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For those of you that missed it yesterday.



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You are the best.. arouuuund, NOTHINGSEVERGONNAKEEPYOUDOWN!

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This link just made Ultramarines slightly more awesome. Rah, rah Astartes!

<-- Pic related. It was my favorite kind of Ultramarines.

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I thought Captain UltraTitus would be restoring Ultramarines to their former glory by now.

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This gif... it haunts me

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DUDE, now they're in a mainstream video game, they're ven MORE popular, and we have to hate them HARDER!

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Its actually a VERY subtle hint/play on my recent fetish.

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Let's hope it will be more various than the DOW2 soundtrack

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16 tracks

I don't really put it close to the DOW one, but it sure as hell surpasses the Space Marine one.

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Thanks for the link.

Music thread, then?

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16 tracks
I don't really put it close to the DOW one, but it sure as hell surpasses the Space Marine one.

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do you know where I can find more?

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Hey, I love DOW2's tracks

Nothing like The Emperor's Victory to stir feelings of glorious Imperial pride

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no problem with that, it's cool and all, but it's extremely monotonous.

So far, the Ultramehreen soundtrack sounds more classy; also, actual lyrics instead of "OOOOH AAAAH AH! EEEEEEH OOOOOH! AHHHH!" all the fucking time. Good.

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I only drew 2 so far. and its sketchy sketchy. I don't think I can post them here, because its a safe for work board..

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The lyrics make sence to me now.

‎"From Ancient Terra the Emperor commands His Proud Sons."

"From revered Blood-stock these Warriors are made His Proud sons."

"No fear they shall know as Adeptus Astartes, His Proud Sons."

"Humanity's foes they defend against all, His Proud Sons"

"Warrior Elite, Unbreakable spirit, Astartes!"

"Supreme Defenders, Unchallenged in Battle Astartes!"

"Warrior Elite, Unbreakable spirit, Astartes!"

"Courage and honor, Emperor and Primarch, Astartes!"

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Love is a BAttlefield!

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So far track number 14 and 16 are my favorites.

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then how can love bloom on it?

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Woot! OP, a 1000 internets to you.

Wait - you're the guy I have been riddling over the lyrics back then, right?

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I really have no idea what you're talking about.

But I guess Ultramaines are pretty cool. Not Space Wolves material or anything to ~uguuuu about, but I guess they are alright.

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GEoM recently discovered that she'd like to have sex with a certain smelly, scrawny, dirty female follower of Chaos.

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Girl, yes.


I'll show you .

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Girl, yes.


I'll show you .


Not my fault! She smells like bacon ;..;

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Thanks for the soundtrack though Emps

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Oh sorry about the confusion. But that makes calling yourself G-EoM extra-heretical...

Anyway, glad they released the OST, I even e-mailed them about it. Not too expensive either at 5 Euros.

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No problem. My gift to /tg/ .

The GEoM name was "adopted" because of the various quests in 2006 and I guess it was cemented when I painted that portrait.

Bump and whatnot.

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Well it's good to have the original soundtrack but I think it's missing something without the combat noise.

I think they should have left it in in the background, at reduced gain.

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Cheers OP.


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True, I have the duel between severus and proteus as an Mp3 because of the sword clashes and the epic speech.


No problem.

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The first 10 minutes are the best part of the movie by far. I watched it on a livestream here, then tuned out. When I watched the full movie my very high expectations and confidence met disappointment. The rest of the movie was mediocre for the most part.

With a few tagline exceptions.
"I fear no evil, I fear no death - for the Emperor will protect me."

Btw, the second movie trailer is also awesomesauce.


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Considering their budget, and lack of support. It was awesome for an independent movie.

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The song from the trailer isn't part of the soundtrack, sadly.

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I'll go ask Adam Harvey about it.

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... sauce? <,<

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I dare you all to watch the movie and treat it as a fucking drinking game.

Every time you hear "And We Shall Know No Fear" - drink.
Every time you hear "Chaos" or "Heretic" - drink

I had 5 screwdrivers while watching it.

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Such drinking games? Extra-heretical.

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The song from the second trailer was not produced by Adam Harvey. He said its from a company that produces trailers and they have a thing called "stock library" , we should be able to find them on youtube if we search hard enough, just like we did with the songs from the first Space Marine trailers.

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Thank you OP.

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Thanks again, God Emp.
You make progress on Kurze?
I still want to see negative silhouette filigree on the paldrons.

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No problem.


I'm in class right now. Art History is bland. Here's progress. I guess.

General shape of the claw and plates need to be chiseled in. Still trying to figure out how to do the powerclaw, jointed, straight bladed or normal fingers with bladed edges.

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reminds me of the Judge Dread drinking game I did..

I thought it was a good idea at the time..

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I would lean towards fingers with the blades rising from the first knuckle.
You retain fine dexterity but retain the force of the wrist and forearm (as though you need it with power weapons).

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>Art history is bland

Uh, with a very bad teacher, maybe. Or if you're studying contemporary art, that's confusing.

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>that hand

weird. It's like he's wearing a mittel, with blades stuck on it. We need to see that he's got distinct fingers, Emps.

