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Just beat this today. Thought the fluff was mostly good, some of the Warp based stuff was bad, but for the most part it was an enjoyable game. Only complaint was no Deff Dreads or orbital bombardment (which were both shown in trailers for the game, any idea why they weren't in the game proper?). That and a kinda short and repetitive campaign. What are your thoughts on it?

Moving onto multiplayer now, plan on making a Death Guard chaos marine and an Iron Hands regular marine. Any tips?

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Game could have benefited from more Eldar.

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What platform? Bear with the fact that MP is wrought with connection issues. finding public games seems to involve a bit of pain of varying degree until its patched. it's very enjoyable when it does work, no complaints aside from maybe that there should be more maps. But we get exterminatus in a month

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I agree, I was half expecting a Dawn of War style reveal: Orks, then Eldar, THEN a chaos invasion. I thought it would've worked pretty well.

Also, more AdMech would have been very nice. This is a forge world, shouldn't there be SOME techpriests/skitari around?

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>which were both shown in trailers for the game, any idea why they weren't in the game proper?

probably saving it for DLC

Playing it now, apparently 3 marines can kill thousands of orks like they were crippled children.

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they were all dead

there was plenty of AM around besides that though... some corpses would have been ideal though

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Ultramarines>anything else, hate it or love it that is 40k lore.

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Take it with a grain of salt. This isnt a codex, it's a video game. Sacrifices have to be made for it to be fun. Having the main player's character die a few dozen or even hundred times would just plain suck, and would lead to a lack of character development (something that attaches the person to the story).

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A Marine CAPTAIN and a Veteren Sargeant, along with one newbie.

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If you play it on the hardest difficulty it becomes more realistic. You make a mistake, the orks will slaughter you. It's a challenge to fight everything. You know, just like it should be. On Easy (or Normal, depending on your skill level), you're an unstoppable god of battle, but on Hard you are just as weak as the enemies you are facing.

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Ork boyz are small time to a marine. When you get to guys like Nobz shit gets real.

Oh, and make sure you play on Hard like a real man.

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They aren't just normal Marines. One is a Captain and one is a Sergeant, with each of them have two service studs, meaning they may have been marines for over 200 years.

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But there should have been SOME of them left in the Manufactorum. Also, aren't forge worlds supposed to have dedicated Titan legions to defend them against this sort of shit? Other than the one titan you use to bring down the tower, where were those? Grimskull didn't appear to have any Gargants, there should have been at least a couple titans left to help you out.

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Leandros was right.

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This. On a related note...
On Hard, mass traitor Guardsmen fire is absolutely devastating. Waaay scarier than a couple Chaos Marines or a pack of daemons. It warms my heart to see Relic including little details like the efficiency of mass lasgun fire.

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Still should have gone to his Chaplin instead of the Inquisition.
Now none of his battle brothers will look at him the same again.

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For that matter, what about Skitaari or Battle Servitors? Or even some Tarantulas? For a forge world, it was pretty lifeless.

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He was probably an Alpha Legionnaire.

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Did you miss that whole part where you need to get their generator up and then they slaughter the orks around them?

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My only proper complaint is that the trash mob orks didn't sound so much orky as they did 'chav with laryngitis'

I'd have loved at least one proper war level. The game had a guerilla warfare feel for the first 90% with an awesome cameo from the Blood Ravens in one of the final chapters. The BR sergeant mentioned black templars were there too. I'd have liked one chapter where you were part of a full out war, whith dreads, preds and Rhinos.

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That or a whiny bitch.
Both are about as bad as the other.

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The fact that the Blood Magpies didn't turn up at the end and steal the titan was a bit of a disappointment

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I agree, that would have been awesome. Or being part of an IG charge, with hundreds of guardsmen and tanks to back you up. Basically Dawn of War with you playing the part of one of the troops on the ground.

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They were too busy looting the rest of the planet.

I'm sure they;ll get to the Titan, once the Princeps wanders off.

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They were there! Why did you think they were there, to help their fellow battle brothers? They were welding their chapter logo onto that titan while the drama between Titus and Thrax was going down.

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They turned up. We didn't get to see all that they took.

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My complaint is now I have to go find every freaking servo skull.

Best part of the game was when you meet up with the Blood Ravens and proceed to wreck Chaos. I wish the Black Templars were there with you too, but oh well. Worst part of the game was the final fights -- until I realized I should use the meltagun. The ending was kind of dumb too.

It could've been better. I wish there were more boss fights, and sooner boss fights -- the first was in chapter X or XI, I think. And more daemons than just bloodletters, seriously.

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>Overlooking capture point
>Brace my Heavy Bolter

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I'll have what he's having.

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The Blood Ravens were deployed alongside the Black Templar.

The Black Templar are always untrusting and suspicious of the Blood Ravens, so they might have Gift-Blocked the Ravens from acquiring any noteworthy stuff.

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... If only he'd sent Leandros with the Power Core instead of Sidonus. Sidonus would still be alive and Titus wouldn't have been carted away.

I also noticed Thrax only dared to start shit when he was backed by 4 black templars.

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>Access pre-made army colors
What the heck now I have to do it manually. But apparently some "Knights of Blood" were popular enough to make a pre-made color scheme for?

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well they tried, unfortunately many of the officers that the Ravens "bumped into him by accident" during the firefights failed to check their pockets

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The Elite Armour pack and about 200 square pounds of awesome multiplayer enduced testosterone.

Add one Heavy Bolter to taste.

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>I also noticed Thrax only dared to start shit when he was backed by 4 black templars.
I noticed Thrax wasn't on-planet until the Liberation Fleet arrived and was busy doing battle with Chaos and the orks when he first arrived. Use that brain.

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I got a killstreak of 8 once, using only the humble bolter.

I don't feel like writing up some faggy fapfiction about it, though.

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If there's a sequel to this game, you'll no doubt have to acquire new weapons.

Not for gameplay purposes or anything, oh no. Your items were all "gifted" to the Blood Ravens by the Inquisition after they confiscated them.

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>blood ravens around a titan

ancient titans gifted by a besieged forgeworld confirmed for dow3 wargear.

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I play games to have fun and enjoy myself, and write greentext stories to spread enjoyment to others.

