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Continued from


In our last thread!

>EP is extremely easy to turn into an ERP. Many anons get excited.
>Exsurgents with penile-delivered virii
>Virtual gaming, threat or menace?
>How many dudes can you fit in a morph?

Join us now for the continuation.

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Hey, an Ovipositor is not a penis. It is only like one.

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OK, even steel has a higher has a higher tensile strength then biology. Carbon nanotubes have a tensile strength 500 times that of bone.

A body with bones and muscles made of carbon nanotubes will be so superior to biology that meatlings won't even be able to compete.

Replacement of the body with carbon nanotube surrogates is farther away and more complicated then biological enhancement.

In contradiction of the popular stereotype, it's cybernetic enhancement that's far away and superior, and biological enhancement that's the first, primitive wave of enhancement.

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Does that mean you won't get banned for posting one? Try it and let's see.

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Stop responding to troll posts you'll only make it worse and get the thread deleted again.


...same for you, chuckles.

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If I pumped skills into bladed weapons specializing in knives and unnarmed specializing in subdual, how should the possibility of subduing opponents and then stab them be treated?

Of course I'm already assuming that subduel techniques are doable with a knife in one hand.

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You get shot in the head for playing a melee character.

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Char creation only lets me put a limited amount of skills in kinetic weaponry, gotta put some of it elsewhere.

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It could work iirc, but its a narrow combat style and full of shortcomings. You know how the old saying about knives and gunfights goes. In the right type of campaign though...

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You roll Unarmed to grapple, then blades to shiv him? If he's grappled, I would deny the target their Fray check, personally. I dunno, check what the book says about Subdue.

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Remember to put roughly a million points into infiltration as well.

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Honestly, if you want to grapple and blades, buy a Vibroblade. If he's grappled its a lot easier to do a "deliberate sawing motion" for the bonus damage. Otherwise, only one melee weapon to use. Monofilament Sword.

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Or a wasp with poison. Or just skip the blades and put everything in unarmed and eelware. And possibly cyberclaws.

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Well, Unarmed+Eelware lacks lacks a good finishing touch. Clearly he's not aiming for just knockouts. Wasp Knifes are a good idea though. Even if all you have in it is air, you can do a boat load of damage if you get into a knife fight in vacuum. Not counting all the nasty drugs, poisons or nanotoxins you could put in it.

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Uplifted dolphins are way off.

Real world dolphins are psychopathic busybody rapists. I can understand that they might try to engineer that out, but since they left in the characterization of orca's as creepy serial killer types, they should have left in the dolphin's true nature. And besides, I always saw killer whales are more like jackass, or marines. The Orks of the sea.

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Knockout -> Coup de Grace

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Porpoise masterrace is superior to pig-disgusting dolphin.

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I don't remember if that's an actual rule in EP. Even if it is, don't you kind of need something to Coup De Grace with?

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Didn't even know about eelware, vibroblades or wasp knives from what little I've read, the latter sounds pretty boss.

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Cyberclaws, hands on the windpipe, bullet to the face. I mean, what's an unconscious guy going to do? You don't really need a special rule there.

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How about them uplifted pigs?

Pig people? I hope they move to that space-station made of bacon. That would be weird.

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>Pig people? I hope they move to that space-station made of bacon. That would be weird.
You didn't read Schismatrix then I reckon...
It has similar idea, but with humans.

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Well then, allow me to EDUMACATE you. From the Core Book:

Eelware: Derived from electric eel genetics, a character can have eelware implanted so that it connects to a network of bioconductors in the hands and feet (or other limbs), allowing the character to generate stunning shocks with a touch. Eelware inflicts shock damage (p. 204) exactly like a pair of shock gloves. Eelware can also be used to power implants and specially designed handheld devices by touch. [Low]
Vibroblade: These buzzing electronic blades vibrate
at a high frequency for extra cutting ability. This
has little extra effect when stabbing or slashing, but
provides an extra –3 AP and +2d10 damage when
carefully sawing through something. [Low]
Wasp Knife: Wasp knives are equipped with a canister
in their handle. The common use is to fill these
canisters with pressured air, which inflates inside
the target. This is potentially lethal in vacuum or
pressurized environments (like underwater), as the
gas bursts out of the body cavity to escape (+2d10
damage in such situations). Wasp knives may also
be loaded with chemicals, drugs, or nanobots. The
target must be damaged for the canister’s contents to
affect them. [Low]

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Eelware - Your fists are now ELECTRIC. And shock is super effective against biomorphs and pods.

Vibroblade - A knife that vibrates. Generally not that useful, gives some bonus armor penetration when you are doing a sawing motion with it.

Wasp Knife - Knife full of poison or air (super effective in vacuum.)
I recommend necrosis or neuropath Nanotoxin, if you have the money.

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This is really dumb, but I didn't even think about just, like, standing on his throat. Of course, Asphyxiating him might take a while. Now, if you have the claws, that's easy. Put your thumb on his pulse and deploy.

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That has ceased to make sense.

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>Vibroblade - A knife that vibrates. Generally not that useful, gives some bonus armor penetration when you are doing a sawing motion with it.

That's AP -5 and 4d10+DB when sawing, thank you very much. That's more than the base damage for any single shot with a fire arm, and most burst fires.

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As I posted in the other thread, I'd give my character (male Ego) a fury morph based on a night elf, if I didn't believe my GM would kick my ass.

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I'd allow it.

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And your GM would be in the right.

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Huh, you are right. I stand corrected, good Sir.

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I want to play an awakened human in Central Asia, that knows he survived the Fall in shelter, and now travels to the Himalayas to a concealed ego-casting facility to get off world.
To this music

Of course he is an exsurgent.

Captcha:rreserve us

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Start simple.

"I'm going to try and make my character physically intimidating so I'll have her eyes glow... I don't care if it doesn't have a mechanical effect and if it impairs her sight, I'll just have her eyes get ugpraded so she sees in a different spectrum."
"To add to the exotic, inhuman nature I have going here, I hope you won't mind if I turn her skin a light mauve?"
"One last thing I want her to have - sharp, leaf-like ears, something that accentuates her tall, powerful body."
"Oh, and lots of tribal tattoos as well, to add to the intimidation factor."

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Just play Scum. They even have crazy cats. Didn't those nightelves have weird, crazy cats?

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Well, I mean, as we said in the last thread, its doable. And there's no real reason for your GM to deny it, other than that you're obviously only doing it for your own edification. Because there are dudes who are totally going to do that in the future.

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I read Futamorph there for a second.

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Space Orcs
Terminators (no, not 40k, but from the movie franchise)
Number Five

All possible

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No need for a specific morph for that, chief. Transhumans can come in any combination of sexual characteristics they desire.

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And that's why I think they shouldn't have stopped nuking earth yet. I mean, they aren't going to make it much worse, and there's still a lot of shit crawling around there.

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Don't encourage me. For some reason the idea of a night elf with lots of guns is immensely amusing.

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Though honestly, there is pretty much no reason not to use a shredder pistol.

6d10+5 DV at AP-10 on close range and full auto, if I recall correctly.

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>and there's still a lot of shit crawling around there.
Earth survivor:

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An uninfected earth survivor without high-tech bunker to wait in would be the toughest motherfucker of all time.

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At least you don't make the mistake of thinking you can make an unstoppable melee combat monster in EP.

Everyone needs guns.

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Uninfected? By what? Exsurgent?

