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Looking for an Imperial Guard (or possibly Marine Scout) with shotgun firing at nurgle zombies. Its a drawing/art, not a model. Can't locate it anywhere :( but I've seen it.

Also Dark Heresy / 40k Art Dump Thread. ESPECIALLY zombies and hive cities.

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is it this one?

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If you're interested, it's the cover art from the novel Cadian Blood.

I don't have many Plague Zombie images, but I'll post what I can find, then Hive City art.

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Death Leaper, OP here. You are my new god.

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is that... enslavers?

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Glad to have helped!

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Nope. Enslavers don't look anything like that. They also don't have anything to do with implanted parasites, like the fly things hanging off the people's heads. It looks nurglesque, but I've got a vague suspicion it may not be a 40k related picture at all.

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Look at these terrifying warp beasts.

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The story or details on this one please.

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I've no idea. Like I said earlier in the thread, I don't even know if it actually is a 40k picture. It'd work perfectly well as some sort of Daemonic antagonist creating Plague Zombies though.

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Where would one find images like this?

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/tg/ dump threads


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Is that Space Marine concept art?

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I've just collected them from /tg/ over the years.

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4chan /tg/ but don't tell anyone.

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It's cover art for one of the Dark Heresy splatbooks, IIRC.

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Ahh i see, the gun in the foreground just reminded me heavily of the gun you take out on Graia and i guess i assumed the guy in the foreground was Drogan.

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There's a resemblance in the shape of the gun, certainly.

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> heat sink in the middle of the hive
Wait. Does the heat come up from the earth's core, or is collected there and then pumped away?
Because if it's the former, that hive is going to get VERY toasty.

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I think it could be either. Though in this case, I think it's bringing heat up from the core and using that to heat the whole hive. Imperial Technology is capable of some utter wonders at times, so it's possible they may have some sort of crazy heat containment and redistribution network running through the hive that keeps things at a tolerable level.

Also, that's my last. It sort of turned into a general Imperial architecture dump, but maybe some of the extra stuff will be useful.

I'm going to get something to eat, if anyone wants something else dumped, go ahead and drop in a request and I'll get to it once I get back.

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Do you have any chaos art?

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Sure. Do you have a preference for Marines, Daemons, or Cultists? Or do you want the lot?

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And Daemons

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And marines.

Might have a few I don't have.

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Who gives these cultists their unholy scriptures anway?

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I'd assume they write them themselves.

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Chaos has missionaries too you know.

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And there you have a mission for Black Crusade.

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they just take imperial holy books, put a lot of swearwords and obscene drawings in them, a few chaospheres, and masturbate furiously to them. At least that's what this image suggests.

There is a language used by daemons and advanced cultists, the Black Tongue, it's full of nice runes that look like alchemic sigils and futhark, but no artist ever uses it, only the old guard like Jes Goodwin or John Blanche remembers that they used to put those pseudo-esoteric references everywhere in the aesthetic designs of their universe.

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What the fuck has happened to that guy?

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Heresy. Lots and lots of heresy.

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How do these 'gifts' adorned on him help him in spilling blood for ol Khorne?

Fuck, I'd like to see what a slaaneshi worshipper would look like after extended periods of heresy

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Nice, haven't really seen any pictures
of the Dark Mechanicus at all before.

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At a guess, I'd say he's some sort of Khornate priest. A worshipper who's job it is to know all the rituals for summoning Daemons and whatnot. The sort of guy who might not be involved in the thickest fighting, but is nevertheless essential to the structure of a cult. His gifts could be anything from rewards for his diligence, to punishments for his refusal to get properly stuck in, from Khorne.

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They're not the most common, unfortunately. There'll be a few more appearing sooner or later, I know there's a couple more in this folder.

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Got any more pictures of a Daemon World? Awesome dump by the way!

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He's got a rare daemonic gift called 'The One Voice Heard By All' or something like it. Basically if you hear him talk then you get brainwashed, and this also extends to broadcasts. An Inquisitor exterminantused the planet after hearing how far the corruption had spread, but without doing any investigating in person. It was to balance out how the Inquisition was so grindark they'd Exterm a planet that they strongly suspected of heresy instead of going all CSI on it.

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I don't think so, unfortunately.

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Damn I love the art of Warhammer Online

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>"It's the cover art to Cadian Blood"
>look to my right
>as-of-yet-unread copy of Cadian Blood on my nightstand

In other news, is Cadian Blood any good? No spoilers, please.

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I can't say, I'm afraid. Never read it myself.

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Do you have any pictures of Ciaphas Cain and Jurgen from the Novels of the same name.

I know its not really in line with the heretics at the moment, but hes not exactly willing to lay his life down :p

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As someone who literally owns a physical copy of almost everything the BL has published, I can safely say its goddamn awesome.

....and now I'm realizing how much better that sounded in my head. I own way too many 40k books.

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I'm afraid not. I've never even seen any pictures of them beyond book cover art and the like.

