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Last time on Kamen Rider tg.



You are Isamu Masanori.
You are employed as a designer of clothes for a company that your father owns called ‘Silk Jacket’.
Your roommate and fellow co-worker is named Tomoko Yoko.
You had fought and destroyed a monster last night using a belt that Tomoko gave you. Somehow it had transformed you into a fighting machine and with that power you were able to win.
Tomoko explained that the blue prints were basically modern day magic scrolls and that she herself could make more by studying the one that held the belt. However her powers are limited and despite her studies she wasn’t able to summon the belt itself, something that you did without trying.
The whole adventure has left you tired and you have since gone to sleep.
Upon waking up you see another ‘Kamen Rider’ sitting next to your bed.
“So you’re TG?” He asks almost casually. Though he doesn’t seem hostile the guy is pretty creepy.
After talking with the man he offers you a deal.
Today a high school excursion will occur at the Silk Jacket HQ, the place where you work. One of the students is supposed to have one of the magic blueprints, if left unchecked he could hurt not only himself but the students and workers of the company.
The man tells you he wants the blueprint for himself but as a reward for helping him you are of course allowed to copy the blueprint or keep the original copy yourself if you obtain it (Though he’d still want a copy.)

You are currently at the kitchen table with an empty plate of food that you have already eaten.

What do you do? Accept the request or not?

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I'm not sure what /tg/'s personality is like so far, so I will go with most hotblooded option
Choose to help the guy out

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since when did /tg/ make threads about shitty power ranger knock offs?

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((He's been a coward with occasional hot blooded moments before so that works.))

"I'll help!" You say standing up.
Nodding Tomoko approves.
The other man also nods and though you can't see his face you're sure he's smiling.
"Well then I'll be off." Tipping his hat to you Kamen Rider gm walks off and with a click of his fingers simply fades away.

What now? Go to work or discuss things with Tomoko for awhile longer?

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Discuss things with Tomoko

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((Do you want to say anything specifically?))

Tomoko waits until she's sure the guys gone before talking again.
"He's a bit of a creep but as long as he keeps his end of the bargain I've got nothing against him." Clearing her throat she washes the eggs down with a gulp of coffee.

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Shit, this is harder than I thought it would be. Maybe ask Tomoko more about her past, like how she knows how to make those blueprint thingies

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((In episode one she already explained that she found the belt blueprint (The one that summons your belt) and from that made new ones like the bike blueprint.))

"It took years before I could make them and I only know how to make clothes based stuff, the bike took forever, I am not doing that again."

((As for her past episode one also explained that, you guys were childhood friends.))

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i approve of this thread

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Damn. Okay. How about ask her more about what kind of powers you have?

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"Well honestly I'm not sure, the belt blue print was pretty complicated." Grabbing it she examines it further.
"Well from what we saw last night you were stronger, faster and had that flying kick thingy." Looking through the paper again she points at a jumble of numbers that have no meaning to you.

"I think this means you can breath and move around in water." Tracing here figure over to some runic symbols she then states. "And these mean you can see the truth whatever that means, I guess you become a walking lie detector then?"

"As for the bike I just copied the strong and fast part of the belt and imbued it into a motorcycle blueprint, seems to have worked."

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Get your henshin on and go see if you can breath underwater somehow.

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You grab the blueprint and with some concentration the paper dissolves and is replaced with a solid belt.

"Henshin!" Slapping it onto your waist you raise your arms up to for the letter T for some reason. The gold buckle spins and you hear the rattle of dice. As your transformation finishes you feel incredibly lucky.

Walking over to the sink you find it's already filled with soapy water in preparation for the dirty dishes. Tomoko seems to have thought ahead.

Sticking your head in you find that you can indeed breath underwater..... and see perfectly well despite it being soapy.

"Hey did it work?" You hear Tomoko ask. Wait the voice wasn't even muffled! You can hear things perfectly well in water!..... cool.

What do you do now?

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Go to the ocean and see if you can walk underwater

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Raising your head you get the kitchen slightly wet.
"TO THE BEACH!" you announce.

Walking to the door confidently you are suddenly halted as Tomoko grabs your scarf.

"Dumb ass we still have work to do!" She protests. "If you go there we won't make it and your dad would get mad, I don't care if you're the son of the CEO you're still a worker!"

Well shit. What now?

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Tell her discovering cool shit underwater is way more important than work

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She gets annoyed. "But didn't you agree to help that other guy uhhh what's his name again..." Wait he didn't give a name. "DAMNIT AHH Point is that high school excursion is coming and they have another blueprint c'mon!"

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Fine, Give in and go with her

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Feeling disappointed you take off the belt.
"Aww c'mon stop looking so down, tell you what when it's Saturday we can go to the beach okay?"

With that she finishes her breakfast.
Fast forwards about an 30 - 50 minutes you're at work and the high school kids are about to arrive.

You and Tomoko along with several co-workers are on the second floor with large windows that overlook the HQ's entrance, outside of that is a small fountain.

What now?