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And some music from that beautiful movie, quite fitting Earth

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Oh, yeah. There was a discussion like that on the EP forums not to long ago. If you want a close quarter specialist, get a Shredder, which does do AP -10 6d10+5 at Close range on Full Auto, of which you have 10 uses.

We were talking about how to coup de grace a guy with just the Unarmed skill, though.

They haven't stopped nuking earth yet. Orbital and Luna based mass drivers make automated and random strikes every once and a while.

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Good piece

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>Implying the Cordon Sat's aren't made by TITANS so none of their playthings can escape the playground

>> No.16332320

>We were talking about how to coup de grace a guy with just the Unarmed skill, though.

Yeah, I was just referring to this post as the latest in the close combat discussion.
Also, good old necksnap could work.

>They haven't stopped nuking earth yet. Orbital and Luna based mass drivers make automated and random strikes every once and a while.

Haha, oh wow, that's awesome. I really want to run a game on Earth now.

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If I did go through with this, the night elf-Fury would have guns.

I'm trying to remember if you can get armor subdermal which is as good as normal "worn" armor, though.

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There's a Sample Character like that in Sunward. Here is his art.

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Fury comes with light bioweave armor. I don't remember how obvious the heavy bioweave armor is, but I think it was still "pretty"

Also, body armor is basically a bodyglove. Then there is also second skin, but I think that made you look like the silver surfer.

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Mmm. Just pondering if I could get away with having the morph armored while still "naked".

>> No.16332418

If you are being very sneaky, yes, though while nightelves would probably happen in the setting, they everyone (in setting) would blame you for not taking things seriously if you go on a mission without proper armor, because that's when you usually, you know, wear armor.

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Again, one possible interpretation. Personally, In my games, it was the PC, or at least a part of them *cough*projectozma*cough*, they just don't want to cop to it.

I thought of that, and actually, that'd be more of a pain to do than even standing on his throat. You'd have to lean down, and pick up the limp (or twitching) guy then hoist him up so you can get enough force to snap his neck.

Or you could get a Cyperlimb plus and just put your palm on his skull and push.

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Minus "they"

It's 2:30am

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I wish there was a book on Project Ozma(the organization, secrets, how to run a campaing playing them), X-threats(dangerous artifacts, aliens, TITAN leftovers, exsurgents).

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Not armor as good as worn, no. Heavy Bioweave is armor 3/4. It's also not that obvious, though it does give the skin a "too smooth" look, and has a distinctive texture. Also you take a -20 to feel anything on anywhere that isn't your hands, feet or face. Spray Armor only sticks to skin, and is 2/2, but you can have it look and feel like pretty much anything.

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I'm still shocked that being 4chan and with all this E-EP no one has made comments about the neotenic morphs yet?

I am proud /tg/!

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That might be some of the books they planning. But it would be like, a year before it could possibly come out.

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That's one bad dude.

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Now you've done it.

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That'd be too easy.

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>Haha, oh wow, that's awesome. I really want to run a game on Earth now.

Nah, you have to start the game where the character are getting to earth and need to ride one of the mass driver ammo chunks down to the surface.

>Insert guy riding bomb from Dr Strangelove here.jpg

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File: 34 KB, 500x375, K%C3%B6niginamidala[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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You know what, with those atmospheric dive suits that just might work.

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I wrote a scenario involving Post-Fall Earth where that was one of the viable options. the PCs decided they'd rather buy a cheap ship, blow it up en orbit and High Dive down to the surface. I wonder why.

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Now I wanna play as Space Cowboy.


Uh... Mars is a fucked up place.

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That dude's just looking at her ass.

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Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here. Riding the mass driver will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.

>> No.16332637

>Barsoomian tossing an Ogliarch out of a window.

>> No.16332658


Noted. I wouldn't actually have the character go naked or with suboptimal protection into a combat zone. Morphs are expensive.

But doing the odd mission in a bikini and barefoot while packing massive firepower is appealing.

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As long as you are not expecting massive resistance, I can see that happen, especially if you are Scum. I kind of like Scum, they just want to party. Pic related, it's scum, 10 years after the apocalypse.

>> No.16332723

Only /tg/ can take a high-concept Posthuman RPG and turn it into a fucking simulator.

I'm not sure if I'm appalled or impressed.

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File: 2.91 MB, 2458x1011, VallesNewShanghai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, this is EP. You can be what you want. One of my PCs wanted to be a Cowboy Hat-wearing Reaper Sheriff. I told him that I was planning an urban Mars game, and it was really going to be dull for him to be sitting outside of the dome cities because they wont let a walking tank in. Now he's going to play a Russian Neotenic Arms Merchant.

>> No.16332744

They need some Dinosaur Pods, they sure do. After all there is a planet where they have them.

>> No.16332748

Simulator of what?

>> No.16332767


It's fucking true. Not sure what a Scum's motivation would be for becoming involved with more hardcore stuff involving possible loss of life and dismemberment.

OR why he would have a fury morph of female elf make.

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>Orbital drop assault raptors with combat exoskelleton and combined assault&seeker rifles.

>> No.16332774

infiltrate one of the many automated or mostly-automated mass driver sites, rebuild a few of their projectiles to hold some kind of crash-pod. Something with a retro-rocket perhaps, something to appear as a kinetic explosion to idle scanners while slowing the pod enough to keep it intact.

Players could enter suspended animation states (biomorph) or simply a low-power state if synth, waiting in their perfectly hidden "bullets" as a secondary npc team gets them launched.

Landing goes as planned, but damage 10% of their gear Or simply have the pod carrying half their gear burn up. Then they have to reach a site where they expect shelter, out of 3 choices plotted around the landing zone. First is concrete shell that is giving off incredible amounts of rads, Second is a pit of nano-dissemblers that sluggishly start to move towards anyone that gets close. The last is the sealed door they expected, tell-tales indicating that it is intact.

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File: 32 KB, 450x427, Cyborg_Raptor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16332786

All that X-threat jazz is seriously threatening his existance and right to party. Also, I'm sure there is a thrill to be had, battling space Cthulhu.

>> No.16332802


>dinosaur pods

The question is: Can you fuck it?

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File: 1.67 MB, 1194x726, skyark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


To be fair, we're only extrapolating from what was already canon to the setting.


Knock yourself out.

>> No.16332848

Spacecthulhu eating your soul kind of prevents partying, if you're doing the Firewall thing. Or maybe you just like shooting people. If you don't fuck up their stack, its not like its more than an inconvenience to them.

>captcha: razedat wischart

PC name?

>> No.16332868

Well, more like burning their car down, if you really kill them. You could be nice and slap a nanobandage on everyone you kill, then the morph should be repairable with a nanovat.

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Well I have been considering running a rugged Barsoomian wild west campaign.

>> No.16332908

Make a sci-fi reenactment of Eastwood movies.

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All too true. Sometimes you just have to (See pic)

Of course none of this answers why a Scum dude would own a fury morph of a hot elf chick.

I mean, I know why I'd do that OOC, but IC...

>> No.16332957

Because it's great for killing space cthulhus and because he's into walking around as a hot elf chick.

Or he could have been born in it, but that would defeat the purpose, I guess.

>> No.16332968

That was sort of what I had in mind.

Maybe I'll spice it up with a wee bit of Cowboy Bebop.

Now you got me listening to Ecstacy of Gold.

