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Custodes thread? Custodes thread. I'd like to read a book about a Custode. Could take place in the Age of Apostasy as that was the last time the Custodes did important shit.

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Gonna keep bumping with more Custodian images.

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Do those guy recruit or are they the same guys still doing their jobs for 10K years?

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So why do they have hats shaped like Eldar hats, anyway?

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Fuck if I know. I imagine if they are still created, it is a lengthy and expensive process probably involving biomancy.

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Wish I could find the full size version of this picture.

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Thanks for the gift, exalted ones.

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Wouldn't be surprised if they were immortal.

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This dude is called Saggitarius. Fucker must've been the first non-contempor dreadnought.

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their hats remind me of elfdar

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You can start by reading 'Blood Games' in the 'Tales of Heresy' anthology, if my memory serves well. There were some other minor appearances of the Custodes throughout the series so far, but a short story is the only one so far with a Custodes protagonist.

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Magazines are side-by-side yet barrels are over-under...

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I bet that if Custodes were sexual, they'd be swarmed by Soriatas vagina.

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You can't see it because of positioning, but the top barrel is a side-loader. The one magazine goes all the way up there.

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Nope, the Custodes only have hate sex with the sisters of Silence.

Allday errday.

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I mean the Sisters are the most faithful to the Emperor, the Custodes are the Emperor's BFF, it only makes sense..

Also they have flying rhinos. Bitches love flying APCs.

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wat the flying rhino fuck is this techno heresy?

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Probably one of them archaeotech things lost after the Horus Heresy.

Welp, I'm out of Custode pictures.

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too bad the false emperor had erectile dysfunction and it only got worse with his clones

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That's not true. Most Space Marines can get it up just fine, they just can't reproduce biologically.

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Only with space viagra.

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Because Custodes are what you get if you ran an Eldar through the Space Marine process. It's the Imperium's dirtiest secret and the reason why the Imperium hasn't destroyed them yet.

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But they predate the Primarchs!

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Do they even do anything? Nobody's attacked the throne for millennia.

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Uh...do the Custodes do ANYTHING?

I mean guarding the emperor is a sweet gig and all but do you REALLY need THE BEST OF THE BEST guarding them?

I mean...is the Golden Throne constantly attacked or some shit?

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Yep, Space wolves flirt with women all the time.

Infact there was an occasion when a space wolf made a pass at women (slapped her behind) and to his horror found she was a Xeno in disguise.

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Does the God-Emperor of Mankind not deserve the best? These are the words of a heretic!

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Death to the false Emperor.

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The emperor is blocking the daemons from invading Terra from the broken human webway. If the Emperors will weavers or something wrong happens someone got to takr care of it.

Also there is vengeful star god on mars who undoubtedly would like a rematch with the emperor if he escapes his prison.

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They do politics (One of them is a High Lord of Terra) and collect the Emperor's tears in vials and collect his piss and make it into psyk-out grenades.

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They do. Psyk-Out grenades are made of the waste products of the Emperor's metabolism, and they do collect his tears (he sheds a microscopic one every time someone dies. he only starts really weeping when Black Crusades and shit are happening).

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Its funny because its true.

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/r/ Sniper from TF2 dressed as a Custodes throwing a Jarate now.

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People have made some pretty cool Custo models over the years. I like the 'official ones' made by a GW modeler a few years ago. They had an article about it on their site but that I can't seem to find it.

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That model was made by Dave Taylor and I'm pretty sure it was "just" a fan army that was featured.

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The article I'm referring to were all his models he made for fun because people kept asking him to even in the office. He gave instructions on how to make them all too with entire sprue lists.

Here's the Rhino he painted for them.

I TinEye'd the images I saved from the article but it seems it was taken down because I can't access it.

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Found it!
May you please post your images, sir?

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The Custodes, not even the Inquisition can touch these guys.

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I've also collected some Custos I've liked made by other people.

Here's Dave Tylor's army, he auctioned it off last year apparently.

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Here's a damn fine Custo by Agis Neugebauer.

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And another by someone else.

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And more.

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Also, fuck Doom Rider up the ass.

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And even more.

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That's not custode-looking at all, other than the gun polearm and gold+red color scheme.

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>Custodes Chaplain in the middle


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I bet he'll end up finding it rather enjoyable...

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Here's a Sister of Silence for good measure.

Why? Because.

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What the hell were with the Sisters of Silence anyway? How did they get any numbers when Blanks are so rare and they are all female, meaning half of all Blacksouls cannot join?

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What would be the table top stats of a Custode?

And would they be an overpowered faction?

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Yeah, some people take liberties.

Here's another.

