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reformatted my laptop. can we get a warhammer 40k wallpaper thread going?

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here's the oringal

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I have a couple.

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>yfw space marine tried to talk down on gears of war but its huge commercial failure made it seem like relic was just jealous, same as duke nukem forever with its whining at halo

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Was it a "huge commercial failure"? Last I heard it did OK.

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Got a few Guard.

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I was wrong. My last one isn't guard.
Hell, it's not even 40k. It's Fantasy.

But fuck, it's cool.
>stink "canonical"
Yeah, captcha. Nurgle's stink is canonical.

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Sure... it did... 'ok'. Then again, so does 'Dangerous Hunts 4".

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The 360 version was 6th in the charts last week and the PS3 version was 9th. That's success by any definition, deal with it.

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This. Metacritic currently has it at around 75% approval. With most of the bigger names (PC Gamer for a start) rating it about 80% or higher.
Gamespot voted it down, but that's probably because THQ wasn't willing to bribe them properly.

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Why, because nothing else more interesting was released during that time? Yeah... ok.

A company can release a mediocre game during a 'down-time' when nothing earth-shattering is due out, and can be '3rd' on the best sellers during that time. Long-term success and total sale counts are what's important. Not some arbitrary top 10 list.

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Here's a much more important question... What's Yahtzee think about it?

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>Implying yahtzee is allowed to admit it when a game is good.

For what it's worth, it, sorry, he hasn't touched it. His last review was for Deus Ex.

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>Nothing big was out

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Dead Island
Madden 12
Resistance 3

Face it. Space Marine did well and you're just in denial.

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Look, if you have no idea how the industry works please be quiet.

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No time to argue with butthurt gears fag.

Must post large images.

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>Is not familiar with Yahtzee at all

You do realize, he does actually admit when a game is good, and will say when it's worth buying. Sure, he'll still outline the problems with it... but he doesn't throw out some shitty "100% Score" or "A++" like some shitty magazine review. Some of the best games I've ever played, were by his recommendation.

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And plenty of other games I enjoy tremendously, he's put down as utter trash and garbage. Take Witcher 2 for instance. I only view his stuff for the entertainment value anymore.

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Sorry for the shitty size, but its from my 13" laptop...


You stfu

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Frankly Yahtzee is all about the BAD aspects of a game. Just because he trashes it a little doesn't mean it is siht, just that he has flaws. And he is very good at finding flaws.

And if he LIKES a game, then it is probably pretty well done.

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He is overly hard sometimes, but he will admit to liking something if it's really good.

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IT has flaws, rather.

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Even when Yahtzee's crucifying a game I like I can often partially agree with some of his points, even if he's exaggerating flaws.

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>even if he's exaggerating flaws
You realize his format is about just that?

If he does not exaggerate it, it's probably no real issue in the first place.

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And that's the last from me.

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