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Scum character. You don't need a reason, you are simple seeking THE PARTY. If the party involves automatic gunfire, no pants, or a sentient bong filled with orbital hash, you're there.

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Homicidal Andrew WK in the body of a nightelf wench.

>> No.16333038


Is there such a thing as a sexuality in a setting where everyone can change genitals at the drop of a hat?

>> No.16333049

An expedition on Post-Fall Earth

>> No.16333055

Some just prefer sticking to one set, while others have several of both.

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Fuck forgot the picture

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No no, he's definently not psychotic. He just likes a little walk on the wildside now and then. And as you said, killing space Cthulhus is something that needs to happen.

The fact that said combat morph looks like this is... just a coincidence! Really!

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And a Jovian Outpost(Jovians in my take on the setting are pretty cool guys, that are veterans of TITAN wars, top governmental scientists and intelligence agents that fled, and view themselves as last remains of humanity)

>> No.16333111

You should get a swarmcat.

>> No.16333128
File: 193 KB, 1200x581, Concept-Art-Geoffroy-Thoorens-Warbot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Surviving on Post-Fall Earth

>> No.16333140


I'm going to regret what a swarmcat is, aren't I?

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File: 2.70 MB, 2160x3000, 1290921368097.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is how I imagine the HOPLITEs, but it's probably a bit bulky for a Combat-Exo.

>> No.16333189

Why the fuck are people discussing getting female fetish bodies in Eclipse Phase in these threads?



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A member o the Exhuman faction in Eclipse Universe

>> No.16333215


A popular pastime on scum swarms that has
recently been gaining in notoriety is the practice
of raising and competing so-called “swarm cats.”
Among the scum, these animals are bred both
for companionship and competition. The refusal
of the scum to render their creations sterile
has meant that a sizable population of swarm
cats has developed in various scum barges and
swarms—and on many of the habitats they visit.
The animals themselves are chimeric smart
cats, heavily modified using open source biotech
and genetics to make the biggest, smartest, and
meanest feline you can get. Swarm cats entered
in competitions must have at least 51% of their
genome drawn from animals in the suborder
Feliformia, which means not only large and small
terrestrial cats but also mongooses, civets, and

Skills: Fray 50,
Free Fall 20,
Freerunning 40,
Infiltration 40, Intimidation 20,
Perception 30, Scrounging 30,
Unarmed Combat 50
Enhancements: Adrenal Boost, Basic Biomods,
Claws, Cybercortex, Bioweave (Light), Eelware,
Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced
Vision, Mesh Inserts, Neurachem (Level 1),
Prehensile Tail
Movement Rate: 4/20
Attack: Claws, 1d10 + 2 DV, AP −1
Armor: 2/3

>> No.16333241
File: 331 KB, 1145x545, neighborhoodwatch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A Jovian covert expedition retrieval/intelligence on Earth

>> No.16333258

The only reason that my group of scum and criminals does anything Firewall related is because Firewall knows all their dirty laundry and will fuck their shit up if they disobey. Firewall are not nice people, all they care about it saving a majority humanity through any means.

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Here, try this. Your character bought a WoW (Or alternate company equivalent) box off a Scavenger who found it in some Earth museum, and really liked the design, maybe did a little researching in the SolArchive, and then bought a Fury and modeled it after the idea. Y'know, so you can go out and make cash and rep to continue partying hard.

Sexuality? Yeah, everyone still has a preference to what genders they want to bang. Scum are only a moderate slice of Transhumanity too. The Biocons, like those hanging out on Jupiter in their shitty coffin habs, are kind of the opposite end.

While you are free to interpret them however you see fit (Especially as Rimward is still being written), personally, I don't get that vibe of them. Or rather, I do, since one of the reasons why, say the PC or AA haven't kick JR's shit in is that they are a major military power with lots of conventional military assets, like Destroyers, they are also an oppressive, military rules bioconservative hypercapitalist society, with prejudice against anyone who isn't a Flat. And their habs are shitty and cheap to cut corners.

>> No.16333275


Hahaha yeah. Holy shit, that would be fucking terrifying, my Scum dude insisting on keeping one of those things as a "pet" (in reality for shady animalfighting and mauling fuckers), telling everyone else it's a cute kitty...

>> No.16333298

Actually it is hinted in the main book that they are pretty advanced. They do have remaining scientists of Rand Corporation, are the descendants of people who created TITANS, and posses impressive technology like basilisk hacks.

They frown on people being modified biologically and free and rampant nanotechnology but who can blame them?
Also a Jovian can still buff himself up pretty strongly with cyberware and splicer mod.

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But.. it's Eclipse Phase. This is a totally plausible discussion. It makes even more sense than in a DnD thread.

While Firewall is not usually nice people (Or rather, don't let nice stop them from nuking the shit out of things), that's not their usual recruitment method. They like Sentinels to be genuinely loyal to Firewall, so they know they'll actually do the shit that needs done to preserve Transhumanity.

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File: 241 KB, 829x1165, 1290921878870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There may never be another fall!

>> No.16333335


I kinda like it. I could see my character being somewhat interested in ancient earth history, especially trying to see "how the fuck people had a good time back in the dark ages". Cue finding information on MMO's, and old Warcraft art. "Hey these chicks are kinda like some kind of super-ancient fury... Man I bet it'd be an awesome kick to be in a body like that and kick ass".

Cue horrible ideas happening.

>> No.16333381

Sorry, +Morphological Freedom -Bioconservatism here. Not to mention the Jovian Sample Character is definitely not a nice guy.

Also, seriously;
>posses impressive technology like basilisk hacks.
That's not bad?

I mean, we'll know more, at least how the creators intended it, when Rimward comes out.

>> No.16333385


>But.. it's Eclipse Phase. This is a totally plausible discussion. It makes even more sense than in a DnD thread.

He's right. Actually in our EP campaign we did something related. But I'm not sure if I should tell that story here. People don't like "TG in /tg/" type stories.

>> No.16333391
File: 90 KB, 600x761, celistic_06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16333405

>Not to mention the Jovian Sample Character is definitely not a nice guy.
Why? He eliminates the puppet freaks that pretend to be human :)

>I mean, we'll know more, at least how the creators intended it, when Rimward comes out.

I know, but I hope it will be less parody than in the main book.

>> No.16333430
File: 253 KB, 1392x478, Jovian habitat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jovian habitat

>> No.16333440
File: 125 KB, 1195x840, CylinderHab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Put it in spoiler tags. If they don't want to read it, they don't have to see it. Self-Censorship.

>> No.16333451
File: 119 KB, 404x555, 123616345645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't have an EP thread without Owlbear.

>> No.16333461

Spoilertags don't work on /tg/

>> No.16333470
File: 1.15 MB, 1191x709, FissureGate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, so you're THAT guy. We'll have to agree to disagree, then. Unless you're just playing Devil's Advocate, I've had that happen before.

>> No.16333483
File: 151 KB, 828x1280, 1307809752754.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No spoiler tags on /tg/, sorry mate.

Pic probably unrelated.

>> No.16333499
File: 82 KB, 694x1400, NeoPig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huh. Give them plenty of caveat lector?

Or some space pig.

>> No.16333520


/tg/ never had spoilers enabled. For some reason 4chan decided to only enable them for boards which have a dedication to stuff like books, comics, movies etc.

>> No.16333524

I know some people are upset with the uplifted pig, but they were major part of Reynolds Revelation Space, which is a big inspiration for EP.
Plus it really turns out they are very intelligent.