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Rogue Trader had rules for them. They were only slightly better than a Space Marine, around the level of a Sergeant.

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beeing rare is not that much of a problem if you have billions of worlds to recruit from

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Take space marines, double all stats and point costs except when it comes to weapons and wargear.

There, done.

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So basically what you are telling me, is that beings who were made personally by the big E himself to fight nearly forever and be as strong as the primarchs themselves...
Can be taken out easily on the Tabletop?

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That was by Rogue Trader rules, so the difference may be much more major than I thought. And in Rogue Trader, they went around with their chests unarmored.

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The general consensus is that their basic member is slightly better than a marine and their best members are about the level of a primarch.

They're original members where the emperor's first gene-soldiers (basically test cases) before the official Space Marines and their oldest brothers are from that time and still alive. The newer Custodes (replacements for those that cannot fulfill their duties) are the finest marines especially plucked from the ranks.

Their lexicanum article is pretty good considering what little is known.


The Emperor's personal hoochie mama enforcers who kept shit in-line, now they just run the Black Ships looking for psykers to kidnap and feed to the Astronomicon.

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Why would the Emperor hang around with Blanks? Wouldn't they at the very least seriously fucking annoy him?

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Actually, one would think that the Emperor's psyker powers were so intense when he was up and about that his Sisters of Silence were the ONLY ones that could be in his presence for more than a little while without some sort of damage.

Nulls offer him unique opportunities where he wouldn't have to hold back his power as they cannot be affected.

Also, they all do five thousand kegel exercises a day...

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so when it was just the emps and the brides basically the emps could let his psychic ego really come aruond full brunt

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The sisters that predate the sisters, probably have a higher ranking then them too.

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The Emperor surrounded by nulls was not a good sign for anybody. Also Daemons did not fuck with the Sisters of Silence, they are as far as I know utterly immune to the Warp.

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Isn't the custodes just a an army of draigo's?

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Emperors Brides? Not at all.

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Yes they are. Why else would he surround himself with women? They are silent so you can't hear them when the Emps has some private time with them.

I sorta want to know what the sign language for "OH GOD THAT IS SO GOOD" is now.

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Probably, they could take out entire squads of marines single handed. However, like the Custodes they died in droves during the heresy and now there are so few left that they just collect psykers for the High Lords of Terra or basically do nothing at all in their ships and just float around.

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Source? I thought they were Stormtrooper level on the scale of awesome normal humans, not canoness or assassin.

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The heresy books has some depth in them.

Aside from the Black Ships they also were unleashed as guards for the Webway underneath the Palace on High Terra whenever it was breached (that being just the one time). Some are probably still there.

I'm not sure if it was the Sisters of Silence or the Custodes who convinced the Founding Saints of the Adeptus Sororitas [The Daughters of the Emperor] of Goge Vandire's heresy during Sebastian Thor's march on Terra. As he turned the Daughters into combined watchdog/guards for the Ecclesiarchy in the Thorian Reform while the Sisters went back to doing what the Emperor sends them to do.

I don't think we've seen anything from them since the Age of Apostacy when they seemed to have free run of the more secret bits of the Imperial Palace like the Custo's however.

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It was the Custodes who convinced them.

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Ah, there we are then.

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I always imagine the Captain-General was like "FUCK NO YOU STUPID BITCH WE HAVE A MILLION TIMES MORE AUTHORITY THAN YOU VANDIRE IS A CORRUPT ASSHOLE" and eventually like "FUCK THIS SHIT GO TALK TO THE BOSS FOR A MINUTE" when he bought Alicia to the Golden Throne.

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I would like to cosplay as a Custode. But I am the worst at making costumes.

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Here is a Rogue Trader-era custode.

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>Do the Custodes DO anything other than gather tears and piss?

Actually, yes.
Remember how during the crusade that the Emps was doing, he turned around and went back to Terra, leaving is Primarchs to do the dirty work?
He was making the golden throne a portal to the webway. He didn't want humans risking themselves in warp-travel anymore.
Then Horus up and near-murdered him, and they messed with the Golden Throne to turn it into a life-support system.
Now the portal is not to the webway, but to the warp itself.

Any moment of any day, any number of deamons could come screaming out of it and murder the Emperor, doing what Horus could not.
Every moment of every day, there are Custodes watching that portal with unflinching eyes, just as they have for the past 10,000 years.
And daemons DO come through very often.
None have made it past.

So yeah, when they're guarding the Emperor, they're actually fighting small armies 10 feet away from him, daily.

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The Golden throne was always a life support machine due to it pretty much destroying anyone who sits on it. So far only the Emperor was powerful enough to sit on it.

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Spartans in speeeeeees!