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You ask here how exactly we should try and find the kid with the blueprint

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"Uhhh I never really thought about that to tell the truth...." She whispers. "I guess we can just ask?"

Yeah she doesn't seem to have a clue.
Speaking of the students a group of thirty or so have just gotten out of the bus along with two teachers.

One of the teachers is directing the students with ease while the other one seems slightly more stressed.

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Ask if she has any idea about why the teacher is stressed I guess

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With a blank look she simply says.
"He's a teacher why wouldn't he be stressed, surrounded by bratty kids all day......" she then goes back to watching the group who are now being ushered to the fountain outside.

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Tell her to follow you outside so you can keep an eye on the kids to see if anything happens

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She says that sounds like an okay idea and goes to follow you. Getting down to ground level it appears that the teachers are telling the students about the history of the fountain, most if not all of the listeners are bored out of their minds but pay just enough attention to write everything down.

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Get in front of those faggot kids and tell them about how amazing the fountain and its history are and how they should be more excited to be there

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Walking up Tomoko tries to stop you saying that "We're supposed to be subtle!" Of course you don't listen.


Striking a pose you then shout out.
"This awesome fountain was made when the company was built for good luck! As long as there's water in it we're going to stay strong!" Some of the students look at you weird.
"I say we need MORE FOUNTAINS! You should be happy to see a piece of history!"

The teachers nod and smile at your comment. You then feel a rubber hit you in the face.
"No on asked you grandpa!" What? But you're only 24!

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Try to find the kid who threw that shit at you... and give him a firm warning, because you don't pick fights with little kids. That's not cool.

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You ask who threw the rubber.
Now the kid doesn't step forward but he doesn't take a step back..... like everyone else.

Singled out you stare at him. He stares back with a frown and doesn't seem to back down, he looks like a delinquent.
The teacher comes around.
"Kabuto Kouta!" The stressed looking one yells. "That was inappropriate!" And thus gives him several stern words away from you. The other teacher apologizes.

"Sorry about that, Kouta is difficult but he isn't a bad person, just don't worry about him."

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Tell the kid he shouldn't try to challenge someone older than him and that maybe he should come back in a few years if he still wants to fight

>> No.16325119

Walking past the teacher you then say.
"Hey Kabuto Kouta right?" Looking up he focuses his attention on you. "If you want to fight come back when you're older."

He seems to dismiss you. "Whatever grandpa."

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Tell the kid not to call you grandpa and that you're only 24, and then step aside so the group can move on

>> No.16325138


Telling him not to do it again he simply rolls his eyes. The group then continue on their way.

One of the teachers has apparently gone for a toilet break. You then hear his scream as said teacher starts running from what looks like a human sized metal dragon complete with wings and fire breath.

The students have scattered.

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Obviously you decide to jump into action with your henshin belt.

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It's your time to shine by the looks of things!
Pulling out the blueprint it solidifies into a belt once more. The monster stops and stares at you curious at what you will do.

Slapping it across your waist you press the buckle which then spins creating a clatter sound of dice.
"Henshin!" Shouting you make a T with you arms before turning into Kamen Rider Tg.

You're feeling pretty lucky right now.

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Let's start with the basics. Run up to the guy and punch him in the face

>> No.16325169

Attack at full force in an attempt to defeat him quickly.

>> No.16325173

rolled 11 = 11

Cracking your knuckles you rush forwards with your fist clenched.

>> No.16325183

rolled 14 = 14


Surprised and stunned the monster is knocked back from your quick attack. Sparks fly off it's armor.

Jumping into the air the beast hovers over you and begins to pepper the area with fireballs.

What do you do now?

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Hit the d20 on the belt in an attempt to do a form change.

>> No.16325200

rolled 18 = 18

Figuring you have nothing to lose you hit the D20.
Suddenly the dice begins to spin and glows but your form stays the same even if you feel more powerful.

Suddenly something gold streaks out of the sky and hits the dragon knocking it down to ground level.

"Leave those students alone!" The figure yells.

"A mecha? The dragon beast blurts out."


>> No.16325209

Ask the guy who he is and why he's in on your fight

>> No.16325219

rolled 13 = 13


"Shut it Grandpa!"

With that he continues to blast away at the beast which is countering the attack with it's own fiery projectiles. Suddenly another dragon comes from behind him latching onto his back bringing the guy down.

>> No.16325223

Time to attack the dragon who grabbed M.

>> No.16325227

Wow, I genuinely did not expect that
See if you have some kind of projectile to hit the other dragon thing's arms

>> No.16325249

rolled 6 = 6


You try pushing your hand out into a shooting motion. Nothing.

You try a Hadoken. Nothing.

You even try shouting "ROCKET PUNCH!" Still nothing.

"Damnit GRANDPA STOP SCREWING AROUND!" He yells as he wrestles with the monster. The other one simply watches you in amusement.

Tomoko runs up from behind you.
"Your knee pads! I think you can throw them!" She shouts.

>> No.16325256

rolled 12 = 12

this is you btw and those are your knee pads.