>> No.16333579


And it's a goddamn classic Muppets reference. That makes it A-OK.

>> No.16333644

Did everyone leave? I wanted to hear more EREP stuff.

>> No.16333655

It's 4:22 in the morning in Poland, I am going to sleep. See you tomorrow.

>> No.16333657

>Real world dolphins are psychopathic busybody rapists

You might as well say the same thing about humans.

I think they'd fit in just fine.

>> No.16333672
File: 65 KB, 563x862, Takko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe the Space Pigs and Owlbears scared them off.

Here, have a Roboctopus.

>> No.16333705

I can't be bothered to quote the post, but if you want to go around naked/in a bikini, just get a synth/steelmorph and the Light Combat Armor robotic enhancement. You've have a level of kinetic armor equivalent to a biomorph in Heavy Body Armor.

>> No.16333734


True, true.

But I mean compared to us, my natural baseline.

Orangutans are solitary rapist-stalkers, Gorillas are harem builders, Chimps are alpha pair with ubiquitous cheating, and Bonobos are free love matriarchy. This stuff should be in the fluff, in some format.

And as for uplifted Octopi, who even knows? Those doing the uplifting could have programmed in any social circuitry they thought was appropriate.

>> No.16333737
File: 50 KB, 759x1040, SynthMorph.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It'd have to be a Steel. Synths look decidedly inhuman. Sure, Steels have Uncanny Valley, but if you spring for the masked variant, you look human.

Pic related, its a Synthmorph.

>> No.16333763
File: 129 KB, 565x1544, planetoftheapes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty sure some of that is brought up in the Uplift chapter in Panopticon. Now, some of that is Social Engineered/Psychosurgery'd out of Uplifts, to be sure (Remember, most uplifts are effectively manufactured by somebody) but its touched on when talking about Uplift communities.

Octopi are territorial, BTW. Apparently they have a hard time hanging out because they usually aren't social creatures.

>> No.16333800


Steel makes you look like the Silver Surfer.

>> No.16333823


Here >>16322473 is the post in the old topic where I posted the Steel Morph image.

>> No.16334036


Chimps also practice prostitution and guerilla warfare. They group up and stalk/murder monkeies of rival groups to expand territory.

>> No.16335057

how do i make an alien(xenomorph/giger style) in eclipse phase? as a pc?

>> No.16335807

well, it would probably be "simple" if you were willing to use a synth morph. (simple not cheap) This will also require the GM to be ok with it.

Start with an arachnoid, erase the extra limbs, the retractable legs, thruster movement and the rolling movement style, specify any particular Xenomorph traits.

Eh, that seems a bit chop and slashy, but you get the idea. many things are possible with hardware and ever wetware, for a cost. Sit down with your GM, work this design out.

And don't be Too sad if the first Fall escapee you meet tries to either wreck you with the first thing on hand or vent themselves out an airlock to get away from you.

>> No.16337108

id still hit it

>> No.16337479
File: 24 KB, 679x482, i-came-ghostbuster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16338064
File: 67 KB, 750x563, pinkie-whereisyourgod.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Adventure idea: Character egos start stuck in a simulspace construct based on pic related, not knowing how they got there, and they have to find their way out.

>> No.16338451
File: 170 KB, 450x675, annahl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Adventure idea: Character egos start stuck in a simulspace construct based on pic related, not knowing how they got there, and they have to find their way out.

>> No.16338939

Morning bump. Happy this is still up.

>> No.16338953

What is your favourite faction in EP ?
Please don't say the Scum(IIRC Lady Gaga is one of their leaders meh)

>> No.16338966


>> No.16338974

Hard to decide on one. I like the barsoomians, the criminals, the hypercorps and the socialites the most.

>> No.16338978


I'm sorry, but... Scum. :(

>> No.16338999

Mine are Exhumans and Jovian Republic.
I wish both would be fleshed out more. JR got some coverage but Exhumans are barely touched upon.

>> No.16339025


Which are the exhumans again?

>> No.16339030

To be fair, it is hard to characterize Exhumans other then very very weird and often insane.

>> No.16339059

Memes: Adaptability, Hyper-Evolution, Singularity
Main Stations: Unknown
More than any other faction, exhumans seek to take the capabilities of self-modification to the absolute limit and become posthuman. Typical exhumans see the Fall as either a missed evolutionary opportunity and/or as an example of transhumanity’s inferiority and unworthiness. Though specific ideologies differ between exhuman packs, as a whole they seek to self-evolve to a more advanced state of being. To some, this means genetically transforming themselves into a top-of-the-food-chain, super-smart, survive-anywhere predator that can out-compete all other life forms for dominance. To others, it means bootstrapping their intelligence to the levels of the TITANs through extensive genetic modifications and pharmaceutical
treatments or going infomorph and modifying their programming. A few are singularity seekers, hoping to find some TITAN relic that will allow them to transcend their current transhuman limitations, or even to find the TITANs themselves and be absorbed into their super-consciousness.
Exhumans are universally mistrusted by many, and for good reason. Typical exhumans engage in modifications
that are extreme and untested, sometimes fringe science at best, often resulting in horrible failures
and disfigurement, but more commonly driving the subject insane—or into a completely alien or feral mindset. Though individual exhumans pursue their own paths, they are known to band together in the Kuiper Belt and other remote areas. Several packs of exhumans have taken their loathing for inferior transhumanity to an extreme, declaring war on their former species and launching brutal raids and pirate attacks on isolated outposts.

>> No.16339143
File: 348 KB, 700x700, 1251908434614.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Ah good morning. I see you have adapted well enough. Now, I cannot understand why anyone would want a sex pod looking like that, but... your money your choice, sir"

>> No.16339152

Jovian Blade Runner. Where you're detective/bounty hunters Flat or Splicers and you hunt down and "retire" AGIs by the Jovian Junta. Or better yet, have the Blade Runners be Remade or Olympians (without a stack) and find themselves on the opposite footing when the Junta decides that they're AEGs. (Another twist would be to reveal they are AEGs but don't know it.)

So they're conflicted about leaving Jupiter and perhaps trying egocast themselves to Mars. However to get there they have to run from the Junta, which keeps them on their toes and edge of their seat. Since travel is limited, communications are screened and censored, and secret police are everywhere. It's a mix of neo-noir and thriller.

>> No.16339167


>> No.16339170


Aren't Jovians VIOLENTLY opposed to egocasting?

>> No.16339180

Jovians are violently opposed to everything.

>> No.16339188

For normal population yes. Their elites and Special Forces I guess would have more relaxed rules.

>> No.16339194

They ain't big on that whole uploading thing, which is part of egocasting. However, jovian spec-ops and such still do it.

>> No.16339195


Little-known fact, some of the gaming companies of old earth survived the Fall and somehow Games Workshop STILL make Warhammer. In the future you play by transfering your ego into a custom GW morph and playing part in one of their unending planet-sized wargames.

(Unfortunately GW morphs are notoriously low-quality and tend to break down easily leading to many customer complaints. GW responded to these accusations by raising prices across the board and asking if the complainers were interested in participating in their Lord of the Rings wargame on one of Saturn's moons)

>> No.16339197

There are none-Republic entites in Jovian System, so he could try to run to one of those.

>> No.16339209

This is canon, don't believe anyone saying otherwise.