>> No.16293440

More like a hundred feet behind him, but who's counting when something spills out?

I mean shit, He's got a choir singing to him, spilling out energy willy nilly. You have NO idea how fast those gold bastards are on a daemons nuts if they pop out on terra.

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A certain Captain from the Thousand Sons was shocked at how weak the Custodes were.

Hell, even Constantin Valdor was ready to die until plot jumped in.

From Thousand Sons

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They were going to put Magnus the Red on it, though, so presumably he would have been powerful enough too.

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Custodes in Rogue Trader
WS5 BS5 S4 T4 W2 I5 A2 LD8
Space Marine minor heroes
WS6 BS6 S4 T4 W2 I6 A2 LD9
Space Marine major heroes
WS6 BS6 S4 T4 W3 I6 A3 LD9

So Custode's only canonical stats place them somewhere between a sergeant and a lesser HQ character.

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That was open battle. Custodes were not made for open battle (actually says exactly that somewhere in a canon book/short story or something) they were made to be bodyguards. Of course in a warzone Astartes will pick them off easy as fuck. Just like if a squad of Bruce Lees armed with guns went up against a squad of US Marines they'd get fucked.

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Actually now that I think of it, Bruce Lee may've been in the Marine Corp. at some point. But still, you get my point.

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Custodes don't have land raiders though, big E gave them all to the spess merhreens

>> No.16294436


>implying bruce lee was vulnerable to firearms

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You are now aware that the Custodes armor in that pic has the shoulder pads from Judge Dredd

>> No.16294533

untrue, the Custodes are awesome in battle, the only issue is that they are awesome kung fu master like guys, but they can't rank and file too well.

Space Marines form a shield wall and move through their enemy, Custodes jump into their enemy and just start slaughtering them.

Now in a lesser foe, this means that they kill 6 orks per second, but in a foe that has an edge on them, like a chaos sorcerer 1k son, there is a decent chance of them getting killed because unlike space marines who would rush the sorcerer as a unit from different directions, the Custodes would just run in ad-hock and kill it that way.

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yeah and that is without power armor...
that is what the looked like with those stats

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You basically rephrased my point.

>> No.16295012

Also might I add that a Thousand Son is worth more than your average other marine.

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Power armour has nothing to do with RT era statlines, they were all "naked" profiles and did not include wargear, that was customized later.

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I think it's sad that human toughness maxes out at about 4 : / The Primarchs would prolly be about toughness 7 or 8. The Emperor is a god.

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Fine, Brandon Lee.

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The emperor almost got strangled by a warboss.

Primarch toughness is probably 5, seeing how Daemon Prince Angron has T6.

Sanguinius lost to Ka'Bandha in their first fight, the Sanguinor beat Ka'Bandha in their first fight.

The Sanguinor is S5 T4 W3 I6 A5.

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That Warboss was a pre-crusade Warboss, though. He was as big as a fucking Warhound Titan.

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I remember seeing a statsheet for Custodes and their flying Rhino once, but my computer crashed since then and don't have it anymore.

I do remember them all being on about the level of a marine captain though.

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Even though the Sanguinor beat the dude it doesn't matter. Everything old in 40k is automatically better.

>> No.16295113


That wasn't ever stated in the fluff, fans made the titan-sized warbosses up because they couldn't believe a greenskin could be a match for their beloved Emperor.

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Also, fuck any stats written for primarchs.

>> No.16295121

Also he snuck up on the Emperor.

>> No.16295124

>Everything old in 40k is automatically better.

Eeeh not quite.

If it's older than the emperor it's bad. And most likely nonexistant too.

What you mean is "the closer it was to the emperor's prime, the better it is"

>> No.16295136

Stuff from the Dark Age of Technology is also better even than stuff from the height of the Emperor's power.

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So why did Ka'Bandha lose?
Why do Necron armies get devastated by cavalry charges?
Why did a guard colonel with bionics throttle a Chaos Lord from one of the traitor legions?
Why did Calgar tear M'kar the Reborn (who was a Word Bearer champion during Heresy) limb from limb?

>> No.16295143

If it was any higher they wouldn't be human, now would they?

>> No.16295155

Thankyou for nuancing my statement.
Matt Ward?

>> No.16295163

>Why do Necron armies get devastated by cavalry charges?
>Why did a guard colonel with bionics throttle a Chaos Lord from one of the traitor legions?
>Why did Calgar tear M'kar the Reborn (who was a Word Bearer champion during Heresy) limb from limb?
Shitty writers.

>> No.16295164


Why? They statted four Primarchs in old Epic, they were roughly equivalent to Greater Daemons.

>> No.16295181

I will refer you to this post.

