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How would you stamp out an Ork Genestealer hybrid infestation? Seems pretty impossible.

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Its not likely to happen. Orks weed out anything that's not orkish. Any genestealer cults wouldn't have a change to grow to anything substantial.

Otherwise, fire... lots and lots of fire.

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Fire and spear.

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But consider the fact hyrbids come from breeding. Orks breed automatically at a pretty startling rate. They release the most spores when they die. This pretty much leads to a constant, unstoppable genestealer hyrbid issue.

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Go away Grey Knight this is an Ordo Xenos job.

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Even in microscopic levels orks spores attack infected ork spores.

If they aren't made in a lab i don't think that ork genestelares could get enouth numbers.

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It's also canon, deal w/ it nerds.

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Of course what we said is canon.

Or... are you talking about ork genestealers?

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Again, deal with it nerd.

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This gives me an idea for a comic I'll never draw. A warboss is infected with Tyranid spores so his loyal Big Mek fires up the miniaturization ray and shrinks down a mess of boys and nobs to take care of the problem.

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I love that banner.

Also .. not every gathering of orks is an unstoppable mob .. there are isolated clans that due to a lack of numbers could be susceptible to Genestealer infestation.

Also it's a pretend game where little plastic men shoot eachother.
Why are people so fucking angry about this?

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Well, i'm not the one starting to call people "nerd".

Especially in nerd kingdom that only for getting in make you part of the nerd population.

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I know it's cannon but at the same time there's the fact that there's been chaos orks because they started worshiping a large pile of shit thinking that it was a sign from Gork, or possibly Mork.

Orks are written as being extremely resilient to corruption, nids and chaos included. For a true genestealer cult to pop up the infected would have to brake off and survive on their own.

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Hit a nerve, dork?

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you do relize we're talking about orks, not trolls?

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God I hate that word

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Mad dweebs detected.

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Did you know that "dork" refers to the penis of a whale

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That's why we can't have nice things...

Now back to the subject, were would the loyalties the ork genestealers and chaos orks lay on?

They could be corrupted, but also they are affected with the WAAAGH. If finally there is a WAAAGH big enouth wouldn't they follow that Warboss even if he is going against chaos or tyranids?

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Corrupt orks are not subject to the WAAAAGH, thats why other orks don't find them orky and kill them.
They are under the influence of something other than G/Mork.

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In the case of chaos orks, they tend to follow Khorne, so as long as their fighting SOMEONE their god doesnt care too much.... orks, Imperials, Khorne berzerkers, all can be more skulls for the skull throne.

In the case of orkstealer cults, they very well might... even human-based genestealer cults aren't always devoted to the hive mind, sometimes a magus or patriarch have agendas all their own or resist being reabsorbed into the fleet. They, by their very nature, issue a beacon that calls tyranids to their location, but once the hive fleet arrives they could very well fight it.

Actually, come to think of it, that might be the key to fluffing a big orkstealer or chaos ork army... in the latter case their ork nature drives them to find bigger fights, and they become biologically more powerful AND blessed by their god as they do so, leading to even bigger fights and attracting more orks to their banner.

An orkstealer cult brings a hive fleet, which is a pretty big fight, one can imagine the warbossmagus growing stronger as he fights and also attracting more orks to the good battles he seems to naturally provide.

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