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Why can't I hold all these power weapons?

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My little tactical marine can't be this assault

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O my gad y cnt my jetpak gie uz proper gunz?
I heard that shit on mic today.

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The codex advises against such a course of action, Captain.

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>My little tactical marine can't be this assault

This and that my captcha included the word "sister" is scaring me.

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I live in northern Europe, all I hear is mouthbreathing russians and germans.

Forever internetalone.

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An ork masquerading as a Space Marine?


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Did you get to the ending yet?


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Anyone figure out why the Bloody Magpies were in the liberation fleet?

It's because the attack gave them the chance to steal everything from a forge world.

Look at all the weapons! They were probably planning for ages and waiting for the right moment to loot the place!

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I live in the UK.
I keep getting douches who leave their mic on while whole room of faggots make stupid noises and laugh like crazy.
Happened on loading screen, I was mad.

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You do know you can mute, right? I mute everyone who doesn't turn on push to talk.

Which you can do in your fucking steam options.

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He lived a hard life.

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Next scene: Both the Captain and the marine are naked, standing in an empty room with a lot of spots were stuff once stood.

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Ok, somebody please explain the stairs. Why do people KEEP POSTING IT. Is it the old space marine joke about not being able to climb stairs because they're so Big McLargehuge?

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I'm sure i just said it happened on the loading screen so i couldn't do it at that very moment, why so hostile bro?

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Just angry at everyone who doesn't turn off their push to talk in general.

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Because stairs are the natural enemy of Space Marines.

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His grammar amazing for an ork. I bet he could teach english to Boreale.

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I wish I could play as an Inquisitor.

Those guys are badass. Expect for the whole "Corruption" part.

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Leandros was right.

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Leandros is a bitch and a tattle-tell.

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He shouldn't have handed Titus over to the inquisition, he should have reported it to the chaplain or better yet suggest to Titus that he should see a Chaplain not run off to the inquisition like a little baby.

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>implying corruption isn't awesome as fuck

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Lawdy, dat some MSTK3 reference?

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Seriously, I'm unsure how to make my mic push to talk. How do I do it.

Also shitty connection 9/10 times, what can i do about that?

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Supposedly set Steam to Push to Talk. Doesn't work for me though.

Regarding lag, there's nothing you can do. The game is hosted via p2p matchmaking, which is cancerous.
Unless the devs show competence and add dedicated servers it's gonna stay laggy.

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Shit tab, bring up your friends menu, press the arrow next to your name, go to settings, voice, voila.

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The Blood Ravens are Relic's baby. Of course they are going to make a cameo appearance in every 40k game Relic will end up producing.

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I demand a Blood Raven Codex written by Matt Ward!

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Here you go.

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Don't be a fag,

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Your wish is my command.

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Of course that's why they were there.
They were even "gifted" a bonus Thunderhawk while they were there (pic related). All in all, time well spent for the Blood Ravens.

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Remnants of an age when /tg/ was great.

Those days have passed us now... the postfags have gone into the west.

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Looks like they were gifted an Ultramarine too, in the back there.

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We all know Cap'n Tits was a Blud Raven that was just "Gifted" a blue suit, and hasn't repainted it yet. I mean, look at the facts.

1: He's the Second Section Captain, but that's clearly not true.

2: Look at all the gifts he takes! Plasma Rifles/guns, Storm Bolters, Kraken ammo, Lascannons, Chainswords, Power Axes....at least THREE purity seals, and an Iron Halo. Not to mention that Prototype 'nade launcher.

3: His blaint disreguard for the Codex. We all know no TRUE Ultra would do such a thing!

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Haha, yeah, him too.
Damn Magpies take it all.

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Did anyone else think Mira was an Eldar farseer in disguise?

That would have explained... a lot.

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Any theories on why Cap'n Crunch was strong against Chaos?

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He is a null.

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They'd take the whole game if they could.

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Wouldn't that have fucked with the meat puppet inquisitor though?

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If he was a null then he wouldn't have been able to be anywhere near a psyker without the psyker losing his shit.

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No, nulls are guys without souls, pariahs are guys with black holes in the warp instead of souls.

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What if said Psyker was dead?