I don't feel like writing up some faggy justification for it, though.>>16249870

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"I am become death, destroyer of noobs"

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civilians were being evacuated from the area, there is an endless loop message saying that everyone should leave calmly

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>>and would lead to a lack of character development (something that attaches the person to the story).

if the game is fun who the hell can be so fucking pedant to give a shit about "character development", for gods sake, have people forgotten that videogames are about having fun?

also what makes me feel interested in the story is a cool and awesome story, not knowing that captain copernicus have been operated from warp hemorrhoids after his 15th anniversary as an assault marine

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I meant confronting Titus, he did it with a combat squad of Templar. If them Templar weren't there. Ttitus would have put a bolt through his and Leandros' head and Mira would have backed him up when he claimed Thrax died on the battlefield.

Also, calling out Ultramarines on heresy? The chapter born of the geneseed of the Primarch who wrote the Codex Astartes. He could have put a bolt though Thrax's head in front of the Templar and Calgar would have his back because Thrax was clearly retarded for calling out the geneseed of our Spiritual liege on heresy.

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i expected nids or atleast genestealers to show up the whole game because of the art on the package.
Good game though on hard, i think im going for a replay soon.
Too bad the bloodravens where not seen "keeping something save" that would have been a nice touch.

The fucking newby should have kept his mouth shut against the inquisition, Calgar, a librarian or a chaplain would have sufficed.
Relic is starting to impress me by now.

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One shot kills are possible/commonplace in MP?

That kills some of my anticipation for the game.

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Think about the game in terms of rock paper scissors, the meltagun eats assault marines alive, assault beats devastators unless player is godlike, devestator beats tacticool.

Adapt your tactics to the situation if you want to win.

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>He could have put a bolt though Thrax's head in front of the Templar and Calgar would have his back because Thrax was clearly retarded for calling out the geneseed of our Spiritual liege on heresy.
That's Blood Ravens-level loyalist-actions there. That's how their chapter hasn't been purged from the galaxy.

Maybe Titus was a Blood Raven all along.

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I think the closest an Assault Marine or Raptor can get to a one shot is to ground pound or whatever it is from the sky, and then slug you with a hammer. But there's a gap between those two, plent of time to roll as a tactical or just open fire as a Havoc/Devastator.

Fully charged plasma cannon can one hit kill you but again it's rare to fall for it. Headshots with a lascannon might, but it's never happened to me so I can't say.

It won't happen often if at all.

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>One shot kills are possible/commonplace in MP?
I wouldn't say...COMMONPLACE, but yes, they occur. Thunderhammers and meltaguns (at anything but maximum range) are one-hit kills, unless one of your perks helps defend against it. Devastators get a melee damage resistance perk, Assaults get one for ranged damage.

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The melta can too at point blank, but it fires slow and has a low ammo count as drawbacks.

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Oh, ok, I was worried there was going to be some kind of annoying SM version of "teh epik qwick skopanz" all over the place in CoD.

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That doesn't mean a heavy bolter won't tear through you in a second and a half, or that someone won't stalker bolter-burst fire you from extreme range in two seconds, but yeah. Fun MP.

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The multiplayer is some of the most balanced multiplayer I've seen in a shooter. Sure, there are the one hit kill attacks but they're so slow that only a retard can't dodge them.

>> No.16250025

Classiest weapon of the game right here in my opinion.

Anyone else?

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>but they're so slow that only a retard can't dodge them.
Try dodging a meltagun.
>hurr see the melta from range and don't get close
>doesn't realize weapon versatility or that weapons are hard to see when the foe is sprinting and rolling everywhere

By the way, anyone notice how you can use weapons you don't normally have by using copy loadout?

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I got the plasma pistol and just went PP chainsword for the rest of the game except for that warboss or if I had to melta a group of bloodletters

>> No.16250050


Generally, if you move fast and play smart, you won't get one shotted. Fully charged plasma bolt is easy as fuck to dodge, and you can see it coming from a mile away.

Lascannons will fuck you up, but not in one hit. The second hit will most likely kill you, but because they have pis poor fire rate, you can just jump out of sight, and wait until your shields regenerate.

Stalker bolters can be deadly, because they can kill you with a head shot, if your shields are down.

Assault marines/raptors with hammers can be dangerous, but if you are vigilant, you should spot them before they can get the drop on you. When you see them jump, throw a granade to the aproximate landeing point, roll away and shoot the fuck out of it.

Follow this advice, and you are far les likely to be killed in an annoying or a cheap way, exept the final vengange of cource. That is such a bullshit perk.

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A melta is like a tickle gun at range and the guns have VERY distinct shapes. If you can't tell a bolter from a melta even if they're sprinting then you need your eyes tested.

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>Complains about final vengeance
>Says everything else is deadly but easy to avoid
>Doesn't mention meltaguns

Bans Martyrdom in CoD 4 fag detected. Final Vengeance is fun to avoid and easy to avoid as well.

>> No.16250089


Uh...bro if you can't dodge Final Vengeance, which you can by pressing SPACE while traveling in a direction that is not directly TOWARD the fucking corpse you can dodge it, if you "can't" dodge Final Vengeance then you are retarded.

>> No.16250112

There were Servitor Turrets in the research center and HBolter Tarantulas all over the IG putposts.

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I fucking love Multiplayer mode in this game, except when I join a game when there's 40,001 fucking players wearing Jump Packs.

>> No.16250118

l don't even have any call of duty games, and yes, you can dodge final vengance, but it sometimes gets little frustrating when in a fight some one kills a raptor right behind you, and it blows up before you can do anything. When you are aware of the raptor gunning for you, falling to final vengance is very hard.

I must admit, tough that I sometimes have used it myself. It is a great way to farm exp.

>> No.16250121

Lascannons will kill you in one headshot, unless you've got an Iron Halo/Chaos Icon. Standing still is an invitation for this to happen.

>> No.16250125

Meltaguns are powerful, but they've got a long time between shots and very limited range. Learn to spot and avoid them or, if you're in close quarters, bring your own.

>> No.16250128

You mean that endlessly looping message saying "Everything is fine. Remain at your posts. Everything is fine. Remain at your posts."?

