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Hello. I have kind of a dillemma. I have been making completely scratchbuilt BA army for nearly a year, I have solid 1000 pt army so far. The reasons for sctarchbuilding instead of buying were the price, and lack of other players in my area. But now, Im thinking of buying real miniatures, despite the price, because, while Im getting better and better at creating my figures, they will never be as cool as real ones. Anyway, here is the question :

tl;dr : Where do you get your money for w40 ? How much do you spend in a month ? Does the price/total cash spent bother you ?

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>>Where do you get your money for w40 ?
Like most of humanity, I work for my money.

>>How much do you spend in a month ?
From nothing to perhaps a hundred bucks or three, depending on how far behind in the paint cue I get, and what the next project is.

>>Does the price/total cash spent bother you ?

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Before the insane price rises started in 2009, I had 750 of my currency's worth of money scheduled for warhammer each month.

By that day's exchange rate, that was around 75 dollars. Nowadays, it would be 125 dollars.

Because the price is so damn high now, I don't budget for it. Any and all purchases are made second-hand, traded, or auction sites. I had to buy a box of grey knights at retail prices, and it made my wallet die.

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Like the previous poster, I work for a living. It's not the best job, but I have a degree, and sometimes even feel like I'm using it, so I don't get paid too dreadfully.

I spend about £100-£200 per month on hobbies, encompassing 40k, Flames of War, computer games, RPGs and board games.

I don't mind spending this, because most of my friends with other hobbies (golf, photography, clubbing) spend this easily. It seems like a lot when you look at a whole army, but that's because I get to keep and collect something physical, rather than spending my money on something transitive like booze or cinema tickets.

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OP, get job, put aside money for it. Generally, I look at second hand sales and such first, as you can get good shit for a song.

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This. Try eBay, Gumtree/Craiglist, classifieds at your FLGS, or local cons. You can often find a bargain.

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get a job, get friends
A buddy was ditching his orks, wanted to get something back to build his new army. I doubled my count of boyz and nobz for $15

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I started out doing commission shit for friends as I used to be a model builder. I used lots of the money to pay for my own spess mahrines. I consider my army an investment. If I ever wanted to get out of the hobby, I could sell my army for way more than I paid, since it is very well painted and EVERYTHING down to the last marine is totally magnetized.

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