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That's what I mean. The inquisitor was just a puppet for Nemeroth so it would have been like cutting the strings on a marionette.

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>Unless the devs show competence and add dedicated servers it's gonna stay laggy.

They probably think the multiplayer will last long enough to justify the cost of dedicated servers.

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Anyone notice how all the everything in Space Marine was just retextured and enlarged from Dawn of War 2... then perhaps just given different animations?

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I'm surprised that nobody has pointed out that the Inquisitor wasn't corrupted, he was dead and a Daemon had taken over his body.

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The best part is that even that Inquisitor doesn't really seem to believe this bullshit accusation and is handling the whole thing like some boring routine check, staying friendly (by inquisitorial standards) and letting Titus even keep his weapons.

Leandros just done fucked up. Calgar is going to be pissed and lil' guy managed to get the entire Chapter to not trust him again anytime soon. Chances are, they're going to boot him out to perform some penitent crusade or permanently transfer him to the Deathwatch.

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Is it just me or is anyone else angry about the ork voices?

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The Deathwatch is an Honour, this little snitch is going to be sent to hug some Tyranid.

Accusations of heresy against a CAPTAIN are serious- the entire company might get the old purging, and the Ultramarine's little empire is going to start looking (more) suspicious.
I hope Calgar slaps his shit

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Quite a few people are. I honestly think they're fine.

>> No.16264929


Being seconded to the Deathwatch is a honor. Well most of the time. He's gonna get sent to some pissant backwater world loosely allied with Ultramar to train incompetent, inbred milita for the rest of his days.

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I think the devs think that everybody else thinks that multiplayer is going to the shitter when BF3 and MW3 and GoW3 come out. Although a lot less people will play SM multiplayer, the population shift will probably alleviate lag issues for the people who stay with Space Marine.

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Being get sent to some pissant backwater world loosely allied with Ultramar to train incompetent, inbred milita for the rest of his days is an honour.

He's going to get servitorized and his name struck from the Chapter record.

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Getting Servitorized and his name struck from the chapter is an honor.

He's getting left out for the Blood Ravens.

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The Ultramarines probably won't be too hard on Leandros. On paper, it sounded like he absolutely had to make a judgment call. They can't really "punish" him for something that both the Codex and Astartes common sense would tell him to think - that someone who survived so much exposure to the Warp should be suspected of 'something'. It would start a philosophical debate within the Chapter that would adversely affect the ability of its members to trust each other, at a time when the Chapter is still recovering from assaults by the Tyranids and the Chaos legions.

However, the officers who knew Titus will not want Leandros under their command. Which would probably be all of them. At best, Leandros will be promoted to Sergeant in charge of guarding Guilliman's garden or some other far-removed posting. At worst, they'll put him in the Assault Company and get him to a battlefield. Any battlefield.

I'm just bullshitting this though, as Relic probably will not want to go THAT deep into the current lore.

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On paper he wasn't completely in the wrong by reporting it to the Inquisitor

But it's like ratting out your assistant to the regional manager to the CEO of the whole company for stealing a company pen. It's astoundingly petty and it doesn't respect the chain of command.

He should've brought it to the attention of the chapter chaplains.

>> No.16265779


I'm not saying he shouldn't have. But I am saying that the Chapter would probably do well to just file it away and hope word doesn't spread out to the other Companies, while Calgar and his council deal with the meddling of the Inquisition. The first thing Tzeentch would want and the last thing Ultramar wants is for this event to sow discord and distrust in the Chapter.

>> No.16265780

This. No one working with him is going to trust him after this, and a team of Space Marines who can't trust each other end up being dead.

>> No.16265827

Aye, although first founding legions can and have just flat out told the Inquisition to fuck off.

And "fuck off" is the polite oversimplification of their actual actions. Nosy inquisitors are to Founding legions as commissars are to Catachans.

Heck even second founding chapters like the Silver Skulls laugh when an Inquisitor wants to inspect their gene seed vaults.

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That Ork Warboss was alpha as fuck.
Gets tackled by 5 blood letters off a large height. Jumps back up and rushes a FUCKING CHAOS LORD.

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And Good Old Cap'n Tits was Alpha as fuck as well.