That is retarded. You are retarded. Gene-seed does not provide immunity from Chaos, and it CERTAINLY doesn't protect you against heretical actions, such as shooting an Inquisitor Lord in the fucking face.
He brought a squad of Space Marines with him because he was going to arrest a fucking Space Marine. One who may well have been corrupted by Chaos, and therefore would have no qualms about ripping Thrax's ribcage out through his chest if not carefully guarded.

Simply thinking things through for ten seconds is not really the same as being a coward.

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I almost always rack up the most kills in every match I play, and most of them are with due thanks to the LasCannon. I have both of its perks equipped as well.

>> No.16250131

The jump pack bleeps like a grenade. Dodge away from the damn thing. It's not hard.

>> No.16250141

Meltaguns are only a threat if you play assault, and even then you can just toss a blind nade from air and fuck them up when they are trying to scramble themselves together.

If you die to a meltagun as a tactical or a devastator/havoc, you are playing very wrong.

>> No.16250148

What do the perks do? More ammo, quicker recharge between shots? It's a damn fine weapon, but if you get caught up close it's of limited use. Providing the enemy knows how to dodge and doesn't just come straight at you like an idiot.

>> No.16250149


I disagree. I've killed several hundred enemies, and most of them from memory are Heavies and Jump Pack users.

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Jesus christ, could this be any more unbalanced?
I got this game today, because it was released in my country today, and how THE FUCK am i supposed to get in the game when i'm paired up against rank 30-41s?
Yeah, i mean, it's totally fair that i've only got a shitty bolter against someone bumrushing me with a stormbolter.
Seriously, the bolter doesn't penetrate for shit, no matter how close you are!
And don't get me started on Lascannon devestators.
If you got paired with those around your own levels i wouldn't complain, but when i can't fight back because of the only viable weapons being higher levels, so that the skills of myself won't matter, that just makes me pissed off.

>> No.16250172 [DELETED] 

>mfw No Night Lords skin and I had to make my own

>> No.16250185


Maybe you're just bad, guy. I first got it and faced the same levels, and still held my own very well with just a Bolter.

>> No.16250186


Well devastators/havocs are arguably more vounreable to meltaguns, but still if you want any change to kill a devastator with a melta you'd have to sneak behind him, and at that point, it is more of a failure of the player than it is your skill if he gets offed. Melta has such a ridicilously short range, that if you can sneak up to a havoc and fuck him up with the melta, you deserve that fucking kill.

>> No.16250194

The bolter is a lot more accurate than the stormbolter. Both are fairly bad at taking down armour but good at shredding health, so use grenades to strip armour, engage them at mid-range, then win.

I regularly take out level 30+ Assaults and I'm playing as a level 10 Devastator.

>> No.16250199


To be honest, I charge like crazy fuck into a group of enemies quite often, and half of the time I'll actually escape alive with a couple of kills racked up.

>> No.16250205

Copy loadout. It's there for a reason. I was regularly killing rank 30+ people when I started out after I'd nicked their gear.

>> No.16250209

Steal their loadout bro.

>> No.16250226


You just suck bro.
I was paired against people 20 levels above me, and I still came out fine. Now I am myself at level 21, and just in about 4 hours. If you get sniped, you aren't moving fast enough, and storm bolters have piss poor accuracy. Shoot them out from range. Bolter is efective against any marine regardles of their level. Also, you have granades, use them!

>> No.16250238

Also, >complaining about the Lascannon.
It renders them immobile, takes both of their perk slots to use effectively and essentially paints a massive I AM SNIPING FROM HERE sign on their position every time they fire.
If you die more than once or twice to a Lascannon, you should consider going Assault Marine and fucking them up personally (or, at the very least, going a different direction).

>> No.16250239

copy loadout
copy loadout
copyl oadout

>> No.16250246

I don't even think that stealing the loadout is neccecary. You can do just fine with the gear you have at 1st level.

>> No.16250250

Shit that's true even on normal. Massed lasgun fire with eat your shields up right quick and while they don't do a lot of HP damage everything else -does-.

as for MP I've found that Stalker bolter and Meltagun is the god duo of guns. Meltas for dropping fuckers up close and if they survive swap out for the stalker and one-shot them. With the Stalker you can safely sit back and pick targets off at a long distance. If you're playing Seize Ground USE RAPID DEPLOYMENT. Holy fuck this ability is so useful its retarded. You can spawn at any point in 5 seconds where it would normal take you 10-15. You turn into a god of point defense because by the time they kill you and rush the point you're back to kicking ass. I've single-handedly defended points against 4-5 guys just because I could keep spawning on top of them trying to cap the point.

>> No.16250293

I only have two major problems with this game: The Bosses and that one level where sgt Sidonius leaves with the core and you need to kill a bunch of chaos marines in a small room without using melee weapons. Why that level you ask? Because I had to drop my hammer, and I really had fallen in love with that thing.

Overall, great fun.
My respect goes out to the Audio Logs, the Hab Block level and the ending. People often ask "what is 40k like as a civilian?", and Space Marine did a good job answering that.
I still need to try the PS3 version to see how different it is (my computer had some slowdown issues). At the same time I'll probably do a hard mode run.
Here's hoping I'll catch some of you in Multiplayer.

>> No.16250302

Fighting Orks

Fighting Chaos
No fun allowed, have to fucking use cover and snipe the fucking explosive spamming shits like a call of duty kid


>> No.16250325

>Choose glorious Chaos Marine
>Iron Warrior, motherfuckers
>Raptor mode engaged
>See group of Loyalist brothers
>Jump into group
>Look up, Loyalist Devastator is shitting pants
>Wreck his shit
>K/D of 12/5
I was fucking blooddrunk for hours. The MP, while it has its crazy flaws, is incredibly fun, and really puts you in the spirit of teh game.

>> No.16250357

My fuck your shit assault marines setup:
Storm bolter and a plasmagun.
That is all you need.

When they try to jump you, roll out of the way, plast them with charged shot to eat theri shieds then stormbolter to the face.

I know that the most common anti assault weapon is the meltagun, but I think it is too limiting.

With my setup, I can be efffective against everything else as well, while still raping any assault marine or a raptor foolish enough to attack me.

>> No.16250358

>>implying Tankbustas and Flash Gitz are more of a rocket spamming cunts

That said, I wasn't aware that Chaos could pluck an infinite amount of grenades from the warp.

>> No.16250360

I think the Iron Warrios skin actually makes you play better.