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dammit, was hoping to cosplay as him next games day, and drag my mate allong as jurgen, guess i just have to make it up from the cover art then, thank you anyway

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I know there's been one or two people who've done excellent Commissar cosplays in the past. They might be on Deviantart if you fancy digging around a bit; it's not perfect, but might give you some ideas.

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Its cool, have a Black Templar instead.

I've always wondered something. Why are you called DLFG? I've never seen anyone post with the name Deathleaper.

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Deathleaper's a Tyranid special character I'm rather fond of for a variety of reasons.

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Oh, since none of my friends have gotten back to me on what we're supposed to be doing this lovely Friday evening, I'll just dump 40k images instead. Is OP still here?

What are we doing/what do people want ATM?

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Deathleaper is a Tyranid character IIRC.

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Gee. I wonder what those reasons could be.

He does have a nice...statline.

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Deathleaper is essentially a special character lictor.


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...Ah. That makes sense, I've never read the Tyranid codex. I really need to do.

Do you actually play TT?

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Oh. Heretics. Got it.

My humble thanks, fa/tg/uy.

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Yes, and have done so for...around a decade, at least. I play Tyranids (obviously), Dark Eldar, and Craftworld Eldar.

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Not really arty, conversion

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Pictures of your Tyranids?

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I'll be moving onto Daemons next.

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Fuck yeah, Kelbor Hal.

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I know a few people IRL who also browse /tg/, who I'd rather didn't connect me in IRL to me on /tg/, so I don't post pictures of myself or my models.

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Ahhh, that would make sense.

I have to point out though, that really sucks. I've met a lot of my good friends on here.

However, there are so few fa/tg/uys where I come from (Utah) that its never negatively affected me.

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I hope the Deathshroud gets rules in the Chaos Legions 'dex.


Ah, I love this picture...the only force more numerous than the near-infinite Tyranid - the infinite legions of Chaos Daemons.

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It's a bit of a shame, yea. But better that than catching flak IRL.

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I wish there was more artwork like that, I really do.

Why would you catch flak for posting here? Not to pry, don't get me wrong. I don't mean to be rude, I'm just curious.

Also, I have little to no Daemon-only pictures, so I'm just gonna keep postan heretics if that's ok with you guys.

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Look at the nids they're not even trying, they're getting steamrolled.

What shameful display. Their blood will not sate Khorne.

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Any Daemon Prince art?

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If Daemons could be represented in the numbers present in the fluff on the table-top, nobody would ever win, and only the super-rich could afford a Daemon army.

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>Why would you catch flak for posting here?

To put it delicately, xenophilia kink. Back before /tg/ had a regular mod, there were a series of threads about such things, and I'd rather that people IRL didn't find out about it.

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Sure, I'll see what I can find.

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That's Ka'bandha, one of Khorne's most powerful Bloodthirsters, IIRC.

>> No.16321515

The central figure, with the three-barreled cannon, is a Daemon Prince called Mamon.

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>Deathleaper slave wat do?
>*schlick schlick schlick*

I'm legitimately laughing my ass off.

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That is supposed to be Ka'banda, the Bloodthirster that Sanguinius was beated by on Signum, and then was fucking destroyed by Sanguinius in the skies above the Eternity Gate.

Pic related, it's Sanguinius holding the fucker's head.

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Fucking love that picture. I'll contriboot with Mortarion's nemesis, Daemon Prince Magnus!

...who can look like whatever the fuck he wants.

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>xenophilia kink

There are worse things. I actually know a couple of girls IRL in that boat...sort of.

>Intimate discussion with good friend of mine about fetishes.
>She admits she has a secret wank bank of Tentacle porn.
>I show her MY 'stache of tentacle porn.
>Fun times ensue.

No Daemon price art. Just Heresy. Sorry boss.

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Thousand sons BAM

>> No.16321564

His most impressive feat in his career was breaking the Blood Angels Primarch legs and utterly defeating him.

Sadly for him it all went downhill from there andhe was plagued by defeat after defeat until he lost his position to Skarband.

Skarband later lost his position because of a certain incident but that is another story.

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>it's Sanguinius holding the fucker's head.

Looks more like the head from a Keeper of Secrets, surely?

>I actually know a couple of girls IRL in that boat...sort of.

Honestly, I think it's far more common than people might think or like to admit.

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Also, that's all my Daemon Princes.

>> No.16321589

Nifty. I knew who Ka'Banda was, but I didn't know I had a picture of him. The more you know.

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>Skarband later lost his position because of a certain incident but that is another story.

Like who knew that smacking Khorne with an axe was a bad idea?

The whole thing fascinates me it is as if your toe decided you sucked and tried to murder you.

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That's being a personification of anger and bloodthirst for you.

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Nice, been looking for that one!

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Its absolutely more common that people would like to think.