>> No.16265906


>He should've brought it to the attention of the chapter chaplains.

basically this. and I'm sure Tigurius would want to probe him.

I mean... shit... I can't think of any way to make it not sound dirty. But the Librarians would want to investigate.

>> No.16265988


>implying that the "Inquisitor" and those "Black Templars" weren't actually Blood Ravens, and that the end of the game wasn't the Blood Ravens looti- receiving Titus, a gift from the Ultramarines.

>> No.16266005

You guys are ignoring one major fact.

Leandros was right.

>> No.16266072

I think a better ending would be having the Blood Ravens steal the magical macguffin at the end.

>> No.16266851

He wasn't provably incorrect. There's a difference.

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Some make an Advice Leandros.

>> No.16266970

Am I the only one who thinks that the Inquisition taking an Ultramarine captain would cause far more political backlash than it seems to have? I mean it was carried out so casually.

There's only ten captains in the chapter, you'd think Calgar would be like, "NOW HOLD THE FUCK ON" when one of his guys was going to be brought in, since you don't just become captain in a prestigious chapter like that if you haven't proven yourself time and time again .

That, and Calgar has a lot of political clout.

I know the whole ending was sequel setup, but still.

>> No.16266995

Well, Blank would be picked up on before the guy even got his scout armor. That leaves latent psyker or worse as the main reasons the guy was able to resist.

Now with the former, its a "we'll get you sanctioned nice and fast if you comply" deal from that inquisitor (anyone else think that's the nicest genuine-worry inquisitor we've ever seen? damn those Ordo fuckers are good at what they do).

But what if its the other one... Then its a problem. Like "made a deal with tzeench" problem.

Of course they probably aren't gonna be that deep in the plot, meaning the expansion or sequel is going to either have you as Chaos, or, more likely, you got stripped of your purity seals (yay metroid) but are now sanctioned to be a librarian, and will thus slowly gain abilities throughout the game in that way.

>> No.16267000

would be cool if you could dual wield them. Doesn't the Chapter Mater of the Imperial Fists do something like that?

>> No.16267002


Well if the Inquisition makes a big deal out of it then yeah shit will be flung back and forth like a galactic snowball fight. But on the captain side of things, you're talking about the Ultramarines here. Promotions to captain probably come very, very slowly since everyone is so damn good. There's a whole slew of candidates that have been itching for the position for yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaars.

>> No.16267015

It was all a ploy by the inquisitor to get an excuse to conscript Titus into service to the Inquisition... which will turn out to be a triple twist when the inquisitor himself is a cultist in service to the Alpha Legion.

Problem, Calgar?

>> No.16267022


It's safe to assume that every Ultramarine captain is a close personal friend of Calgar. Good luck, Inquisitor, you'll need it.

>> No.16267029

The debate for who replace Calgar when he's gone has been going on for a few hundred years even.

>> No.16267033

>conscript Titus into service to the Inquisition

Errr... it doesn't work like that.

>> No.16267052

Leandros is going to get shipped off to some deathwatch group way the fuck out in the western part of the segmentum pacificus I think. You know the part where they send the blood ravens who fail to keep up their "gift" quota and the civil space wolves.

>> No.16267090

How could Titus be the captain of second company when Sicarius is suppose to its captain.

What the hell?

>> No.16267095

S-s-so it's the A Team of Deathwatch?

>> No.16267103


Sicarius would probably be Titus' successor in a retcon

>> No.16267144

didn't they spend the entire dow2 series setting up gabriel as the Blood Raven chapter master to correct an error in white dwarf.

>> No.16267181

The Codex Astartes doesn't support this action.

>> No.16267194

Apparently a parallel timeline. The events occur, but the characters are different.

>> No.16267204

>parallel timeline
Warhammer canon is already fucked up enough without bullshit like that.

>> No.16267214 [DELETED] 

>yfw Titus looks like Gabe when he has white hair.

>> No.16267229

The easiest remedy to the Sicarius retcon is to have him unavailable for a number of years. He did participate against the Chaos siege of Ultramar; maybe he was injured in the fighting or needed a spiritual respite, during which Titus arose as a captain for a limited time.

>> No.16267252

Man, Leandros is gonna become /tg/s favorite space marine second only to Avitus of course.