>> No.16250363

That never happened.
>Jump in a group of loyalist scum
>Take out one, maybe two if you get lucky.
>get zergrushed by the standing 3-4, one of whom is a devastator.

>> No.16250367


Same place they get their ammo and terminator armour bro

Anything is possible with Chaos

>> No.16250372


Its called blind grenades, bro. You should check that shit out sometime.

>> No.16250379

rumor is they had to remove all the legit orky lines and nerf the fuck out of the various titles

there's like, no mention or boyz or tankbustas and the orks keep shouting SPACE MARINE SPACE MARINE SPACE MARINE

did they really have to retard the game for consoles?

>> No.16250391

>did they really have to retard the game for consoles?

Short answer? Yes.


>> No.16250392

>confirmed for never actually using the lascannon

it doesn't not make you immobile, and the two perks for the LC are worthless. Devs/havocs are much better off taking the two +shield perks

>> No.16250402

>Jump pack there like a boss
>See squad of heretic faggots jumping at me
>Drop blind nade at my own feet
>Mash M2 with my stolen hammer
>Tripple kill from beyond the grave somehow

>> No.16250403

I just beat it.

Loved it, but Leandros is such a dick, my oh my.

>> No.16250412

>On the Shattered Bridge map
>Playing a black templar Tactical with a stalker bolter, meltagun, and serrated blades perk
>Go under the bridge, come out on the chaos side. Snipe off 3 havocs
>Suddenly Raptors! melta 2 of them but I'm forced out of cover right into 2 tacticals
>Get shot
>RIGHTEOUS ZEAL right into the tacticals
>Kill both with my knife and bolt pistol
>Melta a raptor with a daemon maul while he coming at me
>Finally get bumrushed by 6 Chaos marines at once, still kill 1 with my knife before dying
>Loyalists go on to capture the middle while I was busy fighting off most of Chaos
>After the game get told that Sigismund would have been proud

>> No.16250438

spoilers: next game pulls a Chaos Rising and in the end it's revealed you're being manipulated by Tzeench

>> No.16250451

> Be level 1
> Fuck this shit bolter god damn why is this game such bullshit
> copy loadout
It's like I'm really a Blood Raven!

>> No.16250452

Rumor is the game was supposed to ship with a full replics of the codex astartes, and the collector's edition came with a 1:1 scale working power armour in any pattern the buyer wanted.
Also Sidonius was going to be voiced by Sean Connery and the campaign was going to include going into the Eye of Terror, meeting Captain Ice, then teaming up with Leman Russ and Corax to bust Khan out of Commorragh before waking up the Emperor and spaking Abaddon with his own severad arms.
But sadly they couldn't fit that onto a console disc so they cut it all out and added in the Stalker Boltgun so Halo fans could have a familliar weapon.

>> No.16250454

I just got my Weapon Versatility perk and I have a couple of questions about the loadout I should take:

What gun is better at close/medium range: the Boltgun with Kraken ammo, or the Storm Bolter with no mods?

What gun is better at medium/long range: Stalker Bolter, or Plasma Gun? I rarely snipe so I just spam shots from the hip if they're far away.

>> No.16250468


It was more in reference to the "console players" being unable to understand what was going on, not actual disk limits

>> No.16250475

The boltgun with kraken rounds is rape in a can. With proper aim and positioning you can drop anyone with it. I think that the stalker bolter is better than the plasma gun, but I actually make use of its scope. If you aren't going to take the plasma gun instead.

>> No.16250478


>Long Range

Stalker Bolter.

>Medium Range

Bolter with Kraken Ammunition.

>Close Range

Storm Bolter.

>> No.16250485

Close range do yourself a favor and take a meltagun

>> No.16250491

Nah, you are secretly being manipulated by a Khornate Sorcerer who wants to blow up the universe along with all the sources of food for the chaos gods while twirling his mustache.

>> No.16250500

how do you get past the part where your trying to cover thadeus as he's loading that round?

>> No.16250515

Kill the orks.

With your gun or chainsword.

>> No.16250529

Use the Vengence launcher. R makes the grenades explode. When they rush you blow them up. Don't worry about the nob until everyone else is dead.

>> No.16250552

No powerfists.

Titus should have shown Enoch a lot more respect, the conversation between them should have been much more of a plotpoint and narratively momentous.

What the fuck at that final fight.

>Moving onto multiplayer now, plan on making a Death Guard chaos marine and an Iron Hands regular marine. Any tips?

The number one biggest one is:

PAY ATTENTION WHEN SELECTING YOUR SPAWN. A single tactical with a beacon can really turn the tide if his team is smart enough to land on him.

There is no radar or minimap. "Orc Stealth" is a viable and awesome tactic. (Standing behind pillars or obstacles while using the third person to peek around as guys run past.)

You are going to be useless for your first few matches, take the time to copy your killers loadout and play around with the weapons you wont be unlocking till later.

Unrelated: It's way easier to unlock marine armor variants than Chaos ones.

>> No.16250585

I don't think it was 'retarded' for console players. I think it was made to be accessible to a wider audience than Warhams stuff usually is, so that anyone with even a passing interest could pick it up and understand things, and maybe they shot a tad lower than than they ought to. This is going to be the first exposure to 40k for a lot of people. GW stands to make a good deal of money off of new customers here.

>> No.16250594

anyone done an angry marine appearance yet?
Also, /tg/ steam group?

>> No.16250601

Ave Dominus Nox brother!

The game is fun but lot of stuff is really rage inducing. Like, getting stuck on corners after rolling, bumping against corners and losing your sprint, the long ass melee attack animations, tunnelfighting devolving into who has more Meltas or pre-charged Plasma Cannons (those fuckers, I scored two quad kills in Waste Management because I was able to sneak up on them and that thing one shots almost anything) and triple Laser Canon sniper teams in Basilica or people glitching the Heavy Bolter to shoot from behind solid objects while being fully covered themselves.
All in all, I feel people die too fast and too easy.

But when you get your game on, it's glorious to go down after a 7 Killstreak with your Chainaxe dripping gore and Loyalist brains.

>> No.16250658

Nah, dude is joining the Grey Knights.