Oh Eclipse Phase. You're the only rpg that lets me be a pedophile tentacle rapist awakened octopus who is raping fifteen identical small girls (who are all him as well) in every orifice at the same time. While actually being at the same time on a space station doing something important in a shota robot body. In space. Fighting cyber great old ones.

>> No.16339217



Thanks for... sharing? Could I... could I ask where you live so I don't have to have nightmares about meeting you in real life?

>> No.16339223

I am oxygen, you breath me down into your body all the time.

You're pretty wet and warm inside you know.

>> No.16339227


A true Jovian would probably let themselves be arrested or even killed before considering Uploading at all, since they believe Uploading IS death. So the "Blade Runners" should probably be non-Jovians.

>> No.16339235

It's restricted to higher ups and those with wealth. However that's the point, as I said a twist would be that your team is deemed to be AIGs themselves. Therefore must be retired.

So you don't lose access to your contacts. I'm sure there's illegal egocasting for the right price, you just got to know the right people. The trouble is that the Junta controls everything, so you walk into a store, an Muse will pick your faces out from the crowd then alerting the authorities.

>> No.16339238

Would probably work better as a simulspace MMORPG

>> No.16339248


It's harder to make bubbles and miscasts in a simple virtual avatar. That was the joke.

>> No.16339262

Since there are virtual celebrities in EP, I wonder why we can't have EP /tg/ where our crazy characters like Cultist and whatnot actually run around the board muckin' 'bout...

Honestly, wouldn't you love it when out of your browser suddenly Cultist's grinning face comes out going all "Hweeeeey~"

>> No.16339271

That holds true for the masses, however that's what the Junta wants them to think. The higher ups would be literally no different from an Hypercorp executives. They'll be living large, and in charge. I bet higher up you go in the Junta the more excepting of the technology they "forbid".

>> No.16339288


Scum are already future /d/ taken to real life, so yeah

>> No.16339301


Blackheart, I should have know this sort of thing would attract you.

>> No.16339321

Well, I too believe higher ups have access to some more modified morphs, but I guess even they have limits for security reasons.

>> No.16339348

I'd argue that there are factions.

The more deeply religious/ideological types being against the technology all the way to the top of the social pyramid.

The Jovian Junta's probably a prime candidate for some pogroms and 'cleansing'.

>> No.16339355

I could see things like number of egocasting and uploading you get per month or year...etc. Perhaps even limit on the version of forking. That's beside the point, by the time you're needing to egocast out of the Jovian Junta it's too late to go through official channels.

However they're more accepting of this in a dire situation. No one wants to go to prison if they have too. What I suspect the player to do is place a Gamma to Beta (maybe even an Alpha fork) in their morph before egocasting. This way they can still get "caught" and "die or imprisoned" without alerting the Junta they're egocasting.

>> No.16339375


Only if the PC's are non-Jovians.

>> No.16339379

Here's some fan work on Jovians and their factions:

>> No.16339381

I like my Jovians sympathetic. You have to consider that the apocalypse is just 10 years in the past from the starting point of the game. They may not be entirely reasonable, but I think it is understandable why they would think that way.

>> No.16339383

And when their fork gets out of prison, he's gonna be mad as hell.

>> No.16339391

Also check out this AWESOME, and I can't say it strongly enough, adventure from Anders Sandberg


>> No.16339461


Blizzard probably own a couple of game asteroids as well.

>> No.16339649
File: 541 KB, 900x1931, 1282864593787.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Live in Eclipse Phase
>Wake up one morning
>Look in mirror, see this

>wat do

>> No.16339678

>Panic because I've probably been forknapped and sold by NineLives to a weird brothel.

>> No.16339702

>Schlick, Fuck, sell the sensation on the net for a few bucks a download. Buy your way into a better body.

>> No.16339710
File: 209 KB, 600x846, 508841 - Protoss StarCraft selendis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my fantasy.

>> No.16339715


>better check what's under that loincloth first. not sure protoss even have sexes

>> No.16339721

>Implying the perverted freaks that would buy into it care.

>> No.16339725
File: 160 KB, 1020x1043, 494251 - Protoss StarCraft Terran ixolari.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stands to reason.

>> No.16339751

>I have no mouth and I must HNGGGG~

>> No.16339757



>> No.16339760

He probably doesn't have a whole lot of experience with oral sex.

>> No.16339798


Indeed. That's the downside to a Protoss pod.

>> No.16339831

>Anders Sandberg

Wait a minute, not this Anders Sandberg?


>> No.16339856


Probably. Transhumanists exist everywhere and EP is fap fodder for them.

>> No.16339957
File: 162 KB, 1107x1505, 1280930280750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Live in Eclipse Phase
>Wake up one morning
>Look in mirror, see this

>wat do

>> No.16339961

rolled 3, 3, 7, 1, 3 = 17

>Turn off the sim.

>> No.16339964

>Wonder why I am striking such a weird pose, then fend off weird warrior lady who just jumped through the window I thought to be a mirror.

>> No.16339978

I am a bit bothered by how strong you start and how slowly you progress in this game. Apparently you are supposed to get about 5rez and some Rep gains/losses per adventure.

>> No.16339993


>It's no sim!

>> No.16339994

wtf r you talking about? this thread is about our fantasies and pretending its /tg/ related.

HOw many snakegirls do you tink we can put in this setting? I want to rp Pretty Lamia soo bad... T_T

>> No.16340007
File: 236 KB, 747x1100, 9f88096c43b6ef51b7d227318f51bf1c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Live in Eclipse Phase
>Wake up one morning
>Look in mirror, see this

>wat do

>> No.16340014

That's the biggest flaw, in my opinion. But apparently every playable character is already supposed to be a veteran of the Fall and everything life has to offer.

>> No.16340032


Now imagining a quest where a bunch of EP characters find themselves stuck inside the bodies of the characters from Queen's Blade.

Extra points if the stuck characters were formerly high-up officials, leaders etc.

>> No.16340039

Yes, we get it. The future in Eclipse Phase has the potential to be stupidly decadent. I think we realise that. If you want to play an erotic game of EP, go advertise on suptg or something and stop fagging up the thread.

>> No.16340053

I think its you who doesn't "get it." Read the OP:
>EP is extremely easy to turn into an ERP. Many anons get excited.
>Exsurgents with penile-delivered virii

From the start this is about sexy things. If you don't like it, go find somebody on suptg who's as much of a prude as you.

>> No.16340059

They egocast to one of their spare bodies.

Problem resolved.

>> No.16340061
File: 219 KB, 500x402, 1315946708483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Live in Eclipse Phase
>Wake up one day
>Look in mirror, see this

>wat do

>> No.16340068


Doesn't work.

>> No.16340069

I want to play a googirl. How would I do that? All I can think of is a morph with "Swarm Construction," except then I can't use the "Sex Switch" and "Enhanced Pheromone" implants. Is there a biomorph equivalent?

>> No.16340093
File: 307 KB, 1558x1033, Gally.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, look at what I made.
(Supposed to be at the state of the rollerball arc; also it is poorly statted)

>> No.16340117

They privately get their cortical stack extracted and put into a spare morph, doing their best to keep it from going public.

If that's impossible, they likely back up their ego and self-terminate.

If they can't back up their ego, they self-terminate and put their last backup into a spare morph.

If they don't have a spare morph, they buy one.

If they cannot do any of the above and combined with that they mysteriously have no backups, then yes, I suppose they are permanently stuck in that morph because you've ignored several different solutions to the problem that the setting has.

