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Why doesn't 40k have cool mounts instead of boring boxes with wheels (tanks) ?

Why don't they use sweet looking heavy support like dragons and griffins instead of ugly boxes with canons on them (spaceships)

I'm thinking of playing Tyranids because they're the only army whose heavy support and transport don't look boring as fuck

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>not playing da azum orks on account of being a complete git.

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>join chaos
>mount daemons

i guess you can ride them too

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>wants to play 40k
>actually wants to play FB

Also, Daemons, CSM, and SW have mounts for their Heralds, Lords/Sorcerers, and Wolf Lords, respectively.

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Space Wolves get units mounted on huge wolves.

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rolled 34 = 34

Imperial Guard have Rough Riders

That's all you need.

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rolled 9 = 9

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try warhammer fantasy then if you don't want tanks.

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that pose is weirdly hilarious

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Orks have squiggoths.

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Awesome the little squishy guys who die when you sneeze at them now have little squishy motorbikes that crash when you sneeze at them.

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You could play a custom exodite eldar army. They ride dinosaurs and dragons.

Alternatively there is lots of variants of IG rough riders.

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I love the nids, but be warned. Those same armies with boring boxes are going to be the ones that fuck you over the most.

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damn imperial guard models look like shit

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Outside of Apocalypse or homebrew.... no they don't. GW won't even give them proper tanks, let alone monsterous creatures.

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Those look better than 90% of the spess mehreens models you see.

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while i find spess mahreens really boring looking because they are overplayed i find Imperial Guard even more dull because there isn't even any imagination behind them--they look like dumbfuck 20th century soldiers lol

what are they doing 40,000 years in the future? how freaken backwards are they...

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The paint jobs could be better but the models don't look bad at all.

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Cadians, meh... Never a fan of them, but you're a bit off on that one.
Catachans. Definitely agree with you there.
Vostroyan, fuck no. You're way off. These guys fit 40k better than the rest of 40k.
Tallarn... shitty old models, ditto to Mordian and Valhallan.
Steel-Legion... meh.

Krieg and Elyssian though, you shut your bitch-ass mouth.

But yeah, their tanks are fucking hideous... more so than the retarded spess-mehreen tanks. But GW will happily revamp the space-marine tanks (like they did 6 to 7 years ago), rather than update the IG ones who are badly in need of a bit more 'modernization'.

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Why would i want some lame ass lizard puffing out little balls of fire when i could have 60 tons of steel and composite launching high explosive ordinance?

IG can be kind of mundane, but that's their charm; Regular men fucking up monsters, aliens, daemons, etc.

There are some regiments that stand out a little, Elysians coming to mind first.

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If that's your problem, then you're doing it wrong.

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I'm assuming you posted a Vostroyan-Firstborn pic because you can't find a good Elysian one yet? Not trying to flame or troll. Just curious.

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>but that's their charm; Regular men fucking up monsters

>play sci-fi fantasy game taking place far in the future

>choose to be boring mundane men


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>Imperial Guard
>Boring mundane men
It's funny because you refuse to see anything but Cadians, Catachans and Gaunt's Ghosts.

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rambo is cool on earth, but put him in 40k and he's a boring wimp.

just how it goes

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Elysians are ultimately dull tacticool blandness IMO. Detachment D-99 from IA4 was pretty cool though.
But this is 40k. It's not about how underslung your grenade launcher is or how bullpup your rifle is. It's about how many skulls you wear.

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But that's not just Rambo, that's samurai illiterate ex-underhive-ganger Rambo in studded leather pants.

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>Imperial Armour Eight
Read it.

/v/ is <-----thattaway

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>/v/ is <-----thattaway

and /y/ is also that way

wimpy human scum

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>ride daemons
(cue bevis and butthead quote here)

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