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So the after they won the first war, the inquistion exterminatus'd Armageddon, why didn't they do this during the war when chaos was still on the planet and save everyone a lot of hassle?

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Why is Cultist so adorable? Culexus is the best character designer.

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>Believing 40k will ever make sense
I hope you don't do this

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She's OKAY....what cult is she in?

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They didn't Exterminatus it. They just executed the population. They needed the industry and natural resources intact.

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Goddamnit, it was the only /tg/ related picture I have, I don't come here that often.

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None of them. No cult wants her.

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They didn't glass the planet; Armageddon was (and is) too valuable as an industrial centre and defensive lynchpin to virus-bomb the place to ash-sludge. Instead, they carted the vast majority of the population off to forced labour camps to die alone and unloved in the wastes, though - Logan Grimnar was furious as all fuck about it, too. Thought it was a bad reward for the heroism of the population in resisting HEY LOOKS LIKE ALL HELL HAS COME TO ARMAGEDDON.

Then they sent in people from the rest of the Imperium to replace the bodies, and life went on.

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>So the after they won the first war, the inquistion exterminatus'd Armageddon
The real question is why would you ever name a planet Armageddon? It's almost like naming a boat The Titanic II or naming a spaceship that's going to fly close to the sun Icarus.

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What a fate.

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And Logan Grimnar swore he would have the Administratum's heads for this injustice.

This is why the Space Wolves are awesome.

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Wouldn't the industry of been ruined by the massive war anyway? And what resources is it going to have left after a milenia of industrialisation?

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That, and they can go toe-to-toe with orks.

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Lots and lots of factories. They make a very large amount of chimeras and leman russes there daily.

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Enough of the infrastructure survived to have a new workforce start almost right away.

Also rich and influential people survived the purges, it only affected the workers, poor underclasses and Imperial Guardsmen.

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the imperium can ship resources wherever they want, whenever they want. They can not, however, rebuild factories. They are retarded like that.

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If the factories of Armageddon were utilizing tech that Admech has lost, it's pretty understandable.

They can't even move them off-world if they can't properly disassemble the machinery, so Armageddon will remain a primary objective to defend.

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You know there's something bizarre going on when lasguns are valued more highly than the soldiers using them, but the factories for making the guns are sacred relics.

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>bald eagle

i don't think so Tim

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To be fair, if they try to reverse engineer it they could accidentally flood the world with summoned daemons, so whatever.

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Couldn't you just use virus bombs or something and then ship in fifty billion people six months later?

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No, virus bombs severely fuck a planet up and there's no guarantee it would be useable afterwards. Read the Horus Heresy novels for a very explicit example.

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>and just when you think it can't get any worse.....it does.

And that is why I'm glad not to live in the 40k universe.

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