In which case, you might as well talk about D&D characters instead of Eclipse Phase if you're going to ignore the ten or so solutions that Eclipse Phase could offer in five or ten minutes.

>> No.16340154


I'm scared.

>> No.16340180

Talk to your GM about it.

>> No.16340187

Guys. What if we take Homeworld ... and put it into EP?

>> No.16340195


I hope the GM practices dick punching

>> No.16340202

Why? I think its an excellent idea. She's going to be the face of our team and do a bit of infiltration by oozing into cracks and crevices. If you're scared by change, EP is not for you at all.

>> No.16340222

I wasn't here for the last thread so if there were some, I missed it. Anybody know some good homebrew hacks for making melee combat not totally suck balls?

>> No.16340224

Actually, several character types exist for people scared of chagne. Jovians, hypercorporate agents, etcetera.

>> No.16340234


And you're fapping while typing. We don't like that on this board.

>> No.16340235

Easy. Get infected with the Xenomorph virus while wearing a biomorph. There is a 1 to 3 chance that wou will turn into a collection of slimy puddles.

>> No.16340242

Bioconservatism is a pretty big force in EP, even if you're not a Jovian.

>> No.16340247

So? We're not RPing as scared biocons here. So comments like >>16340195
Do not belong in this thread, stifling discussion and expression.

>> No.16340250


>> No.16340254

Best way to balance it is lots more damage. Add d10s to taste.

>> No.16340266

I remember darkly ... back when EP was new, there was somebody arguing for a certain "stickyness" of melee fighters, because as it is, a gunfighter in melee can just step back and then blast the other guy to bits. I guess an additional fray test for getting out of melee, once initiated would be ok.

>> No.16340269

But what if I want to actually play my character, not get infected, get what I want and have to hand my sheet into the GM right away? Because that's a dickish move to pull.

Now where did I say I was doing that? Get your facts straight before making shit up.

>> No.16340273

But people who are biocons can enjoy the game as much as those who are not, by playing heroes battling against the ignorant masses who are slowly turning themselves into alien, inhuman things.

Aren't they allowed to express themselves by saying that they'd love to smash you and your mary sue googirl to a pulp?

>> No.16340281

I don't know, how gooey are we talking? Limber 2 is already pretty gooey, since that's what Octomorphs get, and you know in what tight spaces octopi can squeeze into.

>> No.16340285


Get a synthmorph and the Pneumatic Limbs robotic enhancement and cyber claws. Is 2d10+6 damage enough for you?

>> No.16340290



You're a fa/tg/uy getting a stiffy over the idea of introducing your retarded fetishes into a high-concept sci-fi game under the pretense that "it's totally in the setting!".

Just like everyone who argues that sex-changing in D&D should happen constantly because "it's totally in the setting!".

Troll somewhere else.

>> No.16340291

Some sort of AoO system would be nice for melee, if someone tries to move away. If you get hit, you don't get to leave melee.

>> No.16340305

>Just like everyone who argues that sex-changing in D&D should happen constantly because "it's totally in the setting!".

Heh, it would be hilarious if my GM pulled that on my Skeleton Rogue.

>> No.16340327


There are canon spells that can still shapechange an undead. Don't push the DM.

>> No.16340340

Wait what? Explain, as I have little experience with D&D (This is, admittedly, my first character in D&D, and am thoroughly enjoying my experience so far)

>> No.16340352

It is important to remember that most of the bizarro stuff in EP is done by the decadent elite, as the majority of the population is stuck in a cheapass case or still an infomorph.

>> No.16340365

Way to assume, jackass. Where did I say I was a guy? I'm going to blow your closeted bigot prude mind here, but oh no, icky girls play the same games you do. And they want to have a little fun with an unusual character concept in a game that's, gasp! made for it.

So maybe you can take your "NO FUN ALLOWED, EVERYTHING HAS TO BE WHAT I LIKE" trolling somewhere else.

>> No.16340374

Nah, the middle class have unmodded splicers. The unemployed are stuck in cases and confined in ghettos at the edges of habitats. At least on Mars.

>> No.16340378

Actually, undead are immune to polymorphing.

Nothing stops you from crafts a lady suit for a skeleton using the D&D mechanics though.

>> No.16340389

You forget most of the players play as the elite.

>> No.16340447
File: 21 KB, 677x546, adam_jensen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't ask for this.

>> No.16340461


Hrm... this is an interesting intellectual quandry, as much as you're saying it because you like goo girls. Per RAW, no, there's no morph that does what you want (Though Octomorphs have no bones). But, you could probably build a smart material "sack" for lack of a better term, create a distributed cyberbrain like in a Swarmanoid, and you'd have a modular, flexible synthmorph made of nanotech gelatin.

Sorry, you're not gonna get a Biomorph to do that. Unless you can, like, take over a Factor or something. No idea how you'd do that though, Factors are really alien. Also, totally Uncanny Valley.

Compared to the 6d10+5 a Shredder does on full auto at close range? No, best way to add melee damage is to have two similar weapons, and charge. That's a total of +2d10. So if you're holding a Monofilament Sword in each hand, the attack is totaled at 4d10+4+DB AP-4, so Max out your SOM. Combat Exoskeletons add another d10 to Melee attacks, so that'd push it up to 5d10+4+DB with AP of -6. It's still not a Shredder, but it's a better comparison.

Also, Firing into a Melee is -20.

>> No.16340467


>Claiming being a female is a valid point to bring googirls into Eclipse Phase

I don't even know what to say except I hope you're a troll. I hope so very very hard you're a troll.

>> No.16340494

Also, you get to roll full fray against melee attacks, so ... yeah.

>> No.16340500

Implying Jovians let prisoners out.

Jovian prisons are death camps, they have you labor your self to death. If there is a chance of getting out, a low level fork wouldn't seek revenge. Also a low grade fork would prevent them from gaining information via psychotherapy.

>> No.16340571

Why? Because you can't handle players of another gender who want to play characters of their own gender? Fuck you.

Thank you, I didn't think anyone would actually be mature and answer. Guess I'm off to convince the party and our GM that we need to go grab some Factor genetics. Any Factors showed up on/around the exoplanets? We're doing a gatecrashing campaign and it'd probably be easier to grab Factors from outside the Solar System (not that I know where they hang out there anyways).

Our party's myself (probably stuck in a boring neotenic or something until we get the goo figured out), an async uplift who's basically a gatehopping Bigfoot (using an neo-orangutang morph), two synths who are forks of each other (each has one of those modular flexomorphs) and a pantshittingly terrified Lunar semi-biocon who regrets entering the lottery (we held a lottery for the last member of our 'crashing crew).

Things are going to be interesting.

>> No.16340679

He's claiming that googirls are, and can only be fetish fuel, no matter what gender is playing it, and that your claiming to be female is an attempt to say "I can play fetish-fuel characters because I have tits". More or less.

And speaking of fetish fuel, I haven't read Eclipse Phase, is there a way of Mind Hacking a la Ghost in the Shell?

>> No.16340700

I tried to make a post about Factors and exotic biomorphs, but apparently part of it can be posted. No idea what's up with that shit.

Canned version? Yes, Factors have been encountered on Exoplanets.

>> No.16340714

Yes, in varying degrees. Synthetic shells have access jacks with which you can pretty much incapacitate them, if you put the right thing in, just like in GitS. Then, nearly everyone has mesh inserts. You can use that to hack their senses and some more.

