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Help me decide on Units for my Tournament army, or maybe even better tell me what to take
Warhammer Fantasy
Demons btw

I wanted to take Slaanesh Fiends, but because of the mail order fucking up, I don't have any, and I also dont have time for Kit bashing.

Limit is 2k points and as Core units I will have Demonettes and Bloodletters.
Just what is better for Demons? more small or less but bigger units?

Are Screamers worth their points?
Seekers vs Khorne Blood Hounds, which is better? Purpose will be hunting war machines

I decided on the Greater Demon of Khorne. First I thought of taking the LoC than KoS. But LoC, while being a good he is a bit squishy compared to the other two. KoS biggest drawback, it can't fly, also has no options to get Wings.

Heroes will be
1 Herald of Tzeentch (maybe in a unit of horrors)
1 Herald of Khorne for a Bloodletter unit
1 Herald of SLaanesh for a Demonette unit

Not knowing how many points are left in that slot I'd either go for one more Slaanesh or Tzeentch herald

I will file and cut on my 6 flamers while waiting for answers :3

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small bump

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and another bump

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If you are looking to win and not to be making friends then you should go with Khorne hounds, throngs of them.
Paired with flames, again with as many as you can stuff into the list.

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that is exactly what I want, win not friends :) with luck I wont ever see those ppl again

atm i am with 2x3 Flamers, considering taking more

how many hounds are good, I saw lists with 2x5 but also with bigger blocks (with and without karanak)

thank you for the first answer ^^

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and another bump

help on another topic too

should I give FULL command in every core unit?

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last bump before going to bed (5AM here)

short update
24 Bloodletters finished (just need minor cosmetics from last year)
1 Greater Demon of Khorne (from last year, needs some cosmetics if time remains)
1 "Herald" of Khorne (finished last year, just need a good idea for freehand for Army banner)
24 Demonettes finished incl dipping (if impressive highlights are added decides the remaining time)
10 Slaanesh Steeds + 5 Raiders white foundation
6 Flames Assembled, filled holes with putty + foundation

Still do be done:
Grey Foundation for Khorne Hounds + Painting
start Tzeentch Herald (missing 2 hands)
decide on how to make blue scribes if I play them
decide on how to make slaanesh herold (i cant decide between dark elves sorceress or normal demonette with arms and head of seeker cheampion)

and for my fello /tg/ another picture of my folder

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