>> No.16267254

That woulds have made the game 250% better.

>> No.16267256

It wouldn't be too hard to say that Sicarius wasn't captain until after Titus defected to Chaos.

>> No.16267267

What next Nemeroth screaming about metal boxes?

>> No.16267283

titus is an example of a lawful good character done right.
Leandros is lawful stupid

>> No.16267287


It depends primarily on when the Aurelian Crusade took place. If it was before Sicarius' induction to 2nd Company Captain, then it would make sense. But I always assumed the Aurelian Crusade happened sometime around the proximity of the 13th Black Crusade.

>> No.16267296

then what's Sidonis, Lawful Old?

>> No.16267308

Lawful Awesome.

>> No.16267324

Here's a fix for you:

Titus isn't captain of the Second Company. He just isn't. It's never actually said that he is. He's captain of some other battle company or even a reserve company. He's got gold bling because it's an honour marking for him and his command squad.

Does that make canon sense? No not really. But hey Second company wasn't gold until last edition anyway. You can kinda overlook it. Pretend that the rest of his company is dead (but would've had black or red trim) and the Ultras you meet up with on the bridge are from the actual second company and thus not under Titus' direct command.

It's better than alternate realities or claiming that Titus is Alpha Legion while Leandros is double Alpha Legion and the Inquisitor is secretly Leandros or whatever.

>> No.16267327

Come on guys Leandros is like the little snitch brother you never had.

Don't judge him too harshly he means well.

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File: 1.44 MB, 1280x720, sidonusbigboss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More like Lawful Big Boss

>> No.16267354

>>Pretend that the rest of his company is dead (but would've had black or red trim)
there were only three jump pack on the thunderhawk, so Titus decided to grab his trusted Sargent and a promising young marine with him.

>> No.16267375

They had at least 2 more squads with them. Titus contacts them while on his way to the orbital defense gun.

>> No.16267419

>Meet the blood ravens
> they are bros, they show you respect and help you out

>Meet the Templar
They threaten to kill you and your men, threaten to murder your love interest and act like lapdogs for the inquisitor and arrest you.

>> No.16267428

You realize relic gave them the gold trim because that's the recognizable color scheme for Ultramarines, right?

>> No.16267548

Well yes obviously, just as they chose Cadians (and specifically Cadians from Cadia) for the IG.

But we're nerds and we know better so we nitpick because it's fun.

Ah but he doesn't see them. One could pretend they had red trim.

>> No.16267571

you see about 4 helmeted ultramarine during Titus's arrest. They all had gold trim IIRC

>> No.16267574

>blood ravens
>fanboying over ultras, wolves and dark ravens

>canonical angry marines with a side offering of dick

Nothing to see here folks, just Relic proving that they're better at writing 40k than Goto. Again.

>> No.16267598

Keep in mind that while the Blood Raven captain is telling you how cool you are, the rest of his squad is lootin' the forge world at a speed that would impress even the lootiest of Ork.

>> No.16267609

>>Playan multi
>>People always have mic on
>>This is why you're fat, america

>> No.16267833

Perhaps Titus is a temp captain elevated to command a couple of squads on the mission? I'm fairly certain that C: SM mentions that captains can be promoted to lead forces as necessary but aren't actually captains of a particular company,

>> No.16267961

Space Marine 2 has you playing as a Corrupted Leandros assaulting the remnants of Mira's forces and the Tech Priest cleanup crew, only he doesn't even know he's the one that's corrupted and thinks everyone else is.

>> No.16268025

>only he doesn't even know he's the one that's corrupted and thinks everyone else is.
So he's a Black Templar now?

>> No.16268150

Multiplayer is starting to get on my nerves, Plasma Cannon spam everywhere.

>> No.16268382

You cannot turn the mics off. Period. PTT does not exist, and there's no volume level trip. You can hear everything no matter what.

>> No.16268388

Attack from the high ground with a jump pack with the suicide bomb ability. If you don't kill them, they will either kill themselves by GETS HOT! blasts in their face or you'll blow up and they will die.

>> No.16268421

You know they have a WD codex right?

>> No.16268462

Latent Psyker, after they find this out he will get reassigned into the Grey Knights.