Then, everyone with a cyberbrain can have their mind hacked, which is generally totally horrible and you are a horrible person for potentially doing that.

>> No.16340716


Plenty. In the last thread an Anon had an idea for some PC's to be sent to search for some missing coporate people, only to have it turn out they had all been sleeved into a single specialized morph. As I recall they were basically all ghostriding in there as an AI ran the body and unable to get out by any means. The terrorist organization who did it could access the various secrets the separate egos knew through controlling the body.

>> No.16340759




>> No.16340761

If your target has a cyberbrain, then Yes, you can hack it. If they're a normal bio morph, though, they have nothing electronic in their brain to hack directly. So you'll just have to hijack their Mesh implants, throw them in Simulspace and utilize Psychosurgery.

And since that post went through, I will comment that making an exotic alien biomorph would take a lot of R&D, probably from specialists. But, if you get it to work, it'd have a lot of pay-off, in cred and rep.

Also, which Gate are you using?

>> No.16340791

I reiterate. It's not bad enough to have to hunt for Egos in cold storage, not the cold storage is walking, talking and shooting at you.

>> No.16340797

Alright then. And also,
>Then, everyone with a cyberbrain can have their mind hacked, which is generally totally horrible and you are a horrible person for potentially doing that.
I would never do that. However I am requesting my GM never does that to my character, so as to avoid any uncomfortable situations at the table.

>> No.16340824

I just want to reiterate that in EP, hacking someone with a cyberbrain is a fundamentally horrible thing to do. In EP all you have is your mind, and someone rewriting that mind is effectively either extreme torture or murder, any way you look at it.

Don't allow this without severe consequences.

>> No.16340838


As the poster of that idea in the last thread, I'm glad someone remembered it.

And I'll repost "If it's the ERP version then the cold storage may try to fuck you instead"

>> No.16340845

Oh, we're drawing lines and veils. Pretty simple, really. Play a biomorph who lacks a Cyberbrain, and you'll be immune to direct mind-hacks. If you want to guard your Mesh inserts, either invest in some InfoSec (But don't bother unless you're raising it higher than 40, because that's how much a Standard Muse has) so you can Oppose better, or tell your GM you'd like to shell out some cash for a high quality firewall and a Security AI.

>> No.16340846

It's a bit different. Having access to a mind lets you attack their integrity and sanity with programs. You can destroy an ego and drive it insane, but to alter a mind, you'd need psychosurgery. This takes weeks and transhumans aren't exactly good at it, so it would still be really brute manipulation and you'd probably just be faced with a mentally crippled version of yourself at some point.

Then there's Exsurgents, but they just make you turn into something totally alien.

In both cases, there is a point at which you can just tell your GM "This isn't me anymore, I take control of my last backup now. When is it activated?"

>> No.16340880

But the vagina is poisoned and you die of horrible nanotoxin poisoning!

>> No.16340887

>Also, which Gate are you using?
Not sure yet. We'll probably base ourselves out of Portal or one of the outer system gates; that one Love and Rage operates probably. The last couple of sessions have been prepwork like getting our new Lunar buddy ready for 'crashing and grabbing what gear/intel we can.

Fuck. You. I'm not going to read your little manifesto about how girls shouldn't play the same games you do (assuming you even play EP and aren't just a misogynistic troll) or like things you don't like.

>> No.16340888

Joke's on you, I have nanophages!

>> No.16340908
File: 4 KB, 203x231, 1289457302478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ohohoho, aren't we trolling hard today. Try to be a little more subtle next time.

>> No.16340913

What about AGI Infomorphs, how do those play? I'm skimming the PDF now, those seem pretty ballin'.

Buddy up with another PC and play his/her muse, be the Alfred to their Batman. Seems awesome in theory.

>> No.16340922

Actually, if you have a Cyberbrain, in addition to just cramming it with viruses, I think you can hack it and do anything from, say, having it try and shoot itself or editing out or in memories, since it's all a computer. One of the reasons people don't like Synths. They can be subverted.

The thing about saying "I'd like to revert to an early back-up please" is a good point though.

>> No.16340927
File: 66 KB, 540x726, 1293538385411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm not going to read your little manifesto about how girls shouldn't play the same games you do (assuming you even play EP and aren't just a misogynistic troll) or like things you don't like.
>mfw I was taking your side, and you spit in my face

>> No.16340938

That can be good when paired up with an infiltrator, since two physical infiltrators have a higher chance of getting detected. However, digital defense tends to be better than physical, hence why physical intrusion is back in style in EP.

However, you should still buy at least a basic Synth, so you can back your buddy up, should you expect to get into a firefight.

>> No.16340940


Actually, no.

My revised idea was this. The PC's come into the plot through a report of an errant sex pod running off from a local pleasure dome under somewhat odd circumstances. The corporate disappearances will also be seeded as rumors, but no real connection established at first. Of course, as it turns out the escaped morph is the repository for the imprisoned egos, a girl tentatively named "Alice". She basically began hearing voices constantly, since the egos stored within her had begun to be able to contact her, even if they can't control her, and she ended up running away and is now holing up somewhere trying not to go mad. Investigation could go any manner of ways, but would hopefully lead to the PC's not scragging Alice before she can be retrieved and they can get some information on the terrorist groups' plans.

Just my short, silly idea. Mostly GitS based, yeah.

>> No.16340957

>having it try and shoot itself
If the morph has puppet jacks and you manage to hack them. That's not a cyberbrain thing, but I think all shells come with those.

>or editing out or in memories
That's psychosurgery and can take a lot of time. Also, it is really hard to remove specific memories. There is a reason the practice is called "neural pruning"

>> No.16340967

Infomorphs (which don't have to be AGIs; a normal human mind can be pure digital too and AGIs can be sleeved as well) can be in a couple of places:
-Chilling on the mesh, moving from server to server as needed. Probably renting/owning their own space or whatever; I'm not sure on the details. They're just *there.*
-Stored in a ghost rider implant, in somebody else's morph. Used when they can't stay on the mesh and stay with the group at the same time. They can either act as that person's muse, or just be along for the ride (with varying degrees of control of the morph and interaction with the rest of the world).

>> No.16340973

It can be. I've never had a player or NPC take that approach with an AGI, but it could be handy. Which proper Mesh access an infomorph can do all kind of fun stuff, and since an Infolife buys Computer skills for half-price, you can make an expert Hacker and programmer.

Keep in mind, most InfoSec is task actions, so you can't do a lot of hacking in the middle of combat, so if you want to contribute, I'd buy some kind a small combat drone robot and Teleoperate it.

Hey, feminazi, step it down a little. We're trying to have an intelligent conversation here, but we can have it without you if you're going to be a prick.

>> No.16340986

Sorry, its hard to tell what people really mean online sometimes.

Also blame my period. It started a few days early this month.

>> No.16341016


In the "Cyberbrain Hacking" section of the book now (p. 261). You need to either use the access jacks, or subvert a Cyberbrain's Mesh Inserts first. Also, all tests to Hack are a -30, because they're hard-coded to try and prevent that sort of thing.

All cyberbrains incorporate mnemonic augmentation
(p. 307), or digitally recorded memories. A
hacker who accesses a cyberbrain can read, alter, or
delete these memories with a successful Research or
Interfacing Test (the –30 modifier applies).