>> No.16250666

Trolliest set up in the game:

4 grenades perk
Master crafted perk
Storm Bolter
Frag grenades

The Master crafted perk makes grenades explode like fucking nukes, once you get the 4 grenades perk(lvl 31 iirc) and the Stormbolter you ass rape everyone, throw grenades everyone, shoot at everything, everywhere, everyone fucking dies.

Dem Kill streaks bro, dem fucking kill streaks.

Also the bolter is one of the best weapons in the game, kill 50 people or whatever with it to unlock Kraken rounds, then murder everyone.

>> No.16250668


>> No.16250688

Does /tg/ have a server or a group going for this yet? I've met a few people who were able to go Cultist-chan with me last night but so far its been pretty fa/tg/uyless.

>> No.16250786


While yes, the single player narrative was 'condensed' for palatibility, it's still fairly solid.

However, yes, things really do need to be dumbed down for your average console-gamer. After seeing Let's Plays, reading reviews, and partaking in other samples representative of the console-gamer mindset...

Yeah. They're 'special,' in a depressingly plentiful number of cases.

>> No.16250802


Add me.
BerettaTFN on PS3.

Hail to the Lascannon. I like this and I like that, but at the end of the day I like 6-kill-streaks and headshots.

>>Lascannon work.
>>Assault marine incoming.
>>pan up, SHAAM!
>>down he comes
>>Get chopped!
>>Moar choppy!
>>STOMP goes off anyway, and _Avenge_myself_ while watching his corpse sprawl down a ramp.
>> O.o
>>It was a good death indeed.

>> No.16250811


Add Blackfiend to the 360 portion of that list, if you please.

>> No.16250825

I made an Angry Marine paint scheme on the 360, but I don't think there's anyway to get the emblem without Relic being fa/tg/uys

>> No.16250836

Relic has fa/tg/uys in it. With all of the /tg/ memes they stuck in Retribution there's some fa/tg/uys in there somewhere.

>> No.16250864


If anyone else wants on the list, let me know.

>> No.16250885

Thank you kind sir!
Won't be on til much later though,

>> No.16250902

I can't seem to take screen shots, anyone mind helping. Does having a 2nd monitor mess up taking screen shots or something?

>> No.16250912

Since we can't make our own shoulderpads, is there a symbol /tg/ has decided on to use instead? Or is it whatever we want?

>> No.16250919

I'm using the crimson fist emblem since in my opinion it fits the best

>> No.16250941

elbowhead on Steam.

>> No.16250947

I demand someone make a stealth mod shooter of this Called: Ork Kommando!!

>> No.16250952

Tactical master race reporting in. Running Ultramarine Veteran colors. Plasma Gun, Frag Grenades, Rapid Redeployment and Teleport Homer.

>> No.16250969

What do "killstreaks" mean? Is it just something that says "You rock"? Or is it the retarded COD "killstreaks". I'd say the former because I haven't seen any bullshit. Also, what colors do you use for Emperor's Nightmare?

>> No.16250977

It is the former. You are also rewarded for achieving enough kill streaks with weapon perks and armor.

>> No.16250987

Put Darkeldar88 on the Steam list if you will.

>> No.16250988

i fucking love people like you



its basically shows you how much rapeage you release on the enemy team

plus it adds fuck tons to your score

at max killscore you're getting like 300 xp for a single kill

>> No.16250989

It's more of a "GOOD JOB CLEANSING THOSE HERETICS" though you do unlock weapon perks and armor

>> No.16250992

Which one of you faggots was camping the spawn on the sewer level last night?

Fuck YOU also, a flamer would have been cool there...

>> No.16251001


>Playing it now, apparently 3 marines can kill thousands of orks like they were crippled children.

I love you pissant xenos players. You chucklefucks that think Guardians can take out a platoon of guardsmen or that an ork is the equal to a Spess Mareen. Get bent. You'll always play second fiddle to humans.

>> No.16251002

Tactical Master race here. Steam name Blizzinam

>> No.16251017

]NsR[ Chiluzzar/Baking a pie

>> No.16251021

I prefer Tactical. I'm going to leave all my armor the same for now, and go nuts when I unlock all of it. I have my Magpies pre-order, but I'm also going to make a Diomedes skin. Some guy last night had a really nice one.

>> No.16251036

Are you playing it on hard?

And yes. A CAPTAIN can do that if he's smart. And if he's not smart he will die. Just like you die if you're not smart on hard.

I think they handled marine power levels really well in this actually.

>> No.16251050

Chaos Space Marines are a bitch to kill, and the traitor guard are no small threat either.

Does anyone else wish the multiplayer had more voices then "GAH!" "RARRRLL" and "BLAH!"

>> No.16251051

What chaos and space marine factions do you use?

I use a custom Ultramarine and a warband version of the Emperors Children

>> No.16251053

Devastator here, don't mind me, just laying down some suppression fire making sure no one goes anywhere and possibly getting the leftover

>> No.16251054

Private Elder
Feel free to friend list for Traitor Purging/Loyalist Eradicating fun

>> No.16251080


The Ork/Gretchen voices are awesome.

Also this game makes me want to start Chaos Space Marines, but then I look at the codex and think again.

>> No.16251095

I love how everyone bitches when Kyras is a Khornate sorceror, but no one cares when Nemeroth has Bloodletters following him around everywhere.

>> No.16251114


>Implying we're not already providing those voices already


My entire dorm now knows what chapter I belong to. God, nothing like screaming that at 3 in the morning.

>> No.16251131

>Orks really are called boyz
>Guns called shootas
>Chain axes called choppas
>people taking this silly shit seriously

Is that the....charm..of Warhammer? Everything about the orks seems to relate to some form of slang. Ghetto talk. Are they black?

>> No.16251132


Nemeroth is an undivided wizard.
Also, i think Kyras proved that Khornate Sorcerers are totally cool, that speech man, that fucking speech god damn.

Of course he then gets stuck into a pit of lava but you know.

>> No.16251139

I run salamander armor, because fuck yeah Salamanders.

Also I am a MASSIVE plasma cannon whore, at least when i am not going pistol devistator (take both kicking perks, run with only bolt pistol, STOMP the shit out of folks)

fun fact, you run faster with your bolt pistol out than you do with your heavy bolter/plasmacannon/lascannon out.

>> No.16251143

I honor your support. It keeps their heads down and their health bars lower.

