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Does anyone else feel like Orks get a short straw in their representations in recent games and fiction about them?

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Not even as an Ork player, I feel that orks have the best threat potential (next to Nids) as the Xenos threat. They can also be really horrifying when presented right.

The threat they represented in 15 Hours was one of the best I've seen. I like seeing them as a huge, hulking killing machine rather then the comic relief of 40k. I'd like to see them kick some Chaos ass just to prove they aren't just the xenos the Imperium takes planets back from.

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Sort of, but only because people don't think too much about what they actually get up to in those games.

Dawn of War 1, the original campaign the Orks almost covered all of Tartarus within the space of a few days. It's just overshadowed how close you came to getting swept aside in the green tide by threats that come directly afterwards.

The same thing in most games thereafter. It's only because the Orks come first in the timeline of shit that wants to kill you but every single time the Ork Waagh comes dangerously close to destroying the entire planet (or system)

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The Ork Warboss in Space Marine was easily the best character.

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Nope, the light-hearted approach to their place in the W40K universe hides the fact that they're possibly the most grimderp faction of the entire game.

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A side question: would Armageddon be to Orks as Cadia is to Chaos for the Imperium?

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The bossfight was better than the final fight, imo. I actually died at the start of each phase since I didn't know what was going to happen.

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New 40k/WHF player here, and I'm not sure if this is specifically a 40k thread. Anyways, i'm reading my new Orcs and Goblins book for WHF, and remember i'm new, but are Orcs for this setting basically the "niggers" of all the different races?

"We is the best" etc etc.

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The orks were represented extremely well recently. Space marine didn't undersell the orks at all. They are tough as fuck, especially those boyz with red armour and twin blades or the nobs. The warboss fight was epic!

And I just love it when the demons appear from the warpgate and grimskull is like "You got new friends now humies" While spraying fire in the general direction.

Fucking boss! Actually makes me want to play orks on table top.

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Football hooligans bro, football hooligans.

That comparison has been made before.

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Soccer hooligans/chavs actually.

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I don't care about barbarians. Their only use is as fodder for our cannons or slaves to build our monuments.

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The ork campaign in retribution was really funny

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Space Orcs are impossible to take seriously, whether they're consciously being used as comic relief or not. In turn, this contributes to 40k being impossible to take seriously, which consigns the franchise to marginality and the tabletop game to slow extinction.

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Played Ork Campaign first.

Game of the Year all years.

Played other races.

Not as good as Orkz.

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> he wants to take warhammer seriously.

Fucking hell bro.

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To Chaos, Cadia is the main obstacle in their quest to take over the Imperium. It has beaten back assault after assault, and taking it would be such a morale blow to the Imperium and boost to Chaos that systems nearby might just surrender because they think there's no hope left.

To the Orks, Armagedden is just an amazing fight. That's the thing about the Orks, they don't really have any long term objectives. To quote Dawn of War, Orks is made for two things: Fightin and winnin. They don't care about gods or emperors or generals, they just want to fight the best enemies. Armageddon is a massive, ongoing war, which means it's an AWESOME fight. They don't go there because it's their one sole objective, they go there because it's a good fight.

So no, Armageddon is not to Orks as Cadia is to Chaos.

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Ork, IG and Space Marine are the ones I really liked

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Or you could, y'know, play Warhammer.

40k sucks.

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Reminds me of that story in the ork codex about a warboss who led a waaaaugh into the eye of terror.

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"...told ya I knew where da best fightin' was."

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Orks go to where the fight is. Chaos is too stupid to not exit the warp near Cadia.

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The cadians were shitting themselves because they thought he was heading their way, lol.

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Word. Didn't think about that, as I didn't grow up in the UK and particularly english culture.

I played Space Marine as well, not knowing a thing beforehand about the Orcs and how they act, etc. I fucking loved it. Seriously makes me want to play Orcs in 40k as well, but I don't want to play em in both games. So yeah.

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I'm talking about to the Imperium though. Does the Imperium consider Armageddon the moral and strategic equivalent of Cadia? As you said, its a massive war so Orks are constantly drawn there; would losing Armageddon open the flood gates to Orks as losing Cadia would to Chaos?

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Play goblins in fantasy, problem solved.


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>The occasion of a Waaagh is a cross between a mass migration, holy war, looting party and pub brawl, with a bit of genocide thrown in for good measure. Millions of battle-hungry Orks invade their target and stomp everything in their way flat. Just who is invaded is a matter of supreme indifference to the Waaagh. Battle is battle.

All that needs to be said about orks.

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Hands down the best thing in that book. And the fluff was a pretty damn good overall at that.

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how do you beat the warboss, i keep dying

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Shoot him until he dies.

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What I meant was, Chaos has a plan. Once they take Cadia, they take planet X, Y and Z, then eventually move to Terra to dethrone the Emperor and finish what Horus started.