>> No.16325259

Well throw the damn kneepads for the love of fuck

>> No.16325272

rolled 7 = 7


Grabbing your knee pads they detach and produce spikes. Your belt buckle is still spinning and glowing and it appears the power has transferred to the knee pads.

The monster realizes what's going on and takes a deep breath.

Throwing your knee pads they come together colliding into a large spiky dice like object, the belt buckle ceases to spin.

>> No.16325278

Throw it at the one pinning down M

>> No.16325282

rolled 1 = 1

Smashing into the metal dragon it explodes as your knee pads return to your boots.
It was surprisingly weak.

The other one gets off Kamen Rider M and tries to escape.
"DON'T EVEN TRY!" Slapping his belt buckle it begins to spin and glow.

His cannon turns into a giant revolver which then blows away the dragon leaving nothing behind.

What now?

>> No.16325284

I gotta stop rolling the dice. Can you guys do it from now on whenever you want to attack?

>> No.16325287

Ask how he did that shit, that sounds awesome

>> No.16325298

That's fine

>> No.16325304


"Shove off grandpa!" He responds. "You did it to! Mines just better!" And with that he takes off his belt.

By now you already know it's Kabuto Kouta.
Tomoko runs up and asks. "Where did those dragons come from? And where did you get that belt from!?"

He looks at Tomoko.
"Shut up grandma."
He gets promptly slapped.

So what now?

>> No.16325319

Tell the kid that he shouldn't talk down to his elders, and ask him about the blueprints since he seems to be in on this shit too

>> No.16325333


"I dunno, I just found this thing, I guess you did to since you look like that." He says pointing at your helmeted head.

"Damnit why won't you DIE!" A voice yells. Kouta pushes you down.

"WATCH IT GRAMPS!" Before another fireball streaks over head injuring him.

Getting back up you see what appears to be a cloaked figure with a red staff. Two dragons like the ones you fought earlier either side of him.

>> No.16325349

Ask the figure who the hell does he think you are, sneaking up on you guys like that

>> No.16325352


"QUIET DOWN KID! YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO YOUR ELDERS AND JUST DIE!" Frustrated he makes a motion with his hand and the two metal dragons rush at you.

((Roll the dice if you want to attack.))

>> No.16325371

rolled 16 = 16

Hit the d20 on your belt and throw your kneepads at the pair of dragons flying at you

>> No.16325378


Powering up the metal knee pads once more glow gold and strike down your targets with ease.

"DAMNIT You're in league with that delinquent aren't YOU? I'll erase you TO!" Bringing out a blue piece of paper he begins to chant.

>> No.16325395

rolled 16 = 16

Run at the guy and try to slug him in the face before he finishes his blue paper shit

>> No.16325406


He drops like a tonne of brick unconcious and drooling, you think you might of broken his jaw.
Your punch manages to not only knock him out but throw the hood off his head revealing him to be..... the stressed teacher.

What do you do now?

>> No.16325424

rolled 6 = 6

Pin the guy down and question him.

>> No.16325444


You try to question him but he's completely out of it. Your super human fist against his normal face.... there wasn't much competition really.

Suddenly you hear the sound of paper fluttering behind you. The blue print the teacher dropped!

Turning around you see Kamen Rider gM again.
"Well then, it seems this is mine now."

>> No.16325462

Ask him if he'll at least let you make a copy of the blueprint before he makes off with it

>> No.16325472

"Sorry, the contract said you could have a copy if it was from a student, this is clearly the teacher." Bowing he tucks the blueprint away.
"Ta ta!" Clicking his fingers he fades away, a master of illusion you remember he mentioning.

>> No.16325491

Well that was a dick move. Ask Kouta if he knows what the fuck is going on

>> No.16325493

>him mentioning.

Bleh my grammar is horrible.

>> No.16325505


Getting back up Tomoko helps him. Though slightly singed the damage doesn't seem permanent. Even with the pain he seems to smile.

"No idea but you were not bad for a grandpa, all I know is that someone was summoning metal dragons at school and attacking students but now that you've found the culprit I guess I won't have to keep attending school as much anymore."

He really is a delinquent.

"If you ever need don't hesitate to call old man."

>> No.16325519

Tell him that you would never need help from a little kid, but thank him for the offer.

>> No.16325538

Frowning he just waves and leaves.
"What ever old man."
Because of the fire damage everyone at Silk Jacket was given early leave and to avoid lawsuits every worker was given a weeks pay. Going home you have a feeling there are further adventures to come.

And that's the end of the episode.
You encountered a polite Jerk who took the blueprint. Another jerk of a kid who has a heart of gold and a very disgruntled teacher.

Next time on Kamen Rider tg! Kamen Rider gM visits you again with clues to who might be distributing and making the blueprints.

The true villain will soon appear!

>> No.16325562

So what do you guys think?
Of the story so far, the art/Rider designs, the characters etc.

I'd like some feedback so I can make this thing better.

>> No.16325638

Also archived.


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