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saddest board on 4chan

i wish i could help you guys be normal...

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Want to play some Settlers? How about Chess?

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>saddest poster on 4chan

>I wish you guys would help me be normal...


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In the grimdark dark grimness of the 41st grimennium, happiness is heretical

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I guess you've never seen >>>/a/ nor >>>/cgl/

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you are missing Jim profit as your name.

I'll give you a 2/10 since you made me post a response, be work harder. I'm sure you can troll with the big boys some day....(try /fit/ or /mu/ first they are easy.)

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You already posted that thread on every boards.

Please make up your mind. Or better, fuck off.

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i really dont understand why you would choose to give a shit

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Yeah. You think we're sad? Go check a waifu thread on /a/. Then ask them what they think about real girls ("3D Pig Disgusting" in their parlance, or "3DPD"). Those guys almost make me ashamed of being an anime fan on top of being an RPG fan

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rolled 69 = 69

Just while this thread is being shit, painting advice.

I was doing a necron lord yesterday and I was going for the "millennia old tin can that needs a new paint job" look, and it's come out as "this guy can't paint" look. How do I get around this?

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but real-life girls ARE inferior. Not because they are 3D, though

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Brain or GTFO!

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You tried to paint your lord with the "This thing needs a new paint job" look, and find out it needs a new paint job ?

So, where's the problem ?

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I've never played 40k, or tabletop roleplayed, or done pretty much any of the shit here. I'm just a /v/irgin who likes the settings and living vicariously through /tg/.

This is probably the best board on 4chan. I think it's the high average age.

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What do you mean, son?

The decent grammar, the constructive discussions, the low amount of flaming.

This is no doubt one of the better boards on 4chan.

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use 3 coats

black undercoat, then a very light dusting of some grey metal colour

then another slightly heavier dusting

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B but this is my favorite board on 4chan!

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Make the scraps smaller. Paint it in some rather vivid color, say Blue.
paint black shapes on the blue and paint metal in the black shapes, leaving a tiny line of black between the metal and the blue.

This is the most basic "Paint chip" or "Scratch" technique.
Rust is trickier, the counterintuitive part is that really bad rust is more orange than brown. So a very careful wash with semi-diluted orange at specific places usually helps alot.

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>idealized girl vs real girl
listen, we already discussed about Mary Sues.
being with an idealized girl would be a big step in that direction. for YOU.
it's like role playing didn't teach you anything!

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rolled 73 = 73


It's a fine line. :)


Cheers. :)

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if you want chipped paint, you go The Paint Colour You Want > Black splotches with A Sponge > Light Metal Inside the Splotches.
pic related

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You're forgetting /d/, however as far as I know a bunch of them frequent /tg/ too.

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but I'd ned to be constantly drunk to actually believe that a real-life girl is similar to one of mai wai-oh, wait!

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it's the opposite, actually.

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I understand about /cgl/, but what's wrong with /a/? We're all a bunch of well educated and kindly gentlemen discussing all sorts of interesting topics. There is nary a troll or twat around.

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rolled 72 = 72


I'm trying to decide whether I care enough to strip it and start again.

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Depends on whether you can play a Lord (like, the centerpiece of your army) that doesn't fit your tastes or not...

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just paint over it

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I can't stand the rest of 4chan, too much shit-throwing

/tg/ is alright

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>general /tg/ flaming troll thread turns into a painting tips thread

And this is why I love you.

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/d/ is pretty chill .. if you skip threads that don't suit you.
As for a tite of saddest one, I'd nominate /adv/.

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Reminds me of my first model ever. An Eldar Farseer, totally the easiest thing to paint.

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While we are at it...
A buddy of mine used to play, but stopped some 15 years ago. He has now decided to sell his stuff and I'll buy most of it. Among it is the old Empire War Wagon and he'll sell it for cheap. Problem is: Back when he painted it, the only colours available around here was that Revell enamel stuff and so it's covered in it. Is there a way to get this off the waggon?

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>forgetting /soc/ holds the crown for saddest tossers on 4chan

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This isnt /fit/.............

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rolled 4 = 4


Heh :) Sounds like i'll be starting again then.

>mfw it turns out worse second time around

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Glanzer doesn't do the job ?

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He have neever seen

ANd heresy is heretical!

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OP please. This board is the best one. It's the least infested with weeaboos and stormfags.

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lolwut, /tg/ has plenty of weeaboos

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Why is this thread still on page one?

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rolled 53 = 53


I'm not sure, although I did bump it a few times.

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Painting advices and faggot actually discussing the troll.

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Haven't tried. I'm still looking for methods. Don't want to buy that thing until I know that I can use it for more than just throwing it after somebody.

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even our weeaboos are stronger and faster than other boards weeaboos.
look at /co/. every time a group forms spontaneously around a new interest, it's a shitstorm.
back to /tg/.
this board is now daemonds.

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Get this meta thread bullshit out of here.

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Aceton works if it's the old metal model.

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It's the War Wagon, it's metal. The question is if Aceton can solve this enamel varnish. That shit is pretty resistant.

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>15 pages
>1 meta thread
thou furious?

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I said least not none
Dude look at /v/ or even /k/ ... weeaboos are everywhere but they are only few here.

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