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Space Marine for the Xbox or PC


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PC with Xbox controller.

I find the PC version to be superior visually, plus modding. I also find the controls to be better suited to a controller, but maybe that's just me.

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360 cause my pc sucks.
>mfw i come home from dropping kids at school and wife is watching a movie on said xbox...

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If you have the option this is the only correct answer.

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>my face
>mfw i have no face because fucking captcha

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I got mine on console because i had gotten kill team on it and could thus get the power sword. If there was no such special incentive i would perhaps gravitate more towards PC (but using a controller to play it, fuck melee-ing with a mouse and keyboard... at the same time i will miss a mouse when trying to shoot things with a lascannon)

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If you have one that can handle it, PC. It makes the kraken bolter preposterously good.

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7.3 general?

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Oh, go to /v/ with that.

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How does the game run on a dual core processor? Still better than it would on the Xbox?

>> No.16224505

PC. Better performance, can mod it a bit, can plug my 360 controller in if I want console controls.

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This. PC is preferable, but KB and mouse feels... weird to me. The melee is much better with a 360 controller.

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amazon has the Steam download for $40 and you have an awesome gaming rig to play SPACE MARINE in all its hi-def glory

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>>Bought PC version
>>"Q" is grenades

>> No.16224526

In my experience the game runs smoother than Dawn of War 2.

>> No.16224531

change the key bindings??

>> No.16224540

you have to pay for xbox live (yes I know its not much but its the principle of the thing)

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I think it has some problems with advanced mouse buttons (thumb buttons). I played it with mouse & keyboard, and overall, the controls are smoother.

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If you got for PC, watch out for the online wordfilter


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They probably should have done a little more localisation on that. Apparently arsehole is fine. Asshole is right out though.

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Insult of choice: cumswallower

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Well, it's still not easily available in the UK yet, leaving only commonwealth users to worry about. And let's face it, that level of differentiation might be a difficult concept for THQ.

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Mouse has finer movement.
Mods will come out.
Massive online community guaranteed to be there and remain there forever (steam etc selling).

PC are better trade ins than console if you hate it.

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I found space marine to be an odd game in that melee feels better with a controller but shooting feels better with mouse and keyboard.

>> No.16224690

That's the problem I find, but since I've mired myself in console games for ages I can shoot well with a controller. Melee with KB+Mouse? Not so much.

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Does anyone know why it's delayed in the UK? Or when it'll be out?

>> No.16224750

Tomorrow, and because of GAME (and other retail stores). This is nothing new; digital distribution services have always been hindered by retail stores (which adhere to Friday release dates here) so that they don't get an unfair advantage.

What's new is that GAME essentially strong armed THQ into pulling the ability to pre-order from Steam, but only in the UK. I'm guessing that they said they straight up wouldn't stock the game on any platform unless THQ did what they said. Which is why you needed to enter a code or a URL to get the Space Marine demo on Steam in the UK: the page for the game is no longer there.

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the only real mod this game needs is a good old fashioned map maker

take the shit back to 1999, Unreal Tournament custom maps style

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Just give me a port of AS-HiSpeed and I'm sold

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