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Are you excited, /tg/?

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So as non-fan who just sees a lot of WarHammer threads on /tg/: whould it be safe to assume that Dreadfleet:Warhammer Fantasy::Battlefleet Gothic:Warhammer 40K? Rules and all?

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I've just spent an aftenoon with one really cute girl. So... yeah.

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Too expensive.

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Sort of but not. It's more of a boardgame than a wargame, more akin to Space Hulk than BFG.

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Pretty cool.Anyone who says it's "too expensive" clearly isn't a hard core board gamer (Christ that sounds pretentious but there it is.)

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It's slightly surprising, but £70 for a board game is actually kinda standard these days. Well, maybe a little high.

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. Doubly so if they come from Fantasy Flight. Or GW.

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Horus heresy board game. Hnnnngh.

Awesome but those casual board gamers never want to play it 'cause it's "too complicated" pah.

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That is an issue I have encountered quite a bit. However, I've found that you can convince most people to at least TRY them by running the game simplified (Not Horus Heresy specifically.)

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Horus Heresy is a bastard of a game, though. It's supposed to be a gruelling, punishing and immensely satisfying experience rather than just "fun."

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But it is too expensive.
Its 110 fucking dollars.
For 10 models, models that can't be used in any other game.
and a small set of rules.
A set of rules with no other models that won't be supported past this release.

Compare that to say Grind, which is $70, comes with rules that are supported(they've already released a new game mode), comes with 10 models that are usable in the main tabletop game, and is rumored to be getting more models from other factions.

So yeah...too expensive.

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I think the "Too High" complaints are probably more accurately stated as "Too high for unassembled, unpainted GW minis that I'll have to de-sprue, clean, assemble, prime, paint, shade, and seal if its to look presentable at all."

But that's just my opinion.

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It is a gruelling, punishing and immensely satisfying experience, which is why I love it so. While it may not be fun in the conventional sense, it is a very intellectually stimulating game

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>For 10 models, models that can't be used in any other game.

There are other naval wargames out there, even fantasy ones. Not even including the long-mostly-dead Man'O'War.

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Was thinking about picking it up BUT
>Price: $220.00 NZD
and that means Nope hell Space Hulk was Bad at like $190.00 NZD and yet I bought 4 boxes and only have one opened. Oh and with space Hulk I "can" use the minis in normal games, Have not touched them with paint yet mostly because they are too blinged next to my Spartan Flesh Tearers and well Tac Termies are not terribly useful.

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Played it, it's as bland as fuck...

It plays like a boring version of Man o War which wasnt very exciting in the first place

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But one of said models is a robotic kraken made by chaos dwarves

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Fuck this "modeling" aspect of the game. Who the fuck wants to play a miniatures board game where models don't come with shitty moulds and factory painted models?

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The trouble is that some people like modeling, and some like miniatures games, and some like being financially raped. Game Workshop only likes people who love all three at once, and lots of it.

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I want to know how it plays. To be honest, I can paint minis with acceptable detail, and I know a guy who can paint them with remarkable detail.

However, I want to know the rules. I want to know the flow of the game. Without the rules being released, what the hell is the point?

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Well that looks like it wouldnt just sink like a stone

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Except early reports have almost all mentioned that these ships are bigger than the man o' war ones.
And most naval wargames are in a larger scale anyways.

Point really being that if I can buy either this or Twilight Imperium, I'm buying Twilight Imperium.

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You mean like submarines?

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You find me a submarine with giant house sized cogs, heavy prehensile limbs and ill show you a submarine that sinks

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>For 10 models
Models: 10 (ships) + 9 (auxiliaries) + 12 (terrain) +3 (monsters) = 34 models
>Its 110 fucking dollars.
6 sprues
Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx/Necrosphinx
2 sprues

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Why no bretonnian ships??

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Fucking this. Bretonnia has a huge and powerful navy, yet they're left out again because GW treats them as the new Dark Eldar.

Also, people who say it's expensive need to get a job. It's only expensive because your parents said so.

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Because there are no famous Bretonnian pirates?

>> No.16332170

It proves nothing except that GW is overpriced at all fronts.

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I randomly opened the GW page to track down something about Mk 9 power armor and was met with this!


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Well if you really must know it's because Bretonnia is situated in suzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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the problem with bretonian ships is that the fluff contradicts itself- in the old fluff from man o war era bretonians used black powder weapons and their navy was much more advanced and had better/more cannons than the empire

now the fluff states that bretonians disdain blackpowder weapons so no broadsides for them and they seem to be an important aspect of the game
brionne is supposed to be home to the "pirate" fleet (aka privateers) employed by the king

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c'mon the tomb kings and high elves dont use black powder and they've got their own ships

they could use balistas or catapults

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J fucking Ch -its all plastics! If you want to have a Bretonian ship just convert the black mannanite one into one and use its rules just substitute the word mannan with lady of the lake. Remove the barrel ends from gun decks, convert the swordfish ram into an actuall giant sword add some bretonian iconography and paint the sales with fleur-de-lys. voilà

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the ship I'm talking about

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A 1 of release unsupported game.

No thanks, if I was going to get into fantasy naval games I'd either buy old Man o' War stuff or perhaps better yet Uncharted Seas.

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I can't for the life of me remember where I read this (best guess is Knights of the Realm supplement for WHFRP 2e), but it's flat-out stated that Bretonnian chivalry only applies on land. Bretonnia as a nation has the single best navy in the Old World and is a rival for any of the Elves.

As for me, pass. The models are far, far too cartoon-y and "Wacky Racers-esque" for me. I am, however, pleased to see this being released, as it's going to go a long ways towards fluffing out the naval aspect of WHF.

For example, I have 770 files in my Warhammer Fantasy image folder, and for the life of me I couldn't find a single naval-themed picture to post. Hence pic related.

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The problem with Bretonians having black powder weapons is that those were one of the main reasons why knigths stopped being viable. With the great masses of unhappy underclass bretonian nobility would risk much giving their serfs any blackpowder weapons.

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I've already got Man O War and the two expansions in my loft gathering dust. I don't need another naval wargame nobody will play with me. On the plus side the miniatures look cool as fuck.

On the downside, is this limited edition like Space Hulk was?

If so what the fuck man.

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This and Space Hulk were good ideas. However they fail by being LIMITED RELEASE. Which pretty much means only dedicated Games Workshop fans will get it*.

GW needs to release some SUPPORTED NON-LIMITED games to convert the board game crowd over to miniature war-gaming. And they need to release some proper skirmish games in the Warhammer/40k universe which use standard models.

If GW don't do that they are just going to continue haemorrhaging players and will only live on supported by the computer games.

* Even if they end up in the board gaming section of some non-wargaming shop all that is going to happen is a few guys might buy it and till everyone how awesome it is, oh except no more copies and the word of mouth is worthless.

>> No.16338831

>If GW don't do that they are just going to continue haemorrhaging players and will only live on supported by the computer games.


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