>> No.16338137

You know, I have one, but I had to lock it up. It kept trying to mate with the other books.
I'm flattered!
Once I had a comic shop owner say they wanted to name an NPC after me for a Wild West game, when they heard my name.
Alas, no. A few states over I'm afraid. I have family in San Diego though, so if I ever DO go I won't have to worry about lodging.

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>Once I had a comic shop owner say they wanted to name an NPC after me for a Wild West game, when they heard my name.

>> No.16338147

Ah, gotcha. Well, we'll just have to organize a big /tg/ meetup for the SDCC, then have a giant human game of Chess, with two cosplayers controlling the pieces, a Lord of Change Vs. CREEEEEED!

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Dibs on Rook.
I won't give you my full name, but my first name is Buck. Named after my grandfather's favorite horse, and I'm not even making that up.

>> No.16338166

That's cool, I'll be a pawn as Cultist. BF wants to do Ahriman or another Thousand Son lol.

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File: 282 KB, 830x1313, PROMOTIONS_by_Mr_Culexus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pawn you say?

>> No.16338185

Ok yeah, I can see a Cowboy named Buck.

>> No.16338187

Gotta love Mr.Culexus

>> No.16338199

keep us informed when you do that, sounds like it might be funny

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Well, not to disprove some of the theories, but it's 4AM and I'm rather tired.
Until next time.

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Captcha, I don't like it when you eat my image.

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bet he's still here, trying to lull us into a false sense of security. Well I'm onto you!

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