>> No.16251147


Orks are the comic relief race, they're hooligans, or something, fuck i don't know.

>> No.16251151 [DELETED] 


>mfw default chaos armour is just Iron Warriors with Red Left Shoulder

>> No.16251159

They're the English Defense League.

>> No.16251171

>My entire dorm now knows what chapter I belong to. God, nothing like screaming that at 3 in the morning.

I hope your next room mate will dance to the My Little Pony theme at 3 in the morning, and constantly shout "FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!!!"

Seriously, that's 5 year old bullshit you fucking aspie

>> No.16251182




>> No.16251195

>play space marine
>have awful lag, 1 red bar on the connection in game
>try to be a team mate, being a tactical marine using glorious bolter
>lag is so bad that people I run around corners to stay still for 2 seconds then teleport behind me
>die a lot
>still manage rank 10 and still got Corvus Greaves

Anything I can do to improve my shitfest of a connection?

>> No.16251196

Love mp, tactical w/ storm bolter and stalker. Weapon versatility and rapid reload. Always press the attack.

Steam id R. Shackleford

>> No.16251199


>> No.16251207


We know. It's literally what makes you an aspie.

>> No.16251210

Add me to the PC listings, Steam ID: Spoongaard

>> No.16251213

>people taking this silly shit seriously

>Is that the....charm..of Warhammer? Everything about the orks seems to relate to some form of slang. Ghetto talk. Are they black?

I'm afraid so. That's British slang they're uttering. But fanboys get a real hard-on for 40k because they're all massive nerds who live vicariously through the 40k universe as a means of feeling like bad-asses.

>> No.16251226 [DELETED] 


>MFW I yelled the same thing, and before I could yell "IRON WITHOUT" the dude in the room next to mine replied with it.

>> No.16251228


I don't know how to use this fucking weapon, i just end up blowing myself up.

>> No.16251233

I've been rolling in Ultramarines armor cause someone's gotta be the hero. I'm going back in forth between melta gun and stalker rifle.

also, am i the only one who feels really cheep when getting melta kils?

>> No.16251237


>Walkin' round in my Armour of Scorn, using Iron Warriors colours
>See fellow CSM getting raped by two Assault Marines
>Use Heavy Bolter to Savior
>Start to walk away, but fellow CSM ques up his mic
>Turn around
>Que mic

>> No.16251241

Cathedralsquares is my steam name. Go ahead and add me. If you are heretics, hwe hwill captor eeet mastor and if you're loyalist than fuck those spiky faggots lets stick some knives in them.

>> No.16251248

Added to the list

>> No.16251250

Wait, all that ork stuff is british slang?
I know that Nob=Noble, but I've never heard someone say Dakka, or Shoota.

>> No.16251255


>> No.16251260

What about me?


>> No.16251264


Nob is also an insult irl.

>> No.16251273


Add me on PC, Shuma22.

>> No.16251275

Nob = dick

Nobz are the biggest orks so they are big dicks.

>> No.16251280

That too, but it's not used in that context for the orks.
It literally means a dick.

>> No.16251284

You're on, I just couldn't be bothered to go through the whole thread finding people.

>> No.16251287

Your mother is a nob.

>> No.16251297

Updated version.

>> No.16251298

Don't you just love when an Assault Marine tries to fuck you up, you end behind him as you roll and you get to stick a knife on his neck?

I bet they never see it coming.

>> No.16251305

I just joined the /tg/'s space marine steam group and look forward to play with you. So far i've only really played tactical with bolter + kraken, which is very effective.

Plasma gun charge is super strong and idiots exploiting it by camping corners piss me off already. I do love to destroy incoming assault marines by rolling away and hip firing to death while they hammer air

>> No.16251317

>dat mug

>> No.16251321

>unlock twin link perk for storm bolter
>killstreaks everywhere

Seriously, it turns it into a death spewing machine.

>> No.16251324

Sort of. I roll away and empty my bolter into their face while they're repeatedly swinging at the air.

>> No.16251335


It's just a gift bro.

>> No.16251341

What's that perk do for the storm bolter?

>> No.16251342

swifty11511 to the pc list


>> No.16251359

Roll > Melta > Twin/Storm Bolter > Dead
Or alternatively Roll > Melta > Twin/Storm Bolter > They Jump > Grenade at my feet > Roll > They stomp onto a grenade > Melta again if needed

>> No.16251360


Ok, so you know that with the Storm bolter you want to aim and shoot in short controlled bursts if you're not in close range because of the scatter and recoil?

WELL NOT ANYMORE, It barely has any scatter, and it might as well not have recoil, you just fire from the hip and kill everything.

>> No.16251364

no genestealers

>> No.16251366

Add Coostorybrah to that. For those wondering use the name you show up as in game not the account name. The account name doesn't show up.

>> No.16251373

Holy shit

>> No.16251377

So I got into a seize ground match, but the game fucked up and the score froze. We played a never-ending match against each other, not accomplishing anything. We killed, we took strong points, but we never changed anything. If that isn't a metaphor for the 40k universe in general, I don't know what is.

>> No.16251386


Nah. You sound like a cunt.

>> No.16251387


What are you talking about? They even help you attack the Chaos Spire at the end of the game.

>> No.16251399

Add imagamefrk on 360 bros. Shitty name, I know, but I made in 2005 and I'm too lazy to change It now.

>> No.16251405

Didn't seem to add me. Does it go by profile name or steam username? If its profile, my name is just dark eldar.

>> No.16251427 [DELETED] 

>mfw I played mp just so I could get the storm bolter
>mfw I just got rapid reload
>mfw the next perk makes me love it even more

Its the same face.

>> No.16251445

>no one will ever use the Vengeance launcher in MP

>> No.16251483

I saw someone use it once. On the Manufactorum level. Charging D point with 5 battle brothers in tow. Gee, what are all these blinking lights?


>> No.16251509

It may have been never ending, but that doesn't mean we didn't kick chaos's asses right back to their spawn point. We took, A, C, and D, and just kept assaulting B. I was playing as an Angry Marine at the time, and my power axe went through countless chaos helms. I actually tallied up the scores when I finally had to leave the game, there was over 1000 kills between both teams. We had killed an entire chapter's worth of Marines.