We're actually discussing something related to this in a Gender Psych class I'm taking (I needed a diversity requirement, don't be hatin')

Its more socially acceptable for men to show overt sexuality. Its a given that all men want to fuck, all the time.

What ISN'T is that girls also usually want to fuck JUST AS MUCH. Creates a misconception that women wouldn't have weird fetishes or pornography collections or what have you.

Funnily enough, on the same note, many advertising and marketing companies like to portray women as, "virginal, but experienced," in an effort to preserve that innocence that so many people find seductive for some reason.

I mean, I can see the appeal, but personally, the whole innocence thing makes me giggle.

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Glad to have helped, then.

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There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of slut.

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I'll admit, I sniggered. Same goes for men though.

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>What ISN'T is that girls also usually want to fuck JUST AS MUCH. Creates a misconception that women wouldn't have weird fetishes or pornography collections or what have you.

Yes, this is true. This is SO true. Overt female sexuality is still something a lot of people find odd at best and unpleasent at worst. It's pretty frustrating at times.

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>> No.16321719

Sure, but try cramming that into the catchphrase.

There is no such thing as innocence, only degrees of equally gender spanning sexual drive.

>> No.16321722

Don't see too much nurgle, but it could be another mind controlling xenos species. For some reason the wasp things seem familiar.

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>> No.16321748


Does it exist? Properly not. it must be a myth or folklore of some kind.

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>> No.16321752

Honest to god, I kind of feel bad for women in general on that point.

If women take an outward attitude towards sexuality, they're immediately branded as a whore or a slut. But a man? Its normal.

Double standards are funny like that. Most of the girls know/am friends with are faaaaar more sexually deviant than the guys I'm friends with. That will never stop being an entertaining thought.

>> No.16321761

I actually lol'd at that.

I like you anon, stay classy.

>> No.16321767

Personally, what I find frustrating is how women take sex for granted.
I mean, you treat it like Garbage Day. You just need to take it outside, and sooner or later a guy in a jumpsuit picks it up.

>> No.16321782

You're right anon, a lot of women treat sex like its nothing. But there are just as many who appreciate it for what it is.

Don't let a loud minority spoil that for you.

On the flipside, as a guy, if women were constantly trying to fuck you, wouldn't you eventually get tired of it?

>> No.16321784

>If women take an outward attitude towards sexuality, they're immediately branded as a whore or a slut.

And what's worse, it's never likely to change - to be seen as normal - until people do just that. Take an outward attitude towards sexuality and damn the consequences, and hope that eventually people realise that it's normal and healthy. But good luck finding enough people willing to put their reputations on the line - I certainly wouldn't have the guts to do it. So it's probably not really going to change any time soon.

>> No.16321795

This thread is awesome, I've been looking for stuff to show to my non-40k-wise friends when we get DH starting.

>> No.16321796

>> No.16321802

Will do.

Ona related notice: I dared noting in a quest that sex might become a necessity to maintain the facade of a married couple. 8 hours of continous shitdtorm ensued while nobody even bothered answering the screaming moralists anymore.

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>> No.16321813

>wouldn't you eventually get tired of it?


>> No.16321822

Organize a slut/hook-up walk.

>> No.16321825

That's the image limit. Thanks to everyone else who chipped in!

>> No.16321830

Damn it woman! I do not even try to image dump anymore.

I demand that you take some time and make up some torrents with all your folders. It will be /tg/ duty to keep those files with seeds and working.

>> No.16321831

>I certainly wouldn't have the guts to do it.

Don't feel bad, I don't blame you. Society is still very much shaped and molded by the minds of men.
>So it's probably not really going to change any time soon.

Actually, you might be surprised. I think we've been steadily working towards equality where its possible*** at a decent rate for quite some time now.
(I'm speaking relatively of course, over the time-span of the last 100 years or so. If you're just talking in terms of smaller numbers, like months or solitary years, then I agree with you).

***This is a heated topic right now. By trying to make everything equal you start to ask questions that relate to what it means to identify yourself with male or female GENDER, not sex.

Nothing will ever be 100% equal, but that's not a bad thing in my opinion. There are some things research would suggest women are and always will be innately better at than men (Certain cognitive functions, the nurturing instinct, ect ect) and vice versa.

Also, image limit reached, new thread?

>> No.16321842

Yes please!

>> No.16321844

Eh. We could split hairs all day about which sex has it worse... I'm not sure that its better to be labelled a sexually harrassing creeper pervert than to be labelled a whore, myself.

>> No.16321867

>Also, image limit reached, new thread?

I've got som stuff to take care of, but I'll join another in a bit. Link to it in here if you start a new one, please.

>> No.16321869

New thread


>> No.16322123

You would, actually. Especially when they're desperate, tedious whores with nothing to them. I've turned down a bunch of women because they were utterly unlikable as persons. I'd rather have a wank if it's not about intimacy with another person I actually enjoy the company of. It just isn't worth the effort when it's with someone you despise. At least to me, it left me with a distinctly ashen aftertaste.

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