>> No.16295199


But since stuff like this has happened countless times in 40k fluff over the ages and keeps happening, would it not be more plausible to just say that this reverence for old is just hot air? The truth would be just what it looks like; that the vaunted and the venerable are merely an overrated pile of relics and that the current men and technology of the Imperium stands a good chance of besting this pile.

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are the rest of those statlines rt era too? i do not know but that would make a difference i would imagine?

>> No.16295206

>Custodes thread? Custodes thread. I'd like to read a book about a Custode
Arbites thread? Arbites thread. I'd like to read a book about an Arbite.

Its Custodian, just like its Arbitrator.

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Actually, the Guard one was brilliant, but carry on.

>> No.16295217


All of them are RT era.

2e Space Marine lords were considerably stronger (S5 T5) but the stats were toned down in 3e and onwards.

>> No.16295223

No. There are cases where the old are destroyed in a reasonable way that makes sense, but those examples are shitty writing.

>> No.16295226

ah thanks so what did the gear give them back then does anyone have that info? or was it the same for all?

>> No.16295242


But being equivalent to GD's in early 90's shows that they aren't too powerful to be statted, and were never envisioned as such.

You don't hear Necron players stating Lords are too powerful for tabletop and shouldn't have stats, though an argument for that exists (Necrontyr+C'tan science >>> Emperor's science).

>> No.16295274

>There are cases where the old are destroyed in a reasonable way that makes sense

You sure about that?

>> No.16295285

The average Custode is roughly equal to a marine. Some of them were noticeably larger and stronger though. The likes of Valdor and probably the companions fall into type 2.

>> No.16295333

>Most Space Marines can get it up just fine, they just can't reproduce biologically.

Where do people keep getting this idea?

You know the Salamanders have Dynasties and families, right?

>> No.16295340


Thus we have the 40K equivalent of itsatrap.jpg

>> No.16295354

Salamanders are an exception.

>> No.16295369

The only statline we have has them as superior in every way (every stat is one higher).

>> No.16295370

It's never been said that they can't reproduce, but the Salamanders have never been said to have Children, merely that they maintain ties with their families, which could just mean their great-great-nephew or the like.

>> No.16295383


Dynasties? Families?
>The Chapter's fortress-monastery is based upon the giant moon, Prometheus. It is the only settlement on Prometheus and is little more than a spaceport linked to an orbital dock where the Chapter's strike cruisers and battle barges can be refitted and restocked. When not at war, the Chapter's warriors spend most of their time on Prometheus or living amongst the inhabitants of Nocturne. The Salamanders maintain very close links with their home world, mingling with the people rather than living aloof as many other Chapters do. The Salamanders are the settlements' leaders, a source of inspiration and guidance for the Nocturne populace, and it is as much this position of authority and respect that young aspirants crave as the chance to become a legendary warrior of the Emperor.

This is what their Index Astartes says. No mention of having offspring or dynasties.

Besides, if Marines could reproduce it would have been mentioned somewhere because of its major ramifications to the fluff. They are the best possible candidates for fathering new recruits since each Marine has proven compatible with gene-seed and implants, they would never recruit any mortals.

>> No.16295389

Blood Games says that they are roughly equal and Rogue Trader was from a time when Marines were just drugged up convicts with a black carapace, lots has changed.

>> No.16295408

They're so awesome their symbol is a SKULL IN AN EAGLE. That's more Imperial than anyone else.

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>> No.16295470

Actually, because they fehled the Emprah, they no longer wear full armor (only the helmets, they go shirtless with I think leather breeches and long black cloaks) otherwise, and the helmets are also painted black. See, they changed their color from gold to black out of mourning and penance.

>> No.16295474

Normal human women can't take Marinecock.

>> No.16295494

When was the last time a Custode actually saw war?

>> No.16295496

>they no longer wear full armor
That bit was retconned.

The Heresy.

>> No.16295502

What about Orygen females?

>> No.16295524


This is true, Custodes who stayed with Emps on Vengeful Spirit fehled the Empra on Horus' battle barge by dying before Emperor got to Horus.

>> No.16295531

When? I've never seen anything to the contrary (only tattooed muscle from the waist up, that is).

>> No.16295545

No normal marine cocks could handle Orygen females.

>> No.16295557

What? You mean ogryn?

>> No.16295628

Yeah. Sorry for the bad spelling time to stop posting for while.

>> No.16295719

I know I'm going to regret asking this but, What does an Ogryn female even look like?

>> No.16295759

Probably much like a male.

>> No.16295764

Probably either fat and hairy (musclefat), or a hairy slab of muscle. Massive teeth, extremely poor hygiene.

>> No.16295933


So your average female WOW player?

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