>> No.16251512

Noone used that colossal turd even in single player.
All you could do with it was replace one useful gun (Melta, Stormbolter, Stalker, Lascannon) with 16 shitty manual grenades.

>> No.16251519

Are the combat drugs worth it?

I figured I would give them a try since I don't like to grenade spam and am shitty at grenade accuracy besides.

>> No.16251522

I saw some guy using it to try and flush me out of cover. It didn't work. The weapon just isn't very good, though I suppose that but could be nice for booby trapping a point.
>My statement is mildly ironic

>> No.16251533

>Not making a Salamander Devastator
It's good for defending

>> No.16251540

Steambro here, Abraham Lincoln is the name.

>> No.16251545

Looks pretty good - the demo was fun. Maybe when it's reasonably priced here in Australia I'll give it a go.

>90 AUD
>50 USD

>> No.16251562

Xbox ANGRY MARINE derp here. samus8792 is my gamertag

>> No.16251577 [DELETED] 

>that feel when you are a chaosbro but have more unlocks and good armour on space marine side

>> No.16251585

Was it still tacking on to your assists and grudge kills and shit?

>> No.16251586

Someone make an official armor/color scheme as close to angry marine as you can.

>> No.16251609


It also comes from boxing, which back in the early C19 was considered the quintissentially English sport. "Nob" was actually the technical term used in boxing reports to refer to a fighter's head - "pinked on the nob, with signs of claret" = "punched in the head, started bleeding"

>> No.16251614

Is anyone else on the pc playing with an xbox controller or is it just me? I feel like I might be gimping myself for sniping but it feels better when meleeing.

>> No.16251620

I suck at vidya but I bought this game because it looked awesome and it didn't dissapoint. Literally finished the campaign an hour ago and I really enjoyed it. There weren't any brain killingly bad fluff violations and it felt good to play, like a fluffy marine. I guess hard is more like tabletop rules but I keep dying retardedly on normal so hard probably isn't for me.

I really liked the Thunder hammer although the game was clever to make it a bad option sometimes (like the warboss- I had to restart the level after dying 20 times without being able to do anything) because you really need those other guns.
I also killed the big bad with a chainsword, which felt gooood.

I also laughed at how stupid ordo xenos inquisitors are and at 'no, you are the heresy!' bit at the end. Although I'd be suspicious of Titus too.
Alpha Legion bastard.

>> No.16251622

I have two armor color schemes since there are two well known color patterns for them, but I leave the shoulders blank since the games a douche and has few badges

>> No.16251636

yeah when I played the demo on the pc I found melee really hard and it seems to be focused on melee most of the time.
I ended up buying it on the xbox for easier combat button bashing.
I really need a gamepad for my pc...

>> No.16251637

I imagine it wouldn't count, seeing as how a match needs to end for you to get credit for stuff.

>> No.16251644

Add dLablos, its really DlABLOS

but caps messes it up a little

>> No.16251648

Primary color - Sunburst Yellow
Detail color - Blood Red
Left Shoulder - Pattern Color - Blood Red
Right Shoulder - Pattern Color - Blood Red


>> No.16251649

An unnatural resistance to the warp warrants investigation, regardless of the apparent purity of the subject. Might be heretic, might be unique asset. Either way the Inquisition is going to nab them.

>> No.16251654

Oh, I mean for Steam

>> No.16251655

Plug 360 pad into PC. Voila. That's what I've been doing, even in multiplayer.

>> No.16251662

Storm Bolter and Stalker Bolter master race here.

So grenades, storm, double weapon perk and fast respawn perk. Works so well

>> No.16251663

...you know you can use your Xbox controller with your PC right?

>> No.16251672

SteamID: Curious5

Running Alpha Legion so either way, I'm always serving the Empra.

>> No.16251700

You aren't showing up on my search are you sure that yours you name and -not- your account? Account names do not show up.

>> No.16251728

Just use this I guess

>> No.16251732

>Run out of stalker ammo
>run across map to nearest ammo dropped
>kill 2 assault marines and 1 tact trying to get there
>ammo is picked up by the respawned tact
>unleash melee fury and take my damn ammo!

>> No.16251743

Rejigged the list to give PC Master Race more room.

Sorry if your name isn't there, I'm sleepy and kinda bored. Wish they'd sort the match making for this fucking game.

>> No.16251748

yeah of course it does, I wasn't complaining.
I just think it would be hilarious if Titus was an Alpha Legionaire.

Also from the shoulder rims I guess they're the second company so maybe that's how Sicarius got promoted. Wild speculation on my part, not too hot on Ultramarine fluff.

>> No.16251760

I thought you needed a special adaptor for it, or a controller that looks almost identical made by MS that is for the PC.

>> No.16251766

Orks are cockneys. They are not black. They are poor people from London, or as they would pronounce it, LAHNDAN.

>> No.16251781

Can't use wireless controllers. Just got the walmart or something and pick up a wired controller for xbox and jack it into your pc usb port. Give it a min to update some drivers and BOOM, YOU'RE RAPPING BITCHES WITH YOUR CHAINSWORD FOR THE EMPEROR

>> No.16251784

That is for steam btw

>> No.16251786

So, orks are chavs?

>> No.16251798

Funnily enough, right after the game was released, people wrote up the wiki article for the game with Titus being described as a secret Alpha Legionnaire. Didn't grab a screenshot though. Was it one of you guys?

>> No.16251802

just looked it up. they can use normal wirless ones but they need a reciever plugged into the pc and you have to sync it with the pc and re sync every time you switch machine. also the reciever is over half the price of a controller anyway so a wired one makes more sense. Also no batteries!

>> No.16251832

The Steam group is public, by the way.

/tg/ Space Marines

>> No.16251871

No, they existed in this form before chavs. They're big dumb bald hooligans who love fighting, not cancerous spot-encrusted stick insects with bleached-blonde hair.

>> No.16251897

>>a space marine captain being suspected heresy/corruption
>>Relic-style Lore
guess what guys, it is Blood Raver all over again. And this time it is the Ultramarine.

>> No.16251906

Man, I love the heavy bolter so much. I love how it sounds, I love setting up to start firing. I love the heavy bolter so much.

You guys feel that way about any particular weapon?