>> No.16268484

Those Germans, always eating, drinking and laughing at the same time while keeping their mics open. Their presence turns the grim battle field of future to a merry Bavarian alehouse. God bless them.

>> No.16268494

Can someone explain why neither Leandros, Sidonus nor Titus has their helmets on?
I mean, fluff-wise, the only Space Marines that benefit from not having their helmets are the Wolves, right?
....unless I've missed something that makes the Smurfs sons of Russ as well.

>> No.16268504

You can mute for what it's worth.

>> No.16268508


Leandros had his, but it got trashed in the drop.

>> No.16268522

Leandros being the faithful Codex obeying young marine had a helmet on but it was damaged because of Titus's questionable tactic of diving straight into battlefield which goes against the codex.

Titus and the old marine being the anti-Codex Psuedo-heretics choose not to wear helmets.

>> No.16268533


Titus is a captain, and captains never wear helmets to make sure they can be identified by the marines that followed them.
Otherwise Private Retard can bark orders and they need to double check to see if they listen. Also because it makes them stand out on tabletop.

Sidonus had a beard. Beards are uncomfortable in helmets. Also he's too grizzeled and manly to not look his enemy in the eye.

Leandros wore a helmet for about 10 minutes before it got knocked off and shot up. He looks at it in game after it's full of dents and holes and sighs.
>The Codex says we should wear our helmets guys!
Shut up Leandros! I'm busy having a beard and one eye and balls as big as a guardsman.

>> No.16268553

Can't wait for the co-op horde mode. Will make getting the weapon challenges so much easier.

>> No.16268558

Sicarius has a helmet, but it's a special fancy one.

>> No.16268561

If you have a friend you can just do a private match and farm them out, except for the multi-kill ones.

>> No.16268574

That requires only two friends.

>> No.16268596

>two friends

>> No.16268619


All the more highly ranked space marines that don't wear helmets have a force field generator thing instead. Other marines being able to see their faces makes them easier to identify during battle and bolsters the morale of other troops. The force field things are too expensive/rare to give to every marine.

>> No.16268700

>Personal force field generators instead of helmets are rare
>Every 4th Blood Magpie has one in DoW 2
I think I can see a connection

>> No.16268734

That's bullshit.

Rites of Battle explains that it is actually a symbol of courage and defiance of the enemy among marines.

>> No.16268900


"Captain, all our Iron Halos have gone missing!"
"What!? This is an outrage, who was on watch?"
"The Blood Ravens, sir"
"I will speak with them myself!"

"Blood Ravens Commander Vanillus Isus, our Iron Halos were stolen at some point during the night. We ask you to explain what could have caused this."
"Captain, we were on watch all night, and we saw nothing out of the ordinary... except we did find this this morning."
(The Blood Ravens Commander hefts an Eldar Soulstone)
"Xenos scum! Think they can steal our holy relics! Blood Ravens, we are leaving to hunt them down. Guard the camp while we are away."
"Happily, Captain."
(The Captain rushes off to prepare to bring the "righteous fury of the emperor down upon the xenos thieves," leaving the Blood Ravens Commander and a Sergeant)
"Sergeant, make sure our new gifts are packed away tight by the time they get back."

>> No.16268971 [DELETED] 

im confused...when did the blood magpies become the ghetto niggers of space marines? whats the deal w/ all the nigga-done-stole-my-servoskull jokes? when'd this shit start?

>> No.16269006

It was originally an Ultramarine joke, but the blood ravens stole that too.

>> No.16269126

You know, if the Inquisitor properly did this shit and checked over Titus, and let him go after declaring him satisfactorily free of corruption, then there won't be all this shit-waving.

A space marine captain being handed over to the inquisition isn't a death sentence as it would be normal people, after all. The Inquisitor isn't going to act unless Titus really IS chaos-tainted - his ass is on the line too. He won't just murderize a Space Marine captain just for the lulz.

>> No.16269256

right after Chaos Rising where they got an amazing amount of "gifts" or lost relics from other chapters, SoBs and Inquisition.
And got a lot of: "O might Rognar we present you with this shiny power Axe. -Get you trinkets off my face puny creature" returns

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>my tactical marines can't be this assault

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