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Hmm. What about cables? Not very night lordish right?


All of the above + third world country.

While we're at it bumping this thread and whatever, comments , critique suggestions on Kurze are highly appreciated.

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Here's a scrapped version, I bet it looks better, but it lacks the proper proportions, I could ninja this design back in if you guys feel it fits the feeling right

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Well, cables an shit are sorta standard for power claws.
However, this is Kurze, a primarch, he has better shit than that.
Smaller bundles perhaps, leading up the arm?
Or better, open ports that glow with energy transfer a la telsa.
Also, inlays on the individual blades of the claw.

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cables are nice.

But something is bugging me about the position of fingers: the auricular finger is the most extended, the index the most retracted. It looks unnatural, try doing the opposite.

Also, it's gonna need a lot of contrast.

The right wing of the chest "bat" should also be a tiny bit higher/further

(also, can I get some nice references for contemporary art? I practically didn't study it, I need names of artists and recent theories about how it works)

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ah, now it's better

>> No.16314484


ohhh! Tesla! Maybe vents, exhausts?

Any suggestions for the shoulders? Cant make them too spiky. Its pre heresy afterall.

>> No.16314496


I'll get you a list when I get home. About 2 hours. Is that okay? Thanks for the input!

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Naw, no spikes, I have never been a fan of them.
>CSM players, go die, kplsthnx, Smurfs rool u, kiss my Spiritual Liege
I'm still a fan of having inlaid wings, perhaps surrounded by script detailing the various laws Kurze enforced?
>mfw I'm a fan of needlessly complex, detailed work, I'm sorry for making you work so hard GE

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>> No.16314547

>Spiritual Liege
You have no clue how much I am looking forward to drawing Guilliman.

Thats a brilliant idea, Wings on his left shoulder, with scripture on them? Sound good?

No problem.

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I like it, personally.
Even better if you go absurd high gothic with the script, it will look great even if it's gibbrish.
Also, I'll dedicate the ascension of my chief Sternguard Vet to Captain to your painting of Guilliman. Just need to think of the right bling to put on him now.

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I was thinking of going a bit traditional with Guilliman, like Roman style, with a power armor that resembles the Lorica Segmentata of the legionary cohort.

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Oi God-Emps, remember to look at that one recent HH book cover with the marines fighting in space. Supposedly the Ultramarine screaming without a helmet is Rowbutt.

>> No.16314623

You may as well go full Roman with him, helm, lorica, whole deal.
One of the things I liked about a lot of the representations of Guilliman is the lack of ostentatious bling on his armor. It was neat, polished to a shine, a few badges of office and status, but not something that would make him look like he needed FLAIR, something only Lorgar shared.
If you can find Codex Ultramarines, it goes into some detail about the classic decorations for the armor that were in line with the chapter's classic Roman roots.

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I can't see any primarch in here, as much as I would want to.


I'd wish people would stop mocking him. They should read or listen to "Rules of Engagement." Roboute Guilliman is badass.

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Well, when that pic was first posted on /tg/ some people seemed to think the screaming man was him.

>> No.16314684

>Iron Halo
I thought Iron Halos weren't invented till after the Heresy? It looks like a captain to me, not Guilliman.
>belts on his fists
>fucking belts
>and it followed me home

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Never read anything about Guilliman having a roto-bolter thing ( right arm) and his facial structure, albeit screaming, doesn't match his description at all.

>> No.16314698

these are his gauntlets

and his face doesn't look exceptional here

>> No.16314709


I always thought his gauntlets were Power Fists, with storm bolters on each. Not a Roto-bolter like terminator issue.

>> No.16314718

but if you look closely, there ARE bolters beneath them, what you might be mistaking for barrels are his fingers.

>> No.16314743


You are right!

WHOAH, Thats a very shitty anatomically incorrect hand right there.

Speaking of anatomy. If I ever see that god damned picture of a space marine's anatomy where the astartes ceramite armor looks like paper I am going to go berserk.

>> No.16314760

Don't you mean "again"?
Because everyone has seen it.
GE, gotta sleep, looking forward to seeing how Kurze comes out. Night night

>> No.16314781


Yeah , again! you know what I meant.

Have fun. Thanks for the support.

>> No.16314788

what happens if something hit the backpack?

Does it asplode?

>> No.16314803


Depends on the slug, uh usually it causes a depressurization of the suit, if the damage is extensive enough, maybe it damages the ventilation system. I really can't say.

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Thanks for the soundtrack!

Not a regular on /tg/ but, your art looks incredible.

>> No.16314940

I'm disappointed they didn't include the hip-hip remix of the ending theme

>> No.16314965


My pleasure, and thank you! Have you seen all of them? I could link you my DA if you want.


Ending theme? You mean the credits?

>> No.16314990


That's what I guessed. Interestingly enough the stock score blends well with the OST.

>> No.16314991

Nope, I've only seen what is posted in this thread. I would greatly enjoy seeing more.

>> No.16314998


Oh! Hey! you are back, They used their own synths + a software called "Videocopilot"

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>> No.16315004 [DELETED] 


back in the old days, /tg/ had twice better art, but not anymore

>> No.16315020

>My pleasure, and thank you! Have you seen all of them? I could link you my DA if you want.