The Orks don't. If they win on Armageddon, they just move on to the next random world. And the next and the next, until that particular WAAAGH! is stopped or splits up or is destroyed due to infighting. They won't decide to go for a specific planet, other than one that they think would make for a good fight.

As for moral or strategic, maybe. Part of their propaganda probably uses Armageddon as an example that Orks are very beatable. As for strategic, i don't know. Since it's an endless war it's probably a strategic drain on the Imperium, but there are so many endless wars constantly going on that it wouldn't even matter. Losing Armageddon would not be as much of a loss as losing Cadia though, to my knowledge.

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1st, Orks not Orcs
2nd, if you take 40k seriously you are doing it wrong.

40k is over the top and just plain silly and Orks are perfect representations of this. Sadly, many people forget this about 40k.

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Dat bike of the aporkalypse.

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Basically this. I used the vengence launcher and plasma gun until I ran out of ammo, then went and grabbed some more ammo and did it all over again. Melta would be good I think.

Learn to roll out of the way of his charge. Past that, he's pretty easy.

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the orks at Armageddon have gone as far as beating Yarrick then releasing him back to the system to warn them long in advance of the next wave of fighting. Orks want the war to go on forever, if they didnt their wouldnt be any humans in the system.

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Y, that was it actually.

The waaaaugh for armagaddon was supposed to start a war that would never end.

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Required image for this thread.

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It was also engineered by Eldrad if I recall. I think he made sure Ghazgul got shot when he did.

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Read it again. I just said 40k is impossible to take seriously, and that Orcs are one major reason. This is a problem if fans want the franchise to thrive. Of course they're far from the only faction contributing to the silliness, but they are a major one.

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I believe the way the Warp is around the Eye makes the Vadian Gate the only really viable exit point for Chaos fleets. Like, a giant fuckass storm in every direction except cadia.
Something like that, I'm no fluff expert.

Oh, thank you, Captcha, I'm sure I can type sqrt((z^2)/(1+p)2) symbols and all no problem

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That is awesome.

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Are orcs in warhammer also birthed from spores like in 40k? Curious because it doesn't make a lot of sense if black orkz are said to have been bred by chaos dwarfs....

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You can breed plants and fungi

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I was extremely disappointed with the usage of orks in Space Marine. The Warboss was slapped around by the Chaos Lord like a limpwristed little bitch and every time we see Chaos fighting Orks the greenskins were getting their asses kicked. Fucking retarded. I wanted to see a gang of Nobz fuck up some chaos scum in the background or something.

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>orcs don't have sex mfw

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IIRC the warboss was knocked off a ledge by half a dozen bloodthirsters, then fought them off, climbed back up and pulled the chaos lord down off the ledge with him. Who says he got beat up? This was a chaos sorcerer who wanted to become a daemon, he probably teleported away before they even hit the ground.

I was a bit disappointing by their lackluster display against the main troops, but remember how easily you can slaughter mobs. Chaos has larger groups of people fighting the same weak mobs you and your two friends were slaughtering. Makes sense that Orks would lose in that fight.

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Orks need proper tanks.

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Think you mean Bloodletters, bro. Although the image of one Warboss fighting several Greater Daemons of Khorne is downright SC material.

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>orks are fungi
>this mean they are plants
>they have blood and guts

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>Who says he got beat up?

Me, when I saw the cutscene in which the sorceror kept throwing him around like a ragdoll. That was goddamn retarded. HE'S A FUCKING WARBOSS

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Fungi aren't plants, retard.

Also, they're only part fungus. They're also part animal.

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Oi, Boss! Wot's doze 'umies doin' mukkin' about wif no clothes on?

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Just let us loot shit again.

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My mistake. That would've been much more awesome.

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>40k being impossible to take seriously, which consigns the franchise to marginality and the tabletop game to slow extinction.
>if fans want the franchise to thrive

>game created in 1987 still exists in 2011
>he thinks it is "in danger" of going away because it's silly

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I'm guessing samefag.

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It's probably just some retard.

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No, I just like pictures of laughing chicks in bikinis.

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Don't we all?

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Do you honestly believe 40k is supposed to be serious?

And thriving? Been going for around 3 decades now with new stuff still coming out

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>Do you honestly believe 40k is supposed to be serious?

Judging the videogames about it they want to be taken seriously

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GW has been pushing 40K as deathly serious for the last 20 years or so.

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You need to go back to the troll academy dude.

0/10, wouldn't respond again.

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I love how Orks can maintain both the comic relief of 40K as well as being brutal cunning violent monsters. They're easily the best most fun antagonist in the setting, and 40K wouldn't be anywhere near as great as it is without them.

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I really want to do a Blood Axes army with a warboss like the guy out of that Ork comic.

Pic related.

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