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Provideth me with a good upload source so that I may share with you /tg/ this glorious soundtrack.

General 40k Thread. Or w/e.

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rapidshare, megaupload, wupload, filesonic.

Where the hell did you get this?

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Actually on second throught skip rapidshare, they have bullshit limits like 10 downloads per file.

Wupload is fast as hell for downloading.

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I personally liked the movie.

As such, I think listening to the soundtrack would diminish the experience when I watch it.

But that's just me.

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Their main website. Its up for sale.

Sharing it with you guys. Uploading right now to Megaupload.

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If it's below 200mb and you're not using Mediafire, fuck you.

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Go mediafire, bro.

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Last I heard the actually said they weren't planning on making a release at all.

So this is awesome, thank you for your time/bandwidth/money

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http:/ /www. megaupload .com/?d =9P8AH2AC

There we go.

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Fine. Fine. Just a sec.

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While we're here, did anyone get the soundtrack to SPACE MARINE?

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I have that one too. I can upload it, let me just get UM OST on Mediafire.

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Hopefully the links work, I'm going to check now.

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That would be sex.

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Also, my pirated version of Space Marine also had the 320Kbps soundtrack with it in the install folder. Double win

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for the Mediafire folks


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No. The Codex Astartes names this maneuver Steel Rehn.

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I did. The Prologue and Valkyrie Run? Sex. I fucking love strings

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Mah nigga.

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Now I want some Night Lord pictures.

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So this seems like an okay thread to bring this up in.
For all the completionists, getting all the servo skulls does change the ending. Same result, but there's a minor addition that I rather liked. I've yet to play on Hard now that I got all the skulls, but I plan to. I doubt anything further will be different, though.

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Well I'm glad the MP3 Tags are okay. I can use MP3TAG to fix the file names.

Yes, I'm a sperglord.

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OH GOD. I was missing 1 or two from the Guardsman's story and the family that tried to get together!

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Hrm I only have to find 9 more. I should go back and do that.

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Prepare for tears. I kind of hope the storythread continues with SM2, if you ever revisit Graia. You know, if there's a SM2.

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They show up just fine in winamp.

Adam Harvey - trackname.

Can anyone help me with pictures of Night Lords and stuff? Id wish DLFG was here.

I need refrences for Primarchs and whatnot..

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I'd like there to be

solid game was solid.

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That is the part where tags come in to play, those are fine.

I'm talking about the actual filenames. I have this OCD where all my MP3's must be labeled properly, 320kpbs CBR, properly tagged etc etc.

It's pretty horrific, you've probably never seen a person go through it.

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So, has the SPEHHSS MUHREEN soundtrack not been posted yet, or did I miss a link?

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Oh dear. Well good luck with that, hope it works out well.

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Your joking right?


Mediafire worked fine. Soundtrack is 320kbps.

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No, I wasn't joking. My brain somehow filtered it away.
>mfw I just noticed the link.

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"From Ancient Terra the Emperor commands His Proud Sons."

"From revered Blood-stock these Warriors are made His Proud sons."

"No fear they shall know as Adeptus Astartes, His Proud Sons."

"Humanity's foes they defend against all, His Proud Sons"

"Warrior Elite, Unbreakable spirit, Astartes!"

"Supreme Defenders, Unchallenged in Battle Astartes!"

"Warrior Merit Unbreakable spirit, Astartes!"

"Courage and honor, Emperor and Primarch, Astartes!"

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Last bump, nobody able to give me a hand here?

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I got nothin'. Sorry.

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Ah well. Who's your favorite primarch?

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