>> No.16251911

>Be Devestator/Havoc with Heavy Bolter
>Be unstoppable
>Suddenly Lascannons! Lascannons everywhere!
>I have no face.

Now I'm just a bomb with jump pack.

>> No.16251913


Considering everyone complains about the Ultramarines being bland, isn't that a good thing? besides, it felt like a stab at Matt Ward.


I'm not sure, at first it was the Heavy Bolter, then it was the meltagun, then it was the hammer, then it was the stormbolter.

And because of this thread i tried the vengeance launcher. Sucks shit.

>> No.16251924

I was a little suprised that in all the matches I've played online, I haven't seen another ANGRY MARINE. I usually just play agressive assault, unless my team is to pants on head retarded to capture points right, then I start using the cover that lets you still capture without dying and clearing enemies from that cover since my team is to derptarded to do it themselves. Sadly, no mic right now, so I can LET MY FROTHING RAGE OF THE EMPEROR LOOSE ON TO THOSE COCK JOCKEY CUNT SUCKERS

>> No.16251938

Anyone go into steam chat?

>> No.16251939


He's clearly just a closet Khorne-worshipper. I mean seriously, why do you think Executions heal him? It's Khorne going "Dude! Keep doing that!"

>> No.16251960


It's always Khorne with Relic... Fucking Relic.

>> No.16251962

Y'all can add Upscaleturtle to the 360 list. I gotta say though the Chaos Armour options really suck.

>> No.16251969

Plasma Cannon.

use the heatsink perk and iron halo.

I have learned the angle to get full charged shots from pretty much anywere on a map, to anywere else. I can reliably hit raptors midair with standard blasts, havnt goten a kill like that yet, but they are a lot easier to handle when they are already that hurt.

There is just something beuitiful about those giant blue balls of fiery doom.

When all else fails, charge blast your feet, victory in death, dobule kill.

>> No.16251973

I really wish I could equip a chainsword on my tactical marine. Like if weapon versatility let me take a chainsword instead of a second ranged weapon.

>> No.16251987

You can't tell me that Titus and his pals aren't full blown heretics. For fucks sake, their armour drinks up all the blood that's spilled on them.

>> No.16252005

If I ever make that Khorne Forsaken Raptor, I'm so going to beg the DM to get me a corrupted armour that literary does that.

>> No.16252039

You and me both, Brother. It's hard to play a good Black Templar tactical without bolt pistol and chain sword.

>> No.16252043 [DELETED] 


>> No.16252055

Well, just a friendly note to all those who can't buy this game yet but wanna play multi, there's a torrent on bitgamer that has the instructions + files necessary to do it.

>> No.16252059

Charged plasma shotted an Imperial Fist assault marine out of the air with my Iron Warrior havoc.


>> No.16252065

ps3 has nogames

>> No.16252085

I really hate this multiplayer system. I don't know how they're doing hosting but it sucks hard.

>> No.16252108


There's no dedicated servers, it's p2p, i.e. players themselves hosting it.

>> No.16252124


Yup, p2p. Your ping will vary massively depending on who the host is. Thankfully most matches I've played in have me at a full 5 bars with no noticeable lag.

>> No.16252194

Using the Blood Ravens online?

Automaticly earn the 'Be "Gifted" everyone wargear without having to die'" perk!

>> No.16252354

So Agressive Regeneration = khorne
Typical regeneration =Nurgle
Medipacks and Food = Slaanesh?
I suposse that using a cheat would be tzeench.

>> No.16252376

Steal loadout.

>> No.16252402


More like:

Kill others to be healed if you follow Khorne
Be healed constantly at a slow rate by Nurgle, offset by the fact you can't feel the wounds you're taking
Perform a great feat of skill to be restored by Slaanesh
Tzeentch may or may not heal you now or ever. The next time you get hurt, you might sprout a tentacle from the wound. It's like playing a Chaos Knight of Xom.

>> No.16253500

StormBolter+Meltagun with Rapid Redeployment master race, reporting in!
Defendin' mien points with STYLE.

>> No.16253676

How I feel sometimes....

>> No.16253691


I use that loadout on one of my classes.

>> No.16253697

No fucking kidding. At least in Halo/CoD shooting explosives at something IN YOUR FACE kills you both. In this the shooter just waltzes away like nothing happened. Pisses me off.

>> No.16253837

I also get double kills in close combat as a devastator against two assaults, through clever use of grenades, stomps and the fast set-up HB perk.
Feels good man.

>> No.16253881

i was playing 1v1 and a devastator/havoc with feel no pain can out do a raptor/assault marine easily

>> No.16253948

A fully-charged plasma cannon shot will kill a dev marine, Iron Halo/Chaos Icon or not at point blank, if you're firing at an Assault Marine.

wtf are you smoking?

>> No.16253976

Air Cooled Thrusters my friend, Air Cooled Thrusters.

Also, Plasma Pistol and Grenades.

1v1 a Dev should never win, if he does then the Assault is just incompetent and has no clue how to use his kit.

>> No.16254011

>bro is dev
>im tac
>always be next to him hiding with a fucking MELTA GUN
>assault/raptors always come in to kill him


>> No.16254421

Holy shit yes. Playing as Iron Warriors makes you better. Just tried me some IW after playing as Emperor's Children. Holy shit. Hopefully IW doesn't get banned in this one too lol.

>implying I actually think color scheme matters.

>> No.16254512

that hasn't been updated yet?

>> No.16254573

so true, my brother. So true.

>> No.16254835

Xbro here TehMaskedRaider

>> No.16256113

to the faggots who say >hurr durr 3 marines killing a fuck ton of orks.

On hard, how many times did you die?

There's you're answer.

Also Titus is more closer to a fluff marine than a table top captain.

>> No.16256378

What is the battle cry of each chapter both loyalist and traitor?

>> No.16256389

Single player is kinda disappointing, just a long corridor filled with monsters with some elevators in-between.

If it wasn't 40K I would have given up already.

>> No.16256442

Nah, he's becoming a Grey Knight. Expect the sequel to be a "Trials of Titus" game with the follow being "Grey Knight."

>> No.16256763

Add me to that list, battle-brother!

Xbox - Madvoid Fox

Sporting my Grey Knight, Black Templar and Space Woof armours!

>> No.16257323

add me PSN Sevirix

>> No.16257337

Get in steam group chat!

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