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With so much rage building up over time for GW games and their edition cycle, have you ever gone back to an edition that you used to play, or one before you started playing? And how did you find it if you did?

I started with 2nd edition 40k, stopped at 3rd and some time later I tried out Rogue Trader instead, which I found to be much more fun though somewhat of a mess.

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Bumpan/Dumpan old art

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Particularly art that probably has not been posted here much/at all.

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Creepy looking slaanesh character

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I do love the character of these old pics

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some of us like to pretend the tau don't exist

or matt

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I've tried thinking of descriptions for these pics but all I can think of is Chaos! as nothing else seems to be appropriate.

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That's because all this shit is from the original Realms of Chaos books: "The Lost and the Damned" and "Slaves to Darkness". It was pretty much Chaos! through and threw. Kick ass, DIY chaos to be sure, but it was the start down the path of grimdark for sure.

Rogue Trader made no mention of chaos anything. All that had were 'warp entities' and even those were more ghost like, fuck with your mind, take over your buddy deals rather than the spiky heretic stuff that came later.

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