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Hey /tg/
Can we get a comic thread going?

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What kind of comics?

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How is that game?

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anything /tg/ related

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It'll kick your ass a lot of times, with time you get better.

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That comic is awful because the artist goes by the name of "Glitter Glue" now

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for 3 gold that must have been a pretty good roll

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A more accurate version

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Image doesn't apply, that campaign was in GURPS.

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while JRPG are all completely one path, sometimes that path is good.
Rarely, but sometime.
FF tactics, Valiant Hearts, FF 2 and 3 (US numeration). I have a soft spot for Shinning Force too, but that had very little plot to be honest.

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You could certainly do worse than end up like Mandingo.

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No, Tactics had good characters, but the actual supernatural plot was pretty ridiculously shitty compared to the WAR AND POLITICS along the way.

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granted, but I include the 'war and politics' as part of the plot. Because it was.
by no means perfect, but not deserving of the characterization in the pic

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who is this woman?

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you must be new.

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Cultist Chan
Check 1d4chan

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Complete version here.

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At least he's not /new/.

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not new, just know nothing of 40K and generally don't go in threads about it, but I've seen her a lot and have always wondered

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Cultist-chan, motherfucker.
Allow me to drop a steaming pile of knowledge on your face.

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Why are her tits pokeballs here?
Because CHAOS, fuck you.

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This bastard right here is Dranon, the most power Spess Muhreen ever. Why? Because he's survived more than six minutes in Cultist-chan's presence without killing himself.

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What the....


Also, I know that she's also a canon little girl, but the hell-hound burnination frame shows her to be a shapely adult for sure...

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Also: Lesbians
Because /tg/ loves them some lesbians.

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Doom marine playing cards with Demons.

Came from a drawfag thread here on /tg/

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>Threads - how do they work?

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see >>16255394
for the adult/child dichotomy

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also, she's actually a conon teenager now.

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She became the little girl after that, at some point. Why? Because fuck Dranon, that's why.

Even if he is a boss, burning through cigars and cigarettes like a hellhound. Two days of not smoking was enough to buy cultist braces.

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What's the source on this comic again?

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Van Hel...something, on Deviantart.

Seeing as it's from that cesspool, it's definetly a keeper, IMHO

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Awwww yeah, all grown up.

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I loled, well done

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Cultist needs to be in the next Chaos codex.

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wtf is this shit?

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Van Heist.

Fuck yeah Gogo.

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I hope this has been an enlightening dump;

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Fuck yeah, another fan

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I know I have it, but can't seem to find it, anyone else have the Cultist-chan version of this comic?

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This is not /tg/ related.

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I'm back to satisfy your every need.

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"Hmm... Harry Turtledove... I've heard of him
>What if the ironclads of the Civil War had advanced to true tank warfare?
>What if the CSA hadn't fallen?
>What if the CSA still hadn't fallen by 1940?
>What if the CSA and USA were on opposite sides of World War II?
>What if half-way through World War II, aliens showed up?
No. No, I think I'll pass on this one.

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Thanks, bro.

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No problem. Just happy to spread the love. Also: KNOWLEDGE

also: funny pictures.
Knowledge and funny pictures.

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I think 'Litany of Litany's Litany' is the best name for a 40k ship ever.

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I always liked this one.

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I swear, this one comic gets more shooping than anything else I've seen.

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Normally, I fucking hate Cultist-chan, but this fucking comic...

Also, somehow the idea of Tzeentch basically being Calypso is too god damned funny.

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Better version.

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And another potentially good thread succumbs into cultist-chan faggotry.

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>know next to nothing about warhammer or cultist chan besides the fact that /tg/ loves them
>see this thread
i must learn all i can about warhammer fluff

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Feecksed thaht fhor hyu.

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Yeah, because it is a shop of a comic that gets shopped more than anything else.

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