Haven't seen them yet, I am interested.

>> No.16315032


Link posted here >>16315003

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All I have to say is dat Sanguinius.

>> No.16315105


You mind some feedback? Well, I hope you don't get this wrong because when I give feedback I usually only focus on the negative stuff which means that everything I don't raise as an issue is to be considered okay, good, great or better.

Most striking are the faces of your art. They are good and they aren't. Perhaps I'd express first why they aren't good: they are not cool. These are not narrowly eye-browed, stern-looking faces bristling with grim determination. Which is what you would expect from Warrior-Primarchs.

So what's good about faces? Exactly the same thing. It goes against the grain, against expectations. They resemble more faces on mediaeval paintings (note that I am not an art student) and therefore fit the feudal 40K theme.

I think it works best with the twins. I like your Sanguinius the least- I guess because I have a different vision of him. More angelic, like a Jesus to a Child (to quote George Michael, yeah lame, boo! spare me that, guys). Yours looks more like a metalhead teenager.

Again the going against the grain, the unexpected, does impress me though. A bit different critique from the usual "Awesomesauce!" or "Total bs!" Hope you don't take it personal; just mirroring my impressions directly. Probably the most useful feedback for an artist.

>> No.16315136


I asked for Critique, and you gave it, Critique is loosely based upon personal opinion with facts about someones work.

And I admit, There is much I could have done for Leman Russ , Fulgrim, and everyone else. But I am learning as I go :) These 6 are my first ever Digital paintings. Its a huge leap for me from the usual canvas / paper. As for the faces lacking the general 40k feel. I know what you mean, I based them on loose descriptions throughout novels and whatever I could find. I don't know if they looked diffrent pre-heresy but there you go.

Thank you for the critique, Much appreciated.

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Thank you for the soundtrack!

>> No.16315157


Well, again, they are all posing, of course they aren't expressive. That's why I prefer renditions from other artists, where they look actually characterful.

But hey, it's a choice.

>> No.16315169


Indeed, I wish I could do Leman Russ punching Lion in the face. I mean I could. But it would look awful.

I need to work on scenery and everything else. But I will stick to portraits first.

>> No.16315191

>>16315169Indeed, I wish I could do Leman Russ punching Lion in the face. I mean I could. But it would look awful.

Don't you mean Lion KO'ing Leman Russ?

>> No.16315198


To be totally honest with you, id do it from a neutral perspective.

I love them both.

>> No.16315207

your largest weakness is in your coloring and how you go about shading/portraying light sources

your compositions can also greatly improve. You spend a lot of time on detail but in the end the posing or the angles aren't that interesting.

>> No.16315238


Why isn't the Captain dead? He's not wearing a helmet in the vacuum of space.

>> No.16315270

Been looking for this, thanks OP.

>> No.16315271

Space Marines can, IIRC, survive exposure to the vaccum of space for short periods of time.

>> No.16315297

So how's Tusknipples coming along?

>> No.16315311


True, like I said, first ever leap into the digital world. I got lots to learn. Thanks.


Phase 16: This implant allows a Space Marine to sweat a substance that coats the skin and offers resistance to extreme heat and cold and can even provide some protection for the marine in a vacuum. This can only be activated by outside treatment, and is common when Space Marines are expected to be fighting in vacuum.


Only basic sketch on paper. Need to finish Kurze.

>> No.16315375

In a fully sealed suit indefinitely. Outside that (helmet off) they can survive in a true vacuum for several minutes (no real hard number) however in ship to ship fighting void shields provide some atmosphere and aren't true vacuums.

>> No.16315459


Source please? I'm looking for any space marine art book and this looks really nice.

>> No.16315495

Sorry, I hadn't realized you were still working on Kurze.

>> No.16315496



Hope this helps.

>> No.16315633


much appreciated.

>> No.16315639


Well, it's your faces that actually make your portraits stand out from other 40K art. Lots of nerds will probably not appreciate it for the lack of cool factor but it actually makes for better art imho.

The unexpected stands out both in first impression as well as in memory. Of course if you are not satisfied and want the usual coolness look, that's one thing.

But if you appreciate the mediaeval portrait look, I'd rather work on honing that to perfection. Different interpretations enrich a game world. Much better than cookie-cutter bad-a**es.

>> No.16315663

>To be totally honest with you, id do it from a neutral perspective.
>I love them both.

Lol, from your first description I was thinking you were aiming at something like this.

>> No.16318818


Thanks for the input." You can't please everyone " My teacher always said.

>> No.16318857


Something is horribly wrong with his hand... Everything else is fine.

Furthermore, is there an official artbook for Space Marine?

The soundtrack fairly bland. Only tracks that stood out were 13, 14, and maybe 15.

>> No.16319305


>Something is horribly wrong with his hand... Everything else is fine.

if you would have gandered through the thread, you would have noticed that I stated previously encountering difficulties with said power claw.

>Furthermore, is there an official artbook for Space Marine?

Yes. Pic related.

>The soundtrack fairly bland. Only tracks that stood out were 13, 14, and maybe 15.

I like 6 or so.

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