You're right about shooting yourself needing the puppet sock, though. But, hey, you can just tell the cyberbrain to shut off, and shoot them yourself.

>> No.16341030

You know, I'm don't even play Eclipse Phase, and if this is how you act around your party, I'm damn glad I don't. Your entire argument in this thread is "hurr durr Change MUST happen in EP People who play flats are misogynistic twits who can't grasp the DEPTH of my googirl fantasy". Seriously, fuck off. Maybe if you had been halfway polite when you started posting, I'd have taken your side. But you're just a bitch.

>> No.16341035

Mnemonic aug != mind/memory

>> No.16341065

Are you reading the text I just posted, FROM THE BLOODY BOOK?

All Cyberbrains have mnemonic augmentation, which is digital recorded memories (Literally. It saves all your experiences in XP format). I'll agree that a mind is not totally its memory, but the specific examples of cyberbrain hacking pointed out earlier are possible. Just hard.

>> No.16341111

I know one doesn't have to be an AGI, but I've had a hard-on for synthetic conciousness since I played System Shock.

So, you're telling me, the best way to be useful as an infomorph, is to have a little floating gun-buddy which I operate, as well as being the group programmer/hacker, right?

>> No.16341121

Pretty much, yeah.

>> No.16341148

Yep, most efficient way to do it. Keep in mind that this is EP, and if it isn't wireless, you can buy a gadget to make it wireless. So, as a Hacker you can subvert pretty much anything. As noted earlier, even people. As an Infolife, you'll be able to max the relevant skills a lot easier too.

>> No.16341155
File: 182 KB, 360x544, night_elf_with_a_12_gauge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scum night elf from yesterday here.

Man, happy this thread's still around!

>> No.16341189

People exaggerate the usefulness of infosec. Sure it is very useful, but anything important is behind seven highquality firewalls and actively monitored. It's no gamebreaker.

>> No.16341238

Which is why being an Infolife Hacker is handy, because you can pour points into it, max out your skill. And have some points left over for other things, for when, y'know, the deal goes south. I'm not saying its a gamebreaker, but even though we're describing it narrowly, it has a much broader use than you might think.

>> No.16341339

The beauty of actively monitored systems. That 99% chance for unmonitored systems is suddenly a lot slimmer.

>> No.16341368

Actually, it's beyond that.

Computer skills are so cheap for infolife that they can specialise in something else as well.

For example, you could create a dedicated non-AGI hacker who might be pretty good with guns or you could create an AGI hacker who can also outmatch a spec ops operative in a gunfight.

I remember crafting an AGI that was the perfect hacker with a few other hobbies and then I looked around at other AGI characters on /tg/.

One of them was an AGI character that was just as efficient as mine but was also an absolute MACHINE in combat. In fact, I dare say that his hacking capability was tacked on to the side. The character was a killing machine that could hack perfectly too.

In comparison, my little aspie AGI was gimped.

>> No.16341378

Yes, that's his work. He is an active RPG hobbist.
Try to the adventure I posted, its really good.

>> No.16341424

Err, what part of the fluff mentions the jovians running labor death camps?

You're not just making it up are you?

>> No.16341455

Yeah, at some point players will be wondering why not all people turn into synths, the benefits are huge.
Of course this is a trap, synth offer enormous advantages compared to biomorphs, but they can be hacked, and are puppets for the TITANS.
Of course in the long run, the only thing surviving from humanity in major groups will be the remains of Jovians...maybe some brinkers.

>> No.16341466

Not that Anon, but I do recall reading in a section about Law Enforcement and Punishment that Jovians do go for hard manual labor, and since they don't approve of backups or forking...

>> No.16341480



>> No.16341484

Bioconfag detected. Not that Synths and Pod don't have drawbacks that aren't entirely social (Though they have those too)

>> No.16341496

The biggest space cthulhus encountered so far.

>> No.16341502


No. All he's saying is that all synths (hell pretty much everyone with a cyberbrain) will eventually be overwritten/reprogrammed. If it's not Exsurgents, it's Titans or other things. Transhumanity is incredibly fragile and could vanish like a leaf in the wind.

>> No.16341506

Self-improving seed-AIs who have been infected with the exsurgent virus.

>> No.16341516

All it takes for the jovians to die is a habitat malfunction and they are gone forever.

>> No.16341532


>and are puppets for the TITANS.
>All he's saying is that all synths will eventually be overwritten/reprogrammed.

Funny, could have fooled me.

>> No.16341574

It'd be relevant to point out how in Panopticon, Jovian "sarcophagus" habs are made using a cheaper (But arguably more efficient) method, and due to their fear of nano and bio tech, most of them are loaded with pollution and sepsis now, right?

>> No.16341581


Eclipse Phase is a dystopia, believe it or not. Things are going to shit for humanity. Or transhumanity. Both, actually.

>> No.16341610

>Eclipse Phase is a dystopia
>98% of everything died 10 years before the gamestart

That was a bit redundant.

>> No.16341626

No, that would be the aliens who made the Exsurgent virus.

And that's why EP requires some good GM oversight. God (except nobody believes in God in the future because the writers are great like that) forbid you let that same deathmachine take a Reaper.

>> No.16341637

Those aliens haven't been encountered yet, though.

>> No.16341645

>(except nobody believes in God in the future because the writers are great like that)

Meet the Lunars.

>> No.16341649


I'm just pointing it out for the many people who have not really read the rulebooks and just seem to kind of assume "Hey, Eclipse Phase. TRANSHUMANISM, FUCK YEAH!"

Actually, funny thing is, Eclipse Phase takes a lot of inspiration from John Varley's various books, of which many had the common background of earth being devastated and unihabitable, and heavily modified humanity existing in colonies across the solar system. Hell, Varley even had a lot of the societal themes going. Of course, he wasn't into the Uploading thing at all, just using tons of cyberware and bioware, but since his humans were already functionally immortal it was still pretty much the same idea.

>> No.16341699

Nope, no God. Personal preference of the writers, I think. Religion is now pretty much either crazy fundamentalists living in dark corners of the system, or pockets of colonists from ethnic groups of Earth. Or Xenodeists. But those guys are nuts.

Okay, that's not entirely true. The core book says NeoBuddhism is in.

I had to tell a player he couldn't have a Reaper just recently. We were planning on running an urban martian game. He wanted to have a cowboy hat and be a sheriff. I told him they wouldn't let him inside the cities.

>> No.16341733

>Real world dolphins are psychopathic busybody rapists. I can understand that they might try to engineer that out, but since they left in the characterization of orca's as creepy serial killer types, they should have left in the dolphin's true nature.

It's still in the subtext, it's just that the uplift chapter in Panoptican is an ingame text coming from a blatant dolphin supremacist who systematically downplays all that could be viewed as negative about his species.
He hints on the subject from time to time and also mentions frequently that sexual urges are among the personality traits that are most often altered by human scientists.
He basically says "my species enjoys gang rapes. how dare you take that away from us", he's just not very forward about it.

>> No.16341741

Thread on autosage. Someone else make the new one this time, I made this one.

>> No.16341771

I'm not good at making threads.

>> No.16341878


New thread.

>> No.16342304

Hinduism and some other religions are in too. Generally religions that aren't too conservative. Islam had a major overhaul, but there still aren't many practitioners anymore.

I'm gonna make a NeoShinto temple in the Inner System. Fun shit.

>> No.16343978

Fucking Space-Omegle

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